175 lbs
Oshkosh, WI
Date of Birth
January 12, 1981
Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The lights over the entrance change to pink and purple and pulsate in time with the opening of “Gunboat.” The arena then falls black for a second just before the song truly kicks in. As it does, the lights come back up showing Laura, wearing a red leather jacket, full-length black wrestling pants that are almost form-fitted with black, nearly knee-high boots on, standing at the entrance, back turned to the audience and head down. After a few beats, she pivots around, waits a couple beats more then lifts her head. After a piercing stare at the ring, she makes her walk towards it as the lyrics start. Reaching the apron, she slides in under the bottom rope and heads to her “home” corner, then hops on the middle turnbuckle to take in the fans’ reaction. She hops off and ties her hair into a ponytail, then removes her jacket, showing a sleeveless, full-torso black leather top. Lastly, she takes off her boots and socks since she wrestles in bare feet.

Finishing Moves
  • Angel's Fury [Au Batido kick]
  • Green 19 [Rolling Kneebar]
Signature Moves
  • Dive between ropes to opponent outside ring
Favorite Moves
Mixture of technical and brawling with some high-flying
  • Enzguri kick
  • Top rope splash
  • Jawbreaker/Jab combo: Hits a jawbreaker, then with the opponent stunned, throws a right jab to the chin
  • DDT (and various DDT reversals)
  • Thesz press
  • STF

This was never supposed to be her line of work. Although she grew up in a home where older brothers watched wrestling on TV at a time when it was on Saturday mornings, it was just “silly guy stuff.” Not that Laura dabbled much in traditional girly things, but wrestling never did anything for her.

It’s amazing what life can bring to the table.

Growing up, there was one constant in Laura Seton’s life—success. Whether it was schoolwork or sport, Laura was number one in nearly everything she did. While her booksmarts were tops in her class, her athleticism was in a world of it’s own. A star track athlete in high school, she went a step further and made the US Olympic team multiple times in sprinting categories, bringing home gold medals each time. Yet, she never tried an actual track career. She was a whiz at basketball, being her home state’s top prep player her senior year and made the All-State team twice. People thought she may have a chance in the pros and yeah, she did have a few years as a 3-point threat at the highest level—but basketball was never a “real” career for her.

Once upon a time in 2000, Laura Seton stepped foot in a wrestling arena. She was nothing but a nuisance at first to an actual, contracted wrestler in the NYSWF but her shenanigans caught the eye of Duane Gates. Her first-ever professional contract was signed with the EWA that spring, using only her first name as her ring name. It didn’t take long for success to find her again. Even with a fast start to her career, it was a chore getting actual respect from fans and the other wrestlers. As weeks passed by and the weeks turned to months, Laura continued making her way to the ring and giving opponents the fight of their life and showed she had what it took to live in the ring. Fans came around to her and supported her as, like most other wrestlers, she kept going from one fed to another, never letting a set of closed doors end her career.

The pattern went for 6 strong years before the brutality of the sport finally caught up to her. She burned out and, using better judgment, stepped away from the ring. Like most pros, though, the ring called back to her. In the spring of 2008, she returned with the LEGACY company. It was time to again prove she belonged—a feat she took care of by year’s end. It would be a total of nearly three years there, attaining a Tao of Valor championship reign in the process. At the same time, her fan respect hit a peak—becoming a huge fan favorite because of her determination and bright smile and attitude. This springboarded her to the rival SHOOT Project upon LEGACY’s closing—but SHOOT was… well… interesting.

Instead of fans of high-spirited wrestling, she was in front of fans wanting blood. An exciting hurricanrana meant almost nothing, but a TV being smashed upon someone else’s head got the building rocking. Her bright attitude would eventually be pushed aside by fans and her patience wore thin with their bloodlust. Preferring the more technical, athletic side of the sport, she would unload on the fans, giving them plenty of her mind—turning herself into one of the most hated in the company. While she would hold the Sin City Championship twice, it was a company and fanbase she would rather soon forget. Such a setting did open her eyes though. She realized a more intense mindset just might finally get her that one prize that was missing from her trophy case.

A World Championship.

She had come close. She had consistently held numerous secondary and tertiary titles. She had consistently advanced to main event level in federations. She had even been in a few multi-person matches with a World Championship on the line. So close and yet so far, as each time she came up on the short end.

And then April 22, 2016 happened.

In Savannah, GA at EWA’s Fight Night non-televised show, though the match was broadcast via YouthTube, jaws dropped and seemingly Hell froze over. She defeated Chris Kage…

… and finally became a World Champion!

Alas, the glory lasted not quite 10 full days as she was forced into her first title defense unexpectedly at Battlelines 11—seeing Chris Kage regain the World Title.

As the EWA took it’s show on the road to Japan with Live in Tokyo, Laura again found herself in the middle of the wrestling spotlight. Not just because she was in the main event that night, but because for the second time in just under four months, she became a World Champion.

And then Grace Goeren ruined the party.

Cashing in her Path of the Warrior contract and taking full advantage of the fatigued Seton. Approximately 10 minutes after she won, Laura Seton again found herself minus the World Championship.

A proud career in general? Sure.

A proud career in terms of World Championships? Two isn’t bad…

… but when you’ve held the belt not even long enough for someone to say, “World Heavyweight Champion?”

Let’s just say Laura still feels that she has plenty to accomplish before she calls it a career. It’s been only a nibble of the World Championship that she’s had.

It’s the full bite she’s after.

  • EWA World Heavyweight Championship [2x]
  • EWA Warrior’s Trial II Winner
  • EWA World Television Championship
  • LEGACY Tao of Valor Championship
  • SHOOT Project Sin City Championship [2x]
Match History

  • Lost to Ray Willmott at EWA Live From Sydney, 9.27.17 (18-16-3)
  • Eliminated by Ray Willmott in the EWA Warrior’s Trial IV (25:46) at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (18-15-3)
  • Lost to NOTHING at Battlelines 33, 8.4.17 (18-15-3)
  • Defeated Ray Willmott at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #2, 7.13.17 (18-14-3)
  • Defeated Azrael Goeren by forfeit at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 (17-14-3)
  • Defeated Dube at Battlelines 31, 6.7.17 (16-14-3)
  • Lost [w/ Ray Willmott] to The Vice Squad in a #1 contender match at Battlelines 30, 5.23.17 [Lagrima pinned Laura] (15-14-3)
  • Lost [w/ Ray Willmott] to MoJo in a non-title match at Battlelines 29, 5.5.17 [Kaine pinned Seton] (15-13-3)
  • Lost [w/ Dube] to The Vice Squad at EWA Live From London, 4.21.17 [Lagrima/Minxy submitted Dube] (15-12-3)
  • Defeated Lunatikk Crippler by countout at Battlelines 26, 2.17.17 (15-11-3)
  • Lost to Jacob Mephisto in an EWA Network Championship match at Battlelines 25, 2.3.17 (14-11-3)
  • Defeated [w/ Dan Stein & Ray Willmott] The Fallout [Gaunt & Blaylock] in a Handicap match at EWA Champions Summit II, Night #2, 1.20.17 [Willmott pinned Blaylock] (14-10-3)
  • Wrestled [w/ Dan Stein, Ray Willmott, Azrael Goeren & Chris Kage] Lucy Blaylock, Maggie McIntyre, Elizabeth Gaunt, Grace Goeren & Indrid Calder to a no-contest in a ten-man tag team match at Battlelines 24, 12.30.16 (13-10-3)
  • Lost [w/ Ray Willmott] to The Vice Squad in an EWA Tag Team Championship match at Battlelines 23, 12.16.16 [Jane pinned Willmott] (13-10-2)
  • Defeated Serpent Man at Battlelines 22, 12.2.16 (13-9-2)
  • Lost to Grace Goeren in a Triple Threat match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Out For Blood, 10.24.16 [Grace pinned Laura] (12-9-2)
  • Defeated Lunatikk Crippler at Battlelines 19, 10.5.16 (12-8-2)
  • Lost to Elizabeth Gaunt at Battlelines 18, 9.22.16 (11-8-2)
  • Lost [w/ Ray Willmott & Azrael Goeren] to The Fallout at Battlelines 17, 9.7.16 [Grace pinned Laura] (11-7-2)
  • Lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to Grace Goeren at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (11-6-2)
  • Defeated Chris Kage to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (11-5-2)
  • Defeated Grace Goeren by disqualification at Battlelines 16, 7.27.16 (10-5-2)
  • Defeated Dredd at Fight Night 8, 7.20.16 (9-5-2)
  • Defeated Azrael Goeren in a #1 Contender’s match at Battlelines 15, 7.13.16 (8-5-2)
  • Lost to Chris Kage in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship triple threat match at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #2, 6.28.16 [Kage pinned Azrael] (7-5-2)
  • Defeated [w/ Azrael Goeren & Grady Smith] Alexander Haven, Chris Kage & Martin Robertson in a six-man tag team match at Battlelines 13, 5.31.16 [Grady pinned Haven] (7-4-2)
  • Wrestled Grady Smith to a double disqualification at Battlelines 12, 5.16.16 (6-4-2)
  • Lost to Alexander Haven in a second round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Fight Night 7, 5.9.16 (6-4-1)
  • Lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to Chris Kage at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (6-3-1)
  • Defeated Chris Kage to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Fight Night 6, 4.22.16 (6-2-1)
  • Defeated Shinya Nakamura in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 (5-2-1)
  • Eliminated from the Asylum match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship by Azrael Goeren (41:27) at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #2, 4.1.16 (4-2-1)
  • Defeated 29 other competitors to qualify for the Asylum Match in the Warrior’s Trial II (64:47) at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (4-1-1)
  • Lost to Martin Robertson in an EWA Network Championship match at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (3-1-1)
  • Wrestled to a time limit draw with The Heart Attack Kid at YouthTube Fight Night, 3.4.16 (3-0-1)
  • Defeated Snake at Battlelines 8, 2.19.16 (3-0-0)
  • Defeated Crazy Boy at Fight Night 5, 2.19.16 (2-0-0)
  • Defeated Joe Lemon at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 (1-0-0)
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    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

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    *Isn’t There Another Way? [w/ Ray Willmott] (9.5.17)

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    It’s These Temptations (5.4.17)

    APRIL 2017
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    MARCH 2017
    Was This How It Would Be? [f/ Ray Willmott] (3.30.17)
    Life Is Really Not That Complicated [f/ Ray Willmott, Sinnocence & Josh Kaine] (3.19.17)
    You Can’t Have Me Anymore (3.4.17)

    FEBRUARY 2017
    And She Felt So Guilty (2.19.17)
    *A Champion’s Convention [w/ Ray Willmott] (2.15.17)
    It’s What You Need (2.15.17)
    It Was Ray’s (2.6.17)
    Resolve [w/ Ray Willmott] (2.2.17)

    JANUARY 2017
    Would It All Be Worth It? (1.25.17)
    Broadening Horizons [w/ Ray Willmott] (1.25.17)
    Arcade Antics [w/ Dan Stein & Ray Willmott] (1.18.17)

    DECEMBER 2016
    Venegance and a “Hello” (12.25.16)
    But the Funny Thing Is…[w/ Ray Willmott] (12.15.16)
    Always [w/ Ray Willmott] (12.13.16)
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    OCTOBER 2016
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    JUNE 2016
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    APRIL 2016
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