Alyssa Marie Haven

Alyssa Marie Haven, 38, came into power within the EWA after her husband, Alexander Haven, obtained ownership following his bout with Michael Draven at the conclusion of EWA Live From Tokyo. Alyssa is believed to be personally responsible for many of the EWA’s new marketing and sponsorship opportunities, and was the face of negotiations with officials from London’s O2 Arena, reaching an agreement to broadcast a major EWA event from Europe for the first time in March 2017. Alyssa is the daughter of former NYSWF analyst Jack Adonis, and was previously engaged to Michael Draven in 1999. Alyssa would have an affair with Alexander Haven, directly leading to the bad blood between the two long-time rivals. She and Haven were married in 2001, but separated for many years after a falling out over Haven’s drug issues in the mid-00’s in Japan. The duo would reunite in mid-2015, surfacing in the EWA at Champions Summit I that December. Alyssa is fiercely loyal to whatever she invests herself in, and while her ruthless demeanor in the professional wrestling world has deservedly earned her the moniker of ‘The Queen Bitch‘, she’s proven to have tremendous success in her new found role of power. Alyssa Marie, in addition to her role as COO of the EWA, also served as the manager for the powerful, albeit brief, alliance of Haven, Michael Draven, and Martin Robertson.

Alyssa Marie pushed for her husband to retire from the ring, following his loss to Chris Kage at Champions Summit III, and indeed, Haven announced his retirement at Live From Sydney in September 2017. On that night, however, Alyssa Marie revealed a shocking secret – that she’d been having an affair for over a year with Haven’s protege, Martin Robertson. Haven took a leave of absence following this revelation, but not before dropping a bombshell of his own, firing Alyssa Marie from her corporate position. Alyssa now remains on as manager for Martin Robertson, determined to lead him to the top of the professional wrestling mountain.