EWA Entertainment Presents: Fight Night 12April 26, 2018Dale F. Halton ArenaCharlotte, NC

Fight Night 12 Results

blair gaunt vs alexander haven

the crowd members that arrived late to the dale f. halton arena are likely kicking themselves,  as they missed the in-ring return of the legendary former world heavyweight champion and owner of the ewa, alexander haven. the show started with the lights promptly going out for 30-40 seconds, and many in attendance speculating that the power had went out – but when they returned, without any fanfare, the returning haven was in the ring, flooded with chants of “welcome back” as he calmly awaited the introduction of his opponent.

after a prolonged absence, haven took on the developmental center trainee, blair gaunt, and looked like he’d never left. gaunt did get a measure of offense in early on with some nice looking moves, but haven would soon take over, wrapping the match up with the fall from glory after debuting a new leaping implant ddt.

after the match, allison haines rushed to ringside, attempting to get an interview with alexander haven after her report earlier in the week. however, haven simply ignored all efforts from haines to get him to speak, walking right by her and heading up the ramp to the back, much to the reporter’s frustration.

your winner by pinfall: alexander haven


(It’s about an hour until Fight Night is to begin. People are rushing around backstage, making final preparations to ensure the production goes as smoothly as possible. And yet, without seemingly a care in the world, Coca-Cola Rua stands in the corner of the craft services room. Hooked under his foot is the middle of a long elastic tubing, each side extending up to a handle which is wrapped around a grip strengthener held in the massive hands of Coca-Cola Rua.

Suddenly, Sahara appears, sliding into the scene with a devilish grin on her face. She notices that Rua hasn’t noticed her yet as she slowly saunters his way. Sweeping her platinum hair back over a shoulder to reveal more of the skimpy shirt attuned to showing off her assets, she drops her bag off her shoulder and in an effort to maximize the amount of noise made, she kicks it over and spills its contents, scattering her ring gear and other personals across the floor.)

Sahara: Goddamnit!

Coca-Cola Rua: Well hello, Tonight’s Opponent! Come to offer surrender?

(Doing a double take as if she hadn’t noticed anyone in the room, she sighs at the sight of Coca-Cola Rua and bends over at the waist to gather up her belongings. His eyes immediately wander up those long perfect legs, covered in skin tight yoga pants, leading all the way up to her backside as she stuffs a few articles of her gear back into the bag.

Her voice is somewhat hazy.

Standing upright, she turns toward Mr. Rua with a smile, and raises her voice.)

Sahara: Ahem. I said thanks for the help…

(With a hand down by her waist, she points upward toward her face.)

Sahara: Up here, big boy. And no, I didn’t come to offer my surrender, and if I did, you’d have every right to be suspicious. You don’t look like you were born yesterday, yanno. But since you brought it up, you know I’m always open to … arrangements.

Coca-Cola Rua: Arrangements, huh? I think I like the sound of that…

(Kicking her bag to the side, she slowly moves with a certain grace toward Rua. His eyes grow even wider than before, and his mouth forms itself into more of a smile.)

Sahara: Lemme cut to the chase Mr. uhh, Coke is it? Stacy made it clear to me that if I don’t make an example outta you tonight, I can forget about my Combat title match at Battlelines.

Coca-Cola Rua: Did she? Well that’s unfortunate, for you.

Sahara: Soooo … in the interest of my own well, personal self-interest — as well as yours — I think we could both help each other tonight. Let’s be honest, we owe it to ourselves to not be willing pawns in Stacy’s little game here.

(His eyebrows tighten and he no longer looks happy. As he speaks, he runs his hand over the top of his freshly shaven head.)

Coca-Cola Rua: Oh I’m definitely not anybody’s pawn. Footsoldier, maybe, but definitely not a pawn, regardless of the haircut.

Sahara: You’re trying to break into this business in a big way, as only a big man such as yourself should, and I’m tryin’ to get my Combat title back. So I see absolutely no reason why we couldn’t come to some sort of … let’s call it an understanding.

(Approaching Rua, Sahara looks down at him, immediately noticing the grip strengtheners held fast in each of his hands. As he notices her noticing, the grin reforms on his face and he flexes his pectoral muscles, one, then the other, back and forth a couple times.)

Coca-Cola Rua: Oh I’m sure we can figure out something… but what did you have in mind, gorgeous?

(She flashes a bit of a devious smile as she slowly rounds Rua, lightly tracing a finger up the length of his muscular arm as she comes to a stop behind him, her hands slowly smoothing over his shoulders.)

Sahara: I know what yer thinkin’, maybe I’ll pitch some convoluted friends with benefits thing right now, but you ain’t that dumb, so I’m gonna give you the respect you deserve. All I ask is you make this easy. I don’t wanna get injured before my big Combat title match on Battlelines fighting a big strong man such as yourself — and hey, that’s not to say that’d even happen, but you know how this works — any given Sunday or something…

Coca-Cola Rua: I think that’s a football slogan–

Sahara: Whatever … the point is, I’d like to stay healthy, and you’d like to make some noise, right? You wanna get people talkin’? You lay down for me and that’s exactly what they’re gonna do–

(Leaning over Rua, she puts her out in front of him, as if imagining a marquee.)

Sahara: Think of it. Every dirt sheet is gonna be speculating about Coca-Cola Rua after this show. Just think of the headlines, ‘Is Coca-Cola Rua the newest member of HATE?!’ Seriously, you can’t buy publicity like that. We were just voted the greatest faction in wrestling history. You know what that’d do for your career? And even if it doesn’t come to be, all you do is say you turned us down … that HATE wasn’t for you. It’s like bam, instant hero status. I mean, you want the fans to love ya?! That’s the ticket right there.

Coca-Cola Rua: Well, the fans clearly already love me, but you had me at “Instant Hero Status”. Although if you want to throw in “friends with benefits”, that’d be icing on the Twinkie.

Sahara: They do?

Coca-Cola Rua: Oh, I’m a global icon, making fans everywhere I go! You’ll see it tonight!

(Rua nods and smiles, not noticing that Sahara rolls her eyes–)

Sahara: Well, in that case, they’d love you even more. And as for friends with benefits … how about we see how this goes first, and then maybe we can move on to … bigger … and better things?

(Gently running her hands over his broad shoulders up towards the neck, she slowly traces her fingers down his collarbone before giving him a couple of gentle pats on the chest. Her voice is unusually sexy–)

Sahara: So we have a deal then?

Coca-Cola Rua: Absolutely!


melissa mccoy & katsuro yoshida vs william west & gia van zant

the new team of william west and gia van zant seemed to have an advantage here in this matchup against the bushido duo of yoshida and mccoy. West went after van zant with a ferocity in his offense, and a few moments later, the victory had been attained, with katsuro never having tagged into the match.

your winners by pinfall: william west & gia van zant

(The Halton Arena suddenly becomes aware of a presence at the top of the walkway, illuminated only by a blue spotlight and heralded by a loud bass-thud of the microphone against his chest, rhythmic as he waits for full attention to be on him. Standing tall in a sleeveless black hoodie and with sunglasses covering his eyes, his lower body immediately gives away his identity (for those who might be unsure) as his infamous black shorts with stitched-on Ws and Ls to indicate his interpretation of his record.)

Sterling: Do I have your fucking attention, Charlotte?

(A small chorus of cheers breaks out as Sterling smiles ever so slightly, his mouth curling within his beard as he nods his head.)

Sterling: I’ve only said this once before but, the way tonight’s looking, I feel it’s well within my rights to do it again. Yeah… I am Sterling and my name is money.

(He waits for a reaction, not quite getting the pop he’d hoped for, but he shrugs it off.)

Sterling: That’s cool. I get it. You don’t. I guess it’s a big claim to make, right? But then again, if you cast your mind back a little while, you might remember I claimed I’d return to Fight Night and I’d be here to fight and just looky looky what your main event is tonight.

(Nodding his head confidently, he takes a moment to pause and listen to a growing murmur of excitement.)

Sterling: That’s right. Every one of you here paid money to come and see ME taking on the Combat Champion himself. I don’t know why his Championship isn’t on the line and far be it for me to… well… No, it’s not for me to infer that he’s a coward or anything… but we all know non-title matches are bullshit.

(He shrugs his shoulders and chuckles slightly.)

Sterling: But here we are, right? Fight Night. Charlotte. And I’m here, just like I said I’d be… and I’m here to fight, just like I said I’d be. I’ve seen Buck arguing his case for being the greatest Combat Champion of all time and that’s fair… I won’t bother to get into a debate about it – let him have that one. Tonight, you people will see a preview of what happens when the current Champion meets the future Champion. My first Fight Night and I’m in the fucking main event with a Champion and I’m going to beat him.

(Stopping as he hears a chant of “DRES-DEN! DRES-DEN!”, he shakes his head slightly.)

Sterling: Think about what I’ve said, people. Who around here keeps their promises? I’ve kept every one I’ve made so far.

(Simply letting go of the microphone with a smirk, the speaker system erupts with a horrid BOOM as it hits the walkway and his spotlight vanishes, him with it.)

coca-cola rua vs sahara

the entrance to the ring of sahara felt like a near-riot scene at times tonight, as the hatred for the crimson queen seems to have reached a new apex after the disgusting comments made at ewa live from toronto. nonetheless, sahara’s confidence was on full display as she gloated in the wake of her arrangement with the developmental center’s coca-cola rua earlier tonight. however, in typical sahara fashion, as rua prepared to lie down, sahara kicked him square between the legs instead, nullifying their agreement, and proceeded to spend the next few minutes absolutely destroying the larger man, finishing him off with a crushing valkyrie’s descent…or so we thought. sahara pulled the cover at the last moment, dragging rua to his feet…and finishing him with the downfall, the former finishing move of her ex, michael draven, bringing the boos even further down upon her.

your winner by pinfall: sahara

(The voices coming down from the long end of the hallway are loud enough to draw the attention of a cameraman, as well as a few roadies. It isn’t hard to see the two men standing at the far end, their disagreement getting louder by the second.)

“I can’t fucking believe you would do that!”

“What the big fucking deal, Moe? Why’re you bringin’ this up now? Why here?”

(The cameraman silently edges forward to catch more of the conversation.)

Josh Kaine: We been home all this goddamn time and it’s just now you wanna talk about somethin’ that don’t matter.

(We see Josh cross his arms over his chest, frowning to his older lover.)

Mojave: You haven’t been home to talk about you, you asshole. You promised you’d deal with your shit with us instead of on your own.

Josh Kaine: Ain’t nothin’ else to deal with, Moe. I might not’a beat him, but he’s damn well aware of what I got in me now. He ain’t gonna touch you again.

Mojave: What about my shit? You fuckin’ saw what he did to me and you had the fucking nerve to shake his goddamn hand! You still haven’t told me what he said to you!

(Moe moves forward, shoving the teenager hard enough to push him back a couple of steps.)

Mojave: You don’t fucking get what he did to me. You got the shit beat out of you. That’s all. He never fucked with your head like he did me. You fuckin’ promised you’d be here…for your shit and mine. You’ve been off in the woods playin’ like you’re fucking Paul Bunyan or some Deliverance shit, Josh! I don’t wanna fuckin’ live in the woods.

(Josh snarls at the shove, but doesn’t retaliate. He just takes a deep breath.)

Josh Kaine: Then maybe you should think about findin’ a new place to live. That’s where we fuckin’ live now. I ain’t goin’ nowhere and neither is Nikki. You got took by Mr. Calder and I fuckin’ ended that shit…for you. I went in there to fuckin’ end him…for you. What the fuck did you do for us lately besides fuckin’ run back home to people who don’t like what you are in the first place?

(He realizes what he’s said as soon as it leaves his lips…and so does Mojave. The pair just glare at each other before Josh gives a frustrated noise and stomps off, leaving Moe alone in the hallway.)

kc rockefeller vs nikki caldwell

path of the warrior ii tournament first round match

nikki caldwell had all the momentum on her side in this one after her spectacular victory over sahara back at live from toronto…but in what has to be considered an upset given the current climate of the ewa, it was kc rockefeller that put nikki away in a surprisingly quick match, hitting the cold barrel zero to advance in the path of the warrior tournament.

your winner by pinfall: kc rockefeller

(Mojave sniffs, bringing up a hand to wipe away the wet from his eyes before turning to leave. The hallway was is long, it will give him time to forget the fight with Josh. An argument with someone you love is never easy, particularly when that person disregards and forgets your recent pains.)

Jester Smiles: Something in your eye, right?

(Jester walks into the frame. He throws Mojave a bottle of water.)

Jester Smiles: I get it, pollen is crazy this time of the year.

(Moe catches the bottle haphazardly, clearly not expecting anyone to be around this part of the arena. Another sniffle before he uncaps the bottle, taking a long swig before nodding his head.)

Mojave: Yeah, allergies or some shit like that.

(An awkward moment of silence passes before he speaks again.)

Mojave: I’m guessing you heard all that?

Jester Smiles: Just enough to see it wasn’t pleasant.

(More awkward silence as Jester sips his water bottle.)

Jester Smiles: Listen, I know we don’t really know each other, but…

(Jester pauses, pondering what to say next.)

Jester Smiles: …but I think I know what you are going through. HATE brought you to heel. They did things that should never be done to a decent human…

…and the people around you don’t understand what you are going through. Am I in the right ball park?

(Moe’s dark brows furrow and he heaves a long sigh before nodding his head. He’s tired trying to hide it. Calder…and his own sister…were party to Moe’s worst nightmare.)

Mojave: Brought me to heel literally. Like I really am just a fucking dog. They did that shit to you too with all the booze. I remember. Not that I could ever forget seeing that shit, but…Josh is always so fuckin’–nevermind. Yeah. You got the right damn ballpark.

(Jester stands there awkwardly for a moment. He then reaches out and puts his hand on Moe’s shoulder in a comforting way.)

Jester Smiles: It’s…it’s okay to…to not be okay sometimes. Like…sometimes you need time to be broken.

(Jester gives Mojave a playful punch on the shoulder. Not hard. More of a push than anything.)

Jester Smiles: But you also need to show those mother fuckers that you don’t fuck with a desert as rough and unforgiving as the Mojave. You got a match with NOTHING coming up, right? Of course that bitch ass isn’t putting his title on the line, but, come on dude, you win that match, you are likely in line for a title shot.

(Jester leans against the wall next to Mojave.)

Jester Smiles: Your friends, your lovers, they may not understand what you are going through, but…but I do…and I know we aren’t, like, friends or anything, but…but you can talk to me if you want.

But you also can’t let them take you down, man. You can’t let them have their victory.

Look NOTHING in the face and knock his fucking teeth out. HATE wins because they make people scared.

And you are SO much better than someone who is scared of Indrid Calder, NOTHING, and that fucking blonde bitch.

(Moe can’t help the laugh. A moment of levity that was sorely needed after his argument with the son of Sinnocence. He breathes a little easier, taking a drink from his water bottle before replying.)

Mojave: That blonde bitch is the worst of the bunch, trust me. I’m not going anywhere. They’re not gonna get away with what they did…or didn’t do to me, it’ll just be on terms that are best for me. Josh getting a show of respect from Calder didn’t make me feel any better and yeah–yeah, honestly seeing my sister get fucking owned by Nikki was great, but–it’s not enough. I’m not gonna back down from the fucking leader of HATE.

(He lets the smile stay in place, pleased this conversation has gone down this route.

Mojave holds out a hand.)

Mojave: Thanks, dude. I–I dunno what made you speak up, but thanks.

(A deep inhale and exhale.)

Mojave: If you need help with something against them, you just shoot me a message, yeah?

(Jester shakes the hand heartily.)

Jester Smiles: You too, man. People gotta stand together. We have to be good to each other when we’re not beating the shit out of each other in the ring.

We’re warriors, but…but we’re still humans.

(Jester and Mojave lock hands. They both grin. This simple gesture has created an alliance, and it has also possibly created…a friendship.)

pope of pain vs candice diamond

many members of the north carolina crowd, despite the odd choice in entrance music (‘diamonds’ by rihanna) actually thought that this was sahara coming back out, as diamond’s entire look was a mirror image of the crimson queen here, down to braiding her hair and the ring attire itself.

this was, in every word, a squash match. diamond showed an aggression that ewa audiences haven’t yet seen from her in her limited appearances on the road, as she ambushed the pope of pain during his entrance. a few short minutes later, after ramming him face first into the steel steps, she climbed to the top rope, making a “diamond” symbol with her hands (editor’s note, i’m sure the ewa’s “diamond” lou isn’t too happy about that) before leaping off the top with her mentor’s valkyrie’s descent…or in this case, the diamond descent.

your winner by pinfall: candice ‘dixie’ diamond

santa muerte vs johan deitrich

path of the warrior ii tournament first round match

this ended up being one of the more tightly contested matches of the night, as both wrestlers were late additions to the path of the warrior tournament after the departure from the ewa of dane preston and that other guy. santa muerte had an early advantage, but twice went for her patented sombrabomb, only to find she was unable to lift the larger dietrich. the kharrion member went on the offensive, but santa muerte was able to gain the advantage with a well placed kick between the legs, followed by her naja kick that only got a two count against dietrich. a second naja kick also was only successful in getting a two count, but the third time was the charm for the erinyes member, as santa muerte’s third naja kick gained her the victory and road into the second round of the path of the warrior tournament.

your winner by pinfall: santa muerte

Main Eventsterling vs buck dresden

non-title match

the rabid ewa fans had enjoyed a solid night of action from their favorite warriors up to this point, and for seventeen minutes, that continued here. sterling and buck dresden seemingly were out to redefine the word “combat” here, as they literally beat the hell out of one another. this was a grueling, physical match with power maneuvers and a variety of offense coming from both men, with plenty of near-falls leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats…

…until the cavalry came in, in the form of cal rayner, indrid calder, and nothing. HATE arrived in dominant fashion, decimating both men as the referee quickly called for the bell. tossing sterling over the top rope, the trio quickly focused the beating on buck dresden…until jester smiles sprinted out, attempting to even the odds. sterling made his way back into the ring at this point, and the three men began to beat HATE back…until sahara made another appearance, evening the odds out. in a curious moment, as sterling began fighting back against the forces of HATE, he had an opportunity to flatten sahara, but chose not to, instead pointing at her and yelling something before turning his attention to the behemoth cal rayner. the crowd exploded as josh kaine, previously having not been seen, ran out as well, and at that moment indrid calder called for the members of HATE to vacate the ring. all did, except for sahara, who had a stare-down in the center of the ring with buck dresden for a moment before calder emphatically demanded that the crimson queen follow. dresden’s music played as the trio of kaine, buck and jester stood guard against the foursome…but this was before sterling whipped buck around, shoving him and yelling at him that “this is your fault!” buck, of course, shoved back, and josh kaine/jester began trying to hold the two men from battling once again. an errant elbow from buck caught josh in the eye, and sterling and buck began brawling in the ring as HATE looked on in approval. finally, a horde of security ran down to pull the two apart, and the show ended with them being escorted to the back.

this match was ruled a double disqualifcation.

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