EWA Entertainment Presents: Fight Night 10March 8, 2018Louis Brown Athletic CenterPiscataway, NJ

Fight Night 10 Results

melissa mccoy vs. katsuro yoshida

A fun opener saw Melissa McCoy really take it to the much larger Katsuro – however, in the end, Yoshida’s strength and sheer force overpowered the young Developmental Trainee, and gave him the victory.

your winner by pinfall: katsuro yoshida

(As the crowd anxiously awaits the next contest on the card, the arena is suddenly flooded with…)


(Dressed in blue jeans and a white “Youth King” t-shirt covered by a black sports blazer, emerging from behind the curtain is the “Youth King” himself, Martin Robertson. With an expression of frustration on his face, he marches straight towards the ring, disregarding the raucous chorus of jeers raining down on the second generation superstar. He quickly leaps through the middle and top rope and heads straight towards the far corner of the ring, motioning through the ropes for Nikki to hand him a microphone. Without waiting until he’s in the middle of the ring…)

Martin Robertson: Now this is the second time I’ve been in Piscataway, New Jersey in the past two weeks, and still… STILL… these idiots that are in charge of this show haven’t figured out a damn thing for me to do on this show! So you know what… I’m Martin Robertson damnit, and I don’t wait for no damn person to tell me what I’m going to do!

(The crowd is… mixed. There are the random few that will always pop for whenever someone mentions the name of the city, and then there are those counter-culture fans who will pop for whenever someone bucks authority. But the majority of the fans base is either silent, knowing that someone much more polarizing is coming from Martin, or they’re already jeering him…)

Martin Robertson: So I’m going to tell you a little story, then I’m hoping back in my car and getting the hell out of here, because the second I can get out of this hell hole in Jersey is still one second too long to spend here!

(Ahhh… there it is… and now, in one sentence, Martin has wholeheartedly turned the crowd against him. But, in typical Martin fashion, he doesn’t care what the fans think or say, as he smiles in the ring as the jeers build…)

Martin Robertson: So I get a phone call Monday afternoon from Cameron Black…

(A small segment of the crowd also jeers the mention of Cameron Black’s name…)

Martin Robertson: Yeah, that guy. So actually, I get two phone calls from Cameron. We all know how that first one went. But as soon as the offices were open on Monday morning, I get a second call from Cameron Black telling me that I’m required…. REQUIRED… to show up here tonight, without any sense of what I’m exactly supposed to do here tonight. I don’t have a match, I don’t have a segment penciled into the show…hell…. I don’t even have one of the backstage production monkeys telling me what exactly IS the show script for tonight. I’m just told to be here. I’ve already been to this dump city once, and I couldn’t wait to leave it the first time! So as you can see, I wasn’t going to bring Alyssa to such a crap ci…

(But before Martin finishes his sentence, a chant that had started quietly in a back corner of the athletic center has now built, and has everyone in the building chanting it…)


Martin Robertson: I don’t know what the hell you idiots are chanting, but I have no problem waiting you out if you want to continue to disrupt story time with the Youth King!

(The crowd is mixed between a loud chorus of jeers and those fans who continue to chant towards Martin… this time, even louder…)

Martin Robertson: You finished yet?

(The chants have ended… except for one fan sitting in the front row, who yells out loud enough to be heard throughout the entire arena, even without a mic, “You’re a homewrecker!”. Martin, of course, has no problem calling out the individual fan…)

Martin Robertson: Homewrecker, huh? Hey fat boy, why don’t you do us all a favor and stuff your fat face with a couple more dollar dogs from the concession stand and either choke on them or shut the hell up, you fat piece of crap!

(The crowd is now in complete unison in jeering Robertson, as the fan in the front row begins making a few obscene gestures towards the Youth King, who simply smiles back at him)

Martin Robertson: It’s clear that I’m in this hell hole of a city, in this hell hole of a state, for one pure reason… the EWA NEEDS Martin Robertson! They need me to be here to put your fat asses in those seats out there, to make this whole grand initiative by the monkeys running this organization to bring the EWA to the masses work… because as much as you sit there and boo me, and as much as you chant how much you hate my guts, there’s one fundamental truth involved that NOBODY can deny around here, and that’s Martin Robertson is THE… MONEY… MAN… OF… THIS… BUSINESS!

(Wanna take a guess? Yep, more jeers by the fans…)

Martin Robertson: Whether or not I’ve got the World Heavyweight Title around my waist… whether or not I’m even wrestling on the card, Martin Robertson is THE ATHLETE that puts the people in those seats, and he is THE ATHLETE that puts money in their fat pockets back at headquarters! Not Sahara, not anyone else from HATE… not Buck Dresden, not the Erinyes, not anyone from that Sinnocence cesspool… NONE OF THEM! It’s Martin Robertson, and that’s the damn truth, or else I wouldn’t be here tonight!

(Martin smirks out towards the crowd…)

Martin Robertson: But… if the staff here is too lazy to actually put me in a match, then I’m not going to do those greedy bastards any more favors, and I’m out of here. If you want to see me, go buy the damn EWA Network, or better yet, go get yourself a subscription to YouthTube, because I’m not going to waste my talents in hell holes like Piscataway, New Jersey any more than I have to! Because I’m the man around here! I prove it every single time I step foot into a ring, and there’s not a damn thing anyone else can do about it!

(Martin walks over towards the ring ropes, leaning on them..)

Martin Robertson: You want more of Martin Robertson? Tune into Battlelines 41, and just watch what I’m about to do next…

(Martin flips the microphone back towards Nikki, not even attempting to make it easy for her to grab it. He raises his arms in the air before rolling underneath the bottom rope and heading back through the entrance curtain…)

la bailarina vs. v

By all accounts, this was La Bailarina’s first professional wrestling match. She showed some impressive displays of athleticism, but ultimately the experience of V was far too much for her, as the veteran came out with the victory after a bridged German suplex.

your winner by pinfall: v

(As the happily pounding drum beat of The Strangeloves ‘I Want Candy’ brings the audience to its feet, Candice Diamond saunters out from behind the curtain, seemingly moving in sync to the happy-go-lucky theme.

Throwing her hands up, she turns toward the curtains and points, motioning repeatedly as if beckoning someone from the back — and out steps The Crimson Queen to a rousing chorus of boos.

Happily rushing herself down to the ring, Candice waits as Sahara walks dead center of the rampway, avoiding the outstretched hands of the fans in attendance. Candice seemingly dances her way up the stairs and steps through the ropes into the ring and makes motion for a mic as Sahara slowly makes her way up onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes to join her partner in crime.

The music fades as Sahara leans up against the top rope and Candice stands in the middle of the ring…)

Candice Diamond: How ya doing, New Jersey?!

(The crowd cheers only for Sahara to drop her head with an animated sigh.)

Candice Diamond: I just … I just got a few words about our opponents later tonight as well as what happened last week with Dane Preston, who came out here an-and he suckered my friend when she had her back turned and he got lucky to hit her from behind when she–when she had her back turned…

(The crowd almost falls silent as Candice appears flustered, flubbing over her words, only for Sahara to whisper something to her. Candice quickly nods and brings the mic back up to her lips.)

Candice Diamond: When Dane came out here and … listen! Listen. I’m so–

(Grabbing the top of the mic to silence Candice, Sahara lowers it as she whispers something to the younger blonde, who nods and hands the mic over to the Crimson Queen.)

Sahara: Calm down and don’t apologize to these morons. Here, look at this guy–

(Sahara points to a random fan in the crowd and brings Candice over to look at him.)

Sahara: Look at ‘em with his stupid WWBB shirt. Well, at least they got one member!

(Sahara laughs at her own snark.)

Sahara: Hold up a second. I just wanted to say a few words about what’s been happening with the EWA injunction this past week. When I look around this building tonight, and I see all yer happy, smiling faces, I know yer all happy as hell to see me again! But what I never expected is that I’d miss you people, too…

(Leaning on the top rope, Sahara looks out across the audience before slowly lifting the mic back to her lips.)

Sahara: And it turns out I was right…

(Candice can’t help but laugh as the crowd let’s Sahara have it.)

Sahara: Missing you people is like missing sex with Michael Draven. Short. Unsatisfying. And ultimately disappointing. So sit pretty like the good little lap dogs you are — which isn’t all that pretty if we’re being honest with ourselves — and choke on this…

(Sahara feigns deepthroating the mic before smirking at Candice as the boos merely grow.)

Sahara: Yeah, he wishes. Anyway, before my friend was so rudely interrupted, what she was trying to say — oh whatever, shut up — is later tonight I got myself a little tune-up match against the tag-champs, where I’m gonna use every second of that match to see exactly how they operate, so when the time comes — and the time will come — me and Calder can do what we do … and that’s win.

(Giving the crowd a second to calm itself, Sahara waits a moment before lifting the mic.)

Sahara: LaGrima … Minxy … there’s this little concept called borrowed time. And yer both on it. Tonight, Candice gets her first taste at wrestling against champions … and I get my first opportunity to expose you both for what you really are … History.

(Pacing the ring, a visibly worked up Sahara glances at Candice before she continues.)

Sahara: As for the Team Blueballs … oh, that’s Dane and Murph for those of you that haven’t been keeping up. It seems the little FYA Tourbus broke down when my foot collided with those peanuts you boys call “balls”. Do you two morons really think yer gonna take on the House of HATE?! Gimme a break. You’ve forgotten your place, so lemme issue a correction. FYA … you’re not on our level now, you weren’t on our level then, and you’ll never be … on OUR level. The HATE Train is rollin’, fellas, and yer ALL on the fuckin’ tracks.

(Sahara motions Candice over to her side.)

Sahara: And if you don’t stand with HATE–

(With a smile, Sahara puts the mic in front of Candice’s mouth.)

Candice: You won’t stand long!

(Hugging her friend with a wink, Sahara tosses the mic to someone standing ringside before the two exit through the ropes and In This Moment’s ‘Adrenalize’ begins to play.)

murphy doyle maher vs. indrid calder

This was the match of the night, and the crowd response showed it, as the Piscataway audience was firmly behind MDM from the onset. MDM looked sharp and focused, and had Calder reeling at various points during the match, even hitting his Full Irish DDT finisher – only to have Calder get a foot on the rope at the last possible moment. The match would continue, with MDM setting Calder up once again for the move – only to have Calder drive MDM backwards into the referee. The towering Cal Rayner handed Calder a chair from ringside, and Calder slammed the edge into MDM’s abdomen, finishing him off with For the Horsemen as the local referee made the three count.

your winner by pinfall: indrid calder

candice 'dixie' diamond & sahara vs. the erinyes

non-title match

This was a surprisingly competitive tag team match, with Candice Diamond, one of the brightest stars in the EWA Developmental Center, really going toe-to-toe with Lagrima and Minxy Jones, including an extremely impressive spinning headscissors that sent Lagrima flying to the outside at one point. Sahara would tag in and take control of the match for a period, although the Erinyes would rally, overwhelming the Crimson Queen. Sahara tagged Candice in, and though ‘Dixie’ fought valiantly, the EWA Tag Team Champions would overcome her, as Minxy Jones hit her ‘Smash the Patriarchy’ finisher for the victory.

your winner by pinfall: ewa tag team champions, the erinyes

(“Man of Constant Sorrow” by Charm City Devils kicks off, bringing the fans to their feet. Out from the back comes Buck Dresden, his EWA Combat Championship on his shoulder. He is wearing a black BUCK SHOT shirt and a brand new pair of black jeans with matching wrestling boots. He stands at the entrance and motions for his music to stop.)

Buck Dresden: When they told me I was gonna be main eventin’ Fight Night against Nikki Caldwell, I gotta admit I was flabbergasted, flummoxed, confuzzled, an’ freaked the fuck out. I mean…one thing I ain’t ever really done is go toe to toe with a female wrestler in the ring.

(Buck begins his march down to the ring, still talking on the microphone.)

Buck Dresden: But here’s the bottom damn line about that. One thing ol’ Buck Dresden don’t do is back down from a fight, no matter how my opponent takes a piss.

(He stops, looking at the ring in front of him.)

Buck Dresden: An’ Nikki? Man, I promise you the same thing I told ol’ Mojave.

(He walks up the steps and pauses.)

Buck Dresden: I’m ‘bout to beat the hell outta you.

(The fans pop.)

Buck Dresden: No offense. Just the way it goes. I wish you luck, Caldwell. I may not like how I got this here title, but I guaran-DAMN-tee you I will defend it with the honor it deserves.

(He enters the ring, holding the Combat Championship above his head.)

Buck Dresden: That goes fer each an’ every damn soul watchin’ this. Buck Dresden don’t back down from nobody. Not HATE, not Cerberus, not no Erinyes, not no Kings, not a damn Warrior in the back, nobody on the Path, not nobody! Nikki?

(Buck hands his Combat Championship over to the referee. He removes his shirt and grins.)

Buck Dresden: Let’s have some fun.

Main Eventnikki caldwell vs. buck dresden

ewa combat championship match

Nikki Caldwell showed the world that she belongs in championship contention in this match. Capitalizing on her performance in recent weeks, Caldwell took charge early on, sending the beloved Buck Dresden reeling with a fighting spirit that garnered her quite the favor from the New Jersey crowd, including dueling chants of “Let’s go Nikki/Let’s go Buck” at one point during the match. In the end though, Dresden’s experience was simply too much for the bright young star, as he polished off Caldwell with the Buck Shot in a successful title defense. After the match, Sahara attempted to slip into the ring behind Caldwell, but Nikki and Buck cut her off, and the Crimson Queen thought better of it – Sahara could be heard yelling at ringside that Nikki “won’t get past little Josh at Battlelines”.

your winner by pinfall and still ewa combat champion: buck dresden

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