First and foremost, and we cannot stress this enough – the most important rule of EWA is…absolutely no “OOC drama” will be tolerated. This federation is a creative writing outlet within the context of a professional wrestling background, and is here for us to have fun and get to know one another, not to engage in arguments over match results, name calling or petty things like that. We’re all grown – if you have a concern, please bring it to Gates in a polite manner and he’ll be glad to discuss things with you.

We’ve built an extremely close-knit group of handlers who work together for the better of the story, not the character, and are primarily focused on story-telling. This is not a traditional “e-fed” in any sense of the word as a result, and if you’re not willing to collaborate openly and often with other handlers, this might not be for you. If you are? This is an environment you may enjoy greatly.

Check your egos at the door. Now that that’s out of the way…


The EWA is an “angle/momentum federation”. What does this mean? Essentially, instead of having winners and losers determined on who “writes the better promo”, we book winners and losers of matches based on a combination of things:

  • A wrestler’s overall body of work in their promos, angles, and on-card promos
  • To further storylines being told within the federation
  • Per request of a member of the league (i.e. if I request to have my wrestler lose, to further an angle)

Why the choice to run this type of federation? To avoid the constant grind of e-wrestling – having to post promos constantly to “one-up” your fellow competitors. We are all good-to-excellent writers, and ultimately, it’s an objective decision to determines who wins a match. This allows us to focus more on the “fun” aspect of e-wrestling, which is crafting promos and storylines. In addition, this way, you’re not punished if you’re unable to write a promo for an event due to extenuating circumstances. Having said that, if multiple events go by without you writing a promo, those situations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


Fill out an official application, located here. You will be given a site login after you’ve submitted your application, which will allow you access to edit your wrestler’s profile, as well as post RPs on our forums. Also make sure you join the EWA Facebook group! The bulk of the EWA news comes from there. Facebook is pretty much required to be a member of the EWA, as all of our interaction takes place there. If you do not have a Facebook, I’d recommend signing up for an account, if you’re looking to join the EWA.


Promos will be done through the forum linked above. You can choose to join before your debut, or if you’d like your debut to be a surprise, you can join afterward. Please note that all registrations are admin based, so if you need a new account, you’ll need to contact Gates via Facebook/email to have one set up for you. All promos that are not to be placed on an actual card will be done on this message board. Feedback for ALL promos is provided in the Facebook group, both by Gates and multiple other members of the federation – feel free to leave constructive feedback for fellow handlers here.

If you wish to send in a promo or angle for an upcoming card, you can share your promo to via Google Docs.


Deadlines will be set before every card. Essentially, as long as you complete whatever promos you want before this deadline, you’ll be fine for that show. Cards will generally take place every two weeks – a smaller card, followed by a larger, “supercard” (think monthly PPV, though likely every 8-12 weeks or so). Let’s face it – we’re all adults with busy lives.

In September 2016, the decision was made to begin having “seasons” within the EWA, which will essentially consist of regular bi-monthly shows from September to June. During the summer months of June-August, when people are most busy, we’ll be running very sporadic shows (once a month, with title defenses, etc). Handlers are welcome to continue to RP and do character development during the summer months as well.


For more information on the staff (in-character) of the EWA, please visit the Staff Page.

The EWA is set in an “alternate reality” timeline where the WWF and WCW never existed. Instead, the primary wrestling promotions over the last years are the EWA, the NYSWF (New York State Wrestling Federation, a regional group that expanded nationally) and the SHOOT Project. The federation is set in a slightly dystopian version of society where television is less censored, and people generally can “get away” with more. (For more information on the timeline and background of the EWA, please visit the Background page.)

The EWA’s home arena is the Combat Zone, in Boston, MA. It seats approximately 5,500 fans. The entrance area will feature a large curtained area, with two stantions holding up an Jumbotron supplied by EWA Entertainment, to be placed over the entrance. Think of it as the old WWF Warzone entrance from the Attitude Era. EWA Entertainment operates a streaming network called Combat TV, available for subscription on mobile devices, Smart TVs and PCs for $10 a month. EWA Battlelines, the EWA’s bi-weekly show, will air on this Network, as well as every “special event” (supercard), and most promos (RP board).

In early 2016, due to rapid growth within the EWA, the company began touring larger arenas around the country, and continues to do so to this day – however, the company’s homebase remains the Combat Zone in Boston.

The EWA is a mixed-gender federation. If a woman is strong enough to hang with the men, she’ll be booked against the men, no questions asked. All are equal here.

The EWA will have five championships. The championships are as follows:

  • EWA World Heavyweight Championship

This is the premier championship in the EWA. Previously held by such legends as Erik Draven, Thorne Richards,  Kilminster, Sinnocence, Chris Kage, Grace Goeren, Grady Smith, and Alexander Haven, if your goal isn’t to one day win this title, you’re in the wrong line of work.

  • EWA Network Championship

The second most prestigious championship in the EWA, held by legendary figures such as Laura Seton, NOTHING, Lunatikk Crippler, Philip Donovan and Martin Robertson. Many consider this a stepping stone to the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. Formerly known as the EWA Television Championship.

  • EWA Combat Championship

The newest championship to the company. A merged product of the EWA Atlantic Coast and Tapout Championships, this is an often defended title that sees a stiff amount of competition. Referees will generally allow more leniency in Combat Championship matches, even if there’s not a no-disqualification stipulation. As of April 2017, Grace Goeren holds this championship and has deemed it the “World Combat Championship”, calling it the real World Heavyweight Championship of the EWA. 

  • EWA Tag Team Championship

Self-explanatory! Held in the past by legendary teams such as Bloodsport, Public Enemy, and The Vice Squad, this is the premier goal for tag teams in the EWA.

Championships take priority in the EWA – you can be in feuds with a title, but at no point will the title become a part of the feud in a way that could prevent another competitor from winning it. (i.e. no feuds will be allowed that require a title to stay with an individual for any certain amount of time)


Gates is most easily contacted via Facebook. Without speaking for others, this is likely the best way to contact all handlers. However, if you are not “Facebook friends” with a handler and message someone, there is a possibility that your message will go into their “Other” inbox, and Facebook does not notify users if they get a message in this box. So it’s a safe bet to make a quick post as well in the Facebook group tagging the handler and letting them know you sent a message. If you’re “Facebook friends”, then there should be no issues.


We’re all adults and may need to step away for any given period of time. Please contact Gates on Facebook to let them know if you need any time away. Please note that if you’re in the midst of an angle/storyline, we do reserve the right to conclude it properly, and/or write off your character until you’re able to return.


The EWA is ran by Gates, with help from “creative director” Darren E, as well as assistance in day-to-day operations from Harlan H, Val Kyrie and Chris F. We have a wide array of match writers who also lend a hand as well.