6' 6"
265 lbs
Richmond, VA
Entrance Music
Entrance Description


The entryway begins to fill with green and purple fog. “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic at the Disco begins to play as the various titles and trophies throughout Jester’s career cycle through on the big screens.



A platform shoots JESTER SMILES up as gold and silver sparks shoot out! Jester stands there a moment, looking at the crowd. He then extends both his fists out and looks up at the sky!



Gold and silver sparks shoot out on both sides of Jester. Jester then looks at the crowd, beaming brightly. He takes off his golden jester mask and tosses it into the crowd before leaping for the guard rails, high fiving and hugging as many fans as possible. He then runs for the other side and repeats this process.

Jester begins to take his sweet time getting to the ring, high fiving and interacting with as many fans as possible. When he finally reaches the bottom of the ramp, he holds his hands out and does a sprint around the entire ring, high fiving any extended hands as quickly as possible. When he gets to the front of ring he leaps onto the apron in one jump before climbing into the ring between the top and bottom rope. Once in the ring he goes to the corner and holds both arms out, taking in the cheers of the fans. He then goes to the opposite corner, takes off his trademark “Legends Never Die” shirt and throws it into the crowd.

Jester, having sufficiently warmed up the crowd, now does some shadow boxing and practice knees and kicks to warm up as he awaits his opponent.

Finishing Moves
  • The Last Laugh [A Half and Half Suplex (From behind, lock in a half chicken wing and a half nelson before throwing opponent on the back of their head and neck with a suplex]
  • Wipe the Smile [Spinning Back Kick ala Uriah Hall]
Signature Moves
  • Virginia Sidekick [Shuffle Sidekick]
  • BOOYA! [Springboard Seated Senton]
  • Golden Punch [Big, Precise Right Hook]
  • Springboard Moonsault [Bounces off the top rope]
  • Spanish Fly [RARE RARE RARE! Only to be used in big events and big matches]
Favorite Moves
Rolling Sabat Kick Crescent Kick Yakuza Kick Knee Strikes Lots of Punches Enziguri Fisherman Suplex German Suplex Snap Suplex Vertical Suplex Suicide Dive Moonsault Spaceman Plancha Wrestling Style Jester Smiles has evolved over the years. In his early career, he was a very tall spot monkey/high flyer, which gained him, briefly, the reputation of being the "World's Largest Cruiserweight". However, Jester has also been a practicing Black Belt in Hapkido, and has dabbled in various other martial arts as well. His spot monkey style evolved into far more striking, though ever the consummate entertainer, Jester evolved into a somewhat high flying striker with a degree of brawling. Hapkido also takes advantage of a fair amount of grappling, so Jester is a bit of a suplex fiend. However, he is not a very technical wrestler, but is more able to throw his size around to toss people. In a technical grappling/submission match, Jester will be outwrestled. His real strength lies in his striking. He probably makes more sense in an MMA or Kickboxing environment, but wrestling is what he's always done, so here he is. In a standard Jester match, he will use his precision striking (and when it comes to kicks and punches, he has laser precision) to wear down an opponent for the sake of either an even bigger strike or a devastating suplex. Jester is surprisingly quick and limber for his size, so strikes and throws can come out of nowhere. An opponent would be best to keep the pace of the match slow and try to keep Jester in tight for submission or chain wrestling. Jester is also, at heart, an entertainer, so he will go for high flying moves like a moonsault or some kind of dive to the outside, which, considering his size, can be very devastating, but can also be needlessly risky.

Wrestling Attire

Jester wears black boots that are laced with green shoe laces on the right foot and purple shoe laces on the left foot. He wears long, gold wrestling tights with “JESTER” written down his right leg and “SMILES” written down his left leg. The letters of his name alternate between purple and green, with the J being green, the E being purple, and so on. He wears silver MMA gloves. On his way to the ring he wears a gold and silver mardi gras/jester mask and the following shirt: It is an image of Jester Smiles standing in his ring gear, but he is decapitated and holding his head out in front of him. The image is black and white, but Jester’s severed head is bleeding gold. His eyes are open and he is sticking his tongue out. The back of the shirt reads, in gold, “Legends Never Die”.


Eric Rohkar was born into a fairly happy family. He was the oldest of four children and grew up in a upper middle class, relatively affluent family. Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of Mr. and Mrs. Rohkar, Eric was never much for school. While he was perfectly capable of understanding the material, Eric was much more interested in the physical side of life. At the age of 6 he began to take Hapkido. When he entered middle school he joined the school wrestling team. At the age of 14, he discovered professional wrestling. Seeing all these different athletes battling each other with all these different kinds of fighting styles inspired Eric, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He dedicated himself to becoming physically fit, and when he turned 18 he joined a professional wrestling school and began to work the independent circuit. However, while Eric was a fairly capable athlete, he found it very difficult to get noticed. His striking, while impressive, didn’t catch anyone’s attention, and his grappling and high flying weren’t good enough. One day, though, as a goof, Eric came out to the ring in a jester’s hat and pied a guy in the face before their match.

The crowd reacted positively. Jester Smiles was born.

Jester continued working  the independent circuit until he was discovered by Kace Evers and the federation known as Independent Professional Wrestling Superstars, or IPWS, at the age of 25. There, he could experience a great degree of success, winning the vast majority of the titles in the federation, feuding with the top stars, and making more money than he’d ever seen in his life.

Unfortunately, IPWS would eventually close down. Jester then found himself working for the Action Wrestling League, though due to an established wrestler there already having a ‘clown’ gimmick, he would drop the name Jester and become E-Bomb. While Eric had a good deal of success, capturing mid card titles and the tag team championships with a wrestler by the name of Greg Cherry (forming the team Cherry Bombs), he would quickly move on to the NAFW. There he met Ainsley Lake and developed a bit of a crush on the superstar. Ainsley and Jester would form the tag team “The World’s Second Greatest Tag Team” in NAFW, but both stars quickly became dissatisfied with the company. There they went to South Carolina to join Outlaw Pro Wrestling.

It was in Outlaw Pro Wrestling that the Jester that most people would come to know was born.

OPW changed Jester. He discovered wrestlers with real issues and criminal behavior. OPW was the island for misfit toys of wrestlers, and there were essentially no limitations to what could be done inside of the OPW ring and backstage area. Jester made a splash by being so diametrically different from the rest of the stars there. Jester’s light and kind hearted ways were juxtaposed against superstars like Kenji Yamada, Dropkick Murphy, Azraith DeMitri, and many other legends that EWA would come to know. OPW was where Jester began drinking heavily, and while his drinking was in control at this time, it would later become a major problem. This is also where Jester began to develop a real dark side, having periodic bouts of depression and rage that would cause his in ring persona to shift dramatically.

OPW proved problematic for more reasons. Jester, being desperate to leave NAFW, had signed a contract that stated he would only be paid if he won. Jester started his OPW career 0-3. Jester was homeless for a time, sleeping in the arena, until friend and former tag partner, Ainsley Lake, helped him get back on his feet. Jester would go on to win the Southern States Championship in a Timebomb Ladder Match from the legendary Azraith DeMitri. This match would create a weird love/hate relationship between the two men that would come up several times in their careers at later dates. He would also begin dating Ainsley Lake and was set to ask her hand in marriage, but things went poorly went Lake was placed in contention with Jester for his Southern States title. Ainsley would capture the Southern States title from Jester in a Catch As Catch Can Rules vs Extreme Rules match, where in Ainsley could do as she pleased while Jester was confined to very strict CACC rules.

Jester would go on to hold other titles in OPW, but the dark, brutal nature of the company would put miles on his soul. Shortly after this, the SHOOT Project would return to North Carolina, so Jester jumped ship and went to SHOOT. He had tried out for SHOOT one time before, defeating Crash Carver (family to the legendary Diamond Del Carver) and beginning the “I Beat A Carver” angle in an event that never went to air, but when SHOOT came back, Jester decided to make the shift. In SHOOT Project, Jester immediately began a feud with Donovan King for the Revolution Championship, and the feud would surpass the World Heavyweight Championship scene in popularity and notoriety. Jester had a very successful run in SHOOT Project, even going so far as to capture the World Title, the first time he had held a federations top title since IPWS. However, Jester was a short lived champion, winning the belt of of Jonny Johnson and losing it to him two weeks later in an 11th Hour Match (the rules of the match stipulated that the only way to win was to have a representative of your choosing throw in the towel for you. Jonny’s representative, later revealed to be SHOOT legend The Real Deal, never came to the ring).  Jester would suffer a pretty serious knee injury in a triple threat match with Johnson and Corazon, causing him to take time away from SHOOT Project. While he was gone, SHOOT Project would close down.

Jester took some time away from the wrestling world to focus on family, specifically his girlfriend at the time, Crysta Jessup, her child, and his sister, of whom he was declared the legal guardian when both of his parents died suddenly in a car accident. However, the itch came back, and with SHOOT nowhere to be found, Jester went and joined the Rob Belote owned LEGACY. Jester would find title gold and accolades in LEGACY, but he would return to SHOOT Project when it returned.

It was at this time that the years of physical and mental punishment that Jester experienced in this federations would take its toll. Jester began drinking regularly, and he quickly became a villain in the SHOOT Project, but never managed to get himself back in the main event scene. He would feud with Lunatikk Crippler, Sinnocence, and many others, and he would eventually become the sort of tag partner/manager of the planet sized monster, Sammy Rochester. By the time SHOOT Project shut its doors in 2014, Jester was a full blown alcoholic who battled immense depression. He had abandoned his girlfriend and would betray his former best friend, Donovan King, feeding King to Sammy Rochester before turning on Sammy and breaking Sammy’s legs. On February 15th of 2014, a month after the closing of SHOOT Project, Jester Smiles, drunk and living in a beat up car, attempted to kill himself in the parking lot of a Las Vegas hotel. He would end up deciding not to shoot himself at the last second, shooting through his window instead of his brain.

Jester returned to Richmond, got himself in AA, and disappeared off the face of the earth for awhile, teaching Hapkido classes in a local gym for money. Clean and sober, Jester was starting to return to a normal life, leaving his wrestling life behind him (and returning to his actual name, Eric Rohkar).

And then a SHOOT Project Helmet appeared at his doorstep. Jester would go back to Las Vegas and the SHOOT Project, but he fought under his name Eric Rohkar, where he didn’t try to win matches, but rather just allowed himself to get beaten up in an attempt to atone for his sins. The 2016 run of SHOOT Project would not last long, though, and would eventually close its doors again.

Jester, uncertain of the future, continued to work as a bouncer at a Las Vegas night club, not really knowing what to do with his life.

Until an event would change his life, for the better, much like the pie in the wrestlers face had done all those years ago.

One night, while trying to kick out a belligerent and violent guest, Jester was forced to fight the man. He very quickly and efficiently destroyed the man, breaking his nose. On this night, Jester felt something. An energy, a happiness that he had not felt in some time. He began to train MMA at the gym he had been working out in. He began to have amateur fights. He won most of them, having an amateur record of 4-1-0 before going professional, where he would fight hard and often, taking on a professional record of 6-2-1, with 5 of his 6 wins coming via knockout. As Jester did well, sponsors began to notice him. After his first pro fight, he changed his billed name from Eric Rohkar to Eric “Jester Smiles” Rohkar. Using his fame as a professional wrestler who had won major tournaments, major titles, and had been the 2009 Most Beloved Wrestler in LEGACY, Jester began to do more than just fight. He began to make business deals. Having previously run a successful t-shirt company in SHOOT Project for 4 years, he was able to make deals with budding t-shirt companies and create his own merch, getting very lucrative deals that made both him and the companies money. Jester began focusing less on the fights and more on the business, making himself a decent amount of money. With this money, he would buy a house with land outside of Austin, TX.

It seemed, for the first time in many years, Jester Smiles was happy and satisfied.

And then Live from London happened, and Jester saw Donovan King make his debut on EWA.

And the itch returned.

So he has returned, but not for money, because he has that. Jester is back for gold, for pride, and to truly cement his legacy as a legend in the sport of professional wrestling.



  • EWA Combat Championship
  • IPWS Television Champion x2
  • IPWS World Champion
  • KWL World Champion
  • AWL Tag Team Champion x2
  • OPW Southern States Champion
  • OPW Television Title
  • SHOOT Project Revolution Champion x2
  • SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion
  • SHOOT Project Sin City Champion x2
  • SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion
  • LEGACY FX Network Champion
  • Accolades

  • 2008 Master of the Mat (SHOOT Project)
  • 2009 Dave Hawkins Memorial Tournament (LEGACY)
  • 2009 Most Beloved Wrestler (LEGACY)
  • Match History
  • Eliminated by Buck Dresden in the EWA Warrior’s Trial V (51:17) at Battlelines 44, 6.22.18 (7-7-2)
  • Lost to Katsuro Yoshida at Battlelines 44, 6.22.18 (7-7-2)
  • Defeated Josh Kaine in a first round Path of the Warrior II tournament match at Battlelines 43, 5.31.18 (7-6-2)
  • Lost to NOTHING in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Fourway match at EWA Live From Toronto, 4.18.18 [NOTHING pinned Jester] (6-6-2)
  • Lost to Buck Dresden in an EWA Combat Championship Fatal Fourway match at EWA Live From Toronto, 4.18.18 [Buck pinned NOTHING] (6-5-2)
  • Lost to Sahara at Battlelines 42, 4.5.18 (6-4-2)
  • Defeated [w/ Buck Dresden] NOTHING & Martin Robertson at Fight Night 11, 3.22.18 [Jester pinned NOTHING] (6-3-2)
  • Lost to Martin Robertson at Battlelines 41, 3.15.18 (5-3-2)
  • Wrestled Buck Dresden to a double disqualification in an EWA Combat Championship match at Battlelines 40, 2.14.18 (5-2-2)
  • Lost [w/ Buck Dresden] to Indrid Calder & NOTHING [HATE] by disqualification at Battlelines 39, 1.25.18 (5-2-1)
  • Lost the EWA Combat Championship to Buck Dresden at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 (5-1-1)
  • Defeated [w/ Buck Dresden] Azrael Goeren & Donovan King at Battlelines 38, 12.14.17 [Buck pinned Goeren] (5-0-1)
  • Defeated Indrid Calder by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 37, 11.22.17 (4-0-1)
  • Defeated William West to win the EWA Combat Championship at Battlelines 36, 11.2.17 (3-0-1)
  • Wrestled Maggie McIntyre to a double countout in an EWA Network Championship Match at Battlelines 35, 10.19.17 (2-0-1)
  • Defeated Cronos Diamante at EWA Live From Sydney, 9.27.17 (2-0-0)
  • Eliminated by Alexander Haven in the EWA Warrior’s Trial IV (49:07) at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (1-0-0)
  • Defeated Alex Brooks at Battlelines 33, 8.4.17 (1-0-0)