219 lbs
St. Louis, MO
Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The arena is shrouded in darkness as the drums kick over the surround, and XYU is delivered by Smashing Pumpkins.

“She didn’t wanna be, she didn’t wanna know”

“She couldn’t run away cause she was crazy”

The lights start to flicker.

“She gave it all away, she saw her baby break”

“And in the air it hung that she was dull razors”

Action! The arena bursts with light as they come alive with the music. Brandon Moore stands tall, a confident, quiet demeanor rest upon his shoulders as his arms hang outstretched to his sides.

Brandon walks towards the ring, a careless look upon his face. As he gets ringside, a cocky smile briefly shows before he rolls inside. He looks around at the crowd before falling back against the ropes, awaiting his opponent.

Finishing Moves
  • The Power Cosmic [phenomenal forearm with a knee instead]
  • Manifest Destiny [Vertebreaker]
Signature Moves
  • Sentience [shooting star press]
  • Devoured [Cross armbreaker]
Favorite Moves
  • Strikes
  • legs and hand
  • ensiguri
  • piledriver
  • springboard strikes
  • shooting star press type splash
  • suicide dive over top rope with knee strikes
  • Profile


    Brandon Moore was born on August 9, 1990. Abandoned by drug addicted parents as a child, Moore became a street, kid. Eventually that lead to a life of crime.

    Started as a petty thief, Moore eventually moved on to drug dealing, introduced to him by a wayward friend. Through this his, he made acquaintance with several people involved in illegal bare knuckle boxing.

    Having fought just to live, as the scars on his face would suggest, Brandon agreed to insert himself into a fight. The rest plays out like this; Smack! Dude hits the floor, and good night folks. The rest is fodder for another tale.

    But listen to this tale.

    You thought this was an ordinary wrestling biography?? Ha ha ha.


    Damon Riggs got a whisper about this kid fighting in the streets. “Unbeatable.” is what they proclaimed. Unlimited athletic potential. Having seen enough, Riggs just grinned but caught himself.

    “What’s the catch?” he quips.

    Silence. Crack. Body thuds. Cue some Seed of 6ix bangers. Brandon, expressionless per usual, walks away back to his crew to talk about the next fight.

    “He’s got this.. Condition.”

    “HE’S FUCKING CRAZY!” the nameless filler guy yells while holding his busted ballsack china chin.

    “You think Im CRAZY!?” Brandon explodes back out into the pit. “I’m a lunatic, you DUMB. MOTHER. FACKER!”

    Before nameless douche knows it, he’s catching a running knee to his weak face, and folding like laundry in fancy commercials. All SAWFT n’ shit.

    Riggs looks on impressed.


    “He is a drug addict. Now let me explain that first off.”

    “No need.” Riggs laughs as he checks his ball and chain like a slave.

    ..his cell phone for you dummies out there..

         ((…yeah im talking to you..))

    “We have well regarded facilities and programs for just that.”

    “Im not done..”

    “Something…happened to him. And its almost like the drugs nurtured him in his trauma, after already losing his family. And with whatever..this..came from being heavily drug influenced, its what he kind of transforms..”


    “To put it simply, he puts on facepaint and does a complete shit dye job of green in his hair and becomes a complete dick.”

    “And he calls himself Galactus. The real problem with it is that some relapses kind of drag out for a month..or so. But there is one positive.”


    “Look at it like this.. It would take two Brandons to fight this fucking nut. And its not about winning or losing to him. The fighting. Hes a nihilist. And it doesnt matter what it is. He is just a natural athlete and intelligent. The mouth scars..thats another conversation deal. But he does care about one thing..”

    “Name it.”


         ((Watch..Riggs is about to completely ignore the fact that this man needs professional help and shoves smack into his dick with his best friends mom on the weekends, and make him a professional wrestler.))

    Riggs laughs.

          ((Ha ha. Its raining Benjamin’s for Damon Riggs and crew and y’all bitches eating rest stop burritos.))

    “HEY MOORE!”

    “Step into my office.”

            ((Back to basic bio))

    Riggs took him in as a protege, taught him professional wrestling and they bonded and got Brandon sober. But that didnt last long as Riggs would disown him, and Brandon refuses to acknowledge his existence. But a good friend, a brother, would later dig him out of the gutter because Dane knew…


    Wouldn’t you wanna be the man paying the tab?

    Match History
  • Lost to Philip Donovan at Fight Night 11, 3.22.18 (0-1-0)