z-Shaun Sinclair

220 lbs
Kingston, Jamaica
Date of Birth
April 10, 1992
Osbourne Kilminster

Osbourne’s bio

Entrance Music

‘Spitfire’ – The Prodigy

Entrance Description

The intro to the song is replaced by the familiar roaring of a Rolls Royce engine and the fire of machine guns before kicking in and Shaun appears at the top of the ramp, bouncing about and screaming boisterously, wearing a sleeveless hoodie atop his wrestling gear (white tights, white boots, one red shinpad and one white with kneepads sporting Union Jack designs). He hops and jumps down the ramp, shadow boxing before leaping up onto the ring apron and bounding over the top rope, throwing his hoody into the crowd before sitting atop the turnbuckle to await his opponent. All the while, he’s followed by Osbourne Kilminster who remains outside the ring to watch his back.

Finishing Moves
Favorite Moves

Snap suplexes, basic punches and elbows, all manner of kicks from roundhouses to short mule kicks and front snapkicks. He's FAST and he can wrestle on the mat but he prefers to be on his feet and using his speed to his advantage.


Shaun Sinclair was born in Jamaica and came to London as an infant. In and out of juvenile detention, eventually he found his way to The Institute in Ealing where he first met Osbourne Kilminster and began to lift weights and learn to wrestle and fight. He became one of the very best there and was one of just two prize students brought to the EWA by Kilminster.

Match History

  • Lost to Grace Goeren in the finals of the Path of the Warrior Tournament at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #2, 6.28.16 (5-2-1)
  • Defeated Indrid Calder in a semifinal Path of the Warrior Tournament match at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #1, 6.27.16 (5-1-1)
  • Defeated Osbourne Kilminster by forfeit in a quarterfinal Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 (4-1-1)
  • Defeated The Heart Attack Kid in a second round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 12, 5.16.16 (3-1-1)
  • Defeated Sahara in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (2-1-1)
  • Wrestled [w/ Osbourne Kilminster] Sinnocence & Azrael Goeren to a double countout at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 (1-1-1)
  • Eliminated by Shinya Nakamura in the EWA Warrior’s Trial II (37:35) at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (1-1-0)
  • Defeated Joe Lemon at YouthTube Fight Night, 3.4.16 (1-1-0)
  • Lost to Shinya Nakamura at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 (0-1-0)