Nikki Rogers

Nikki Rogers, 25, is the current ring announcer for the EWA. This is her first announcing job, after graduating from the communications school at UCLA. This role was originally held by Michael Stephenson, former EWA European Champion, who was relieved of his duties after agreeing to help train the savage Hank how to wrestle. Then-Head of Talent RelationsDuane Gates’ executive assistant, Stacy Vandervort, filled in for the second show after hearing that Hank would not be in attendance. She was offered the permanent job, but chose to decline, as she did not want to be near Hank. Nikki is a ray of sunshine in the ring, always with a smile on her face and excitement for the EWA Warriors she announces. For part of 2016-2017, she participated in an ongoing gag with Sahara, who would come up with increasingly outlandish ways for Rogers to introduce the self-proclaimed Crimson Queen.