Alexander Haven

Alexander Haven, 37, majority owner and Chief Executive Officer of EWA Entertainment, is a former NYSWF Triple Crown Champion, former EWA Tag Team Champion, former EWA Combat Champion, and the reigning EWA World Heavyweight Champion.  Alexander won 50% ownership of the EWA after defeating his rival, Michael Draven in a ladder match at EWA Live From Tokyo on August 19, 2016.  This was due to Maggie McIntyre’s push of the ladder and subsequent evolution into a Pillar of HATE.  Haven was then thrust into the role of leading a company that, by all rights, he almost destroyed prior to owning it, due to holding a large level of influence as a result of his contract negotiations.  While Haven had butted heads with many authority figures in his career, he now found himself in the unfamiliar role of being responsible for the lives and careers of the Warriors of the EWA. His first act was to promptly fire an unrepentant Michael Draven, who showed defiance to an offering of peace from Haven. Michael would eventually return after purchasing half of his brother’s share in the company, giving Haven a majority share in the company. After the “final chapter” between Haven and Draven at Champions Summit II on January 19, 2017, both Michael and Erik Draven sold their shares of the company to Haven, giving him 100% ownership in EWA Entertainment. To the dismany of many, though, Haven would turn on his best friend, Chris Kage, forming the Three Kings with Draven and Martin Robertson and subsequently abusing his power to capture the EWA World Heavyweight Championship for himself in April 2017.

Haven would go on to lose the title at Champions Summit III to Kage, and subsequently step out of the role of running shows, rehiring former Executive Assistant (and Kage’s wife), Stacy Vandervort. Haven would take a leave of absence from his day-to-day duties as owner and CEO in September 2017, after his wife, EWA Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven, shocked the wrestling world by revealing she’d been having an affair with Martin Robertson. Haven subsequently fired his estranged wife, putting control of the company in the hands of acting COO Cameron Black, and has since vanished, having not been seen since the events of Live From Sydney.

Under Haven’s ownership, the EWA reached new heights, and now consistently sells out basketball/hockey arenas across the nation, progressing from the Eastern Wrestling Alliance to more of a globally recognized company. Few have agreed with his methods, but there is indisputable proof that he has built a strong foundation for the professional wrestling company.