215 lbs
Greenwich, CT
Date of Birth
August 28, 1989
Entrance Music

‘In Comes the Flood’ – Machine Head

Entrance Description

America is repeated over the PA a few times in the style of his entrance theme, then “In Comes the Flood’ by Machine Head kicks in and Chip appears at the top of the entrance ramp. A giant American flag is draped over the ring canvas. Masters demands that the fans give him a standing ovation, but when they refuse (most of the time), he loses his cool. He often demands that the referee announce him as the “Great American Example” and that everybody in the arena should give him the proper respect that he deserves. When the crowd refuses again, Chip gets even more irate, and then takes out his frustrations on his opponent!

Finishing Moves
Favorite Moves
  • A Perfect Ending (Shooting Star Press)
  • Home Glory (Northern Lights Bridged suplex, normally holding the tights)
  • Profile

    Chip believes that he is the most superior wrestler on the planet, bar none! He’s dominated all the way out in Japan for several years, and thinks that, on this heritage alone, he should be loved and appreciated by everyone, especially Americans! He tries to educate students in his “Master Classes” and help them graduate with a ‘Masters Degree’ . His school teaches people how to conduct themselves in the real world and in the ring. Chip is completely arrogant and full of himself, but don’t underestimate him, or you will be Seeing Stars and Stripes!!

  • EWA Tapout Championship
  • NYSWF Light Heavyweight Championship
  • Triple Crown Winner (Japan)
  • Match History
  • Lost to Osbourne Kilminster in a Steel Cage match at Asylum de los Muertos, Night #1, 3.31.16 (6-6-0)
  • Lost the EWA Tapout Championship to Tyler Morris at Battlelines 9, 3.15.16 (6-5-0)
  • Defeated Genichiro Honma to retain the EWA Tapout Championship at Battlelines 7, 2.12.16 (6-4-0)
  • Defeated Ray Willmott to retain the EWA Tapout Championship at Battlelines 6, 1.29.16 (5-4-0)
  • Lost to Sinnocence by disqualification in a non-title match at Fight Night 3, 1.22.16 (4-4-0)
  • Defeated X-Calibur in a 60 minute Ultimate Submission Match to win the EWA Tapout Championship at Champions Summit I, Night 1, 12.30.15 (4-3-0)
  • Lost to The Heart Attack Kid at Fight Night 2, 12.18.15 (3-3-0)
  • Lost to Osbourne Kilminster in an EWA World Heavyweight Championship Match at Battlelines 3, 11.25.15 (3-2-0)
  • Defeated Jacob Mephisto at EWA Live From New York, 11.13.15 (3-1-0)
  • Lost to X-Calibur in the finals of the EWA Tapout Championship tournament at Battlelines 2, 10.30.15 (2-1-0)
  • Defeated Lunatikk Crippler in a semifinal EWA Tapout Championship tournament match at Battlelines 1, 10.15.15 (2-0-0)
  • Eliminated by X-Calibur in the Warrior’s Trial I (40:52) at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (1-0-0)
  • Defeated X-Calibur at EWA From the Ashes, 10.2.15 (1-0-0)