EWA Developmental Center

The EWA Developmental Center is a state-of-the-art training facility, secretly developed by then-COO Alyssa Marie Haven. The Developmental Center sits on the outskirts of the city of Boston, inside a warehouse. The exterior of the Developmental Center is still a work in progress, and appears to be an old, run down warehouse complex. The interior, however, is a state of the art training facility, with glass offices on both sides of the entrance to the facility. The wide open floor plan allows for nearly a dozen wrestling rings to be set up, while a massive exercise area and various other amenities (locker rooms, saunas, massage rooms, etc) flank the primary area.

The Developmental Center was a well-kept secret by EWA management until January 2018, when former COO Alyssa Marie and her boyfriend, Martin Robertson, visited the facility in a segment that was filmed for Combat TV. Since that time, public knowledge of the DC has brought various contracted talent to serve as “guest coaches” at the facility, including former World Heavyweight Champion Sahara. As of January 2018, the Developmental Center currently has a total of thirty nine students training at the facility, under the tutelage of the Head Trainer, former EWA competitor Tyler Morris. The Developmental Center students run a series of house show loops up and down the east coast of the USA every weekend, generally with 2-4 varying EWA competitors joining them on each show, as a way to gain experience working in front of crowds for the young students and to sell tickets based on the name value of the larger stars of the EWA as a whole.

Some of the more notable students at the center include:

Remington, 22, began his professional wrestling career as a student of Grace Goeren at The Shelter, a wrestling school purchased by the “God Queen” in early 2016. A horrific accident (strongly rumored to be caused by Sahara) left him with a severely broken leg, but through months of rehabilitation, Remington returned to training for his hopeful career inside the squared circle. Remington is a natural athlete, and was an all-state wide receiver in high school. A promising football career was derailed by off the field issues, which paved the path for his career in professional wrestling.

Diamond, a 23 year old former high school gymnast from South Carolina, is a two year student of professional wrestling, trained early on in the Carolinas by a variety of independent promoters. Diamond shined enough to be offered a developmental deal in late 2017 by EWA Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort, and reported to the Developmental Center that December. During one of her visits, Sahara latched onto Diamond, and has personally taken the young blonde under her wing, causing tension and jealousy among some of the other students. Diamond stands 5’9″, with dark blond hair, and is fiercely loyal to Sahara, looking up to the Crimson Queen as sort of a role model.

McCoy, 24, hails from Sydney, Australia, and is known to turn heads when she steps into a room. Standing at 5’11” with long black hair, McCoy is short on experience, but is reported to have quickly picked up on the business. McCoy, in matches on the DC’s live event loops, has been known to cheat and use dirty tactics – including her looks – to pick up victory after victory. Outside the ring, the Australian remains a mystery, choosing not to befriend any of her fellow students. She remains a curiousity inside the locker room of the DC, with many of the students interested in learning more about her.

Tobias Grant, also known as Peter ‘The Pope of Pain’ Christian, is the 24 year old son of two prominent church members. He was a celebrated high school wrestler, winning the HIgh Ring of Honor trophy three consecutive years, and owns a small business in rural Minnesota. Christian had been wrestling in smaller local promotions for over five years, until he was discovered by EWA warrior Murphy Doyle Maher. Impressed with his verbal prowess, MDM quickly helped him get into the Developmental Center, in hopes of pushing the Pope of Pain’s career forward.

Blair Gaunt, 23, has lived a hardscrabble life since birth. He was abandoned by his mother as an infant and thrust into the system. He’s hard and jagged on the inside, introspective, and prone to bursts of anger. He grew up in orphanages and a revolving door of foster home row houses in Detroit. All he knows is poverty, urban decay, and a kind of self-imposed solitude. He grinded through the indies for quite awhile before finally being noticed by a talent scout and recruited to the EWA Development Center.

He’s the son of Elizabeth Gaunt, and there’s a touch of mother’s madness in Blair’s own haunted head. He doesn’t want that to define him, and he seeks a path all his own…

There’s an air of mystery surrounding the masked woman, presumably from the Boston area. She had shown up in the mask, eager to prove her worth and work ethic in order to sign on with the EWA Developmental Center. La Bailarina had no previous experiences inside the ring, but showed strong athleticism and an aptitude for learning the craft, that she was signed to a probationary deal. She mainly keeps to herself inside the DC, though isn’t beyond working out with her fellow trainees, or helping out where she can.

It definitely seems like she is goal oriented, and is desperately trying to work hard to make it to the main roster one day. The rumor around the DC is that she is looking to impress someone in particular, but she hasn’t found them yet.

Gia Van Zant, in her first run with professional wrestling, was brought in half-trained by a less-than-virtuous promoter who knew that a pretty girl on his flyers and shows would draw more ticket sales. It was sink-or-swim for her, facing whatever they could pitch her way– other women, midget wrestlers, grown men, for all she knew there might’ve been a bear in the works when she ducked out after signing onto High Octane Wrestling. HOW was disappointing and infuriating for her, because no matter how much acerbic words she poured out at the roster, they couldn’t seem to muster a better response than “lol u hav vagina”. She fell ill with typhoid after the company forced her onto the North Korean leg of the tour and hadn’t been seen in wrestling since.

Not that she’s been unknown– for what she didn’t have in skill, she overcompensated for in her verbal howitzers, and one of her indie promos went wildly viral online because of it. She turned YouTube fame into a day job, lending her unique, cutting perspective to reviewing tv shows and products and occasionally her old love of wrestling too. Lately, though, she’s felt the call once again and wondered “what if”.

She’s glad to be retrained. As it stands right now, she’s 100% savage merciless frontal offense with very little defense. Green wrestlers will generailly get turned into mulch, especuially if she can get under their skin. More tenured wrestlers will see the openings and land her hard on her ass. She’s currently got a hero worship thing with HATE and an eye on William West.

Lester, 29, is a down-on-his-luck late-bloomer who’s desperately trying to learn the sport of professional wrestling. Ridiculed for most of his life for being too much of a “nerd” and a “bookworm”, Dexter’s poured his heart into learning the ins and outs of professional wrestling. While not very athletic, he’s developed somewhat of a technical mastery, and is a throwback to the days of mat-based chain wrestling.

note – please consult with EWA staff if you have plans to use the DC in a RP/angle, just to confirm that there are no conflicts