EWA Entertainment Presents: Fight Night 9February 22, 2018Cross Insurance ArenaBangor, ME

Fight Night 9 Results

Nikki Rogers: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fight Night 9!

(Pausing a moment as the fans cheer the start of the show, Nikki takes a deep breath.)

NR: The following contest has been scheduled for one fall!

(The smaller yet more intimate house show crowd yells back it’s customary, “One fall!”)

NR: Introducing first, a newcomer to the development center, Blair Ga–


(The crowd pops at the mere sound of Sahara’s music as the platinum blonde emerges through the curtain, already dressed in her ring gear and a mic in hand. With an extremely annoyed look on her face, she ignores the outstretched hands as she struts down the much smaller rampway toward the ring. The initial cheers quickly meld into boos.)

Sahara: Thanks, Nikki, but I’ll take it from here.

(Taking the steps, Sahara walks out onto the ring apron and wipes her boots before stepping through the ropes.)

Sahara: Pardon the interruption, morons, but — jesus, cut my damn music already. Can’t you see I’m talkin’?! Thanks. It’s like dealing with amatures here…

(Sahara lets out a bit of an annoyed little laugh as she waits for the crowd to calm itself.)

Sahara: Here’s the deal. For MONTHS, Dixie’s been busting her ass at the development center–

(Sahara stops as the crowd boos the mention of Dixie’s name.)

Sahara: Oh shut up, what’s she ever done to any of you?! Anyway, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna see some moron I’ve never heard of in the main event over my girl, so here’s how it’s gonna go down. Do you people wanna see Sahara versus Dixie tonight?

(The crowd cheers a resounding, “Yes!”)

Sahara: Well, you ain’t gonna until this place comes to its senses and moves us into the main event. I ain’t opening for The Pope of Pain in the Ass and Dane–

(Sahara’s interrupted by the opening guitar riff of Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Danger Line’, and the crowd cheers as former Youth member and current EWA Head Trainer Tyler Morris emerges onto the stage and quickly makes his way down to the ring. Stepping through the ropes, Tyler shakes his head at the smirking blonde.)

Tyler Morris: Speaking of pains in the ass, I’ve got a blonde one in mine!

(The crowd cheers, laughing along with Tyler Morris.)

Tyler Morris: You’re not doing this to me again, Sahara. I’ve given in to your every whim every single one of these events they decide to book you on. I’ve sent people out to get you food because what we’ve got isn’t good enough for you. I’ve moved matches around to accommodate your schedule…I’ve even put you on first one time because you were “so busy” and had “somewhere more important to be.”

(The crowd grows increasingly angry toward the blonde as she grabs the top of Tyler’s mic to silence him. Sahara forcefully lowers his mic as she slowly lifts her own.)

Sahara: Are you listening to me, Tyler? I ain’t askin’ ya. You WILL move me and Dixie into the main event, or I’ll go home, and you can explain to all these people why the biggest star you got on this show walked out–

(The crowd boos as Tyler takes a step back, a look of exasperation on his face.)

Tyler Morris: You are arrogant, aren’t ya? Do you realize we’ve got Rick Remington here tonight?! We’ve got Dane Preston!

(The crowd tentatively cheers the name.)

Tyler Morris: We’ve even got Martin Robertson!

(The cheers turn into resounding boos, but the loud reaction says it all.)

Tyler Morris: I–

(Sahara takes a step back and shrugs.)

Sahara: That’s great! But ya know what you don’t got?! Sahara. Toodles, bitch!

(Holding her mic out in the most arrogant way you could imagine, Sahara drops it with a thud as she steps through the ropes onto the ring apron and drops down to the outside as a few pieces of trash as well as a lot of boos come her way.

Heaving a sigh, Tyler pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes his head.

As she walks up the rampway a knowing smile forms on he face the moment she hears Tyler call out to her.)

Tyler Morris: Damnit! Wait.

(The crowd boos as Sahara turns back toward the ring.)

Tyler Morris: I’m not going to let you ruin the return of Fight Night. So…fine. You win. I’ll put you in the main event.

(Morris lowers the mic in disappointment as he shakes his head, Sahara can clearly be heard saying, “I always win.” The unmistakable sound of a roaring engine and screeching tires breaks the moment up and stops Sahara in her tracks.)


(Metallica’s ‘Fuel’ hits the sound system as Dane Preston blasts out from behind the entrance curtain with a microphone in hand.)

Dane Preston: Cut the music, CUT IT NOW!

(The music cuts off as Preston stops at the top of the rampway, blocking Sahara’s way to the back.)

Dane Preston: I’ve had just about enough of your politicking to getting what you want around here. I EARNED the right to be in the Main Event tonight. What’s the matter, Cupcake? Heat finally getting to ya? Realizing that Murph and I aren’t just annoyances anymore, but REAL fuckin’ threats to you and your so-called Pillars? Are you so threatened by us that you feel the need to TAKE MY SPOTLIGHT?

Sahara: Whatever you say, stalker boy. It’s MY spotlight and it always will be…

Dane Preston: Shut your damn MOUTH!

(The crowd pops as Sahara slowly lowers her mic, her eyes narrowing at Dane.)

Dane Preston: Since day one, I’ve busted my ass to move up the ranks. To get to YOU. If you think what happened at Battlelines was even REMOTELY close to being over with, you’re sadly mistaken! When we climb into the ring again…

(Without a word Sahara throws her mic at Dane, who catches it just in time for Sahara to close the distance between them and split the uprights! The crowd lets out a resounding, “Ohhhhhhhh!” as Dane drops both mics collapsing on the stage as he reaches for his injured jewels. Sahara smiles sweetly as she carefully steps over him and disappears through the curtains.)

melissa mccoy vs blair gaunt

This was the EWA debut for these two Developmental Center wrestlers, and both showed fire and heart throughout the fast paced contest. Blair, the son of former Fallout member Elizabeth Gaunt, proved to be just a bit too much for the Aussie, and won the contest with a beautifully timed enziguri.

your winner by pinfall: blair gaunt

christian rivers vs rick remington

This was an anticipated matchup for the fans in Bangor, as the internet rumors regarding Christian Rivers possibly ruffling some feathers before his debut had spread like wildfire. Rivers made a “cock the gun” gesture at Remington before the match, causing the young man to “snap” and start off the contest with a violent beating. Rivers had a few moments of promise, including a nicely executed Texas Cloverleaf, but Remington was able to break free and, moments later, hit a springboard crescent kick for the victory.

your winner by pinfall: rick remington

dexter lester vs martin robertson

Poor Dexter Lester lasted all of 14 seconds in this match. A vicious kick to the stomach, a snap suplex, and Pure Perfection was all it took for Martin Robertson to get a resounding victory; even in the absence of manager/girlfriend Alyssa Marie Haven, Martin was dominant tonight, and made it clear to the fans at ringside that he’s still on a mission to become the EWA World Heavyweight Champion.

your winner by pinfall: martin robertson

(The fans here for Fight Night have been treated to some high quality action thus far tonight, and the night is still young! They are gearing up for the next match, when they are treated to a surprise!

“Lemonade” hits on over the PA and the crowd cheers as their favorite lovable loser himself has arrived here at Fight Night!

Joe Lemon bursts onto the scene and is all smiles as he is actually handing out lemons to any fan that reaches for one! The Sultan of Sour is having a great time with this small, but dedicated crowd as he reaches the ring and takes to the microphone!)

Joe Lemon: Good evening, Bangor!

(The cheap pop works as it should: the crowd cheers for their city.)

Joe Lemon: For the benefit of anyone who has been living in their lemonade stand for the last twenty years, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Joe “The Man of the Hour, the man who is both sweet AND sour, the King of Country Time, the Prince of Pulp, get ready for a cool, crisp refreshing gulp!”

(Several in the crowd giggle at Lemon’s schtick, and he can’t help but pause and grin.)

Joe Lemon: I think I have time for one more, right?

(The crowd cheers in approval!)

Joe Lemon: Alright then! Joe “She said her favorite Lannister was Cersei, so I told her to have an ice cold glass of fresh squeezed, because she doesn’t think right when she’s thirsty!”

(More chuckles from the crowd.)

Joe Lemon: ….Lemon!

(Lemon takes a bow as the crowd applauds him.)

Joe Lemon: Now, a lot of you are wondering why I’m out here tonight! Well, that’s simple! You see, there’s a lot of veterans in the house tonight and they are taking on some of the brightest stars that the EWA’s Developmental Center has to offer, and I figured, “Why not give one of these rooks a chance to take on the longest tenured in ring veteran the EWA has to offer!”

(The crowd cheers, and Lemon grins.)

Joe Lemon: So tonight, the Lord of Lemons has come to issue an open challenge, and see which of the future crop of Warriors wants to answer! Let’s see what we have!

(Lemon hands off the microphone as the crowd buzzes, half interested to see who answers the call, half taking bets on how long Joe will actually last in the contest.

A minute goes by, and then Halestorm’s “Amen” kicks on. From the back comes a tall, slender woman with naturally tanned skin, shoulder length dark hair, and a mask that covers the bottom half of her face. Her pale green eyes are flittering all around, taking in the crowd of people surrounding her, as well as Joe Lemon in the ring.

She slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope, and now Lemon has the microphone again.)

Joe Lemon: Ah, yes! I’ve heard about you from Tyler Morris! Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the lovely, talented, and mysterious: La Bailarina!

(There is some polite applause for the newcomer, who now has her full attention on the Lemon Man.)

Joe Lemon: Listen. I know I put out the open challenge, but a pretty lady like you? I dunno. I kinda don’t want to fight you.

(The crowd, and La Bailarina, are confused.)

Joe Lemon: I mean, you’re very pretty. Maybe you don’t want to fight me? Maybe I can take you out for the finest glass of lemonade Bangor, Maine has to offer!

(Another cheap pop, mixed in with a couple of laughs.)

Joe Lemon: Besides, you’re still learning. There’s no way a trainee like you could compete with a grizzled ring general like myself!

(More chuckles from the crowd, but it’s unsure whether they are laugh with Joe or at him on that one.)

Joe Lemon: What do you say? How about tonight, you let old Joe be your main squeeze?

(Lemon drops the mic and moves toward the masked Developmental Center trainee, who moves swiftly.

She raises her long leg in the air, her foot coming over her head, and spins, that foot catching Lemon square on the jaw! Lemon drops like a sack of citrus in the center of the ring after catching that precise strike from La Bailarina, knocked out cold!

Most in the crowd seem impressed, and applaud La Bailarina as she exits the ring, Halestorm playing her out once again, as officials have come down to attend to the Chief Lemonhead.)

the pope of pain vs dane preston

“The Pope of Pain” certainly has a unique and interesting ring appearance and demeanor, and for a short time early on it appeared as though it might carry him to a massive upset over the FYA member. But Dane Preston rallied back with an impressive series of moves that sent the young Developmental Center trainee reeling, and finished him off by leaping onto his shoulders from the top rope, and rolling forward with a victory roll.

your winner by pinfall: dane preston

Main Eventcandice 'dixie' diamond vs sahara

On a small house show a couple of weeks ago, before the EWA reinstated the “Fight Night initiative”, Dixie Diamond actually defeated Sahara in a massive upset; one fueled by rumors of Sahara “sandbagging” and letting the DC trainee win. It appeared that would happen tonight at the onset, as Diamond came out with a quick flurry of offense and near-falls. But out of nowhere, Sahara turned the intensity in the ring up to 10, making short work of Dixie and pinning her with the Valkyrie’s Descent.

your winner by pinfall: sahara

(As Sahara stands with her arms raised in victory, Dane Preston hops the guardrail and slides into the ring behind her. Grabbing Sahara by the shoulder, Preston whips her around and snaps a kick into her stomach and immediately spikes her crown first with a devastating DDT! The crowd cheers as Dane gets back to his feet. Sahara is laying on her side, cradling her head as best she can. Before Preston can press the attack, Dixie jumps on his back and starts pulling his hair before pounding on his head! With a quick snapmare, Dane yanks Dixie off of his back and tosses her onto the mat next to Sahara.

More resilient than Dane expected, Dixie rolls out of the ring and pulls Sahara out by her foot. Sahara wobbles while holding the top of her head, nearly collapsing on the outside, but Dixie holds her up. Yelling something up at Dane Preston, Dixie slings one of Sahara’s arms over her shoulder for support as they back up the rampway. Dane has requested a mic and is leaning over the ropes as he starts yelling into the mic.)

Dane Preston: SAHARA!! You may have taken MY Main Event spot tonight, but I’M the one walking away with the upper hand!! You may want to ice your head before it swells to the size of your ego! See you again real soon, Cupcake. Like I said, this is far from over!

(The crowd pops as ‘Fuel’ plays once again, and Preston continues talking trash toward Sahara, beckoning her and Dixie back into the ring as the show ends.)

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