Dr. Charles Pope

Dr. Charles Pope, 57, is a board certified licensed psychiatrist based out of Boston, and is kept on retainer by the EWA. Dr. Pope’s involvement with the EWA began in the summer of 2016, when then-co-owner Michael Draven forced the members of The Youth to undergo mandatory counseling sessions, paying Dr. Pope handsomely for his time. After Alexander Haven gained full ownership of the EWA, he recognized the value in having Dr. Pope’s services and kept him on retainer, occasionally ordering various EWA talent to visit his offices, such as Indrid Calder, Grace Goeren and Chris Kage. Dr. Pope is a very calm man, and is not easily rattled. He has an uncanny ability to deflect questioning from his patients to get them to reveal their inner thoughts and secrets. Little is known about Pope’s personal life other than that he is homosexual, a detail revealed when Alyssa Marie Haven attempted to manipulate him with her sexuality – an effort that failed.