Erik Draven

‘The ICON’ Erik Draven, 45, co-owner of D&D Investments, is a former five-time EWA World Heavyweight Champion. Erik won numerous championships in multiple federations during his in-ring career. Erik was trained in Japan by the legendary Takurō Nakumara. Erik teamed with good friend Shawn Michaels for a majority of his career, and was generally respected and liked throughout the wrestling industry. A giant of a man, standing 7’1″ and weighing 310 pounds, Erik is an imposing figure. After helping his brother Michael during difficult times, Erik and Michael formed D&D Investments with the intent to re-open the EWA – Erik always butted heads with authority figures during his career, from Duane Gates in the EWA to Corey Collins in the NYSWF to Darren E. Richard in the NWF, and wanted to try his hand at running the wrestling federation he made his name in. When active, Erik is generally only seen at the live events, and does not deal with talent in a day-to-day manner; however, Erik was put out of commission in November 2015, due to repeated injuries suffered at the hands of Chris Kage and Alexander Haven.

While Erik was gone, EWA Head of Talent Relations Duane Gates pulled a coup, becoming the interim CEO of the company. Erik returned to the EWA on March 31, 2016, at Asylum de los Muertos, setting up a massive twelve man tag team match consisting of Team Gates vs Team Draven, with the winners retaining the ownership of the company. Team Draven would go on to win the contest. Erik was ran down by a vehicle at Live From Tokyo on August 19, 2016. Erik believed the culprit to be then-majority owner Alexander Haven. As a result of this, Erik sold 25% of his stake in the company to his brother Michael Draven, allowing him to return to the company to exact revenge on Haven for both himself and his older brother. However, after he sold his portion of the company to Haven, removing himself from EWA management entirely, it was revealed that his attacker was none other than his brother, Michael, in a shocking betrayal of familial ties. The two have since formed an uneasy truce, with Erik staying mostly out of the spotlight.