Michael Draven

Michael Draven, 39, former minority owner of EWA Entertainment, is a former five-time NYSWF World Television Champion, former EWA World Heavyweight Champion, bitter rival of Alexander Haven, and brother of Erik Draven. Michael’s father was killed during a domestic dispute when Michael was 12 – he was beating Michael, and Erik came to rescue Michael, inadvertently (?) killing his father in the process. Erik immediately left to train in Japan, and in Michael’s eyes, abandoned Michael and his mother. Michael followed in Erik’s footsteps, training in Japan in order to become better than his brother. The two had a violent feud spanning across multiple organizations in 1998, before reaching a shaky truce. Michael then began another vicious feud with Alexander Haven in the NYSWF from 1999-2001 – Michael never defeated Haven, and his fiancee at the time, Alyssa Marie, left him for Haven. Despondent, Michael washed out of wrestling in 2002 after a final match with brother Erik, his whereabouts unknown.

Michael Draven resurfaced in 2014, forming D&D Investments with Erik Draven to ultimately reform the EWA. Michael initially had no interest in the day-to-day operations of the EWA, seeing it as a means to an end to draw Haven out of retirement so that Michael could exact his revenge – the plan worked, as Haven returned to the EWA in December 2015, subsequently defeating Draven in multiple matches and eventually wresting control of the company away, putting Michael out of his own company by August 2016. Michael would return after purchasing half of Erik’s share of the company, taking a minority ownership with the sole intention, once again, of seeking retribution against Haven. After his match with Alexander Haven at Champions Summit II, Draven, along with his brother, sold his remaining portion of the company to Haven, removing himself from EWA management in the process.