140 lbs
Dortmund, Germany
Date of Birth
October 4, 1998
Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

“Chaos Royale” by the Sister Sin hits over the arena’s loudspeakers as Grace Goeren makes her way out from behind the curtain. She stops in front of the curtains, glaring out at the crowd and gives a quick smirk. Grace is wearing a white t-shirt featuring a purple cross erminee design , a pair of purple MMA combat gloves, a purple compression top and a pair of white vale tudo shorts. Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail and the initials “GG” are printed on the sides of her purple Diablo boxing shoes.

She holds her hands up high, waving on the fans absolute hatred of her as she starts jawing with them before making her way down the ramp. She stops and slaps a fan’s hand away, flipping off the entire arena in the process. She finally hits the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope before pulling herself up to her feet. After taking a few moments to glare out at the seething audience, Grace cracks her knuckles and starts stretching out her legs in the center of the ring, taking up as much space as she needs with no regard for anyone else.

Finishing Moves
  • Fall From Grace - [A backstabber]
  • Patricide [A violent and sudden open-palm thrust to the center of the chest]
Signature Moves
  • German suplex
Favorite Moves
Striker/Submission with some MMA influences
  • European uppercuts
  • DDT
  • Mounted punching
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Jawbreaker
  • Short-arm clothesline
  • Guillotine choke
  • Bicep Slicer Submission
  • Pendulum elbow strike
  • Knee clip from behind
  • Running knee strike

Grace Sommer was born in Dortmund, Germany to Emily Sommer and Henrik Goeren, known better by his professional name of Azrael Goeren.

Grace was not a planned birth, conceived at a time where her father was more focused on his career and other extracurricular activities than being a stable father figure. Aside from the occasional child support check, Grace only knew of her father from what she was told by her mother and what she saw on television. Grace and her mother moved to America when she was 5 and, from all outward appearances, lived a fairly typical, run-of-the-mill life. Grace excelled at sports from an early age and made friends quickly. Her grades at school were excellent and she led, from all accounts, a very happy life.

What nobody knew however was that this blissful existence was all a horrible facade perpetrated by Grace’s mother to convince her friends and neighbors that everything was normal and pristine. Grace was routinely abused by her mother both physically and sexually and was forced to do unspeakable acts for “clients” that Grace’s mother brought over for her when she was growing up. Being forced to live out this lie every single day, Grace soon became distant and cold. Her outward appearance as a happy-go-lucky athlete was just a mask she wore in public. Inside, she felt dead and alone.
Secretly, she idolized her father when she was younger, despite what her mother told her about him. She always held out the hope that he would return one day and take her away from her mother’s abuse. She would gather every magazine article and every video clip she could of him and watch them for hours when her mother was at work or sleeping.

As years went by, Grace quickly realized just how unrealistic this hope was. She dove into her father’s activities and realized just how horrible of a man he truly was. She convinced herself that Azrael was fully aware of the abuse going on and chose to do nothing about it. She realized her mother was right all along about him and grew angry about his abandonment for the first time in her life.

The torture of this double life finally caused Grace to run away from home and find her way to her father who recently returned to the United States. After a brief and extremely tense encounter, the two parted ways and Grace took it upon herself to start training to become a wrestler. She adopted her father’s last name for the first time and set out to prove that she could be a better Goeren than he ever could.

Grace joined the famous (some would say infamous) Slaughterhouse wrestling school where she showed a natural inclination and talent for the sport. Trained by Goeren’s former tag-team partner James T. Slynn, Grace started to display some extremely disturbing tendencies that raised the ire of her fellow students. However, instead of reeling those behaviors in, Slynn encouraged them and fostered her hatred towards her father.

Having those devious thoughts encouraged for the first time in her life, Grace began to show her true nature against her early opponents. Grace was an absolute natural in the ring and gained a reputation at several independent shows for unparalleled intensity and gut-wrenching violence. As a way to kill two birds with one stone, Interim EWA CEO Duane Gates eagerly signed the younger Goeren to an EWA contract as a way to secure the up-and-coming talent for the company and strike back at her father who had become a thorn in his side. This began a relationship between Grace and Gates that saw the two come together due to their mutual hatred of Azrael Goeren.

Grace quickly established herself in EWA with incredibly strong showings in singles matches and battle royals. Progressing faster than any other wrestler ever had before her, Grace was soon given opportunities to wrestle for titles and participate in high profile matches. While her own star was rising, Grace made sure to sabotage her father’s matches and personal life any way that she could to strike back at him. Every move she made was centered around causing her father’s ruination and this culminated in Grace interfering in several of Azrael’s matches that cost him the EWA World Heavyweight Championship.

As her notoriety grew, Grace officially took on Duane Gates as her manager and entered into the Path of the Warrior Tournament. Winning matches by any means necessary, Grace shocked the wrestling world by winning the tournament outright and securing a title shot anytime and anyplace she chose. It was clear that Grace had decided to make her big move after the Path of the Warrior as she soon recruited the dangerously insane Elizabeth Gaunt to her side to form a truly horrifying partnership.

Live From Tokyo would become a truly revolutionary event for Grace Goeren. Originally not scheduled to wrestle, Grace’s plans were revealed as she had Sahara brutally attack her own father and literally tear his throat out in a gruesome, disgusting act (one which is heavily edited on the EWA Network today). With Grace assembling Sahara and Gaunt and retaining Gates as their manager, the trio of women formed “The Fallout” and made their presence known in the main event after Laura Seton had just won the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. After a beatdown from Sahara and Gaunt, Grace cashed in her title shot and captured the World Heavyweight Championship less than a year after her debut.

During her time as World Champion, Grace’s fanaticism spiraled out of control as The Fallout attacked referees, backstage employees and other EWA officials in a bold attempt to show the rest of the company who was dominant in the company. Grace also purchased a wrestling school in Tampa, Florida at this time and rechristened it as “The Shelter”. Training her students with vicious brutality and a dogma based on Grace’s superiority, she has begun to create a future generation of wrestlers who are loyal only to their God Queen.

During this time, Grace also expanded The Fallout by bringing in the giantess Lucy Blaylock from the SHOOT Project. Just as The Fallout looked to be at their strongest however, Grace’s father made his presence known again by eliminating her from the Warrior’s Trial match and costing her the World Title. Enraged by this act, Grace doubled her efforts to eliminate her father from the EWA and will do whatever it takes to reclaim the World Championship.

In an effort to break her father both mentally and physically, Grace orchestrated an attack on her own brother Max, causing him to be severely beaten at the hands of The Fallout in front of their helpless father.  This sadistic attack caused Azrael to put his career on the line in order to get his hands on Grace, a proposal she happily accepted as she now had the opportunity to end her father’s career with her own hands.  The two finally met at the Champions Summit II in a brutal Last Man Standing match that Grace had stacked in her favor yet shockingly still lost.  Instead of blaming herself, Grace blamed Sahara for her botched interference and caused her to question the loyalty of her fellow Fallout members.

Creating a cult-like atmosphere around her, Grace demanded that Sahara, Gaunt and Lucy show their dedication to their “God Queen” on a regular basis.  Any sense of dissension or disloyalty, whether it be real or imagined, was stomped out publicly with violent beat downs and constant verbal abuse.  Grace’s paranoia only grew stronger when she forced Sahara to give up her EWA Combat Championship opportunity against Maggie McIntyre as a sign of loyalty.  Grace, of course, took her place in the match and with a substantial amount of help from the rest of the Fallout, won the Combat Championship for the first time in her career.

Since she was unable to challenge for the World Title as a result of the match stipulations at the Champions Summit II, she began referring to her Combat Championship as the real World’s Title and regarding herself as the only “true” champion in EWA.  At this same time, Grace also turned her wrath on Sahara again and humiliatingly berated and attacked her in the middle of the ring.  This attack caused Elizabeth Gaunt to see Grace’s mania for what it truly was and attempt to leave, only to suffer the same fate as Sahara.

With the Fallout truly dead, Grace began to build towards the future.  In New York City, she found an extremely troubled young woman named Alice who suffered from a severe case of dissociative identity disorder.  Alice, while physically imposing and shockingly strong, was emotionally crippled and easily fell to Grace’s manipulations.  Grace began to train Alice as a wrestler at The Shelter as a way to protect her “World” Combat Championship and create a new buffer around her.

Before long however, Sahara and Gaunt rose from the ashes and began to call out their former messiah.  Grace ignored them, feeling that they were unworthy of her attention.  That all changed when Grace managed to get a match with the then EWA World Champion Alexander Haven in a bid to show the world just who was the “real” champion in EWA.  Sahara and Elizabeth Gaunt took this opportunity to strike back at Grace and cost her the match, sending Grace into a violent frenzy which resulted in her putting the Combat Championship on the line in a Ladder Match at Champions Summit III.

Much like her war against her father, Grace overlooked her two former Fallout sisters and ended up losing the title to Sahara at the PPV.

  • EWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • EWA Combat Championship
  • 2016 EWA Path of the Warrior Tournament Winner
Match History
  • Lost [w/ Alice] to The Erinyes & Cerberus in an Asylum Match for the EWA Tag Team Championship at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 [Minxy pinned Mojave] (17-16-7)
  • Lost to Mojave in a triple threat match at Battlelines 38, 12.14.17 [Mojave pinned Grace] (17-15-7)
  • Lost to Santa Muerte by disqualification at Battlelines 37, 11.22.17 (17-14-7)
  • Defeated [w/ Alice] The Erinyes by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 36, 11.2.17 (17-13-7)
  • Lost to Sahara in the Asylum match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 35, 10.19.17 [Sahara pinned Grace] (16-13-7)
  • Wrestled NOTHING, Angry Panda, Sahara & Michael Draven to a draw in a Fatal Fiveway match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Live From Sydney, 9.27.17 (16-12-7)
  • Defeated [w/ Alice] Elizabeth Gaunt & The Cherub at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 [Grace pinned Gaunt] (16-12-6)
  • Defeated Mojave at Battlelines 33, 8.4.17 (15-12-6)
  • Lost the EWA Combat Championship to Sahara in a Triple Threat Ladder match at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #1, 7.13.17 (14-12-6)
  • Defeated [w/ Alice, Sean Boden & Alexander Haven] Chris Kage, Sahara, Elizabeth Gaunt & NOTHING in an eight man tag team match at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 [Grace pinned Sahara] (14-11-6)
  • Lost to Alexander Haven in a non-title match at Battlelines 31, 6.7.17 (13-11-6)
  • Defeated Ethan Leers to retain the EWA Combat Championship at Battlelines 30, 5.23.17 (13-10-6)
  • Lost to Chris Kage by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 29, 5.5.17 (12-10-6)
  • Defeated Sean Boden to retain the EWA Combat Championship at EWA Live From London, 4.21.17 (12-9-6)
  • Defeated Maggie McIntyre to win the EWA Combat Championship at Battlelines 28, 3.31.17 (11-9-6)
  • Lost [w/ Elizabeth Gaunt as The Fallout] to Kharrion in an EWA Tag Team Championship match at Battlelines 27, 3.14.17 [KC pinned Gaunt] (10-9-6)
  • Wrestled [w/ Lucy Blaylock as The Fallout] The Vice Squad to a double disqualification at Battlelines 26, 2.17.17 (10-8-6)
  • Wrestled [w/ Elizabeth Gaunt as The Fallout] Kharrion to a no-contest in a non-title match at Battlelines 25, 2.3.17 (10-8-5)
  • Lost to Azrael Goeren in a Last Man Standing match at EWA Champions Summit II, Night #1, 1.19.17 (10-8-4)
  • Wrestled [w/ Lucy Blaylock, Elizabeth Gaunt, Maggie McIntyre & Indrid Calder] Dan Stein, Ray Willmott, Laura Seton, Azrael Goeren & Chris Kage to a no-contest in a ten-man tag team match at Battlelines 24, 12.30.16 (10-7-4)
  • Lost to Indrid Calder in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Battlelines 23, 12.16.16 (10-7-3)
  • Lost to Maggie McIntyre by disqualification at Battlelines 22, 12.2.16 (10-6-3)
  • Eliminated by Azrael Goeren, and lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship in the EWA Warrior’s Trial III (39:44) at Battlelines 21, 11.17.16 (10-5-3)
  • Wrestled Indrid Calder to a double disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 20, 11.4.16 (10-5-3)
  • Defeated Ray Willmott & Laura Seton in a Triple Threat match to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Out For Blood, 10.24.16 [Grace pinned Laura] (10-5-2)
  • Wrestled Chris Kage to a no-contest in a non-title match at Battlelines 19, 10.5.16 (9-5-2)
  • Lost by disqualification to Lunatikk Crippler but retained the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 18, 9.22.16 (9-5-1)
  • Defeated [w/ Elizabeth Gaunt & Sahara as The Fallout] Azrael Goeren, Ray Willmott & Laura Seton at Battlelines 17, 9.7.16 [Grace pinned Laura] (9-4-1)
  • Defeated Laura Seton to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (8-4-1)
  • Lost to Laura Seton by disqualification at Battlelines 16, 7.27.16 (7-4-1)
  • Defeated [w/ Elizabeth Gaunt] The Lemonheads at Fight Night 8, 7.20.16 (7-3-1)
  • Defeated Maggie McIntyre at Battlelines 15, 7.13.16 (6-3-1)
  • Defeated Shaun Sinclair in the finals of the Path of the Warrior Tournament at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #2, 6.28.16 (5-3-1)
  • Wrestled NOTHING & Martin Robertson to a draw in an EWA Network Championship triple threat match at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #1, 6.27.16 (4-3-1)
  • Defeated Philip Donovan in a quarterfinal Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 (4-3-0)
  • Lost [w/ Azrael Goeren] to El Chupacabra at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 [Hector pinned Azrael] (3-3-0)
  • Defeated NOTHING in a second round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 13, 5.31.16 (3-2-0)
  • Defeated 19 others in a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal for the EWA Network Champinoship at Battlelines 12, 5.16.16 (2-2-0)
  • Lost [w/ Chris Kage, Lunatikk Crippler, Osbourne Kilminster, Alexander Haven & Martin Robertson as Team Gates] to Team Draven [Sinnocence, X-Calibur, Azrael Goeren, Grady Smith, MIchael Draven & Erik Draven] at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (1-2-0)
  • Lost to The Heart Attack Kid at Fight Night 6, 4.22.16 (1-1-0)
  • Defeated Serpent Man in a first round Path of the Warrior Tournament match at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 (1-0-0)
  • Eliminated by Indrid Calder in the EWA Warrior’s Trial II (62:09) at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (0-0-0)
RP History


* denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

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MAY 2016
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APRIL 2016
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MARCH 2016
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