Shawna Jackson

Shawna Jackson, 30, is the EWA Head of Public Relations. A very strong willed woman, Jackson’s primary focus is interaction with corporate sponsors and spreading the good will of the EWA Entertainment brand. In recent months, she has aligned herself with Grace Goeren, in an attempt to “rehabilitate the image” of the self-proclaimed God Queen. Jackson’s actions in recent months have raised the eyebrows of many, and it’s been speculated that she’s working with Grace to get herself into the limelight. Jackson is a huge proponent of the “any publicity is good publicity” mantra, and in just a few short months has gone from another faceless EWA office nobody to someone that everyone recognizes and knows – notoriety undoubtedly gained from her association with Grace.

With Grace out of action due to injuries suffered during the Asylum Tag Team Championship match at EWA This Means War, Shawna hasn’t been in the public eye as much as of late. However, there are rumors constantly swirling about various meetings that Shawna conducts…and whose interests those meetings really are serving.