205 lbs
Brooklyn, NY
Debut Event
Entrance Music
Entrance Description

The blistering sound of Sister Sin’s “Chaos Royale” hits over the arena’s loudspeakers as staggering out from behind the curtains is the unstable frame of Alice, her head down and her long stringy hair sticking to her face.  She quickly rushes to the ring without any acknowledgement towards the crowd, acting as if they don’t even exist to her.

She rolls underneath the bottom rope and curls up in the corner, bringing her knees to her chest as she hugs them tightly against her body.  Seemingly in a conversation with an unseen partner, she whispers something indiscernible for a few seconds before she pulls herself up to her feet, her head still down and not looking at anyone else in the ring.  She nods her head a few times and then finally turns around, bringing her large fists up and getting into a fighting stance.

Finishing Moves
  • Grace Under Fire [A two handed chokeslam]
Signature Moves
  • Decapitator [A running lariat to the back of the head]
Favorite Moves
  • Clothesline
  • Chokeslam
  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Haymaker Punches
  • Elbow Strikes
  • Leg Drop
  • Big Splash
  • Death Valley Driver
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • Pumphandle Slam
  • Spinebuster
  • Profile

    Very little is known about Alice’s past, other than that she grew up in a very troubled home in Brooklyn, New York.  While she has hinted at severe abuse and neglect during her childhood, possibly at the hands of her alcoholic father, none of this can be verfified by any indepedent sources.  What is known is that some time during her teenage years she began to develop signs of having a dissociative identity disorder, otherwise known as multiple personality syndrome.  She would claim that her family did not believe this was happening to her which only furthered her isolation and caused more “multiples” (what Alice refers to her personalities as) to develop.

    Each multiple is tasked with controlling a portion of Alice’s life in order to allow her to function in daily life.  While she has claimed in the past that up to 10 multiples exist, the only ones that have been confirmed are the following personalities:

    Stu – The organizer and planner, he comes out when Alice needs guidance.

    Katie – Athletic and determined, she comes out when Alice needs to be active or working out at the gym.

    Patricia – Nurturing and motherly, she comes out when Alice is hurt either physically or emotionally.

    Jedd – A multiple of anger and paranoia, he comes out when Alice is frustrated.

    Tammy – Childlike and innocent, she comes out when Alice is scared.

    Due to having these multiples “steal time” from Alice and take over at various times, the truth about Alice’s past seems to fluctuate depending on which multiple is telling the story.  What seems to be a genuine fact however is that when Alice turned 18 she was turned over to the State of New York and placed in adult psychiatric facilities.  After several years of good behavior and adjustment, she was granted an off-site apartment and began working out at the local gym as means of a distraction.

    This was the worst decision of her life.

    It was at this gym that she first met Grace Goeren, the self-proclaimed God Queen of the EWA and delusional megalomaniac.  Grace, intrigued by Alice’s brute strength and intimidating presence, began to manipulate the poor troubled woman into believing that Grace would be able to make a better life for her and quiet the voices inside her head.  Putting her trust in Grace, Alice up and left New York without notifying anyone and followed her down to Florida where she began training at The Shelter, Grace’s training school.

    It was here that Grace began to further twist Alice’s mind and take advantage of her trusting nature, indoctrinating Alice into the belief that Grace is beyond reproach.  Alice soon began to accompany Grace down to the ring in the EWA and involve herself in the matches, doing anything she could to win Grace’s continued favor and help Grace win matches.  It was here that a new multiple known only as “Divine” began to develop, one that was blindly devoted to Grace Goeren and would steadfastly enforce Grace’s will without question.

    After The Fallout’s implosion, Alice stands alone at the side of Grace as her most ardent and dangerous follower.

    Match History
  • Lost [w/ Grace Goeren] to The Erinyes & Cerberus in an Asylum Match for the EWA Tag Team Championship at EWA This Means War, 1.12.18 [Minxy pinned Mojave] (3-2-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Grace Goeren] The Erinyes by disqualification in a non-title match at Battlelines 36, 11.2.17 (3-1-0)
  • Lost to Nikki Caldwell in a Triple Threat match at Battlelines 35, 10.19.17 [Nikki pinned Santa Muerte] (2-1-0)
  • Eliminated by Cronos Diamante in the EWA Warrior’s Trial IV (39:49) at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 (2-0-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Grace Goeren] Elizabeth Gaunt & The Cherub at Battlelines 34, 9.7.17 [Grace pinned Gaunt] (2-0-0)
  • Defeated [w/ Grace Goeren, Sean Boden & Alexander Haven] Chris Kage, Sahara, Elizabeth Gaunt & NOTHING in an eight man tag team match at Battlelines 32, 6.23.17 [Grace pinned Sahara] (1-0-0)