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    They say when there’s an absence in some bodies ┬álife that goes unverified that life goes on. Nobody really misses you, or cares what you’ve been up to since you’ve last come face to face with them. Redemption in whatever form it has come in has been lost. A lot had changed in the time I had been gone. Specifically the words “Fade 2 Black” were now synonymous with my life. Or the correct way of saying it Fade to Black. That is literally what I had done until now. Until this very moment. Like a Phoenix I was going to arise from the ashes.

    “Rick Remington, how the fuck are you? You know what? Don’t answer that! Don’t say a word because you will just come off as sounding like a big fat idiot. In case you didn’t understand who this was let me clue you in. I’m Christian Rivers. I’m going to mangle your body like you were in the worst type of car accident. Then when I’m finished with you I’ll steal all your life insurance money as well as your families. Because I’m a ghost and I’m untouchable. I’m the man, the myth, and the legend you’ve been warned about.”

    Last night’s bender was almost too much for me and it order to do this right I’ll have to be consumate professional I was when I debuted so long ago. I was still wet from sitting in a cold shower. It wasn’t enough to wake me up but the realization was. I needed dry clothes. I had a few grand left and now it was time to go get myself a new suit. Something that really said he’s a professional. Normally I wouldn’t go in wet clothes but I didn’t really have a choice. Especially in Tampa where it was usually hot. Instead of a full suit I would go for a suit vest and a short sleeve button up with a matching tie and a slick fedora as well.

    “Because we don’t know each other very well Rick I’m taking the initiative here. I’m going to presume you’re not a complete idiot when I tell you that I’m a master at my craft. I’m going to take absolute joy in breaking you down. Making you fail when you didn’t think it was possible. That’s the type of power I wield in these two hands. I’m not under estimating you either. I just don’t believe you have the spine to stand up to the kind of assault I’m going to bring to you. It’s such a shame this is a private affair and will not be televised. If it were the only thing you’d witness were the paramedics carting you off in an ambulance with yours truly refusing to pay any of your medical bills. Sounds harsh but the truth hurts! You’re also lucky the EWA has a strict no weapon policy in place otherwise I’d just shoot you on sight and be done with it! However I can send you to the morgue using my wits and these submission skills. Fight Night is appropriately titled because I’m coming to fight while you Rick will just roll over and die. Suit yourself!”

    With that I give a slight smug grin to myself and head out toward to nearest men’s suit store. The weather hasn’t been all that unbearable but with a travel schedule I decide I may need to pick up some extra suits by creative persuasion if nececessary.

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