225 lbs
Tampa, FL
Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

In the darknened arena the lights begin to flicker and you can make out the vague appearance of a man.

On closer inspection we notice its Christian Rivers. He is dressed in a black pinstriped suit along with a fedora on top of his head with a red feather in the band of the hat. As the lights come up he takes off his suit jacket and rolls under the bottom rope. He is now wearing a sleeveless white under shirt. He takes off his fedora and lays it some place safe. Then he raises both of his arms in the air and then crouches down in a defensive position eying all four sides of the ring.

Finishing Moves
  • No Remorse [Tazmission]
Signature Moves
  • Stay Dead [Flatliner]
Favorite Moves

Figure four leg lock, half leg boston crab, neck crank, triangle choke, hells gate, single arm ddt, chop block, shin breaker, baseball slide, mexican stretch, Labell lock (yes lock), crippler cross face, scorpion death lock/sharpshooter, arm bar, knee bar, kimura, super kick, rings of saturn, texas cloverleaf, death valley driver, shining wizard, tombstone pile driver, neck breaker, rear naked choke


Christian Rivers is an independent contract killer. But most of his personal life is a mystery. What is known is he is a master of submission wrestling. And a purist at heart. He has no qualms with being a snob about that fact.


Fade 2 Black World Championship

Match History
  • Lost to Rick Remington at Fight Night 9, 2.22.18 (0-1-0)