z-Johnny Houston

225 lbs
Houston, TX
Date of Birth
October 1, 1982
Vito Supremo

Not much is known about Vito prior to his arrival in Texas in 1989. He is originally from New Jersey and rumored to have ties to the Gambino family, he may have fled the area after a falling out and feared for his life

Entrance Music

‘La Grange’ – ZZ Top

Entrance Description

Johnny sprints out to edge of the ring and then points back, waiting for his partner, Donovan Moore, to emerge. Vito Supremo follows with enthusiastic clapping and pointing. Houston then leaps to the ring apron and over the top rope into the ring bouncing off the ropes while Moore enters the rings silently with his fiancee Denise. Moore’s eyes are locked onto his opponent if already in the ring or towards the entrance if waiting.

Finishing Moves
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Favorite Moves
Highflyer/risk taker. Over aggressive in the ring. When calm, he can wear down opponents and work on the legs to set up a submission finish. Also uses/is used by Donovan for leverage on double team maneuvers.

Born in Houston, TX, Johnny spent his formative years in a boxing gym where his dad was a trainer. After his dad left when he was 12, he spent his teen years in and out of trouble. His mother remarried when Johnny was 16 and he began to form a bond with his stepbrother Donovan Moore. The two began training to be wrestlers until Moore entered active duty in the Army after 9/11. Houston continued his ring efforts solo in small promotions before retiring and running his own gym for the last 10 years.