z-Thorne Richards

205 lbs
Manchester, England [now residing in Santa Barbara, CA]
Entrance Music

‘Hysteria’ – Muse [standard]
‘The Final Countdown’ – Europe [major events]

Entrance Description


Finishing Moves
Favorite Moves

  • Straightjacket crossface
  • Fujiwara armbar
  • baseball slide into a head scissors takedown
  • missile drop kick
  • running leg lariat
  • Pelé kick (reversal from a turnbuckle whip/charge)
  • drop-toe hold
  • inverted atomic drop
  • Saito suplex
  • European uppercut
  • Profile

    The first superstar of the AEWF in the mid 90s, Thorne Richards won the inaugural AEWF Royal Rumble to become the first Heavyweight Champion of the company. During his AEWF tenure, he was invited to the Tournament of World Champions (TOWC) in 1997. Amidst a field of 64 competitors from various federations, he advanced and ultimately defeated “Pure Energy” Sean Waltman in the Finals (2 out of 3 falls match) to become the champion. Moving on to the EWA, his success continued with multiple title reigns. Towards the end of his EWA career, he became the mentor to a young Philip Donovan and has since continued to serve as his proverbial father figure.

    Well-traveled and well-read, Richards derives his technique from learning various styles of grappling and striking. Prefers to grind down an opponent rather than play a fast-paced match. Fights fair and rarely loses his cool. Would fit somewhere in the D&D alignment matrix as a Neutral Good.


    • AEWF World Heavyweight Champion
    • EWA World Heavyweight Champion
    • EWA United States Champion
    • EWA Light Heavyweight Champion
    • EWA European Champion
    • 1997 Tournament of World Champions Winner
    • (… and a -lot- more where that came from.)