190 lbs
Detroit, MI
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Blair Gaunt, 23, has lived a hardscrabble life since birth. He was abandoned by his mother as an infant and thrust into the system. He’s hard and jagged on the inside, introspective, and prone to bursts of anger. He grew up in orphanages and a revolving door of foster home row houses in Detroit. All he knows is poverty, urban decay, and a kind of self-imposed solitude. He grinded through the indies for quite awhile before finally being noticed by a talent scout and recruited to the EWA Development Center.

He’s the son of Elizabeth Gaunt, and there’s a touch of mother’s madness in Blair’s own haunted head. He doesn’t want that to define him, and he seeks a path all his own…

Match History
  • Lost to Alexander Haven at Fight Night 12, 4.26.18 (1-1-0)
  • Defeated Melissa McCoy at Fight Night 9, 2.22.18 (1-0-0)
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