Stacy Vandervort

Stacy Vandervort, 29, is the Executive Assistant to majority owner Alexander Haven and wife of former EWA legend Chris Kage. Previously, she served as the secretary of former Head of Talent Relations & interim CEO Duane Gates; however, she was forced to take an administrative leave of absence from October-December 2015, after a careless voicemail left by Gates to the savage Hank led to Hank stalking her. Vandervort fell now under the protection of EWA competitor Sinnocence, also known as Jada Kaine. As of January 2016, Vandervort returned to her duties after resolving her issues with Hank. She struck up a romantic relationship with Sinnocence for a brief period of time, before leaving her and taking the side of Gates. This was later revealed to be a ruse on her part, as she was working for the Dravens, and helped secure the services of Grady Smith for the tag team elimination match that saw the Dravens regain control of their company. As a reward for her hard work, she was named Executive Assistant, with full authority over all EWA Warriors and EWA programming. She was fired by Erik Draven in July 2016, after the revelation that she was in a relationship with then-EWA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Kage – however, due to her long track record of impartial decision-making, was reinstated by Haven once he gained control of 50% of the company. Haven, however, suspended Vandervort without pay from her role in November 2016 after the young executive failed to inform him about the transaction allowing Michael Draven to regain a stake in the company – this led to tension between best friends Haven and Kage. Stacy was reinstated by Haven in the aftermath of a car accident that saw the overworked Haven briefly hospitalized with a sternum injury, and has since resumed her role.

After the shocking betrayal of Alexander Haven at Champions Summit II, mercilessly turning his back on his former best friend Chris Kage, Stacy disappeared, resurfacing at Battlelines 26. Vandervort announced her immediate resignation from the EWA at that point, but not before delivering one final “fuck you” – her words – to Alexander Haven and Michael Draven, replacing Joe Lemon in an Asylum qualifying match with the returning Grady Smith, who would thwart 3K’s efforts of putting all three of their members in the Asylum match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

At Battlelines 33, after months away, Stacy returned to the EWA, having been rehired in the Executive Assistant role by Haven, who made the choice to step away from managing the EWA’s live events. Stacy continues to run the day-to-day operations as it pertains to booking shows, as well as helping recruit and deal with talent relations. Stacy, for the most part, is an impartial executive who is widely respected by EWA talent, with a notable exception being Sahara. The former World Heavyweight Champion and the executive have long harbored a deeply rooted resentment toward one another, a grudge only exacerbated by Sahara’s savage victory over the retired friend and former romantic interest of Vandervort, EWA legend Sinnocence.