235 lbs
Buffalo, NY
Date of Birth
December 26, 1978

Stacy Vandervort, the EWA Executive Assistant to majority owner Alexander Haven, was outed in May 2016 as being in a relationship with Chris Kage. Since that time, Vandervort has on occasion accompanied Kage to ringside during his matches. Stacy is extremely loyal to Chris, but does not let that loyalty get in the way of conducting her duties as Executive Assistant. Stacy has recently become a target of the Stranger, Indrid Calder, in his desire to make her one of his “Projects”.

Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The arena goes black with a single red spotlight on the entrance way. As the music slowly builds up Kage enters the spotlight, and as the guitar enters two pyros shoot off from each side of the entrance way. He then begins his slow descent down the aisle keeping his eyes only on the ring in front of him. When he arrives in the ring he simply places himself in a corner and awaits the contest to come.

Finishing Moves
  • The Crackdown [Inverted Flatliner or simply a side by side standing leg locked facebuster]
  • The Niagara Fall [Shooting Star Press]
Signature Moves
  • Belly-to-back suplex spun into a reverse STO
Favorite Moves
Model move list after Seth Rollins/Tyler Black
  • Diving Splash
  • Chops in the corner
  • Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick
  • Springboard clothelines
  • Running shooting star press
  • Standing moonsault
  • Five star frog splash

Chris Kage is 36 years old, his character model is Jason Clarke. Kage was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and shares a deep love for the city he grew up in. He spent most of his youth taking part in scholastic and free style wrestling, and took his love for the sport even farther as he attended Edinboro University after graduation and became a 3-time All-American. After college Kage began to dabble in the pro wrestling scene, finally getting his big break when long time friend Alexander Haven got him a try out with the NYSWF based out of Albany, New York. Kage immediately began to excel with the help of Haven, together they created one of the most successful stables in pro wrestling history; The Youth. The Youth feuded with HATE and other premier stables during their time in the NYSWF. During his time in the NYSWF Kage captured the Lightweight, Tag Team, and World Heavyweight titles. Looking to break away from Haven and make a name for himself, Kage made his way to the EWA. While in the EWA Kage had an impressive run as Lightweight Champion, which included epic battles with Sean Boden and many other of the lightweight superstars at the time. Kage capped off his time in the EWA with the biggest win of his career, defeating ‘Cold’ Harding Cash to become the EWA World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately for Kage the EWA would soon succumb to financial hardships and close down. Kage spent the next few years wrestling overseas in Japan and other countries, when he realized his time in wrestling was better served on the other side of the curtain. Kage opened a small wrestling school in Buffalo and spent most of his time there, that is… until he got the news that would change his life forever…

The EWA had reopened it’s doors with Michael and Erik Draven heading the ownership group charge. Kage decided to tip his toe in the EWA water after Michael Draven continually called out Kage’s late best friend Alexander Haven, who had passed away from an apparent drug overdose. Kage showed up and shared the news of Haven’s death with the masses while also vowing to shut Michael Draven’s mouth for good. Kage and Draven went back and forth for months, even involving Haven’s widow Alyssa Marie, who at the time had begun a romantic relationship with Draven. Everything finally came to a head at Champions Summit where Kage and Draven met in a ‘Street Fight.’. To everyone’s shock and dismay Alexander Haven would show up and cost Michael Draven the match, declaring his death was nothing more than a clever ruse to to ruin Michael Draven’s life once more. The next night Haven and Kage unveiled the return of their legendary stable known as ‘The Youth.’ Over the weeks that followed they recruited Tyler Morris and Martin Robertson, establishing themselves as an unstoppable force. Kage himself began to set his sights on ‘The Asylum’ match and reclaiming his EWA World Heavyweight Championship, a title which he claimed he never lost in the first place so many years ago. Weeks later Kage would solidify his EWA legacy by becoming a two-time EWA World Heavyweight Champ by winning a highly contested match in ‘The Asylum.’ Kage’s glory was short-lived however, as almost two weeks later he would lose in a stunning upset to Laura Seton. Kage spent the next few weeks bullying staff members and ultimately, Duane Gates, who had now taken over the EWA, into giving him a rematch against Laura Seton. With the odds undoubtedly stacked against Seton, Kage regained his world title, making him a three-time EWA World Heavyweight Champion, only outdone by Erik Draven who had held the same title five times. Kage spent the next several months feuding with Laura and SHOOT super star Azrael Goeren. During that time Kage was able to capture more gold, as he and his long time best friend Alexander Haven captured the EWA World Tag Team Titles. The reign was short-lived however as the duo dropped the belts to the legendary Latino Powers in match that would go down in history, or maybe not. As Kage’s world title reign ran through the summer, it was discovered that he had started a romantic relationship with then EWA administrative assistant Stacy Vandervort, the two became nearly inseparable. Kage was finally dethroned at ‘Live From Tokyo’ in a three way match against Goeren and Laura, which would end his record setting reign of 109 days. But the end to Kage’s title reign was the least of his worries as his brother’s in arms had become embroiled in an all out war with HATE. The war would come to a head at ‘Final Solution’ where the Youth finally defeated HATE laying claim to their superiority within the company. The war however would not end for Kage, as Indrid Calder began to play mind games with the three-time champ, zeroing in on the love of his life, Stacy Vandervort. Only time will tell what happens next.

Kage wears tights very similar to that of Chris Jericho from his WCW days. The base color is always red with different designs and colors mixed in on the sides of the legs. He always has his hands taped with black tape up to his forearm.

  • EWA World Heavyweight Championship [4x]
  • EWA World Tag Team Championship [w/ Alexander Haven]
  • NYSWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • NYSWF World Tag Team Championship
  • NYSWF World Television Championship
  • EWA Lightweight Championship
  • NYSWF Lightweight Championship
  • NYSWF Hardcore Championship
  • MTT2 World Tag Team Tournament Champion [w/ Alexander Haven, as the Latino Powers]
Match History

  • Defeated Alexander Haven to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Champions Summit III, Night #2, 7.14.17 (22-14-3)
  • Lost [w/ Sahara, Elizabeth Gaunt & NOTHING] to Grace Goeren, Alice, Sean Boden & Alexander Haven in an eight man tag team match at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 [Grace pinned Sahara] (21-14-3)
  • Lost to Alexander Haven in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Battlelines 30, 5.23.17 (21-13-3)
  • Defeated Grace Goeren by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 29, 5.5.17 (21-12-3)
  • Defeated Martin Robertson at EWA Live From London, 4.21.17 (20-12-3)
  • Defeated Tanya Black at Battlelines 28, 3.31.17 (19-12-3)
  • Lost to Indrid Calder by disqualification in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship match at EWA Champions Summit II, Night #2, 1.20.17 (18-12-3)
  • Wrestled [w/ Dan Stein, Laura Seton, Azrael Goeren & Ray Willmott] Lucy Blaylock, Maggie McIntyre, Elizabeth Gaunt, Grace Goeren & Indrid Calder to a no-contest in a ten-man tag team match at Battlelines 24, 12.30.16 (18-11-3)
  • Lost to Maggie McIntyre by countout at Battlelines 23, 12.16.16 (18-11-2)
  • Defeated [w/ Grady Smith] Indrid Calder & Michael Draven at Battlelines 22, 12.2.16 [Grady pinned Draven] (18-10-2)
  • Eliminated by Indrid Calder in the EWA Warrior’s Trial III for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship (62:07) at Battlelines 21, 11.17.16 (17-10-2)
  • Lost to NOTHING at Battlelines 20, 11.4.16 (17-10-2)
  • Defeated [w/ Grady Smith & The Youth] HATE in The Final Solution at EWA Out For Blood, 10.24.16 [Martin pinned NOTHING] (17-9-2)
  • Wrestled Grace Goeren to a no-contest in a non-title match at Battlelines 19, 10.5.16 (16-9-2)
  • Wrestled Ray Willmott to a no-contest at Battlelines 18, 9.22.16 (16-9-1)
  • Lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to Laura Seton at EWA Live From Tokyo, 8.19.16 (16-9-0)
  • Defeated Indrid Calder by disqualification to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 16, 7.27.16 (16-8-0)
  • Defeated Johnny Napalm in a non-title match at Fight Night 8, 7.20.16 (15-8-0)
  • Defeated Laura Seton & Azrael Goeren to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #2, 6.28.16 [Kage pinned Azrael] (14-8-0)
  • Defeated Maggie McIntyre to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at EWA Path of the Warrior, Night #1, 6.27.16 (13-8-0)
  • Lost to Grady Smith by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 (12-8-0)
  • Lost [w/ Alexander Haven] the EWA Tag Team Championship in a Gauntlet Match to The Latino Powers at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 [Jose pinned Haven] (12-7-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven] Rub & Tug in an EWA Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 [Kage pinned Rub] (12-6-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven] Dem Boiz in an EWA Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match at Battlelines 14, 6.10.16 [Haven pinned Dat Boi] (11-6-0)
  • Lost [w/ Alexander Haven & Martin Robertson] to Grady Smith, Laura Seton, & Azrael Goeren in a six-man tag team match at Battlelines 13, 5.31.16 [Grady pinned Haven] (10-6-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven as The Youth] The Hierarchy [X-Calibur & Azrael Goeren] to win the EWA Tag Team Championship at Battlelines 12, 5.16.16 [Haven pinned Goeren] (10-5-0)
  • Lost [w/ Alexander Haven, Lunatikk Crippler, Osbourne Kilminster, Grace Goeren & Martin Robertson as Team Gates] to Team Draven [Sinnocence, X-Calibur, Azrael Goeren, Grady Smith, MIchael Draven & Erik Draven] at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (9-5-0)
  • Defeated Laura Seton to regain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 11, 5.2.16 (9-4-0)
  • Lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to Laura Seton at Fight Night 6, 4.22.16 (8-4-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven & Lunatikk Crippler] The Vice Squad & Jared Walsh in a six-man tag team match at Battlelines 10, 4.18.16 [Crippler pinned Jane] (8-3-0)
  • Pinned Azrael Goeren (47:16) in the Asylum match to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #2, 4.1.16 (7-3-0)
  • Lost to Sinnocence in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (6-3-0)
  • Defeated The Golden One at YouthTube Fight night, 3.4.16 (6-2-0)
  • Lost [w/ Martin Robertson & Tyler Morris] to Maggie McIntyre, Michael Draven & Genichiro Honma in a six-man tag team match at YouthTube Fight Night, 3.4.16 [Honma pinned Morris] (5-2-0)
  • Lost to Michael Draven in a Steel Cage match at Battlelines 8, 2.26.16 (5-1-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven as The Youth] The Lonestar Outlaws at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 [Kage pinned Moore] (5-0-0)
  • Defeated Ray Willmott at Fight Night 4, 2.5.16 (4-0-0)
  • Defeated Osbourne Kilminster in an Asylum Qualifying Match at Battlelines 6, 1.29.16 (3-0-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Alexander Haven as The Youth] The Lemonheads at Battlelines 5, 1.15.16 [Kage pinned Lemon] (2-0-0)
  • Defeated Michael Draven at Champions Summit I, Night 2, 12.31.15 (1-0-0)
  • RP History

    * denotes a guest appearance in someone else’s RP

    NOVEMBER 2017
    *Liabilities, Part #1 [w/ Stacy Vandervort] (11.28.17)

    SEPTEMBER 2017
    *You Have (4) New Voicemails [w/ Alexander Haven, Grady Smith, Michael Draven, & Alyssa Marie Haven] (9.26.17)
    *Deadlines [w/ Alexander Haven] (9.5.17)

    JULY 2017
    Memory Lane, Part II [w/ Alexander Haven] (7.12.17)
    Memory Lane [w/ Alexander Haven] (7.12.17)

    JUNE 2017
    Analyze This (6.13.17)

    MAY 2017
    An Open Letter to My “Best Friend” (5.20.17)
    A Sit-Down With The Incomparable (5.1.17)

    APRIL 2017
    Back to School (4.6.17)

    MARCH 2017
    Her First Time (3.25.17)
    The Aftermath and the Resurrection (3.14.17)

    FEBRUARY 2017
    *3K Origins [w/ Alexander Haven, Tyler Morris, Michael Draven, & Martin Robertson] (2.2.17)

    JANUARY 2017
    *The Search for Truth [w/ Allison Haines, Alexander Haven, MIchael Draven & Grady Smith] (1.23.17)
    Exposing the Stranger (1.14.17)

    DECEMBER 2016
    This Moment [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (12.29.16)
    Visiting Hours Are Over Bitch (12.15.16)
    *The Long Road Home, Part II [f/ Grady Smith & The Youth] (12.15.16)
    Thanksgiving II [w/ The Youth & Grady Smith] (12.1.16)

    NOVEMBER 2016
    *Thanksgiving [w/ Grady Smith & The Youth] (11.28.16)
    The Furry Trial (11.15.16)
    A Trip Down Memory Lane (11.1.16)

    OCTOBER 2016
    *House of Cards [w/ Stacy Vandervort, The Youth & Grady Smith] (10.24.16)
    War [w/ The Youth & Grady Smith] (10.23.16)
    Just When You Think He’s Changed (10.3.16)

    SEPTEMBER 2016
    A Night Out (9.21.16)

    AUGUST 2016
    Times Are a Changing [f/ Stacy Vandervort] (8.17.16)

    JULY 2016
    Regroup (Haven) [w/ Alexander Haven] (7.25.16)
    Regroup (Kage) [w/ Alexander Haven] (7.25.16)
    *Asphyxia [w/ Alexander Haven, Grady Smith, & Martin Robertson] (7.19.16)
    YouthTube Live (7.14.16)
    Flowers [w/ The Youth] (7.14.16)

    JUNE 2016
    YouthTube Path of the Warrior Extravaganza! (6.28.16)
    Abandonment and Loneliness (6.24.16)
    A Not So Happy Ending (6.21.16)
    God’s House (6.8.16)

    MAY 2016
    *A Show of Good Faith [w/ Alexander Haven & Michael Draven] (5.30.16)
    In the Arms of the Youth [w/ The Youth] (5.29.16)
    *Deja Vu (Fuck You) [w/ Alexander Haven & Corey Collins] (5.25.16)
    *Now and Then [w/ Michael Draven & Corey Collins] (5.25.16)
    Reflections and Refills, Continued [w/ Alexander Haven, f/ Grace Goeren] (5.19.16)
    Reflections and Refills [w/ Alexander Haven] (5.12.16)
    Return of the Masks [w/ Alexander Haven as The Latino Powers] (5.10.16)
    No Sleep Til Buffalo (5.6.16)

    APRIL 2016
    A Barrage of Calls [f/ Alexander Haven & Stacy Vandervort] (4.26.16)
    *Escape [w/ Gates, Stacy Vandervort & Alexander Haven] (4.22.16)
    MENTAL HEALTH: Kage (4.20.16)
    YOUTHTUBE: Championship Celebration [w/ The Youth & Lunatikk Crippler] (4.17.16)

    MARCH 2016
    A Visit to HQ, Part II (3.28.16)
    A Visit to HQ (3.23.16)
    *The Champion Speaks [w/ Tyler Morris] (3.15.16)
    A Plan Unfolds [w/ The Youth] (3.14.16)
    Don’t Ignore the Inevitable (3.13.16)
    Unfocused Group (3.8.16)
    Family [w/ The Youth] (3.2.16)

    FEBRUARY 2016
    *REBIRTH: (Re)MIssion [w/ Alyssa Marie Haven & Alexander Haven] (2.25.16)

    Returning to the Scene of the Crime (2.22.16)
    *REBIRTH: Revelations [f/ Misty Giovanni, Tyler Morris & Josh “ICE” Osbourne] (2.16.16)
    *REBIRTH: Reconciliation [w/ Alexander Haven & Alyssa Marie Haven] (2.12.16)
    REBIRTH: Reconciliation [f/ Alexander Haven & Alyssa Marie Haven] (2.12.16)
    YouthTube: Episode #2 [w/ The Youth] (2.2.16)

    JANUARY 2016
    One on One…with the “Champ” (1.26.16)
    REBIRTH: Reclamation (1.22.16)
    YouthTube, Episode #1: Featuring BIG D’S MALEBAG! [w/ The Youth] (1.21.16)
    *REBIRTH: A New Mission [w/ Tyler Morris] (1.17.16)
    REBIRTH: Ghosts of the Past [f/ Tyler Morris] (1.17.16)
    The Negotiations, Part II [f/ Alexander Haven & Gates (1.7.16)
    The Negotiations, Part I [f/ Alexander Haven & Gates] (1.2.16)

    DECEMBER 2015
    Just a Drink with an Old Friend (12.14.15)
    Playing with the Pigs (12.11.15)

    NOVEMBER 2015
    Berating the Barrister (11.25.15)
    Watching Combat TV Was a Bad Idea (11.22.15)
    The Meeting [f/ Alyssa Marie Haven] (11.14.15)
    The Drop Off (11.9.15)