Allison Haines

Allison Haines, 29, is the primary field reporter for the EWA, and can frequently be seen backstage or on assignment interviewing EWA talent. She is a stunning woman, with long blond hair (think Renee Young, with longer hair), but is also intelligent and not afraid to go to extremes to get her interview. She previously was in a relationship with ‘The American Champion’ Chip Masters, in late 2015, which ended after Masters publicly humiliated her. Much of her personal life has been otherwise kept quiet, as Haines is the definition of professionalism even in less-than-ideal circumstances. Haines has a deep rooted desire to learn the truth, and is not afraid to ask probing questions or go out of her way to uncover the hidden secrets of the EWA Warriors, putting her job and integrity as a journalist above all else.