235 lbs
Charlotte, NC
Date of Birth
March 18, 1979
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The lights go out in the arena as three successive “gongs” sound throughout the arena. At the moment that the opening guitar riff of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” begins, a strobe lighting effect begins as Michael Draven steps out onto the stage, a look of determined focus upon his face. Draven stalks toward the ring, fired up for his match, and climbs the steel steps. He pauses on the ring apron, staring out at the crowd, and then steps through the middle ropes and retreats to the corner. Draven climbs the ropes to the middle turnbuckle, raising a solitary fist as he stares out at the crowd, before hopping back to the mat, discarding the long black leather jacket he began wearing in April 2018 upon his return, and awaits his opponent’s entrance.

Finishing Moves
  • Downfall [Pedigree - Double Underhook Facebuster]
  • Deliverance [Powerbomb into a Sharpshooter]
Signature Moves
  • Descent [Reverse DDT]
Favorite Moves
Think of his moveset as a mixture of Sting, Bret Hart, and Kevin Owens. Draven is a solid technical wrestler with a range of innovative offensive maneuvers, suplexes, etc. He will often use powerbombs and snap suplexes, and will go airborne for the high risk maneuver when necessary as well. In 2018, during his three month sabbatical from the ring, Draven dropped approximately ten pounds, resulting in a leaner appearance and a quicker pace inside the ring.

Michael Draven, having left the NYSWF in 2002, spent nearly 10 years searching for his rival, Alexander Haven, to exact his revenge, after his fiancee, Alyssa Marie, left him for Haven. Draven, never able to defeat Haven in the ring, searched the country, wandering, living off the grid, but never found Haven. Draven attempted suicide in 2011, but survived the attempt and was institutionalized for two years. Draven formed D&D Investments with his older brother, EWA legend Erik Draven, and purchased the rights to the EWA.

In late 2015, it was revealed that Alexander Haven died overseas two years prior. His long time best friend and partner, Chris Kage, began stalking Alyssa Marie Haven, Alexander Haven’s widow, as well as Michael Draven. Draven found himself in a relationship with Alyssa Marie, as well as trying to move on from something that consumed the majority of his adult life…until Champions Summit, when Haven, Kage, and Alyssa revealed Haven’s death/Alyssa’s “relationship” with Draven was one big lie, meant to pull one over on Draven once again. Draven now seeks revenge for all the heartache and anguish Haven and his cohorts in The Youth have put him through over the past 15 years.

In January 2016, Draven entered into a relationship with fellow EWA competitor Maggie McIntyre. However, Maggie ultimately left Draven after he refused to put their relationship – which had developed into an extremely serious one, as the two had fallen in love – ahead of his war with Alexander Haven. Haven drove Draven out of the EWA in a Ladder Match at Live From Tokyo on August 19, ultimately wrestling control of the EWA away from Draven and firing him – and in the same match, Maggie turned her back on Draven, denying him victory over Haven and choosing to involve herself with The Stranger, Indrid Calder. Moments later, Michael’s brother Erik was ran down in shocking fashion by a black Hummer in the Sumo Hall parking lot.

Draven returned to the EWA in October 2016 after having purchased a portion of his brother’s share of the EWA, and made it his personal mission to finally conquer Alexander Haven, as well as setting his sights on Indrid Calder. He would face Haven at Champions Summit II, ending in a draw when both men were declared unable to continue any further. The next night, in a shocking series of events, Draven revealed himself as Erik’s attacker, perpetrating a merciless assault on him…but the shock would only grow larger, as later that night, he assisted his rival of almost twenty years, Alexander Haven, in turning on Haven’s best friend, Chris Kage, destroying The Youth once and for all. From the ashes of the Youth rose a new force in the industry – the Three Kings (3K) – Alexander Haven, Martin Robertson…and Michael Draven, in the most unlikely of alliances perhaps in the history of professional wrestling.

After a bitter feud with Maggie McIntyre that resulted in her leaving HATE to return to him, Draven would have his leg severely broken in May 2017 by Indrid Calder in retaliation, and be put out of action for a period of months. During this time, he entered a unique “polyamorous marriage” with McIntyre and Sahara, aka Lauren MacKay-Draven, legally marrying Maggie in July 2017. Draven would return to action at Battlelines 34, winning the Warrior’s Trial IV and becoming – for the first time in his career – the World Heavyweight Champion. Draven’s reign lasted a mere two shows before losing the championship at Battlelines 35 in the Asylum, after his wife, Sahara, pinned Grace Goeren to capture the championship. Draven would renew his rivalry with Indrid Calder as well during this time period, ultimately defeating him at This Means War in January 2018. Draven was set to announce his retirement, but in a shocking moment, Sahara – his “wife” – would turn on him, savagely attacking him and joining HATE. Draven hasn’t been seen since.

  • EWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • EWA Warrior’s Trial IV Winner
  • EWA Tapout Championship
  • NYSWF World Television Championship [5x]
  • NYSWF World Tag Team Championship
  • NYSWF Hardcore Championship
  • Match History
  • Defeated Indrid Calder in a Lumberjack match at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 (14-18-5)
  • Lost [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] to HATE in a six man tag team match at Battlelines 38, 12.14.17 [NOTHING pinned Draven] (13-18-5)
  • Lost to Martin Robertson in a #1 Contender’s match at Battlelines 37, 11.22.17 (13-17-5)
  • Wrestled William West to a declared no-contest at Battlelines 36, 11.2.17 (13-16-5)
  • Lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to Sahara in the Asylum match at Battlelines 35, 10.19.17 [Sahara pinned Grace] (13-16-4)
  • Wrestled NOTHING, Angry Panda, Grace Goeren & Sahara to a draw in a Fatal Fiveway match to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Live From Sydney, 9.27.17 (13-15-4)
  • Defeated Alexander Haven by pinfall in the finals of the EWA Warrior’s Trial IV (58:41) to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (13-15-3)
  • Lost to Indrid Calder at Battlelines 29, 5.5.17 (12-15-3)
  • Wrestled Maggie McIntyre to a no-contest in a no-disqualification match at EWA Live From London, 4.21.17 (12-14-3)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven] Tyler Morris & Lunatikk Crippler at Battlelines 28, 3.31.17 [Haven pinned Crippler] (12-14-2)
  • Defeated [w/ Sahara] Maggie McIntyre & Natalie Burrows at Battlelines 27, 3.14.17 [Sahara pinned Maggie] (11-14-2)
  • Lost to Grady Smith in an Asylum Qualifying match at Battlelines 25, 2.3.17 (10-14-2)
  • Wrestled Alexander Haven to a no-contest in an Unsanctioned Street Fight at EWA Champions Summit II, Night #1, 1.19.17 (10-13-2)
  • ”Lost” to Sahara in an EWA Combat Championship match at Battlelines 24, 12.30.16 (10-13-1)
  • Lost [w/ Indrid Calder] to Grady Smith & Chris Kage at Battlelines 22, 12.2.16 [Grady pinned Draven] (10-12-1)
  • Lost the EWA Tapout Championship as well as ownership stake in the EWA in a Unification Ladder Match for the new EWA Combat Championship to Alexander Haven at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (10-11-1)
  • Lost to Azrael Goeren by countout in a non-title match at Battlelines 16, 7.27.16 (10-10-1)
  • Defeated Osbourne Kilminster to win the EWA Tapout Championship in a Steel Cage Match at Battlelines 15, 7.13.16 (10-9-1)
  • Lost to Martin Robertson in a non-title match at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #2, 6.28.16 (9-9-1)
  • Wrestled Jurgen Johansson to a no-contest at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #1, 6.27.16 (9-8-1)
  • Defeated [w/ Ray Willmott] Lunatikk Crippler & Martin Robertson at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 [Draven pinned Robertson] (9-8-0)
  • Lost to Indrid Calder by disqualification in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Fight Night 7, 5.9.16 (8-8-0)
  • Defeated [w/ X-Calibur, Azrael Goeren, Grady Smith, Sinnocence & Erik Draven as Team Draven] Team Gates [Alexander Haven, Chris Kage, Lunatikk Crippler, Osbourne Kilminster, Grace Goeren & Martin Robertson] at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (8-7-0)
  • Lost to Alexander Haven in a Best Two of Three Falls match at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #1, 3.31.16 (7-7-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Genichiro Honma] Chris Kage, Martin Robertson & Tyler Morris in a six-man tag team match at YouthTube Fight Night, 3.4.16 [Honma pinned Morris] (7-6-0)
  • Defeated Chris Kage in a Steel Cage match at Battlelines 8, 2.26.16 (6-6-0)
  • Defeated Tyler Morris by disqualification at Fight Night 5, 2.19.16 (5-6-0)
  • Lost to Osbourne Kilminster at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 (4-6-0)
  • Defeated Josh “ICE” Osbourne at Fight Night 4, 2.5.16 (4-5-0)
  • Defeated Johnny Napalm at Fight Night 3, 1.22.16 (3-5-0)
  • Lost to Chris Kage at Champions Summit I, Night 2, 12.31.15 (2-5-0)
  • Lost to Ray Willmott at Champions Summit I, Night 1, 12.30.15 (2-4-0)
  • Lost to GRIMM at Fight Night 2, 12.18.15 (2-3-0)
  • Defeated Aidan Reid at Battlelines 3, 11.25.15 (2-2-0)
  • Lost to X-Calibur in an EWA Tapout Championship Match at EWA Live From New York, 11.13.15 (1-2-0)
  • Lost [w/ Hank & Jacob Mephisto] to Osbourne Kilminster, Aidan Reid & Sinnocence at Battlelines 2, 10.30.15 [Reid pinned Draven] (1-1-0)
  • Defeated The Golden One at Battlelines 1, 10.15.15 (1-0-0)
  • Eliminated by The Golden One in the Warrior’s Trial I (34:09) at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (0-0-0)
  • RP History


    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

    JUNE 2018
    *You Can’t Always Get What You Want [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.22.18)
    Us Against the World [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.8.18)
    We Used to Love Her…[w/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.1.18)

    MAY 2018
    *Daily Routines [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (5.3.18)

    APRIL 2018
    Delete [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (4.19.18)
    *And Now All Your Lies Will Be Exorcised [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (4.18.18)
    Loss [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (4.6.18)

    MARCH 2018
    Ask Me Anything…Anything Except THAT [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (3.23.18)
    Reddit AMA (3.22.18)
    *Dream a Little Dream [w/ Sahara] (3.16.18)
    Happiness and Despair [f/ Sahara] (3.15.18)

    FEBRUARY 2018
    The Buck and the Restless [f/ Buck Dresden, Maggie McIntyre & Jester Smiles] (2.27.18)
    Every Rose Has Its Thorn [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.20.18)

    JANUARY 2018
    Mr. Sandman [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (1.31.18)
    *Equipped for the Future [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.25.18)
    Tears Don’t Fall [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.25.18)
    Messages, Part IV: Indrid Calder the Failure [f/ Gareth] (1.19.18)
    Mongolian Stirfry [w/ Maggie McIntyre, Jester Smiles & Buck Dresden] (1.18.18)
    Messages, Part III: Maggie McIntyre (1.18.18)
    Messages, Part II: Lauren MacKay [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (1.17.18)
    Messages, Part I: Alexander Haven [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.16.18)
    *You Can’t Go Home Again [w/ Sahara] (1.16.18)
    *Coming Home Also [w/ Sahara] (1.9.18)
    *Coming Home [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.8.18)
    *The Wrong Side of Heaven [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (1.5.18)

    DECEMBER 2017
    Breaking the Habit [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (12.25.17)
    Reach Across the Great Divide [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (12.22.17)
    Familiar Taste of Poison [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (12.20.17)
    The Dancing Clown (12.19.17)
    Blood [w/ Maggie McIntyre, Sahara & Indrid Calder] (12.11.17)

    NOVEMBER 2017
    The Calder Effect [w/ Sahara] (11.27.17)
    *Challenge Accepted [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (11.24.17)
    *Valhalla Burning: Betrayal [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (11.22.17)
    *So This is What Happiness is Like [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (11.16.17)
    The Appointment [f/ Maggie McIntyre, Sahara & Indrid Calder] (11.13.17)
    The Throne of Lies [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (11.10.17)
    *The Main Event [w/ Sahara] (11.6.17)
    *Dominion [w/ Sahara, Maggie McIntyre & Isaac Entragian] (11.3.17)

    OCTOBER 2017
    Seventy Two Hours [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.31.17)
    The Hunted: The Aftermath [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (10.27.17)
    *The Hunted [w/ Isaac Entragian, Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.26.17)
    *Nightmareland [w/ Sahara, Issac Entragian & Maggie McIntyre] (10.26.17)
    *Beyond Personal [w/ Sahara] (10.25.17)
    *Double-Edged Sword [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.24.17)
    *The Reign of the Crimson Queen | Homecoming [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (10.20.17)
    Congratulations [f/ Sahara, Martin Robertson & Alyssa Marie Haven] (10.19.17)
    *The Nuclear Choice, Part IV: The Plan [w/ Sahara] (10.15.17)
    The Nuclear Choice: Interlude [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (10.13.17)
    The Nuclear Choice, Part III: Sweet Pandemonium [f/ Sahara] (10.12.17)
    *The Nuclear Choice, Part II [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.10.17)
    The Nuclear Choice, Part I: Revelations [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (10.10.17)
    De-Escalation [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.6.17)

    SEPTEMBER 2017
    De-Escalation [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.6.17)
    Losing Control [f/ William West & Maggie McIntyre] (9.29.17)
    The Masks We Wear [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (9.27.17)
    *You Have (4) New Voicemails [w/ Alexander Haven, Grady Smith, Chris Kage, & Alyssa Marie Haven] (9.26.17)
    The Road to Sydney, Part III: The Cold, Hard Truth [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (9.20.17)
    *Sad Déjà Vu [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (9.19.17)
    The Road to Sydney, Part II: Everything Ends, NOTHING Ends [f/ Sahara] (9.15.17)
    The Road to Sydney, Part I: Overload (9.11.17)
    *Three is Now Company, Never a Crowd [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (9.8.17)
    Highs and Lows [f/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (9.7.17)

    AUGUST 2017
    The Waystation: Revisited [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (8.31.17)
    *When I Close My Eyes, I See You Die [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (8.28.17)
    The Path (8.24.17)
    One Year Ago Today (8.19.17)
    *I’m Still Here [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (8.17.17)
    *M A G G I E [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (8.15.17)
    *Headquarters [w/ Cronos Diamante] (8.12.17)
    The Triangle, Part VII: And They Lived Happily Ever After…[w/ Maggie McIntyre, Sahara & Stacy Vandervort] (8.11.17)
    *Damage Assessment [w/ Cronos Diamante & Sahara] (8.10.17)
    The Triangle, Part VI: The Talisman [w/ Sahara, Maggie McIntyre, GRIMM & Indrid Calder] (8.10.17)
    *The Triangle, Part V: Assuming Control [w/ Stacy Vandervort, Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (10.9.17)
    *The Triangle, Part IV: Sahara Rising [w/ Sahara & Michael Draven] (8.8.17)
    The Triangle, Part III: Termination [f/ Sahara, Maggie McIntyre & Stacy Vandervort] (8.7.17)
    The Triangle, Part II: The Devil [f/ Sahara & Michael Draven] (8.4.17)
    *The Triangle, Part I: An Open Letter [w/ Michael Draven & Sahara] (8.4.17)
    *Happy Wives, Happy Lives [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (8.1.17)

    JULY 2017
    *Give a Horse a Carrot [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sinnocence] (7.27.17)
    *The Sahara Era [w/ Sahara] (7.17.17)
    The Pretender (7.17.17)
    *The Aftermath [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntytre] (7.16.17)
    *Gulliver’s Travels [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Erik Draven] (7.12.17)
    *Not the Third Wheel [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (7.3.17)

    JUNE 2017
    *Frankenstein’s Monster [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (6.29.17)
    *The Things That Needed Said [w/ William West & Maggie McIntyre] (6.29.17)
    *“Physical” Therapy [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (6.26.17)
    *Anna, Are You Okay? No One Cares, Really [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (6.16.17)
    *Pain, Without Love [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.9.17)
    *Forgiveness [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.5.17)
    Dear Indrid (6.1.17)

    MAY 2017
    *Bulls-Eye, Part IV: Michael’s Sacrifice to Humanity [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (5.31.17)
    *Bulls-Eye, Part III [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (5.30.17)
    Bulls-Eye, Interlude: Cancer (5.30.17)
    *Bulls-Eye, Part II [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (5.24.17)
    *Bulls-Eye, Part I [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (5.23.17)
    *One Pillar at a Time [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (5.16.17)
    *Goodbye [w/ Sahara & Maggie McIntyre] (5.16.17)
    *Three is Becoming a Crowd [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (5.8.17)
    Broken Bones & Hearts [f/ Sahara, Maggie McIntyre, Alexander Haven & Alyssa Marie Haven] (5.5.17)
    *Shivers [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (5.5.16)
    A Trip [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (5.5.16)
    Rebuilding Bridges, Part V: Epilogue [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (5.4.17)
    A Week in the Life Of…[w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (5.3.17)

    APRIL 2017
    Rebuilding Bridges, Part V: The Confrontation [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sahara] (4.28.17)
    Rebuilding Bridges, Part IV: The Return [w/ Maggie McIntyre, f/ Sahara] (4.27.17)
    Rebuilding Bridges, Part III [w/ Maggie McIntyre, f/ Cronos Diamante, Josh Kaine, Mojave, & Sinnocence] (4.24.17)
    Rebuilding Bridges, Part II [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (4.23.17)
    Rebuilding Bridges, Part I [w/ Maggie McIntyre, f/ Alyssa Marie Haven] (4.21.17)
    Your Decision (Full Circle] [f/ Sahara] (4.7.17)

    MARCH 2017
    Nightmares & Dreamscapes [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (3.28.17)
    Confessions [f/ Sahara] (3.17.17)
    Smoldering Ashes [w/ Alexander Haven] (3.16.17)
    *Broken Armor [w/ Sahara] (3.14.17)

    FEBRUARY 2017
    *We’re the Poison in Each Others’ Veins [w/ Sahara] (2.27.17)
    Hurt (2.23.17)
    We’re Damned [f/ Sahara] (2.17.17)
    Special Delivery (2.9.17)
    Off With Her Head [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven & Sahara] (2.3.17)
    *3K Origins [w/ Alexander Haven, Tyler Morris, Chris Kage, & Martin Robertson] (2.2.17)

    JANUARY 2017
    *The Point of No Return [w/ Sahara, GRIMM & Maggie McIntyre] (1.25.17)
    Run-In an Elevator [f/ GRIMM] (1.25.17)
    *3K: Origins: Martin Robertson [w/ Martin Robertson & ???] (1.25.17)
    3K: Origins: Michael Draven [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven, Alexander Haven & Erik Draven] (1.23.17)
    *The Search for Truth, Part II [w/ Allison Haines, Alyssa Marie Haven & Alexander Haven] (1.23.17)
    *The Search for Truth [w/ Allison Haines, Chris Kage, Alexander Haven & Grady Smith] (1.23.17)
    *Three Kings: Origins [w/ Martin Robertson, Alexander Haven, & Alyssa Marie Haven] (1.22.17)
    One Final Chapter [w/ Alexander Haven] (1.17.17)

    DECEMBER 2016
    The Malestrom of Love [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (12.30.16)
    Late Night Rendezvous [w/ Sahara] (12.20.16)
    *Lies [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (12.12.16)
    Temptation & Sin [f/ Sahara] (12.6.16)
    *Hey Maggie, Go Fuck Your Seflie [w/ Sahara] (12.5.16)

    NOVEMBER 2016
    Innocence [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven] (11.29.16)
    *A Tender Cut [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (11.29.16)
    *The Fallout, Part II [w/ Indrid Calder & Michael Draven] (11.18.16)
    Retribution, Chapter #2 [f/ Erik Draven & Maggie McIntyre] (11.17.16)
    Retribution, Chapter #1 [f/ Erik Draven] (11.15.16)
    Reunited and It Feels So…[w/ Maggie McIntyre] (11.4.16)

    OCTOBER 2016
    High Tide (10.27.16)

    SEPTEMBER 2016
    Special Delivery, Indrid Calder (9.28.16)

    AUGUST 2016
    Epilogue (8.23.16)
    Hate and Love [f/ Indrid Calder & Maggie McIntyre] (8.11.16)
    My Girl, My Girl [f/ Erik Draven & Maggie McIntyre] (8.1.16)

    JULY 2016
    Penance [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (7.28.16)
    Love & HATE [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (7.22.16)
    Alone [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (7.14.16)
    The Most Powerful Emotion [f/ Maggie McIntyre, Grady Smith, & Indrid Calder] (7.14.16)
    *The Devil’s Right Hand [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Big Ed Johnson] (7.13.16)
    Wretches & Kings [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Sinnocence] (7.1.16)

    JUNE 2016
    *Feathers [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.30.16)
    Welcome to Reality [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (6.23.16)
    Pure Sickness [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Erik Draven] (6.7.16)

    MAY 2016
    *A Show of Good Faith [w/ Alexander Haven & Chris Kage] (5.30.16)
    Now and Then [f/ Chris Kage & Corey Collins] (5.25.16)
    Patience [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Stacy Vandervort] (5.20.16)
    *Termites [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (5.19.16)
    *Headgames, Part II [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (5.15.16)
    The Man Behind the Mask [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (5.4.16)
    To the Victor Go the Spoils [f/ Grady Smith, Maggie McIntyre, X-Calibur & Jurgen Johanssen] (5.3.16)
    Press Conference [w/ Erik Draven & Stacy Vandervort] (5.2.16)

    APRIL 2016
    Sleeping With the Enemy [f/ Grady Smith] (4.29.16)
    MENTAL HEALTH: Draven (4.21.16)
    *Don’t Drink the Youth-Aid [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Erik Draven] (4.15.16)
    Hell Hath No Fury, Alyssa Marie [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (4.7.16)
    Once Upon a Time in Mexico [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (4.5.16)

    MARCH 2016
    Fifteen Years in the Making (3.29.16)
    Voices [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (3.15.16)
    Two Sides, One Story [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (3.8.16)
    *Dreamland, Part II [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Sinnocence] (3.4.16)
    *Sinn City: Broken Hearts and Scheming Fucks [w/ Sinnocence] (3.3.16)
    *Team-in-Training [w/ Michael Draven & Maggie McIntyre] (3.1.16)

    FEBRUARY 2016
    *Nightmareland [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (2.28.16)
    Days Long Gone [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.22.16)
    The Roadtrip, Finale [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.18.16)
    The Roadtrip, Part II [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.17.16)
    The Roadtrip, Part I [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.16.16)
    Brotherly Love [f/ Erik Draven & Maggie McIntyre] (2.15.16)
    Disgrace [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.12.16)
    Opportunities (2.9.16)
    Reconciliation [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (2.2.16)

    JANUARY 2016
    Deep Freeze [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (1.29.16)
    Deliberations (1.25.16)
    The Shame Trilogy, Epilogue: What Could Have Been [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Stacy Vandervort] (1.21.16)
    The Shame Trilogy, Part III: The Date of Shame [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.19.16)
    The Shame Trilogy, Part II: Maggie’s Turn [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.18.16)
    The Shame Trilogy, Episode I: Michael Draven’s Walk of Shame [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.16.16)
    Late Night Visits [f/ Maggie McIntyre, Alexander Haven & Alyssa Marie Haven] (1.5.16)
    *Gratitude [w/ Maggie McIntyre & GRIMM] (1.3.16)
    The Negotiations: Interlude [f/ Gates] (1.2.16)
    The End [f/ Maggie McIntyre] (1.1.16)

    DECEMBER 2015
    Nothing Else Matters [f/ Erik Draven] (12.31.15)
    Echoes of Eternity [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven] (12.21.15)
    Confessions [f/ Erik Draven & Alyssa Marie Haven] (12.15.15)
    The Ancient Dance [w/ Alyssa Marie Haven] (12.11.15)
    *Sinn City: Collateral Damage [w/ SInnocence] (12.9.15)
    One Life to Live [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven & Sinnocence] (12.1.15)

    NOVEMBER 2015
    Battlelines 3 Aftermath [w/ Chip Masters] (11.25.15)
    Full Circle (11.20.15)
    Fear (11.17.15)
    Avarice (11.13.15)
    *Focus vs Tap and the Battle of Arby’s [w/ X-Calibur] (11.5.15)
    Redirection (11.4.15)
    Forgiveness (11.3.15)

    OCTOBER 2015
    Press Release (10.24.15)
    Emergence (10.19.15)
    Retaliation (10.19.15)
    *A Meeting of the Minds [w/ Jacob Mephisto] (10.18.15)
    Unfaithful (10.17.15)
    The Fall of an ICON [f/ Erik Draven] (10.17.15)
    *EWA.com Exclusive [w/ Jared Walsh] (10.15.15)
    NYSWF and Downfall (10.12.15)
    Negligence (10.11.15)
    Avoidance (10.9.15)
    Correction (10.8.15)
    Impersonation (10.7.15)
    Explanation & Alexander Haven (10.3.15)

    SEPTEMBER 2015
    Vengeance (9.20.15)
    Redemption’s Beginnings (9.8.15)