z-CJ Nelson

302 lbs
Westhampton Beach, NY
Entrance Music
Entrance Description


Finishing Moves
  • Crucifix Escapist [crucifix powerbomb]
  • Release the Cure [powerbomb into DVD]
Favorite Moves

CJ is a former Marine and a member of the Sons of Fenris Motorcycle Club. As you may have guessed from these two items, he is what some might call a “tough guy.” Although not without a sense of humor, CJ is often playing straight man to his partner, Jared Walsh. Gruff and unwilling to take any bullshit, CJ cuts an imposing figure in the ring, to the point where people have quit rather than face him.

If you put CZW’s Wifebeater in a leather kutte, he’d fit CJ Nelson to a T. Tall, thickly muscled, and mean. Facial hair varies from week to week, but usually a goatee. Has a USMC tattoo on his right bicep. Has a thick silver ring in his septum. In ring attire: blue jeans and black boots, with a black leather belt. Always wears his SoF kutte to the ring (back shows Sons of Fenris across the top, Las Vegas across the bottom, and a bloody design of the Fenris wolf devouring the hand of Tyr in the center). Will usually wear an LIHC shirt to the ring. Out of ring attire: Basically the same as his in-ring attire. He might wear camo-patterned cargo pants, but usually he sticks to jeans, a T-shirt, and combat boots.

CJ is a beast. After training in Japan in various feds doing deathmatches and learning how to use his strength to best suit him, CJ returned to the US, doing a few years in the Marine Corps, and learning how to fight like one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. For most of his career, he’d kept his martial arts training and wrestling ability separate, but he has incorporated a lot of MCMAP holds and strikes into his in-ring arsenal.

CJ is known for working stiff, and his power has made lesser men tremble. His strength is legendary (see his quadruple German suplex against the Avengers and Collins brothers) and has shocked some big men before, right before dropping them on their heads.

CJ is also known for his incredible constitution, and as a result, is a lot more willing to go to extremes than his partner, and can shrug off surprisingly strong blows as if he doesn’t even feel them.

CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh have been damn near inseparable for their entire wrestling careers. Starting in the NYSWF as lackeys of Sean Boden, they spent a good amount of time doing not much of note. Their irreverent antics, such as “MST3K-ing” superstar promos, gained them a lot of fans, but for a while, it seemed like they weren’t much more than a couple of guys who were good at making fun of people.

That is, until SHOOT Project. Coming from nowhere, CJ and Jared blazed into the tag team scene in SHOOT, and within three months of their arrival, had succeeded in capturing the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles, defending them successfully in a series of pay-per-view matches against the Flying Avengers, the Collins twins, Rogue and Riley, Tres Bien, and more. They eventually broke the Beautiful People’s (Jonny Johnson and Christopher Davis) long-standing Tag Title record. When all was said and done, Long Island Hardcore had become 3-time SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, and had earned a reputation as one of the greatest tag teams that had set foot in the squared circle.

CJ himself, though he hasn’t accomplished much in the ring as a singles competitor, is a MCMAP instructor-trainer, capable of training Marine martial arts instructors.

  • SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship [3x, with Jared Walsh]
  • Match History

  • Fought CJ Nelson to a draw in a Last Man Standing match at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (0-1-1)
  • Lost [w/ Jared Walsh] to The Vice Squad at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 [Jane pinned CJ Nelson] (0-1-0)