290 lbs
New York City (The Bronx), New York

Slade and Cronos met at Paladin International where they were partnered up to ease Cronos back into a militaristic lifestyle and to show him the ropes of the company. The two became fast friends, sharing both a special operations background and similar taste ranging from wine to music to women. Slade, unlike Cronos, had never left the military life behind and had been at Paladin International since leaving Russia’s infamous Spetsnaz and the life of always being under fire began to take a toll. So when Cronos pitched the idea that he was returning to the wrestling world and would be enthused to have Slade accompany him in a “manager” capacity, he was all too eager to leave with him.
Slade is as cold and calculating as Cronos, if not more so, and remains very much Cronos’ equal in both of their eyes. He’s not the type to shy away from getting his hands dirty in any capacity, especially interfering in a match or helping Cronos trade in illegal goods so as to keep Cronos’ hands clean with plausible deniability. A vast majority of transactions to be made for Cronos’ services will first be made by contacting Slade to set up a perfect venue for the meeting and assistance in negotiating terms. Slade has expressed interest in perhaps attempting his hand at getting in the ring alongside Cronos and in that capacity he’s constantly training with him to hone his battle skills for the squared circle much like Cronos had to do when he first started. Slade’s combat style differs only very slightly from the submission style combat Cronos implements only in that he doesn’t default to it and he is very much a striker but he’s also much younger. It would come as no surprise if Slade isn’t stepping in the ring with Cronos within a couple of months of his debut to assist with his contracts.

Entrance Music
Entrance Description

Heavy guitar riffs boom over the Public Address system as “Monster” by Skillet floods the arena. As the lyrics smoothly blend into the music, Cronos Diamante emerges from the entrance way sporting his usual combat boots and leather pants. Purple pyrotechnics shoot into the air as Cronos passes through them and makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans and not taking his eyes off the ring. He ascends the steel steps slowly and once on the outside of the ropes quickly enters the ring and makes his way to his neutral corner where he throws a few lefts and rights followed by fierce elbows and hops up and down before cracking his neck to the left and right.

Finishing Moves
  • Ne-Han [Full Nelson Camel Clutch]
  • Lucifer's Honor [Burning Hammer - Torture Rack into a DVD]
Signature Moves
  • Countdown to Extinction (Kicking combination - starts at the knees one on each knee then transitions to the stomach, the kidney, and a final jump kick to the temple)
  • Kata-Ha-Jime Submission and Suplex
  • Knee sweep quickly followed by an elbow drop to the throat
  • Guillotine Choke
Favorite Moves
Cronos is the epitome of "live and die" by submission type of wrestler. His entire toolkit focuses on the neck and limbs of his opponent to soften them up for his signature moves and finisher. He will slow a match down by playing the counter game if he’s facing someone who tries to move away from his gameplan. By countering attacks thrown his way, he forces an opponent to make mistakes they wouldn’t ordinarily make and in essence lulls them into playing his game in the end. He also makes use of the ropes by bending limbs around them and hard stomps on limbs and neck when an opponent is down. It’s not exactly submission fighting but it weakens his opponent in the manner that he needs them weakened.   Capture Suplex (used as a counter) Lifts opponent into a vertical suplex, then simply drops them Armdrag into a Triangle Choke Figure Four Neck-lock Dragon screw Armdrag Shin kick to the back of the neck of a sitting opponent Snapmare (Usually followed by the above) Spinning roundhouse punch Snap Suplex Abdominal stretch Rear Naked Choke Anything to concentrate on neck and arms. (Submissions or hard stomps) *It should be noted that Cronos' Ne-Han has only been escaped from twice and they were very high profile matches. Once the submission is locked in, people simply do not escape it.*

Cronos Diamante was born Dominic Lupo to Jack and Anne Lupo. He revered his mother like some revered the church and its doctrine and loved her more than anybody, knowing full-well she sacrificed a promising career as a nurse to become a stay at home mother to take care of him, his brother and his sister. When his older brother and sister were out of the house and moving on with their lives, she would later substitute teach History in Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx. She had practically been a stay at home teacher for that matter, always schooling her children on some era of history every week. Her children would not be the types to grow up ignorant of history and thus be doomed to repeat it; oh no they would learn history and contribute to ways of averting past mistakes. The teaching fell on deaf ears to both of Cronos’ siblings but he took a liking to it, especially Roman and Greek history and mythology.


Cronos’ father, on the other hand, was a different animal altogether. He was a beat cop through and through and finished his career as a Lieutenant for the 50th Precinct. In his mind, the only thing that mattered was the rule of law. You lived and died by following the laws of men. It was a huge disappointment to him when he found out that his son was mixed up with some wise guys in his teenage years. Paying no heed to his father due to the stories he was always told about his great grandfather Ignazio Lupo aka Lupo the Wolf, he pursued a life of crime at the young age of thirteen while somehow managing to maintain a perfect grade point average in school. It was Carmine “Cigar” Galante that happened across the youth in the streets as he fought against three attackers by himself. Though Carmine would never live to see his insight realized as he was murdered a year later, Cronos began running small errands for the Bonanno crime family. Jack took it upon himself to plead his case to the new boss Philip “Rusty” Rastelli after the death of Carmine Galante that a young boy such as his son should not be working for the mob and he was too smart to waste his life in that way.


As luck would have it, Rastelli would agree and the remainder of Cronos’ teenage years would be spent in sports and academics although his relationship with his father would never recover going so far as to refuse to attend his father’s funeral when he was shot in the line of duty. Athletics came very easy to Cronos much like academics. He broke the school’s single season sack and unassisted tackles record as middle-linebacker in football, excelled at shortstop in baseball and dominated at power forward in basketball. He was offered a scholarship for football and basketball his senior year but didn’t take it. He would instead choose a path that neither of his parents would expect but after the death of his sister due to overdose on drugs, it made more sense than they could ever realize considering how mad at the world he was. He would soon be taught how to take that anger and rage and turn it into a weapon.


The day he graduated high school, Cronos enlisted in the Marine Corps and was shipped out to boot camp the very same week. He served honorably and with distinction in three separate conflicts over the span of his seven-year career: The Invasion of Grenada, The Invasion of Panama, and The Gulf War. Cronos left the Marine Corps with the rank of Sergeant as Force Recon. Speaking to Cronos then, however, it would have been very strange to imagine him ever leaving the Corps. He was about to re-up and make a career out of being a Marine according to his commanding officer but on March 8th, 1991 when the first United States troops arrived home, the 82nd Airborne Division, Cronos was among them and the lone Marine on the voyage, sticking out like a sore thumb. As they landed late in New York City, he was ushered away from his fellow soldiers and disappeared from sight for the next four years.


Speculation from Jay Janson, close friend and spotter for Cronos in Force Recon during The Gulf War, would later state “Knowing him… the CIA snatched him up real quick like. A man like that doesn’t escape their notice. He was sharp. Real sharp. And when he pulled that trigger there was no remorse in his eyes. They were the enemy and that’s all that mattered. I gotta be honest, it was unnerving sometimes but he a good man though. No doubt about that. Save my life and I owe him for that. Never have a bad thing to say about ole’ Reaper.”


Cronos surfaced again on May 26th, 1995 to visit home and inform his family he had left not only the government but his country behind as well and was unsure what to do with his life. The only skill set he was proficient with was for battle and war. The multitude of books he read as a kid and in the Marine Corps while everyone was out drinking and fighting wouldn’t help him attain a meaningful job and he wasn’t about to start back at college after being out of school for such a long time despite his mother’s pleas for him to do so. Cronos was smarter than most of the kids and professors teaching them when you combine his real world know how with the history that was drilled into his head young from his mother and the total amount of books he actually read, some of which were text books one would acquire from college book stores.


On May 31st, 1995 Cronos would cross paths with Phil Laugher a.k.a. Pain Staker. The two would become close friends in just a short amount of time but what was meant to be a one time deal of having a big bulky guy standing around looking imposing outside the ring turned into a full-time job when Chris Anthony, Pain Staker’s rival at the time, decided to diss the military. Nobody told Cronos this was fake or that he couldn’t punch a guy disrespecting what he fought for, especially after he hopped out of the ring to push him. One punch knocked him out and earned Pain Staker a win by count-out in what was already a hardcore rules match. Soon after that, Cronos was a full-time wrestler having been handed his lucky break by a guy wrestling with some of the all-time greats like OutKast and Dave Hawkins. It was these men he followed to AODWF where he met his best friend in life, Mirage, and Sahara. Where he helped crucify OutKast with Erik Boyer, Pain Staker, and Dave Hawkins before Sahara’s bigger brothers, Death Watch and Punisher, decided enough was enough and saved the day and helped him down. Bloodbaths spilled over into The SHOOT Project that was at first ran from Japan by The Yakuza. Cronos happened to be the pit bull the Yakuza placed their trust in.


Somewhere along the way Cronos had gone from broken and lost to down right evil and twisted as he laundered money for the Yakuza through his diamond company. It was long, hard years and a bloody fight but eventually, the Yakuza lost to Jason Johnson and The SHOOT Project was brought to Las Vegas. After Cronos won tag gold with Erik Boyer, the man who helped with the crucifixion of OutKast, he helped destroy him in the modern day SHOOT Project. OutKast did the deed but Cronos had a hand in it behind the scenes. Boyer would end up unable to walk, paralyzed from the waist down. Like Jay Janson said “…no remorse in his eyes. They were the enemy and that’s all that mattered.” Cronos brought real hurt and pain to the ring the likes of which never seen before in his era of the wrestling world. He brought cold, calculated malice and had an utter disregard for the human condition touted by many as the king of mind-games, a cerebral ring general well-known for his nickname “The Devil.” But that wouldn’t last. It changed the moment he met Contessa. After being banned from The SHOOT Project for a ridiculous incident with some entity known as Cronos’ Ghost he would find redemption and a reason to be a human being once again.


Cronos had wandered into a dive bar in New York City and the moment he lay his eyes on her, he knew there was something special about her and his life was about to change. He spent some time away from the wrestling world and fell in love. They soon married and everything was perfect except for the fact that Cronos was growing restless again. He had sold the majority of his diamond companies to Jason Johnson to help fund The SHOOT Project’s move to the United States and he sold the remaining ones in Europe as he had no reason to travel overseas like he once did. The one company left standing was the origin store in Little Italy, The Bronx just down the street from where he once lived. It was hard, however, to go from well-known wrestling superstar to plain store manager. He needed something else. Something that made him feel alive again.


Enter President Rob Belote of Belote Enterprises opening up a competing brand to The SHOOT Project named Legacy. Cronos originally turned down the opportunity to wrestle in the competing brand due to the fact he was raising a son and nurturing a family but Contessa convinced him otherwise. This time around, however, he found himself debuting by interfering with Isaac Entragian’s affairs and preventing the man known as The Ivory Terror from rendering an innocent victim comatose. Entragian and Diamante would square off multiple times in Legacy, winning the No Limits Championship from him and defending the title less than a month later against him despite multiple interference attempts by Elizabeth Gaunt on Entragian’s behalf. After holding the title for four months under the banner of “Honor Above All,” Cronos would later turn back to the dark side and join his best friend Mirage in the Agents of Destiny and hold Tag Team gold once again. The two would hold onto the titles for a staggering two-hundred and seventy-three days before Cronos turned on Mirage mid-match and shattered the duo’s championship run. He would later humiliate Mirage and Sahara in front of a sold out capacity crowd, promising no harm would come to her as long as he could take three shots from Cronos in the middle of the ring while Sahara was off-sight but displayed on the jumbotron. Mirage took the three shots until Cronos took him down with brass knuckles and a tape delay revealed that Sahara wasn’t even being held against her will and was merely missing in action at the time. Cronos would capitalize on the momentum and defeat his best friend in the last match he would wrestle before Legacy would close its doors.


With Legacy closed and nowhere else to turn, Cronos found himself back in The SHOOT Project. The bridges were mended between himself, the Johnson family and OutKast. He would win the Rule of Surrender Championship while competing in SHOOT and continued to wreak havoc like the days of old. That was until he noticed an outnumbered Mirage, running under the moniker of 3M at the time, and he took it upon himself to help the man out after he had already turned his back on him. He offered his home to Mirage and Sahara in addition to combatting this threat. Contessa wasn’t pleased with his decision and the two argued, leading to Mirage and Sahara taking a night away from the house. Contessa was with child and didn’t want or need the extra stress but Cronos stood firm on not abandoning the couple. He left her alone that night and when he came back later that evening the house was ablaze. Cronos lost his family and his humanity all in one night, partially blaming Mirage for a long time. Cronos was put on the shelf administratively by Jason Johnson so that he could be evaluated which resulted in him walking away from wrestling entirely.


SHOOT would close down and open again, however, with Jason Johnson not in charge this time around. The mysterious figure known as The Herald working for yet another mysterious figure known as The Master were somehow the men in charge this time around. It was more like something you’d see out of a movie than it was a show of wrestling. It was this rendition of The SHOOT Project that Cronos found out Contessa and his family was murdered in that house fire and it wasn’t an accident like everyone had originally thought it to be. The Herald lured Cronos back to The SHOOT Project with this knowledge and it would later be revealed that Erik Boyer, Cronos’ greatest pupil, and greatest betrayal was the culprit. Somehow Erik had regained the ability to walk. Erik Boyer would then remove another of Cronos’ closest allies and brother of OutKast, Charles “Voodoo” Winbourne, from the equation using the very familiar method of a house fire. The body was never recovered. Mirage was kidnapped and leveraged to bring Cronos to heel but he proved too crafty for Boyer this time around and saved his best friend from a gruesome fate. He rode that momentum into an “I Quit” match that found Boyer expelled from The SHOOT Project. Under mysterious circumstances, however, Boyer was found dead approximately thirty minutes after that match. Boyer’s son was tried and convicted in court for the murder but maintains his innocence to this day and swears that Cronos actually pulled the trigger and framed him for the murder.


After the state of Nevada vs. Jack Boyer and the subsequent conviction of murder in the first degree, Cronos went back to his military roots. With Jack Boyer serving a life sentence for murdering his father, he moved to Littleton, Colorado and took a job at Paladin International working from their Special Operations Branch. He provided crisis and risk planning and personal and asset protection; foreign and domestic. He felt at home again like he once did on the battlefield. After working for them for almost a year and being away from the wrestling world as a whole but never not watching, he has chosen now as a perfect time to return to the ring with a completely new twist.
Cronos Diamante has seen and done it all in the wrestling world. He’s won countless championships across multiple federations and thus he needs no gold to validate his existence. He’s fought some of the best in the industry, both lifting some careers to new heights and shattering others thus he wants for nothing by rule of challenge. And he’s started and ended revolutions so he holds no desire to be remembered for more than he already is. A man who has been heralded as “The Devil” for well over a decade knows how to send a man, or woman for that matter, to his or her destruction better than any. A weapon he is and forever will be, forged in the fire of strife and tempered by years of battle. Once for good, once for evil but now… now all that matters is who is going to pay the most money or trade in the finest of goods to do what only a man like Cronos can do; Protect or Destroy. EWA has been put on notice.


The listed titles are the only ones that really matter in the last ten years. Cronos has won multiple championships in multiple places but the following one’s matter more to him than listing a long page of titles over two decades.

  • EWA Network Championship
  • SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship
  • SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Championship
  • SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship (w/Erik Boyer)
  • Legacy No Limit Championship
  • Legacy Tag Team Championship (w/Marcus Mirage)
  • AODWF Tag Team Championship (w/Marcus Mirage)
  • AODWF Hardcore Championship
Match History

  • Lost to Jester Smiles at EWA Live From Sydney, 9.27.17 (4-3-0)
  • Eliminated by Jester Smiles in the EWA Warrior’s Trial IV (45:58) at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (4-2-0)
  • Lost to Sahara at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (4-2-0)
  • Lost the EWA Network Championship to Maggie McIntyre at Battlelines 33, 8.4.17 (4-1-0)
  • Defeated Natalie Burrows to win the EWA Network Championship at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #1, 7.13.17 (4-0-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Ethan Leers] Rachel Ellsworth & Natalie Burrows at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 [Leers pinned Burrows] (3-0-0)
  • Defeated Rachel Ellsworth at Battlelines 31, 6.7.17 (2-0-0)
  • Defeated Azrael Goeren at Battlelines 29, 5.5.17 (1-0-0)