EWA Headquarters

The official headquarters and offices of the EWA, moved from the Combat Zone in late 2016, is located in a high-rise at 575 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston, MA. The building itself is twenty stories, with the bottom two floors housing the offices of EWA Entertainment. There is a penthouse suite on the twentieth floor that serves as the private residence for EWA Majority Owner Alexander Haven and, before their separation, his wife, former EWA COO Alyssa Marie Haven.

The sixteenth floor serves as a workout and training facility, available for all EWA Warriors to employ.

The high-rise also houses several floors of inhabited luxury condos, which are only accessible via private elevators. Sales and rentals of these units are privately done, and are not in anyway related to the EWA. In the past, these condos have been home to EWA competitors such as Maggie McIntyre and Michael Draven, with Sahara among the current residents here.

The Combat Zone

The Combat Zone is the EWA’s official venue in downtown Boston, as well as the former home of the EWA HQ. When Alexander Haven took over as CEO of the EWA, he made the decision to move the quickly-expanding company’s headquarters to much less cramped quarters. It was a former civic center purchased in the summer of 2015 and retrofitted to seat 9,000 spectators. When it opened for Battlelines 3, it was filled to capacity. The Combat Zone proved quickly to be too small to accommodate the enormous crowds as the EWA’s popularity skyrocketed. The Combat Zone is still used quite frequently for the Battlelines promotion; however, tickets are now at a premium for when the shows are in Boston.

The EWA Developmental Center

For more information on the Developmental Center, please click here.


Valhalla, just down the street from Asgard Irish Pub and Restaurant in Cambridge, MA, is a popular bar and nightclub owned by former two-time EWA World Heavyweight Champion Sinnocence. Opened in February of 2016, the club has enjoyed steady success and is often a gathering place for the EWA Warriors to relax and enjoy themselves (especially since EWA employees get 15% off drinks) when they are in Boston. Sinnocence herself is often there and features spotlight entertainers once a month, though no one has been able to top Azrael Goeren’s numbers the night he performed handcuffed to the pole on stage. Jada has adamantly declared that Valhalla is neutral territory, and as such, anyone caught fighting or destroying property there will be banned for life and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Viking Queen welcomes all, but demands that they tread carefully.

The NYSWF Memorial Arena

Opened in 2017, the NYSWF Memorial Arena sits on the hallowed grounds of the legendary NYSWF Arena in Albany, New York, which was demolished in early 2016. The EWA held the first professional wrestling event at the new arena on October 19, 2017, as Battlelines 35 emanated from the arena. The building is a state-of-the-art, 21,000 seat arena, filled with luxury amenities. Rumors have circulated of a business agreement between EWA owner Alexander Haven and former NYSWF owner and president Corey Collins to allow the EWA to continue to run events periodically at the new building.

The Epicenter

The SHOOT Project Epicenter, located in the heart of Las Vegas, was the home of several SHOOT Project programs, including Oblivion, Revolution, and Dominion. The venue is often considered a mecca for professional wrestlers and fans alike. In 2016, the EWA brokered an agreement for the venue to be the site of Champion’s Summit II. Both nights of the event were a roaring success and the EWA management has been in talks with the SHOOT Project Epicenter owners about the possibility of hosting future EWA events.

The Killer Queen

Located just a few blocks from the Strip in Las Vegas, The Killer Queen is a premier gentleman’s club owned by Sinnocence. She purchased it from club owner and promoter James Dream while she was under contract with the DWF with the money she got in her divorce settlement with Kris Kaine in 2001. For many years, it served as her home away from home and grew steadily in popularity with her careful investment in beautiful talent and loyal management team. It is considered an upscale establishment, with three stages for performers and an entire VIP balcony upstairs. Patrons are expected to dress to impress and tip the entertainers well, though the same rules apply here as at Valhalla.

The Shelter

The Shelter (called such by its students), located in sunny Tampa, Florida, is the wrestling school owned and operated by none other than the youngest EWA World Heavyweight Champion in the history of the company and daughter of Azrael Goeren, Grace Goeren. The facility is filled to the brim with state of the art equipment and the toughest trainers you will ever find. Grace runs a tight ship and her training program is among the most intense in the country, she wants only the best, the brightest, and most importantly, the most loyal.

HK Wrestling Academy

The HK Wrestling Academy, based in Buffalo, NY, was started by EWA CEO Alexander Haven and his best friend Chris Kage in the late 1990’s. When Alexander Haven was living overseas in anonymity, Chris Kage kept the school up and running with the help of talent like Josh “ICE” Osbourne. This academy has pushed forward some of the best and brightest talents in the industry today, though with the events of Champions’ Summit II, students returned to find the doors chains and the windows shuttered. As of now, the school’s future is uncertain.