151 lbs
Cochranton, Pennsylvania
Entrance Music
Entrance Description


The overhead lights dim as spotlights in shades of orange and red swirl over the crowd, the monologue of Doctor Death-Defying laying itself velvet-smooth over the building of ambient noise that may or may not have been piped from some sort of high-tech future world. As it gathers momentum, the energy in the arena builds, cheers rising up to fill the air in anticipation of the woman that’s about to come out.


As ‘Na Na Na’ by My Chemical Romance properly starts, the Atomic Redhead all but zooms out from behind the curtain, energy levels turned all the way up to eleven as she scampers from one side of the stage to the other. It’s impossible to hear what she’s shouting at the crowd, but mercifully for the production guys in the back? She doesn’t linger on the stage for long, instead choosing to run down the ramp. If she remembers to reach out and smack the hands of the fans, then hey neat. If not? No biggie–as soon as she slides beneath the bottom rope and pops up to her feet? She’s making a couple laps of the ring, almost poinging like a ferret during a war dance before finally settling in her corner, the music fading as she does a rudimentary stretch or two.

Finishing Moves
  • The Red(head) Death [Cattle Mutilation. Please note that Rachel will go for the dislocation a lot of the time.]
  • Code Red [Rachel takes her standing opponent, who is facing away from her and wraps her hands around his/her head, and drops to her knees, taking him/her with him and the back of their neck connects with the top of her skull. In most cases, the impact of the trauma either knocks them out or causes serious match-ending damage to the neck. Please, please use this sparingly since it can potentially break a person's neck if done hard enough-- and I'd like to keep that risk as an IC trait.]
Signature Moves
  • Kurenai [Leg Sweep Cobra Clutch]
  • Seein' Red [Crossface halo]
  • Scarlet Fever [Underhook Prison Lock]
  • The Red(head) Scare [Muta Lock. Please keep the parenthesis for pun's sake]
  • Pickin' Red Roses [After getting her opponent's arm trapped somehow, she'll start dislocating their fingers-- starting at the pinky and working her way along the line, so to speak. Feel free to be creative about how she gets the opportunity to do this.]
Favorite Moves


Rachel is a submission artist with surprising speed and a focus on dislocations.


Russian leg sweep. Jawbreaker. Snap suplex (Only when realistic, please.). Chop-block. European Uppercut. Running European Uppercut. Elbow drop to the knee from a standing position. Stomping on fingers/toes/arms/legs/whatever. Swinging Neckbreaker. Punches to the back of the thigh in an attempt to bring on Charlie horses. Boston Crab. ARMBAR~! Cross ARMBAR~! Dragon Screw. Dragon Sleeper. Cross Armbreaker. Sleeper Hold. Kimura Lock. Enziguri. Bulldog. Lou Thesz Press.


You ever  bob your head along to a cheerful-sounding song on the radio, only to look up the lyrics and find out that the happy-lucky sounding words ain’t half as happy or lucky as they seem? That’s about the best way to describe Rachel’s personality. Energetic and frenetic like a thousand monkeys hopped up on Nitrous Oxide, it’s easy to get caught up (Or perhaps annoyed!) by the never-ending stream of sarcastic jokes and pop culture references, the seemingly boundless enthusiasm and energy and cheerfulness and… well, chaos of the Atomic Redhead. For some people–like her cousin Natalie Burrows or Jada ‘Sinn’ Kaine–that’s all there is, with maybe a heaping side of casual horizontal mambo for those she’s not related to. For others, though… ignoring the madness gleaming Jack-O-Lantern bright in her gaze and the whole-hearted way she throws herself into her particular brand of violence?

Yeeeeaaaaah, that’s not gonna end well.

It’s hard to tell what exactly is the cause for Rachel’s brand of vicious insanity in the ring, just who taught the pocket-sized dislocation machine her craft… but whoever did it did it well, too well for anyone that dares to cross her and hers. Y’see, she’s not so much mad as she is a fox-mad smartass– that is, she’s smart enough and clever enough to truly be a danger despite her diminutive size while being an ass about it every step of the way. Add onto that the sort of devotion to trolling just about anyone and everyone both in the ring and out of it without so much as a moment’s thought toward anything vaguely resembling consequence and it’s no wonder that she compares herself to atomic weapons without so much as an ounce of irony.

…yet somehow, so far? She’s really the only one to notice that.

Must be the ass.

(It is pretty fabulous, after all.)

In-Ring Strengths: Rachel’s terrifyingly tenacious in the ring, and vicious as all get out to boot. There’s not a length she won’t go to in order to bring her opponent down, and there’s not a single weak point that she’ll ignore. She’s surprisingly strong for a woman of her stature, especially when it comes to her hands and grip strength– and she’s also fairly quick and light on her feet. She’s also long since become accustomed to using her diminutive size to her advantage, especially against opponents that aren’t accustomed to wrestling someone of her stature. Her working style in the ring is surprisingly focused for one as seemingly random as she appears, and she’s the kind of trash-talker that’ll get under her opponent’s skin solely to piss them off so as to create an opening that otherwise wouldn’t be there. She’s also in possession of an insanely high pain tolerance.

In-Ring Weaknesses: Ignoring the obvious size disadvantages, there’s also how she’s willing to do whatever damage she needs to do to herself to get out of a hold–she’s almost phobic of being held physically against her will, and her high pain tolerance plus her knowledge of dislocations means she can escape in most instances, though not without its costs that will plague her for the rest of the contest. Even when she fails, those efforts will probably open up new targets for her opponent to exploit. The fact that repeat dislocations make the joints easier to slip out of socket is also something to take into account, though she’s not to the point of it just slipping out when she stretches or steps wrong. Of course, there’s also how pissing certain people off won’t end so well for her… but that’s kind of blatantly obvious, eheh.

Match History

  • Lost to Ethan Leers at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #1, 7.13.17 (1-5-0)
  • Lost [w/ Natalie Burrows] to Cronos Diamante & Ethan Leers at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 [Leers pinned Burrows] (1-4-0)
  • Lost to Cronos Diamante at Battlelines 31, 6.7.17 (1-3-0)
  • Lost to Maggie McIntyre at Battlelines 29, 5.5.17 (1-2-0)
  • Defeated Nikki Caldwell at EWA Live From London, 4.21.17 (1-1-0)
  • Lost to Nikki Caldwell at Battlelines 28, 3.31.17 (0-1-0)
  • RP History

    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

    APRIL 2017
    The One with the Hands-on Approach (4.16.17)
    The One with the Reflections (4.5.17)

    MARCH 2017
    The One with the Handcuffs (3.30.17)