238 lbs
Las Vegas, NV
Date of Birth
August 24, 1980
Entrance Music
Entrance Description


Finishing Moves
  • Heartbreak [starts out like a Flatliner, but instead drives his opponent chest first into his knee]
  • Crippled Crossface
Signature Moves
  • Blood Drive [spear]
  • The Cross [formerly the Lunatikk Sweet, leaping reverse Diamond Cutter]
Favorite Moves
Lunatikk Crippler, aka William West, is a master of the technical style of wrestling, mainly focusing on submissions. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty in any other style, being famous for his high flying as well as his fearlessness in the “hardcore” style of wrestling.

William West (more commonly known as Lunatikk Crippler) was indeed a journeyman in wrestling, making appearances for numerous promotions since 1997, and finding success wherever he went.
His first major promotion was with the American Wrestling Tournament, run by John Solley, leading all the way to his most recent accomplishments in the Jason Johnson run SHOOT Project, where he was the final co-holder of the World Tag Team Championships alongside Corey Lazarus.

He remains residing in Las Vegas, where he owns and operates a bar called SHOTS in the Dark. His intentions in the new EWA? Unclear at present time, but I’m sure his application was not submitted in a timely manner.

He began his journey in the new EWA with a bitter rivalry with the tandem known as America’s Most Wanted, until they were no longer wanted in the EWA. However, that sparked a rivalry between West and upstart rookie Martin Robertson, a man who would be later revealed as the son of the legendary former multiple time world champion Grady Smith.

At the conclusion of his war with Marty, West began to chase his dream of becoming World Heavyweight Champion himself. However, he had little success. After a loss to longtime friend Ray Willmott in an Asylum de Los Muertos qualifying match, West completely snapped. He attacked his friend, leaving Willmott laying in the middle of the ring, starting him down a very dark path indeed. The feud with Willmott saw it climax when Willmott defeated West for the number one contendership in a Japanese Death Match, finishing a war that left West disfigured. But that wasn’t West’s new beginning at all.

It began with the second installment of the Warrior’s trial, and the return of another longtime ally: “The Harbinger of HATE ” NOTHING. Prudence Collins would live up to that name, as the group would return weeks later: NOTHING, West, and Indrid Calder becoming the first Pillars in the House of HATE.

The group would continue their reign of terror, adding in longtime HATE mainstay Cal Rayner, and a woman that would change the lives of many within the group, Maggie McIntyre.

They began a war with the dominant faction in the EWA at that time, The Youth, led by Alexander Haven. Blood was spilled on both sides, and the brutal rivalry could only be stopped in such a manner that had stopped it before. It culminated in The Final Solution, where Marty Robertson defeated NOTHING to take the victory for his team.

West’s next war came at the hands of another old friend in Sean Boden. It began when Boden sliced the tongue of Maggie McIntyre, and West sought vengeance on behalf of his fellow Pillar, a move that would spark a strong bond between Masochist and Banshee.

It was that bond that made it unbearable when Maggie decided to leave HATE and return to the side of her former lover Michael Draven. West’s role in HATE’s revenge on Draven made him a target of McIntyre’s, and changed something within the Masochist.

He became less enamored with HATE, and began feeling a ton of remorse for his previous actions. He now finds himself on the outside of the group, waging war against them, most recently defeating Cal Rayner in a Last Man Standing Match at Champion’s Summit III.

Most recently, his war with HATE, he has deemed fruitless, and he has returned to the Hive, effectively turning his back on all others.

  • EWA Combat Championship
  • EWA Network Championship
  • AWT Crusierweight Championship [2x]
  • AWT Tag Team Championship [2x w/Fury]
  • AWT Television Championship
  • SWF Tag Team Championship [w/Fury]
  • SWF Crusierweight Championship
  • SWF Television Championship
  • SWF Hardcore Tag Team Championship [2x, w/Blade]
  • WWA Hardcore Championship
  • UCW European Championship
  • WECF United States Championship
  • IWA European Championship
  • IWF World Championship
  • E-Rev Hardcore Championship
  • BSPW Television Championship
  • EWA Cruiserweight Championship
  • NYSWF Tag Team Championship [w/NOTHING]
  • NYSWF Hardcore Championship [2x]
  • CWA Nevada State/US Championship
  • NWF Television Championship
  • NWF United States Championship
  • NYSWF Television Championship [2x]
  • NWF Tag Team Championship [w/Spiral
  • SHOOT Project Sin City Championship
  • SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Championship
  • Co Holder of the final SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship
  • Winner of the first SHOOT Project Sin City Championship Series
  • EWA Atlantic Coast Championship
Match History
  • Eliminated by Sahara in the EWA Warrior’s Trial V (40:59) at Battlelines 44, 6.22.18 (21-30-6)
  • Lost to Sahara in a first round EWA Path of the Warrior II Tournament match at Battlelines 44, 6.22.18 (21-30-6)
  • Defeated [w/ Gia Van Zant] Katsuro Yoshida & Melissa McCoy at Fight Night 12, 4.26.18 [West pinned McCoy] (21-29-6)
  • Defeated [w/ Gia Van Zant] The Lemonheads at EWA Live From Toronto, 4.18.18 [Gia pinned Lemon] (20-29-6)
  • Lost [w/ Cal Rayner] to FYA at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 [Preston pinned West] (19-29-6)
  • Defeated [w/ HATE] Michael Draven, Maggie McIntyre & Sahara in a six man tag team match at Battlelines 38, 12.14.17 [NOTHING pinned Draven] (19-28-6)
  • Lost to Lou in a Triple Threat match for a shot at the EWA Network Championship at Battlelines 37, 11.22.17 [Lou pinned West] (18-28-6)
  • Wrestled Michael Draven to a declared no-contest at Battlelines 35, 11.2.17 (18-27-6)
  • Lost the EWA Combat Championship to Jester Smiles at Battlelines 36, 11.2.17 (18-27-5)
  • Lost to Indrid Calder by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 35, 10.19.17 (18-26-5)
  • Defeated NOTHING by disqualification to retain the EWA Combat Championship at Live From Sydney, 9.27.17 (18-25-5)
  • Eliminated by Maggie McIntyre in the EWA Warrior’s Trial IV (48:56) at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (17-25-5)
  • Lost [w/ NOTHING] to Josh Kaine & Lagrima at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 [Lagrima/Kaine pinned West] (17-25-5)
  • Defeated Sahara to win the EWA Combat Championship at Battlelines 33, 8.4.17 (17-24-5)
  • Defeated Cal Rayner in a Last Man Standing match at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #1, 7.13.17 (16-24-5)
  • Lost to Maggie McIntyre at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 (15-24-5)
  • Defeated [w/ Ryan Cuddihy & NOTHING] Pariah in a six-man tag team match at Battlelines 31, 6.7.17 [West submitted Boden] (15-23-5)
  • Wrestled Jacob Mephisto to a no-contest at Battlelines 30, 5.23.17 (14-23-5)
  • Defeated Tyler Morris in a Falls Count Anywhere match at EWA Live From London, 4.21.17 (14-23-4)
  • Lost [w/ Tyler Morris] to Alexander Haven & Michael Draven at Battlelines 28, 3.31.17 [Haven pinned Crippler] (13-23-4)
  • Lost to Sean Boden at Battlelines 27, 3.14.17 (13-22-4)
  • Lost to Laura Seton by countout at Battlelines 26, 2.17.17 (13-21-4)
  • Lost to Jacob Mephisto in a Fatal Fourway match for the EWA Network Championship at EWA Champions Summit II, Night #2, 1.20.17 [Mephisto pinned Boden] (13-20-4)
  • Wrestled [w/ NOTHING as HATE] Pariah to a draw at EWA Champions Summit II, Night #1, 1.19.17 (13-19-4)
  • Defeated [w/ NOTHING as HATE] Kharrion by disqualification at Battlelines 24, 12.30.16 (13-19-3)
  • Defeated Jacob Mephisto by countout at Battlelines 23, 12.16.16 (12-19-3)
  • Eliminated by Sean Boden & Jacob Mephisto in the EWA Warrior’s Trial III for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship (11:19) at Battlelines 21, 11.17.16 (11-19-3)
  • Wrestled Sean Boden to a double countout in an EWA Network Championship match at Battlelines 21, 11.17.16 (11-19-3)
  • Lost [w/ HATE] to The Youth & Grady Smith in The Final Solution at EWA Out For Blood, 10.24.16 [Martin pinned NOTHING] (11-19-2)
  • Lost to Laura Seton at Battlelines 19, 10.5.16 (11-18-2)
  • Defeated Grace Goeren by disqualification in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Battlelines 18, 9.22.16 (11-17-2)
  • Lost to Ray Willmott in a Japanese Death match at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (10-17-2)
  • Defeated Tyler Morris by disqualification at Battlelines 16, 7.27.16 (10-16-2)
  • Lost the EWA Atlantic Coast Championship to Alexander Haven at Fight Night 8, 7.20.16 (9-16-2)
  • Defeated Ray Willmott to win the EWA Atlantic Coast Championship in an I Quit Match at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #2, 6.28.16 (9-15-2)
  • Lost [w/ Martin Robertson] to Michael Draven & Ray Willmott at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 [Draven pinned Robertson] (8-15-2)
  • Lost to X-Calibur in a second round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 13, 5.31.16 (8-14-2)
  • Wrestled [w/ Indrid Calder] Ray Willmott & NOTHING to a draw at Battlelines 12, 5.16.16 (8-13-2)
  • Defeated Johnny Napalm by disqualification in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Fight Night 7, 5.9.16 (8-13-1)
  • Lost [w/ Chris Kage, Alexander Haven, Osbourne Kilminster, Grace Goeren & Martin Robertson as Team Gates] to Team Draven [Sinnocence, X-Calibur, Azrael Goeren, Grady Smith, MIchael Draven & Erik Draven] at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (7-13-1)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven & Chris Kage] The Vice Squad & Jared Walsh in a six-man tag team match at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 [Crippler pinned Jane] (7-12-1)
  • Eliminated from the Asylum match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship by Azrael Goeren (29:36) at Asylum de los Muertos, 4.1.16 (6-12-1)
  • Lost to Ray Willmott in an Asylum Qualifying match at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #1, 3.31.16 (6-11-1)
  • Lost to Martin Robertson in an EWA Network Championship match at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #1, 3.31.16 (6-10-1)
  • Defeated Snake at YouthTube Fight Night, 3.4.16 (6-9-1)
  • Lost [w/ Ray Willmott] to Grady Smith & Martin Robertson at Battlelines 8, 2.19.16 [Martin pinned Crippler] (5-9-1)
  • Eliminated by Dredd in a battle royal for a shot at the EWA Atlantic Coast Championship at Fight Night 5, 2.19.16 (5-8-1)
  • Lost to Ray Willmott in an Asylum Qualifying Match at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 (5-8-0)
  • Lost to Alexander Haven at Fight Night 4, 2.5.16 (5-7-0)
  • Defeated Big D at Fight Night 4, 2.5.16 (5-6-0)
  • Lost to The Heart Attack Kid in an EWA Network Championship match at Battlelines 6, 1.29.16 (4-6-0)
  • Lost the EWA Network Championship to Philip Donovan in a Triple Threat Match at Champions Summit I, Night 1, 12.30.15 [Donovan pinned Crippler] (4-5-0)
  • Defeated Philip Donovan for the EWA Network Championship at Fight Night 2, 12.18.15 (4-4-0)
  • Lost [w/ X-Calibur] to the Vice Squad at Fight Night 1, 12.4.15 [Jane pinned X-Calibur] (3-4-0)
  • Lost to Philip Donovan in a Triple Threat Match with Hank for the EWA Network Championship at Battlelines 3, 11.25.15 [Donovan pinned Crippler] (3-3-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Hank and Philip Donovan] SmirtDogg, Lou, and Barrett Lynch in a six-man tag team match at Battlelines 3, 11.25.15 [Crippler pinned Lou] (3-2-0)
  • Lost to Haywood Jublome at EWA Live From New York, 11.13.15 (2-2-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Haywood Jublome] Dredd & Ron Barker in a Lethal Lottery match at Battlelines 2, 10.30.15 [Jublome submitted Barker] (2-1-0)
  • Lost to Chip Masters in a semifinal EWA Tapout Championship tournament match at Battlelines 1, 10.15.15 (1-1-0)
  • Eliminated by Chip Masters in the Warrior’s Trial I (36:29) at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (1-0-0)
  • Defeated Jack Reed at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (1-0-0)
  • RP History


    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

    JUNE 2018
    The Morning After [f/ Gia Van Zant] (6.22.18)
    Ugly Dresses [f/ Gia Van Zant] (6.21.18)

    APRIL 2018
    Chemistry [f/ Gia Van Zant] (4.26.18)
    How It Came to Be [f/ Gia Van Zant, Tyler Morris & Stacy Vandervort] (4.18.18)
    Forgotten Fury [f/ Gia Van Zant] (4.11.18)

    JANUARY 2018
    *This is War: Aftermath [w/ Stacy Vandervort] (1.18.18)

    DECEMBER 2017
    An Introduction: Superstition [w/ Gia Van Zant & Cal Rayner] (12.27.17)
    Pillars in the Dark [w/ HATE] (12.12.17)

    NOVEMBER 2017
    Flashbacks, Part 2: All Choked Up [f/ Sahara, Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (11.21.17)
    Flashbacks, Part 1: Happily Never After [f/ Tyler Morris & Misty Giovanni] (11.20.17)
    Standing Tall [w/ HATE] (11.7.17)

    SEPTEMBER 2017
    *Losing Control [w/ Michael Draven] (9.29.17)
    The Chains of HATE, Vol.2: Dreams (9.18.17)

    AUGUST 2017
    The Chains of HATE, Vol.1 (8.29.17)
    Wherefore Art Thou, Masochist? [f/ Sahara] (8.24.17)
    The Masochist is On His Way (8.13.17)
    https://drive.google.com/open?id=14dDlyZEobAiJA3QVCyX0IjqQyibeVRn8eYoDuykuSr4Worthy of It (8.4.17)

    JULY 2017
    *Pain, I Can’t Get Enough [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (7.30.17)
    *Where Have You Been? [w/ Tyler Morris & Shelly Aureo] (7.13.17)
    You Can’t Just Leave [f/ Cal Rayner] (7.7.17)

    JUNE 2017
    The Things That Needed Said [f/ Michael Draven & Maggie McIntyre] (6.29.17)
    Letters and Titans (6.27.17)
    Pick Me Up (6.19.17)
    Disposable (6.15.17)
    Don’t Fall Asleep [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Cal Rayner] (6.12.17)
    A Rock and a Hard Place [f/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (6.8.17)
    Turnstile [w/ NOTHING & Ryan Cuddihy] (6.6.17)

    MAY 2017
    Remorse, Part II [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven] (5.22.17)
    Some Space [f/ Misty Giovanni & Shelly Aureo] (5.19.17)

    APRIL 2017
    Remorse, Part I (4.17.17)
    *Warning Sign [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (4.9.17)
    The Ride Home [f/ Alexander Haven] (4.3.17)

    MARCH 2017
    *Netflix & Bottlerockets [w/ Maggie McIntyre] (3.20.17)
    King of Pain (3.19.17)
    The Vengeful One (3.13.17)

    FEBRUARY 2017
    *The Hive [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (2.17.17)
    Coffee, Tea or Me [f/ Sean Boden] (2.17.17)
    You’re Welcome (2.17.17)
    *Opportunities [w/ Misty Giovanni & Shelly Aureo (2.15.17)
    For Love and HATE (2.10.17)

    JANUARY 2017
    *The Birth of the Banshee [w/ Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] (1.22.17)
    House of HATE [w/ HATE] (1.18.17)
    This is Us [w/ Jacob Mephisto, NOTHING & Sean Boden] (1.16.17)

    NOVEMBER 2016
    The Trial of HATE [w/ HATE] (11.15.16)

    OCTOBER 2016
    The House of HATE [w/ HATE] (10.16.16)
    *Like a Snake, Part II: Suffering [w/ Maggie McIntyre & HATE] (10.7.16)
    Camaraderie in the Face of Fire (10.4.16)

    SEPTEMBER 2016
    A Betrayal, And What Could Have Been (9.20.16)
    The Good Word (9.9.16)

    AUGUST 2016
    Fight and Flight (8.6.16)

    JULY 2016
    Survivor’s Guilt (7.27.16)
    Don’t Make Me Beg (7.20.16)

    JUNE 2016
    They Wanna See Blood…(6.18.16)
    *HATE (?) [w/ Martin Robertson] (6.8.16)

    MAY 2016
    Will and Won’t (5.31.16)
    Fault (5.27.16)
    You Don’t Know Anything (5.15.16)
    Rage (5.8.16)
    Trust [w/ Martin Robertson] (5.1.16)
    The Battle for Midgar (5.1.16)

    APRIL 2016
    8Acts of War #2 [w/ Osbourne Kilminster] (4.28.16)
    I’ll Drink to That (4.22.16)
    YOUTHTUBE: Championship Celebration [w/ The Youth] (4.17.16)

    MARCH 2016
    Change is Gonna Come (3.31.16)
    Mexico City: Wipo Style (3.30.16)
    City of Gold (3.29.16)
    Cigars and Carrots (3.16.16)
    My Sacrifice (3.9.16)
    Shallow Graves (3.6.16)
    Prelude to a Trial (3.4.16)

    FEBRUARY 2016
    When the Hammer Drops (2.25.16)
    By All Means (2.15.16)
    Red Hot Fury (2.10.16)
    Dogs and Horses (2.4.16)

    JANUARY 2016
    Cardiac Arrest (1.28.16)

    DECEMBER 2015
    No Retreat, No Surrender, No Respect (12.30.15)
    You vs Me vs Them (12.29.15)
    Back to Work (12.20.15)
    Peanuts and Cracker Jack (12.13.15)

    NOVEMBER 2015
    Poison and Bile (11.24.15)
    Face/off (11.7.15)

    OCTOBER 2015
    More Than Lethal (10.24.15)
    The Submission Specialist (10.8.15)

    SEPTEMBER 2015
    What Happens Next (9.17.15)