175 lbs
Las Vegas, NV
Date of Birth
October 30, 1980
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The crowd begins to rise out of their seats, the opening of In This Moment’s “Comanche” just starting to hit the PA system and a cheer erupts through the arena. A confident Sinnocence struts out all wrapped in black leather with a look on her face that could make any man melt. Stitched into the leather across the top of her ass is “Victory or Valhalla!”, a reminder as to just what she’s fighting for.

Will you come with me?
Will you stand with me?
Would you follow me?
Would you believe with me?
Tell me you’ll bleed with me
Tell me you’ll die with me

She stops for a moment, before continuing her way down the ramp. The Viking Queen smiles, playing up to the catcalls and cheers from the crowd.

Come on, come on
Let me hear your war cry
Come on, get up
Let me hear your war cry
Come on, get up
Let me hear your war cry

Sinnocence climbs through the ropes and runs to the opposite corner, jumping up onto the ropes and raising a fist, enjoying some of the reaction from the crowd before jumping back down to face her opponent.

Finishing Moves
  • Ride of the Valkyrie [Superman Punch]
  • Iron Maiden [Full Nelson Body Scissors]
Favorite Moves
  • Swinging neckbreaker
  • Russian Legsweep
  • German Suplex
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Springboard DDT
  • missile dropkick
  • sucker punch
  • elbow smash clothesline
  • European uppercut
  • Crucifix armbar
  • Irish Whip into a Short Arm Clothesline
  • Headbutt
  • Enzuigiri
  • Mule kick
  • Leg sweep
  • Scissors kick
  • Superkick
  • Spear
  • Gogoplata
  • Cross Armbar
  • Rear-Naked Choke
  • Low Blow
  • Profile

    Sinnocence [real name: Jada Kaine] is a former stripper who married into the business, and struck out on her own after getting divorced. She’s got a long, storied career full of ups and downs, but never one of compromise. She’s blazed her own trail, regularly competing with the heavyweights and had held her fair share of title belts, including a few world championships. In SHOOT Project, she met her husband Osbourne Kilminster when he wandered into the strip club she owns in Las Vegas. The Viking had found his Valkyrie and the two married only a few years later. They had their ups and downs, but what viking union would be complete without a little bloodshed every now and then? That marriage ended when the two ended up battling for the EWA Heavyweight Championship. Sinn is a conniving and vindictive bitch, described by her former husband as being “hot as fuck, but willing to step up to anyone for a fight”.

    She’s tall for a woman, with curly black hair and green eyes. A large wolf in chains is tattooed on her hip and upper thigh. Her face is mostly unmarred, save for paper-thin scars around her right eye that never faded (she was hit across the face with a light tube in an extreme hardcore match in SHOOT Project). Her wrists show signs of light scarring, not from suicide, but from escape attempts. Don’t bother to ask, she won’t tell you.

  • EWA World Heavyweight Championship [2x]
  • SHOOT Project Revolution Championship [2x]
  • Match History

  • Lost to Sahara at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 (14-6-5)
  • Lost to Osbourne Kilminster in a Steel Cage Loser Leaves Town match at Battlelines 13, 5.31.16 (14-5-5)
  • Defeated [w/ X-Calibur, Azrael Goeren, Grady Smith, MIchael Draven & Erik Draven as Team Draven] Team Gates [Alexander Haven, Chris Kage, Lunatikk Crippler, Osbourne Kilminster, Grace Goeren & Martin Robertson] at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (14-4-5)
  • Defeated Joe Lemon in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Fight Night 6, 4.22.16 (13-4-5)
  • Wrestled [w/ Azrael Goeren] Osbourne Kilminster & Shaun Sinclair to a double countout at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 (12-4-5)
  • Eliminated by pinfall (for the first time in her EWA career) from the Asylum match (losing her EWA World Heavyweight Championship) by Laura Seton (38:17) at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #2, 4.1.16 (12-4-4)
  • Defeated Chris Kage to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (12-3-4)
  • Wrestled Alexander Haven to a no-contest in a non-title match at YouthTube Fight Night, 3.4.16 (11-3-4)
  • Defeated Hank in a gauntlet match to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 8, 2.26.16 (11-3-3)
  • Defeated The Black Dog by disqualification in a gauntlet match to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 8, 2.26.16 (10-3-3)
  • Defeated Crazy Boy in a gauntlet match to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 8, 2.26.16 (9-3-3)
  • Wrestled [w/ GRIMM] Dredd & Indrid Calder to a no-contest at Battlelines 8, 2.26.16 (8-3-3)
  • Defeated [w/ GRIMM] Deacon Summers & Marcus Mirage at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 [Sinn pinned Deacon] (8-3-2)
  • Defeated Philip Donovan to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 6, 1.29.16 (7-3-2)
  • Defeated Chip Masters by disqualification in a non-title match at Fight Night 3, 1.22.16 (6-3-2)
  • Defeated Osbourne Kilminster & Jacob Mephisto in a Triple Threat Match to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Champions Summit I, Night #2, 12.31.15 [Sinnocence submitted Mephisto] (5-3-2)
  • Lost to Hank by countout at Champions Summit I, Night #1, 12.30.15 (4-3-2)
  • Wrestled Jacob Mephisto to a no-contest in a Lumberjack Match at Battlelines 4, 12.11.15 (4-2-2)
  • Defeated Thomas Manchester Black in a no-disqualification match at Fight Night 1, 12.4.15 (4-2-1)
  • Wrestled Jacob Mephisto to a double disqualification at Battlelines 3, 11.25.15 (3-2-1)
  • Lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship in an impromptu Triple Threat Match with Osbourne Kilminster and Jacob Mephisto at EWA Live From New York, 11.13.15 [Kilminster pinned Mephisto] (3-2-0)
  • Defeated Osbourne Kilminster to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Live From New York, 11.13.15 (3-1-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Aidan Reid & Osbourne Kilminster] Hank, Michael Draven & Jacob Mephisto at Battlelines 2, 10.30.15 [Reid pinned Draven] (2-1-0)
  • Lost [w/ Osbourne Kilminster] to The Vice Squad at Battlelines 1, 10.15.15 [Lou pinned Kilminster] (1-1-0)
  • Eliminated by Osbourne Kilminster in the Warrior’s Trial I (46:51) at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (1-0-0)
  • Defeated Barrett Lynch at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (1-0-0)
  • RP History

    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

    JUNE 2018
    *Fenrir [w/ Josh Kaine] (6.6.18)

    APRIL 2018
    *Don’t Come Back [w/ Mojave] (4.16.18)

    JANUARY 2018
    *This is War: Aftermath [w/ Stacy Vandervort] (1.18.18)
    It Was Ragnarok, Also [f/ Indrid Calder, Cal Rayner & Josh Kaine] (1.12.18)
    Victory or Valhalla, Part IV [f/ Cerberus & Rick Remington] (1.7.18)

    DECEMBER 2017
    *I Am Dissonance [w/ Cerberus & V] (12.31.17)
    Another Girl’s Paradise [w/ Nikki Caldwell & Sahara] (12.26.17)
    Victory or Valhalla, Part III [f/ Stacy Vandervort & Azrael Goeren] (12.19.17)
    Victory or Valhalla, Part II (12.3.17)

    NOVEMBER 2017
    *Sharp Teeth [w/ Josh Kaine & Rick Remington] (11.28.17)
    *Liabilities, Part #1 [w/ Stacy Vandervort] (11.28.17)
    Victory or Valhalla, Part 1: The Long Road Ahead [f/ Rick Remington] (11.22.17)
    *At the Precipice [w/ Nikki Caldwell, Mojave & Josh Kaine] (11.20.17)
    *Stealing Thunder [w/ Rick Remington & Josh Kaine] (11.1.17)

    OCTOBER 2017
    *Chapter VII: Long Distance [w/ Rick Remington & Stacy Vandervort] (10.24.17)
    *Chapter VI: Potter Park [w/ Rick Remington] (10.20.17)

    *Lucky Breaks [w/ Josh Kaine] (10.9.17)
    Two Junkies Collide [w/ Azrael Goeren] (10.5.17)

    AUGUST 2017
    *The Unexpected Guest [w/ Jester Smiles] (8.30.17)
    *The Mercenary and the Queen: Cost Analysis [w/ Cronos Diamante] (8.27.17)
    You Don’t Take People (8.8.17)

    JULY 2017
    *Give a Horse a Carrot [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Michael Draven] (7.27.17)
    *I Want My Two Dollars [w/ Sahara, Josh Kaine & Mojave] (7.24.17)
    *Strength in the Impossible [w/ Donovan King] (7.19.17)
    I Hate You, Jada Kaine [f/ Sahara] (7.3.17)

    JUNE 2017
    Oh, Monsters are Scared, That’s Why They’re Monsters [w/ Nikki Caldwell & Natalie Burrows] (6.28.17)
    Sober [f/ Azrael Goeren] (6.26.17)
    *An Addict’s Resolve [w/ Donovan King] (6.12.17)
    Can Kudzu Grow This Far North? (6.1.17)

    MAY 2017
    Addiction [f/ Jester Smiles] (5.31.17)
    *Something the Matter? [w/ Ray Willmott & Sinnocence] (5.22.17)
    Valhalla Falling [w/ Azrael Goeren] (5.9.17)

    APRIL 2017
    *Rebuilding Bridges, Part III [w/ Michael Draven, Josh Kaine & Mojave] (4.24.17)
    My Fight [f/ Azrael Goeren] (4.21.17)
    Enjoy It [f/ Osbourne Kilminster] (4.14.17)
    *Stand There and Listen [w/ Sahara] (4.3.17)

    MARCH 2017
    *A Pocket Full of Posies [w/ Josh Kaine] (3.20.17)
    *Life Is Really Not That Complicated [w/ Laura Seton, Ray Willmott, & Josh Kaine](3.19.17)
    Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down [w/ Josh Kaine, Sahara & Azrael Goeren] (3.16.17)
    Braintwins [f/ Natalie Burrows] (3.11.17)
    *Family Motto [w/ Josh Kaine] (3.9.17)

    FEBRUARY 2017
    I’ll Rest When I’m Dead [f/ Azrael Goeren] (2.24.17)
    *#relationshipgoals [w/ Josh Kaine & Sahara] (2.21.17)
    *The Heir Steps Forward [w/ Josh Kaine] (2.15.17)
    *Under One Roof [w/ Azrael Goeren] (2.15.17)
    Time to Learn (2.11.17)
    *The Heir of Valhalla, Part III [w/ Josh Kaine] (2.7.17)
    *The Heir of Valhalla, Part II [w/ Josh Kaine] (2.6.17)
    It’s This Thing I Am [w/ Sahara] (2.3.17)
    *The Heir of Valhalla, Part I [w/ Josh Kaine] (2.3.17)
    *Restless Nights [w/ Azrael Goeren] (2.2.17)

    JANUARY 2017
    *The Noose, Part III [w/ Sean Boden & Sahara] (1.29.17)
    *Delaware Park [w/ Sean Boden & Sahara] (1.29.17)
    New Beginnings and Boundaries (w/ Azrael Goeren] (1.26.17)
    *Only in My Dreams Do I Feel Remorse [w/ Sahara] (1.24.17)
    *RISE of the Valkyrie [w/ Sahara] (1.21.17)
    *Finding Serenity [w/ Azrael Goeren] (1.20.17)
    *The Sinn-Sahara Non-Disclosure Agreement [w/ Sahara] (1.3.17)

    DECEMBER 2016
    *Perfect Illusion [w/ Natalie Burrows] (12.30.16)
    *The Rest Will Take Care of Itself [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (12.5.16)

    NOVEMBER 2016
    *A Fallen Angel Rises [w/ Sahara] (11.30.16)
    At the Gates of Valhalla, Part II [w/ Sahara] (11.24.16)

    SEPTEMBER 2016
    *The Expulsion From Paradise [w/ Sahara] (9.22.16)

    JULY 2016
    *Wretches & Kings [w/ Michael Draven & Maggie McIntyre] (7.1.16)

    JUNE 2016
    Embers: Epilogue, Part I (6.6.16)

    MAY 2016
    Ride of the Valkyrie #2 [f/ Azrael Goeren] (5.27.16)
    Ride of the Valkyrie [f/ Azrael Goeren] (5.17.16)
    Peace [f/ Osbourne Kilminster, Gates, & Grace Goeren] (5.11.16)
    Fire, Claws and Blood [f/ Azrael Goeren & Stacy Vandervort] (5.4.16)
    Forged in Fire [f/ Osbourne Kilminster] (5.1.16)

    APRIL 2016
    Don’t Stay Where You Can’t Be (4.21.16)
    We Belong to the Night [w/ Sinnocence] (4.11.16)
    Loyalties [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (4.6.16)

    MARCH 2016
    Valhalla Bound [f/ Azrael Goeren] (3.27.16)
    *Reservations [w/ Azrael Goeren] (3.22.16)
    One Time Left [f/ Shaun Sinclair] (3.10.16)
    Sinn City: No Regrets, Only Longing (3.8.16)
    *Journey to Asgard [w/ Azrael Goeren] (3.8.16)
    *Dreamland, Part II [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Michael Draven] (3.4.16)
    Sinn City: Broken Hearts and Scheming Fucks [f/ Michael Draven] (3.3.16)

    FEBRUARY 2016
    Sinn City: Valhalla (2.19.16)
    Two Words, One Family [f/ Stacy Vandervort & Maggie McIntyre] (2.15.16)
    *Hail To The King, Baby! An EWA Game of Thrones Adventure; II Vs. Mirage/Deacon [w/ GRIMM] (2.10.16)
    Sinn City: Predators [f/ GRIMM} (2.8.16)
    Sinn City: Intrusions [f/ GRIMM] (2.1.16)

    JANUARY 2016
    Union [f/ Big Ed Johnson & GRIMM] (1.26.16)
    May the Odds Never Be in Your Favor, Chip Masters (1.19.16)
    Long Live the Queen, Long Live the King [f/ Osbourne Kilminster & Stacy Vandervort] (1.4.16)
    Sinn City: Reparations [f/ Hank] (1.3.16)

    DECEMBER 2015
    Sinn City: Valhalla Beckons [f/ Osbourne Kilminster] (12.28.15)
    Sinn City: If You Want Peace…[f/ Stacy Vandervort] (12.14.15)
    Sinn City: Collateral Damage [f/ Michael Draven] (12.9.15)
    *One Life to Live [w/ Michael Draven] (12.1.15)

    NOVEMBER 2015
    SinnCity: Family Values [f/ Osbourne Kilminster & Jaime Alejandro] (11.30.15)
    *Personal #1 [w/ Osbourne Kilminster] (11.26.15)
    Time is Relative 002 (11.23.15)
    Aftermath 001 [f/ Osbourne Kilminster & The Vice Squad] (11.17.15)
    Unstoppable Force, Meet Immovable Object [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (11.12.15)
    Predator and Prey (11.4.15)
    In Case You Didn’t Know, Today’s Sinn’s Birthday [f/ Michael Draven & Osbourne Kilminster] (11.1.15)

    OCTOBER 2015
    All Dogs Go to Valhalla (10.26.15)
    Meeting of the Minds [w/ Osbourne Kilminster & Aidan Reid] (10.26.15)
    Battle Stations [f/ Osbourne Kilminster] (10.25.15)
    Viking Marriages [f/ Osbourne Kilminster] (10.11.15)
    Two of a Kind. Nah, Three of a Kind [f/ Jared Walsh] (10.8.15)
    *Gates + Sinnocence + Coffee = ? [w/ Duane Gates] (10.4.15)
    Fighting Dirty [f/ Osbourne Kilminster] (10.2.15)

    SEPTEMBER 2015
    Ride of the Valkyries (9.18.15)