400 lbs
Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The arena goes black and a wall of green code descends down on the crowd like one huge spotlight. Then, accompanied by Fury and Nick Willmott, then ‘Stormbreather’ by Mastodon blares out as three towering monsters appear together at the top of the ramp. Turmoil and Fury are wearing cryptic, fencing-like masks which mostly conceal their identity, as well as thick black robes and tights. They stand side-by-side in a row at the top of the ramp and all reach their arms out together to form a triangle shape, as if they’re a triad. They then swipe their arms away and charge down the ramp to the ring, forcefully climbing over the top rope as they enter.

Finishing Moves
  • Vengeance [Fury holds opponent on his shoulders as Turmoil climbs ropes, grabs throat and both perform a chokeslam/electric combination]
Signature Moves
  • Repeated carousel of corner turnbuckle splashes
  • Fury and Turmoil take turns to do the most lethal and vicious spike German Supplexes
  • Fury does Jackknife Powerbomb as Turmoil catches and converts into Blue-Thunder Bomb
Favorite Moves
Fury is stronger than Turmoil and is more likely to do huge power moves and slams. He will usually pull out these feats at a major event or a big match. Usual moves - Huge, thunderous clotheslines that can turn opponents inside out or appear to decapitate them. Bodyslams Powerslams Splashes and leg drops Huge forearms, loud, chest crushing chops and big right hands.

Both men are shrouded in mystery with more to be revealed and learned overtime. We know they’re close to Nick Willmott and he considers them more like brothers than his own flesh and blood, Ray.



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