239 lbs
Brooklyn, NY
Date of Birth
December 29, 1975
Entrance Music
Entrance Description


Finishing Moves
  • X-Terminator [RKO]
  • Bite of the Dragon [Hell’s Gate]
Favorite Moves
Strongstyle Technical
  • Hang Time Elbow - Top Rope Flying Savage Elbow Drop
  • Dragon's Claw - Springboard Flying Forearm, (sometimes from top rope)
  • Ryushi Special - 2 Rolling Belly-To-Belly Suplexes, followed by a Dragon Suplex w/ bridge
  • Sharpshooter - Sometimes ends matches with this
  • Profile

    Born in Delaware County on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, X-Calibur, real name Eryk Van Warren, was raised most of his life about an hour north in the Lehigh Valley. Eryk began his pursuit of wrestling superstardom in Japan back in 1996 at the tender age of 21 under the tutelage of one Master Jinsei Ryushi. It was there that the X-Calibur name was formed and the fundamentals of pro-wrestling were learned, thus X having a “stiffness” and “tightness” to his style much like most competitors from the East.

    It wasn’t until Rob Belote’s SWA/AWA merger that X-Calibur’s career was truly launched. He won every Championship in the organization, none more paramount than his first of seven World Championships. Not long after that, X ventured out into the world, signing with several organizations that all seemed to fail relatively quickly. Towards the final moments of the original EWA, they had unknowingly signed their last talent to the organization. A talent that would shock the naysayers who thought he was in over his head and make it to the finals of a GRUELING King of the Ring tournament. Though he did not win, he showed the world that X-Calibur was a “player”. From that point on, X-Calibur matured as a wrestler and won championships all across the world. From New York based NYSWF, to Washington D.C. where once again Rob Belote was promoting in a place called LEGACY, all the way to Sin City’s own, SHOOT Project.

    Upon losing his second SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship back in 2012 to Donovan King – his 7th World Title overall – X-Calibur had taken some considerable time off. Periodically competing in one-offs on the indy circuit, he has mostly remained silent… until one day he got a strange call from someone representing a company called D&D Investments.
    It only took a single day of negotiations to sign on the dotted line. There was a lot of unfinished business in the EWA for Eryk Van Warren, so it didn’t take much to get the seasoned veteran to sign on the dotted line and compete full-time once again.

    Competing in a losing effort against “The American Champion” Chip Masters in the main event of the very first EWA Pay-Per-View in nearly 15 years at From The Ashes ; X-Calibur would no doubt
    keep his head held high as he went on to steal the show and proved that after being gone for 4 straight years, he still “had it”. The amazing submission display put forth by both competitors did not go unnoticed as Michael Draven would then go on to introduce a brand new championship to the EWA’s long and prestigious lineage that would showcase the art of submission wrestling like the one they put on. A 4-man tournament for the newly created Tapout Championship was then born.

    Chip Masters, Lunatikk Crippler, Haywood Jublome, and X-Calibur himself competed in this tournament, and after making Haywood Jublome tap to the Bite of the Dragon at the very first episode of EWA’s new flagship show Battlelines , destiny brought X to the finals to face Chip Masters once again. And after an incredible battle at Battlelines II, X-Calibur avenged his loss at From The Ashes and defeated Chip Masters to become the first ever Tapout Champion.

    For sixty-one days X-Calibur held onto the Tapout Championship, defending it against the likes of Tyler Morris, and even his old friend and rival Michael Draven.

    In the main event at Champions Summit, Night One, X-Calibur’s epic Tapout Championship reign came to an end after meeting Chip Masters for the 3rd time in their historic rivalry. This time, it was in the ultimate endurance crucible: a 60-Minute Ultimate Submission Match.

    At Champions Summit, Night Two, after reuniting with his former Hierarchy stablemate in the SHOOT Project, Azrael Goeren, his body would not fully recover from the amount of punishment it received the night prior and succumbed to the vicious underhandedness of the Ghetto Warriors. This moment seemingly opened Pandora’s box as X-Calibur announced to the world the reformation of the HIERARCHY. Citing the continuous disrespect and dishonorable methods that various Warriors had been using, X-Calibur declared war on the enemies of the EWA and, to the shock of the WORLD, brought along Mirage, Deacon Summers, and Ray Willmott for the ride.

  • EWA Tapout Championship
  • EWA World Tag Team Championship – with Azrael Goeren (The Hierarchy)
  • EWA World Television Championship
  • 7-Time World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2011 SHOOT Project Redemption Rumble Winner
  • SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship [3x]
  • SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship
  • 2008 LEGACY Dave Hawkins Memorial Tournament Winner
  • LEGACY World Tag Team Championship
  • LEGACY Tao of Valor Championship
  • OPW World Tag Team Championship (First Ever)
  • NYSWF World Television Championship
  • SWA/AWA Unified World Tag Team Championship
  • SWA Intercontinental Championship
  • SWA Television Championship
  • Match History

  • Lost the EWA Tapout Championship to Osbourne Kilminster at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #1, 6.27.16 (14-9-0)
  • Lost to Indrid Calder in a quarterfinal Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 (14-8-0)
  • Defeated Lunatikk Crippler in a second round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 13, 5.31.16 (14-7-0)
  • Lost [w/ Azrael Goeren as The Hierarchy] the EWA Tag Team Championship to The Youth [Alexander Haven & Chris Kage] at Battlelines 12, 5.16.16 [Haven pinned Goeren] (13-7-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Sinnocence, Azrael Goeren, Grady Smith, MIchael Draven & Erik Draven as Team Draven] Team Gates [Alexander Haven, Chris Kage, Lunatikk Crippler, Osbourne Kilminster, Grace Goeren & Martin Robertson] at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (13-6-0)
  • Defeated Tyler Morris to win the EWA Tapout Championship at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 (12-6-0)
  • Defeated Tyler Morris in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 (11-6-0)
  • Eliminated from the Asylum match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship by Chris Kage (34:02) at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #2, 4.1.16 (10-6-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Azrael Goeren as The Hierarchy] The Vice Squad to win the EWA Tag Team Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #1, 3.31.16 [Goeren pinned Lou] (10-5-0)
  • Lost to Azrael Goeren in a Fatal Fourway match at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 [Goeren pinned Hank] (9-5-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Marcus Mirage & Deacon Summers] The Vice Squad & Jared Walsh in a six-man tag at Fight Night 5, 2.19.16 [X-Calibur pinned Walsh] (9-4-0)
  • Defeated Indrid Calder in an Asylum Qualifying match at Battlelines 6, 2.12.16 (8-4-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Azrael Goeren as The Hierarchy] The Lonestar Outlaws at Battlelines 6, 1.29.16 [X-Calibur pinned Moore] (7-4-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Azrael Goeren as The Hierarchy] Vermont’s Finest at Battlelines 5, 1.15.16 [Goeren pinned Wipo] (6-4-0)
  • Lost [w/ Martin Robertson] to The Ghetto Warriors at Champions Summit I, Night 2, 12.31.15 [Jublome pinned X-Calibur] (5-4-0)
  • Lost the EWA Tapout Championship to Chip Masters in a 60 minute Ultimate Submission Match at Champions Summit I, Night 1, 12.30.15 (5-3-0)
  • Defeated Tyler Morris to retain the EWA Tapout Championship at Fight Night 2, 12.18.15 (5-2-0)
  • Defeated SmirtDogg at Battlelines 4, 12.11.15 (4-2-0)
  • Lost [w/ Lunatikk Crippler] to the Vice Squad at Fight Night 1, 12.4.15 [Jane pinned X-Calibur] (3-2-0)
  • Defeated Michael Draven to retain the EWA Tapout Championship at EWA Live From New York, 11.13.15 (3-1-0)
  • Defeated Chip Masters in the finals of the EWA Tapout Championship tournament at Battlelines 2, 10.30.15 (2-1-0)
  • Defeated Haywood Jublome in a semifinal EWA Tapout Championship tournament match at Battlelines 1, 10.15.15 (1-1-0)
  • Eliminated by Haywood Jublome in the Warrior’s Trial I (40:58) at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (0-1-0)
  • Lost to Chip Masters at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (0-1-0)
  • RP History

    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

    MAY 2016
    THE FALLOUT: A Final End to a Sad Show (5.28.16)
    THE FALLOUT: The Injustice of Phantom Justice (5.16.16)
    The Make-A-Wish Foundation Presents: Luke Schroeder [w/ Azrael Goeren] (5.15.16)
    A Public Service Announcement! [w/ Azrael Goeren] (5.14.16)
    *To the Victor Go the Spoils {w/ Michael Draven] (5.3.16)

    APRIL 2016
    WARRIORS: Champions and Championships (4.30.16)
    REBIRTH: Ad Bellum Nobis (4.9.16)
    One With the Maggots (4.2.16)

    MARCH 2016
    Dinner Games [w/ The Hierarchy] (3.29.16)
    The Captain’s Voyage (Sea of Horrors) (3.28.16)
    The Gift [w/ The Hierarchy] (3.25.16)
    Seven Deadly Sinners (3.17.16)
    CIVIL WAR: Us Three Kings of Sand and Bone [f/ Ray Willmott] (3.14.16)
    CIVIL WAR: All in the Family (3.2.16)

    FEBRUARY 2016
    CIVIL WAR: Crack in the Foundation [f/ Marcus Mirage] (2.20.16)
    3, 6, and a Little 21 [w/ The Hierarchy] (2.18.16)
    Between Worlds (2.6.16)

    JANUARY 2016
    Chasing Monsters (1.30.16)
    Phase Two: A.G.T.P. [w/ Azrael Goeren] (1.27.16)
    Phase One [w/ Azrael Goeren] (1.20.16)
    Trust Me [w/ Azrael Goeren] (1.8.16)
    What Wrestlers Do [w/ Azrael Goeren] (1.4.16)

    DECEMBER 2015
    Please Be Kind: Win and Rewind (12.29.15)
    The Watchtower (12.25.15)
    The Five Cowards (12.19.15)
    Let’s Do This (12.13.15)
    Fear: A fourteen Year Ascent Into Reality (12.9.15)

    NOVEMBER 2015
    Belonging: A Fourteen Year Odyssey Into Irrelevancy (11.29.15)
    With Love, From Amy & Johnny (11.19.15)
    Focus vs Tap and the Battle of Arby’s [f/ Michael Draven] (11.5.15)
    Arrow in the Sky (11.1.15)

    OCTOBER 2015
    Thy Kingdom Come (10.22.15)
    The Greatest Story Ever Told (10.16.15)
    The Elements of War (10.11.15)
    A King Should Know His Kingdom (10.5.15)

    SEPTEMBER 2015
    Agony and the Absence of Light (9.15.15)
    In The Haze Among Ghosts: Part II (9.9.15)
    In The Haze Among Ghosts: Part I (9.2.15)