252 lbs
Charlotte, North Carolina
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

(The arena is bathed in darkness and a fog begins to emanate from the entrance.  The fog is lit in an eerie gold giving way to purple.)

Take my hand through the flame
I’m a slave to your games

(Out from the back emerges a man adorned in a trench coat, a loose fitting hood over his head.  He stands in the fog, resting on a cane.  The camera pans up his body to see a man dressed in a buckled trench coat, wielding a black cane with a chrome Helmet on the head.)


(“Sucker for Pain” by Imagine Dragons featuring Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, and X-Ambassadors plays in the PA system as the camera settles on the all black eyes of DONOVAN KING.  He marches down the ramp, ignoring the fans and their HUGE response.)


(He proceeds down the entrance ramp, his hooded head bowed, using his cane as he walks.  Every so often, he points the cane to the audience, barely acknowledging their existence.  He stands in front of the ring steps, unbuckling his trench coat and revealing his ring gear, long tights with purple lightning striking a golden crown on both sides of his legs.  He maintains his stern grimace as he ascends the ring steps.  He enters the ring and stands there in the center of the ring.  He lifts the cane above his head like a trophy, glaring dead ahead as his free hand removes his hood, revealing his freshly shaved head and his long black beard as a single spotlight falls upon him.  “Sucker for Pain” dies down.  He stands there, letting his appearance sink in for the EWA fans.)

Finishing Moves
  • The Carolina Crossface [The Crippler Crossface]
  • The Kingbreaker [Diamond Cutter]
Signature Moves
  • Zyklon [Inverted DDT into Blue Thunder Bomb]
Favorite Moves
  1. Strikes
    1. European uppercut
    2. Right hook
    3. Lariat
    4. Flying elbow
    5. Right backhand
    6. Running knee strike
  2. Suplexes
    1. Belly to belly
    2. Belly to back
    3. German
    4. Tiger
    5. Dragon
    6. Snap vertical
    7. Reverse vertical
    8. Northern Lights
    9. Fisherman's
  3. Ground
    1. Fishhook
    2. Grinding an opponent's face into the mat/ground
    3. Punches to the back of the head
    4. Armbar
    5. Surfboard stretch
    6. Leg drop
    7. Elbow drop
  4. Impact
    1. Neckbreaker
    2. Swinging neckbreaker
    3. Single arm DDT
    4. Side Russian Legsweep
    5. Piledriver
    6. Spinebuster
    7. Tiger Driver
    8. Fisherman's Muscle Buster (King lifts the victim for a Fisherman's suplex, drops them as though it were a Muscle Buster)

Growing up in a low income neighborhood, Donovan King faced his fair share of adversity.  However, there has always been something dangerous in him.  Something…evil.  For years, Donovan King tried to fight the nature within him and turn his attention to the better and more noble goals in life but, alas, the demons could not remain silent for long.  King grew up in a good household with loving parents, his schoolwork was consistently of an elite level, his friends were mostly decent and kind, so the question always remained…why would Donovan King become the man he has become?


King took to professional wrestling after a horrendous traumatic experience that saw him living with his uncle and aunt and a domestic disturbance that ended with his aunt dead by his uncle’s hand and his uncle dead by Donovan’s.  Rumors abounded of a sexual relationship between Donovan and his aunt, as well as a sexual relationship between Donovan and his cousin, but the truth was never fully revealed.  King found himself in the care of professional wrestling legend and SHOOT Project Soldier/COO, Sean Kygon.  Kygon cared for King as if he were his own son and trained him to fight in the squared circle.  Unfortunately, Kygon’s own arrogance and penchant for politics and anger driven by ego fed into King’s demons.  King hit the professional wrestling world like a cyclone of devastation, injuring and maiming fellow professional wrestlers and doing the best he could to leave the deepest wounds and scars possible.


Over time, King’s life and career took a turn for the better when he met Crysta Jessup.  Together, they had two children, Ariana and Alexis, to go with King’s first child, David, born out of wedlock to an unknown woman.  King went on to strengthen his hold on his career and became the face of the SHOOT Project until SHOOT’s abrupt closure and revamping.  Suddenly, Donovan King suffered devastating injuries mysteriously causing him to wear a knee brace on his left knee if he wished to continue his wrestling career.  Alas, SHOOT would not have him and after several investigations, SHOOT Project was shut down pending completion of said investigations.  Donovan King had nowhere to go.  Nothing to keep his demons at bay.  Only to rehab his injuries, countless doctor’s appointments to return to a semblance of normal life and when faced with the reality that his demons ran unabated within him, he did the one thing he knew to do.


He let them loose.


Now, the man once heralded as a hero is the Lone Soldier, an Urban Legend, scarred and shattered.  He marches alone on a mission only he is aware of on a hunt for something only he knows.  At home, his wife and their children, wondering what has become of their beloved husband and father.  Wondering if the man that built their home with love, hope, and safety was truly the man they knew at all.  Abandoning his family for a mission that drives him, Donovan King pointed his focus solely on the EWA.


His mission made itself clear when he appeared in the EWA and targeted the MegaStar Azrael Goeren.  Now, the Urban Legend has hunted Goeren and haunted Goeren, and his fury and his precision is unmatched.  Oddly enough, his mission and his justification has not drawn the ire of the faithful fans of the EWA fully.  Instead, many have come to understand and agree with King’s drive.  Time will tell if Donovan King’s mentality and his mission will keep him focused enough to do what needs to be done for both himself and for his family.

  • SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship [3x]
  • SHOOT Project Revolution Championship
Match History


  • Lost to Azrael Goeren in an I Quit match at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 (1-2-0)
  • Lost [w/ Azrael Goeren] to Buck Dresden & Jester Smiles at Battlelines 38, 12.14.17 [Buck pinned Goeren] (1-1-0)
  • Defeated Azrael Goeren at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #2, 7.14.17 (1-0-0)