Aria Moretti

Aria Moretti, 33, is a former independent wrestler, having competed all over the world for various smaller promotions. While never quite making it to SHOOT Project or the EWA as a wrestler, she enjoyed somewhat of a cult following throughout the smaller independent wrestling organizations. Moretti finally signed with the EWA in April of 2017, and was assigned to train at the then-secret EWA Performance Center by Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven. However, on her second day of training she suffered a debilitating knee injury, forcing her to retire from in-ring competition. Determined not to let her dream of the EWA pass her by, she began studying officiating, and made her debut as a licensed EWA official in early 2018. Moretti is more than capable of handling herself in the ring in tough situations, and is unlikely to be out for long in the event of a “ref bump”.