EWA Entertainment

EWA Entertainment began as D&D Investments, which was founded by brothers Erik and Michael Draven in late 2014. In early 2015, D&D Investments purchased all rights to the EWA from former President Duane Gates. Both Erik & Michael had a 50% ownership stake in the company. After the events at Live from Tokyo, Alexander Haven won Michael’s share of EWA Entertainment.  He and Erik Draven shared control of the company until late October 2016, when Erik Draven sold half of his share back to his brother Michael, making them minority owners in the company, with Alexander Haven retaining a majority ownership share. Haven would take full ownership of the EWA in the wake of Champions Summit II, with the Dravens both selling their shares to the former Youth leader.

All contracted talents are employed by EWA Entertainment, however, are free to work for other wrestling organizations, so long as those organizations do not conflict with their EWA status.

note – using any staff member requires permission from EWA staff

Alexander Haven, 37, majority owner and Chief Executive Officer of EWA Entertainment, is a former NYSWF Triple Crown Champion, former EWA Tag Team Champion, former EWA Combat Champion, and the reigning EWA World Heavyweight Champion.  Alexander won 50% ownership of the EWA after defeating his rival, Michael Draven in a ladder match at EWA Live From Tokyo on August 19, 2016.  This was due to Maggie McIntyre’s push of the ladder and subsequent evolution into a Pillar of HATE.  Haven was then thrust into the role of leading a company that, by all rights, he almost destroyed prior to owning it, due to holding a large level of influence as a result of his contract negotiations.  While Haven had butted heads with many authority figures in his career, he now found himself in the unfamiliar role of being responsible for the lives and careers of the Warriors of the EWA. His first act was to promptly fire an unrepentant Michael Draven, who showed defiance to an offering of peace from Haven. Michael would eventually return after purchasing half of his brother’s share in the company, giving Haven a majority share in the company. After the “final chapter” between Haven and Draven at Champions Summit II on January 19, 2017, both Michael and Erik Draven sold their shares of the company to Haven, giving him 100% ownership in EWA Entertainment. To the dismany of many, though, Haven would turn on his best friend, Chris Kage, forming the Three Kings with Draven and Martin Robertson and subsequently abusing his power to capture the EWA World Heavyweight Championship for himself in April 2017.

Haven would go on to lose the title at Champions Summit III to Kage, and subsequently step out of the role of running shows, rehiring former Executive Assistant (and Kage’s wife), Stacy Vandervort. Haven would take a leave of absence from his day-to-day duties as owner and CEO in September 2017, after his wife, EWA Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven, shocked the wrestling world by revealing she’d been having an affair with Martin Robertson. Haven subsequently fired his estranged wife, putting control of the company in the hands of acting COO Cameron Black, and has since vanished, having not been seen since the events of Live From Sydney.

Under Haven’s ownership, the EWA reached new heights, and now consistently sells out basketball/hockey arenas across the nation, progressing from the Eastern Wrestling Alliance to more of a globally recognized company. Few have agreed with his methods, but there is indisputable proof that he has built a strong foundation for the professional wrestling company.

Cameron Black, 39, is the acting Chief Operating Officer of the EWA, appointed by Alexander Haven during his leave of absence. Black replaces previous EWA COO Alyssa Marie Haven, who was ousted from the position after the revelation that she’d been having an affair with Martin Robertson. Black is a former professional wrestler-turned-attorney, and is the legal representation for Haven, as well as Chris Kage.

Black does not attend most EWA shows, choosing instead to stay behind the scenes and focus on day-to-day operations in Haven’s stead. Black allows EWA Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort to make the majority of decisions as it pertains to the EWA’s live and television events. If Cameron Black is indeed at the arena, it likely means something major is about to go down.

Stacy Vandervort, 29, is the Executive Assistant to majority owner Alexander Haven and wife of former EWA legend Chris Kage. Previously, she served as the secretary of former Head of Talent Relations & interim CEO Duane Gates; however, she was forced to take an administrative leave of absence from October-December 2015, after a careless voicemail left by Gates to the savage Hank led to Hank stalking her. Vandervort fell now under the protection of EWA competitor Sinnocence, also known as Jada Kaine. As of January 2016, Vandervort returned to her duties after resolving her issues with Hank. She struck up a romantic relationship with Sinnocence for a brief period of time, before leaving her and taking the side of Gates. This was later revealed to be a ruse on her part, as she was working for the Dravens, and helped secure the services of Grady Smith for the tag team elimination match that saw the Dravens regain control of their company. As a reward for her hard work, she was named Executive Assistant, with full authority over all EWA Warriors and EWA programming. She was fired by Erik Draven in July 2016, after the revelation that she was in a relationship with then-EWA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Kage – however, due to her long track record of impartial decision-making, was reinstated by Haven once he gained control of 50% of the company. Haven, however, suspended Vandervort without pay from her role in November 2016 after the young executive failed to inform him about the transaction allowing Michael Draven to regain a stake in the company – this led to tension between best friends Haven and Kage. Stacy was reinstated by Haven in the aftermath of a car accident that saw the overworked Haven briefly hospitalized with a sternum injury, and has since resumed her role.

After the shocking betrayal of Alexander Haven at Champions Summit II, mercilessly turning his back on his former best friend Chris Kage, Stacy disappeared, resurfacing at Battlelines 26. Vandervort announced her immediate resignation from the EWA at that point, but not before delivering one final “fuck you” – her words – to Alexander Haven and Michael Draven, replacing Joe Lemon in an Asylum qualifying match with the returning Grady Smith, who would thwart 3K’s efforts of putting all three of their members in the Asylum match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

At Battlelines 33, after months away, Stacy returned to the EWA, having been rehired in the Executive Assistant role by Haven, who made the choice to step away from managing the EWA’s live events. Stacy continues to run the day-to-day operations as it pertains to booking shows, as well as helping recruit and deal with talent relations. Stacy, for the most part, is an impartial executive who is widely respected by EWA talent, with a notable exception being Sahara. The former World Heavyweight Champion and the executive have long harbored a deeply rooted resentment toward one another, a grudge only exacerbated by Sahara’s savage victory over the retired friend and former romantic interest of Vandervort, EWA legend Sinnocence.

Shawna Jackson, 30, is the EWA Head of Public Relations. A very strong willed woman, Jackson’s primary focus is interaction with corporate sponsors and spreading the good will of the EWA Entertainment brand. In recent months, she has aligned herself with Grace Goeren, in an attempt to “rehabilitate the image” of the self-proclaimed God Queen. Jackson’s actions in recent months have raised the eyebrows of many, and it’s been speculated that she’s working with Grace to get herself into the limelight. Jackson is a huge proponent of the “any publicity is good publicity” mantra, and in just a few short months has gone from another faceless EWA office nobody to someone that everyone recognizes and knows – notoriety undoubtedly gained from her association with Grace.

With Grace out of action due to injuries suffered during the Asylum Tag Team Championship match at EWA This Means War, Shawna hasn’t been in the public eye as much as of late. However, there are rumors constantly swirling about various meetings that Shawna conducts…and whose interests those meetings really are serving.

Tyler Morris, 29, is a former EWA Tapout Champion and member of the dominant faction known as The Youth. Faced with a career ending knee injury at the hands of his rival, William West, Morris was surprisingly approached by former Youth member and then-COO Alyssa Marie Haven with an offer to take on the role of Head Trainer at the EWA Developmental Center.

Morris has a military background prior to his career in professional wrestling, and assisted with training students for a little over a year at HK Wrestling Academy, the wrestling school since shuttered that was ran by former four-time EWA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Kage. Morris has a no-nonsense approach to his training. He is strict and demanding on his students, but is not without compassion, and has been known to offer counsel in life matters after training has been completed for the day.


Mike Malone, 52, is the voice of the EWA, and was the original play-by-play man for the EWA’s first tenure from 1998-2001. Malone is a straight-laced commentator who calls the action as he sees it, and isn’t afraid to call out something he views as wrong, immoral or otherwise. Malone is 52 years old, slender build, with glasses and salt & pepper hair. Malone generally does not curse, although in extreme conditions he’s been known to let a word or two slip. Malone has a friendly rivalry with fellow commentator Vincent Ashe, and regularly calls Ashe out on his hypocrisies.

Vincent Ashe, 51, is the color analyst for the EWA, and was the original color analyst for the EWA’s first tenure from 1998-2001. Ashe is a “heel” commentator, who can best be compared as a cross between Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, and Jerry Lawler, in terms of the style of his commentary. He will always take the heel’s side except for extreme circumstances, and is known to quickly change his opinions on someone if they’re not enough of a “scumbag” for him, and frequently makes wisecracks at Malone and others. Ashe never calls his partner anything other than “Malone”. Ashe is slightly chubby, with black hair and a black beard. Ashe does not curse often, but will occasionally let an f-bomb fly. He is extremely over the top with ridiculous and outlandish statements. Ashe has developed a fanatical worship to the self-proclaimed “God Queen”, Grace Goeren.

Nikki Rogers, 25, is the current ring announcer for the EWA. This is her first announcing job, after graduating from the communications school at UCLA. This role was originally held by Michael Stephenson, former EWA European Champion, who was relieved of his duties after agreeing to help train the savage Hank how to wrestle. Then-Head of Talent RelationsDuane Gates’ executive assistant, Stacy Vandervort, filled in for the second show after hearing that Hank would not be in attendance. She was offered the permanent job, but chose to decline, as she did not want to be near Hank. Nikki is a ray of sunshine in the ring, always with a smile on her face and excitement for the EWA Warriors she announces. For part of 2016-2017, she participated in an ongoing gag with Sahara, who would come up with increasingly outlandish ways for Rogers to introduce the self-proclaimed Crimson Queen.

Allison Haines, 29, is the primary field reporter for the EWA, and can frequently be seen backstage or on assignment interviewing EWA talent. She is a stunning woman, with long blond hair (think Renee Young, with longer hair), but is also intelligent and not afraid to go to extremes to get her interview. She previously was in a relationship with ‘The American Champion’ Chip Masters, in late 2015, which ended after Masters publicly humiliated her. Much of her personal life has been otherwise kept quiet, as Haines is the definition of professionalism even in less-than-ideal circumstances. Haines has a deep rooted desire to learn the truth, and is not afraid to ask probing questions or go out of her way to uncover the hidden secrets of the EWA Warriors, putting her job and integrity as a journalist above all else.

Terry Bull, 56, is the second EWA field reporter, presently on paid suspension. A short, stocky man, Terry is a bit of a bumbling interviewer, and is the reporter most likely to be picked on by the EWA talent. Bull, however, is opinionated, and not afraid to express his opinions to EWA talent. In mid-2017, Bull was suspended from his duties within the EWA by owner Alexander Haven for “offending” him, but returned to action in the fall.


Danny Smith (Senior Referee), 63, used to be a senior referee in multiple promotions. After the brutal attack on former senior official George Abjornson, Danny was entrusted with the officiating crew. He is a proud African American with graying hair.  His years of experience give him the capacity to call any match, and is frequently used for the main events and important title matches.  Will take a ref bump, and he is not afraid of sending outside parties to the back, with assistance from EWA Security. Danny was surrounded by a bit of controversy in early 2017, when Hank was accused of kidnapping him and making threats toward his family – Smith responded by officiating one of Hank’s matches, changing it to a no-disqualification match on the fly.

Juan Cardillo (Associate Senior Referee), 34, is a former Mexican welterweight champion in boxing, who came to the EWA during the Asylum de los Muertos event in March 2016.  Has a calm demeanor about him in the ring.  Will take ref bumps and continue to officiate.  Most of the wrestlers don’t provoke him due to his old nickname, “Juan Way Ticket to Knockout.” Named the new Associate Senior Referee by Danny Smith, Juan takes his new job very seriously.  He is not afraid of pushing back, if attacked.  If Smith is occupied by a major match, he will officiate the Main Event or title matches in his absence.

Rick Iley, 26, is the younger cousin of the legendary retired NYSWF champion John Iley. Going into his 3rd year as an official, has been told by Alexander Haven to cool his arrogance and temper.  As he’s the second most tenured on the staff, he feels he should be in Juan’s spot.  However, he is understanding of Juan’s age and position.  Rick has become even keeled in match situations. He’ll call everything down the middle until a wrestler gets physical with him. With the new decree from Haven, Iley will take a harder line towards cheating and bumps. Will push back if pushed.

Aria Moretti, 33, is a former independent wrestler, having competed all over the world for various smaller promotions. While never quite making it to SHOOT Project or the EWA as a wrestler, she enjoyed somewhat of a cult following throughout the smaller independent wrestling organizations. Moretti finally signed with the EWA in April of 2017, and was assigned to train at the then-secret EWA Performance Center by Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven. However, on her second day of training she suffered a debilitating knee injury, forcing her to retire from in-ring competition. Determined not to let her dream of the EWA pass her by, she began studying officiating, and made her debut as a licensed EWA official in early 2018. Moretti is more than capable of handling herself in the ring in tough situations, and is unlikely to be out for long in the event of a “ref bump”.


Dr. Mark Furman, 55 is the chief physician employed at the EWA, and is always at ringside or in gorilla position. Due to various assaults by the Fallout and HATE, Furman has taken a harder stance on treatment. Ever since making the tough decision to retire George Abjornson, Furman’s jovial mood has hardened. The doctor doesn’t have any qualms about refusing to clear a wrestler to compete due to injury, which at times can cause conflict between he and Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort.

Dr. Charles Pope, 57, is a board certified licensed psychiatrist based out of Boston, and is kept on retainer by the EWA. Dr. Pope’s involvement with the EWA began in the summer of 2016, when then-co-owner Michael Draven forced the members of The Youth to undergo mandatory counseling sessions, paying Dr. Pope handsomely for his time. After Alexander Haven gained full ownership of the EWA, he recognized the value in having Dr. Pope’s services and kept him on retainer, occasionally ordering various EWA talent to visit his offices, such as Indrid Calder, Grace Goeren and Chris Kage. Dr. Pope is a very calm man, and is not easily rattled. He has an uncanny ability to deflect questioning from his patients to get them to reveal their inner thoughts and secrets. Little is known about Pope’s personal life other than that he is homosexual, a detail revealed when Alyssa Marie Haven attempted to manipulate him with her sexuality – an effort that failed.


‘The ICON’ Erik Draven, 45, co-owner of D&D Investments, is a former five-time EWA World Heavyweight Champion. Erik won numerous championships in multiple federations during his in-ring career. Erik was trained in Japan by the legendary Takurō Nakumara. Erik teamed with good friend Shawn Michaels for a majority of his career, and was generally respected and liked throughout the wrestling industry. A giant of a man, standing 7’1″ and weighing 310 pounds, Erik is an imposing figure. After helping his brother Michael during difficult times, Erik and Michael formed D&D Investments with the intent to re-open the EWA – Erik always butted heads with authority figures during his career, from Duane Gates in the EWA to Corey Collins in the NYSWF to Darren E. Richard in the NWF, and wanted to try his hand at running the wrestling federation he made his name in. When active, Erik is generally only seen at the live events, and does not deal with talent in a day-to-day manner; however, Erik was put out of commission in November 2015, due to repeated injuries suffered at the hands of Chris Kage and Alexander Haven.

While Erik was gone, EWA Head of Talent Relations Duane Gates pulled a coup, becoming the interim CEO of the company. Erik returned to the EWA on March 31, 2016, at Asylum de los Muertos, setting up a massive twelve man tag team match consisting of Team Gates vs Team Draven, with the winners retaining the ownership of the company. Team Draven would go on to win the contest. Erik was ran down by a vehicle at Live From Tokyo on August 19, 2016. Erik believed the culprit to be then-majority owner Alexander Haven. As a result of this, Erik sold 25% of his stake in the company to his brother Michael Draven, allowing him to return to the company to exact revenge on Haven for both himself and his older brother. However, after he sold his portion of the company to Haven, removing himself from EWA management entirely, it was revealed that his attacker was none other than his brother, Michael, in a shocking betrayal of familial ties. The two have since formed an uneasy truce, with Erik staying mostly out of the spotlight.

Alyssa Marie Haven, 38, came into power within the EWA after her husband, Alexander Haven, obtained ownership following his bout with Michael Draven at the conclusion of EWA Live From Tokyo. Alyssa is believed to be personally responsible for many of the EWA’s new marketing and sponsorship opportunities, and was the face of negotiations with officials from London’s O2 Arena, reaching an agreement to broadcast a major EWA event from Europe for the first time in March 2017. Alyssa is the daughter of former NYSWF analyst Jack Adonis, and was previously engaged to Michael Draven in 1999. Alyssa would have an affair with Alexander Haven, directly leading to the bad blood between the two long-time rivals. She and Haven were married in 2001, but separated for many years after a falling out over Haven’s drug issues in the mid-00’s in Japan. The duo would reunite in mid-2015, surfacing in the EWA at Champions Summit I that December. Alyssa is fiercely loyal to whatever she invests herself in, and while her ruthless demeanor in the professional wrestling world has deservedly earned her the moniker of ‘The Queen Bitch‘, she’s proven to have tremendous success in her new found role of power. Alyssa Marie, in addition to her role as COO of the EWA, also served as the manager for the powerful, albeit brief, alliance of Haven, Michael Draven, and Martin Robertson.

Alyssa Marie pushed for her husband to retire from the ring, following his loss to Chris Kage at Champions Summit III, and indeed, Haven announced his retirement at Live From Sydney in September 2017. On that night, however, Alyssa Marie revealed a shocking secret – that she’d been having an affair for over a year with Haven’s protege, Martin Robertson. Haven took a leave of absence following this revelation, but not before dropping a bombshell of his own, firing Alyssa Marie from her corporate position. Alyssa now remains on as manager for Martin Robertson, determined to lead him to the top of the professional wrestling mountain.

Michael Draven, 39, former minority owner of EWA Entertainment, is a former five-time NYSWF World Television Champion, former EWA World Heavyweight Champion, bitter rival of Alexander Haven, and brother of Erik Draven. Michael’s father was killed during a domestic dispute when Michael was 12 – he was beating Michael, and Erik came to rescue Michael, inadvertently (?) killing his father in the process. Erik immediately left to train in Japan, and in Michael’s eyes, abandoned Michael and his mother. Michael followed in Erik’s footsteps, training in Japan in order to become better than his brother. The two had a violent feud spanning across multiple organizations in 1998, before reaching a shaky truce. Michael then began another vicious feud with Alexander Haven in the NYSWF from 1999-2001 – Michael never defeated Haven, and his fiancee at the time, Alyssa Marie, left him for Haven. Despondent, Michael washed out of wrestling in 2002 after a final match with brother Erik, his whereabouts unknown.

Michael Draven resurfaced in 2014, forming D&D Investments with Erik Draven to ultimately reform the EWA. Michael initially had no interest in the day-to-day operations of the EWA, seeing it as a means to an end to draw Haven out of retirement so that Michael could exact his revenge – the plan worked, as Haven returned to the EWA in December 2015, subsequently defeating Draven in multiple matches and eventually wresting control of the company away, putting Michael out of his own company by August 2016. Michael would return after purchasing half of Erik’s share of the company, taking a minority ownership with the sole intention, once again, of seeking retribution against Haven. After his match with Alexander Haven at Champions Summit II, Draven, along with his brother, sold his remaining portion of the company to Haven, removing himself from EWA management in the process.

Scott Hayes, 19, was the EWA Fight Night Correspondent. Hayes sent in a fan report for the EWA’s first Fight Night event, and it was a big hit in the office; now, the EWA covers all of Hayes’ travel expenses for Fight Night events when they are held, in return for his written reports. Hayes began the job as a senior at Brockton High School in Boston, and now attends the University of Massachusetts. With majority owner Alexander Haven steering the company away from the less profitable Fight Night events, Hayes has moved into a part-time role working behind the scenes, mentoring as a television producer.

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