Vincent Ashe

Vincent Ashe, 51, is the color analyst for the EWA, and was the original color analyst for the EWA’s first tenure from 1998-2001. Ashe is a “heel” commentator, who can best be compared as a cross between Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, and Jerry Lawler, in terms of the style of his commentary. He will always take the heel’s side except for extreme circumstances, and is known to quickly change his opinions on someone if they’re not enough of a “scumbag” for him, and frequently makes wisecracks at Malone and others. Ashe never calls his partner anything other than “Malone”. Ashe is slightly chubby, with black hair and a black beard. Ashe does not curse often, but will occasionally let an f-bomb fly. He is extremely over the top with ridiculous and outlandish statements. Ashe has developed a fanatical worship to the self-proclaimed “God Queen”, Grace Goeren.