z-Donovan Moore

265 lbs
Plano, TX
Date of Birth
July 4, 1983

High school sweetheart of Donovan, the two met when he moved to Adline High School in Houston. After high school and after Donovan was deployed overseas, she worked part-time for Johnny’s gym.

Entrance Music

‘La Grange’ – ZZ Top

Entrance Description

Johnny sprints out to edge of the ring and then points back, waiting for his partner, Donovan Moore, to emerge. Vito Supremo follows with enthusiastic clapping and pointing. Houston then leaps to the ring apron and over the top rope into the ring bouncing off the ropes while Moore enters the rings silently with his fiancee Denise. Moore’s eyes are locked onto his opponent if already in the ring or towards the entrance if waiting.

Finishing Moves
Favorite Moves
Schooled in various martial arts, Donovan prefers mat wrestling and grappling, will try to weaken a specific part of the opponents body and target it. If Johnny or Denise is threatened, he has been known to snap and put on a submission hold and not let go until Denise puts her hand on his shoulder.

Growing up an only child in Plano, TX, Donovan lost his mother when was 5. After being bullied in school, his father enrolled him in Ju Jitsu classes and he thrived, winning several local tournaments. When he was 15, his father moved the family to Houston. Shortly thereafter, his father remarried and he gained a step-brother, Johnny. The two quickly bonded and began training to be wrestlers at a local gym. After 9/11, Donovan dropped all his goals and dreams and joined the Army, serving 3 tours in Iraq. When he returned from his last tour, he began helping out at Johnny’s gym.