z-Josh ‘ICE’ Osbourne

300 lbs
Buffalo, NY
Date of Birth
June 20, 1980
Entrance Music

‘Anthem for the Year 2000’ – Silverchair

Entrance Description

The arena falls dark. As the guitar to “Anthem for the Year 2000” kicks in, a single spotlight appears, illuminating Haven and his wife, Alyssa Marie, generally draped over him in one provocative fashion or another. The two march to the ring with the spotlight following, with Alyssa Marie parting the ropes for Haven to enter. Once in the ring, Haven extends his arms in a martyr like pose, arms outstretched, as Alyssa Marie flaunts herself. Haven remains focused on the match at hand, but Alyssa can often be found taunting the fans and Haven’s opponents.

Finishing Moves
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Favorite Moves

Born in 1980 to middle class parents in a suburb of Buffalo, NY, Alexander Haven grew up a natural born leader. In high school, Haven was the star quarterback and captain of his championship high school football team. Meanwhile, academically, he excelled – often being called too smart for his own good by teachers, for his tendency to be the ringleader in any number of various pranks and schemes. After high school, Haven had his pick of colleges thanks in part to scholarships from dozens of top universities eager to add his talent to their football programs. Much to the dismay of his parents and those around him, he declined all scholarships and used his graduation money to instead pay for tuition at a wrestling school in California, living out of a van and delivering pizzas for the first few months. Haven was a natural in the squared circle as well, quickly outpacing what his peers could accomplish and what his instructors could teach him. Haven spent a year touring the country in his van working for various promotions. On one such trip, Haven ran into an old friend from back home named Chris Kage – a collegiate All American wrestler. Haven and Kage quickly became inseparable when Haven got him a try out with the NYSWF, who had recently signed Haven. Together, the two started a stable known as The Youth and quickly made the wrestling world take notice of their abilities – and their attitudes. During his time with the NYSWF, Haven won the promotion’s Triple Crown, becoming the longest reigning World Champion and Television Champion, as well as holding the NYSWF Tag Team Titles. Haven engaged in many memorable conflicts with Michael Draven – and usually won, whether it was fighting for a title or the affections of Alyssa Marie, Haven’s now wife.

But as quickly as success came for Haven, he vanished. Following the closure of the NYSWF, Haven spent time cashing in on his name value wrestling for various promotions overseas. From 2004 on though, Alexander Haven was a ghost. No appearances, no sightings – nothing. It’s alleged that he lived overseas during that time frame, mostly traveling on a yacht with his wife Alyssa. Alyssa Marie Haven resurfaced in 2015 with startling news – that Alexander Haven had died from a drug overdose during an estrangement from their marriage. This, however, was proven entirely false when Haven himself made a shocking return at Champions Summit 2015 – once again, brutally destroying Michael Draven, in what turned out to be a plot by Kage, Haven and Alyssa Marie herself, who had gone as far as to move in with Draven and form a relationship with him. What lies in store for Haven, Alyssa, and the EWA remains to be seen…

  • NYSWF Triple Crown Winner
  • NYSWF World Heavyweight Championship [longest reigning champion]
  • NYSWF World Television Championship [2x, longest reigning champion]
  • NYSWF World Tag Team Championship