298 lbs
Savannah, GA
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The arena lights flicker and die. The big screen comes to life, flicking through various images. Antique toys. Wilted flowers. A fast motion flip book style video of an animal, decaying to bone. Finally, the video zooms in on a porcelain doll. Black curls fall around a pale, white face, make up painted on forever. Pristine. Then darkness. The steel guitar sounds of Santo and Johnny’s “Sleep Walk” begins to echo throughout the arena and a spotlight shines down on thr center of the stage. Lucy Blaylock stands there, obsidian hair falling in curtains over her face until she whips her head up, revealing the porcelain doll’s face covering her own. The spotlight follows her as she begins her descent toward the ring, towering over even the tallest man in the crowd.

Finishing Moves
  • Loveless [Sitout Canadian backbreaker]
  • Breathless [Colossal Clutch]
Favorite Moves
Very power based. Lots of throws and slams. Lucy is not scientific at all so any suplexes she would attempt would be for impact and not finesse. Lots of striking. She can swing her fists with similar or more power than any man. Any submissions other than Breathless would be basic ones: Boston crab, bear hugs, etc

Not much is known about the early life of Lucy Blaylock. She showed up this past year in the SHOOT Project and was dominant, even garnering a victory over Cronos Diamante. She was last seen finding herself involved in the personal feud between Diamante and Erik Boyer.

She is a sexual being, being a young and attractive woman. But she is a lot like an old school Southern Belle. She prefers to be wooed. The porcelain dolls mask is kind of a trigger, or so we have been told. Some say she feels more feminine with the mask on. More fragile, much like the porcelain. When the mask comes off, she becomes more vicious. Hardened. Unstoppable. She has often been referred to as The Monstress or the Southern Belle from Hell.

RP History