EWA Entertainment Presents: EWA Champions Summit III, Night #2July 14, 2017Staples CenterLos Angeles, CA

EWA Champions Summit III Results, Night #2

Mike Malone: Ladies and gentlemen, for the second night in a row we come to you live from a sold-out Staples Center! Welcome once again to Champions Summit III! I’m Mike Malone, alongside a despondent Vincent Ashe, and we’re here for a second evening of insane EWA action!

Vincent Ashe: Despondent? Oh, I beg to differ, Malone. The God Queen may have fallen last night, but I assure you this is only the beginning. You’ll ALL feel her wrath if you don’t repent now!

MM: Anyway, tonight we have two huge championship matches, including former best friends colliding in the main event as the owner of the EWA, Alexander Haven, defends the World Heavyweight Championship against–

VA: The Irrelevant! Chris Kage’s career ends tonight, Malone!

MM: The Vice Squad look to become one of only three teams to win the EWA Tag Team Championship for a third time as they challenge MoJo! Indrid Calder and Maggie McIntyre collide in a match that’s been brewing for months, after Maggie–

VA: Betrayed the HATE pillars? Tried to stop Calder from snapping the leg of that little insect, Michael Draven? I can’t wait for Calder to EAT HER SOUL tonight, Malone.

MM: That’s…a bit dramatic, but okay? Sean Boden steps into the Human Torch match, and folks, we have paramedics on standby for one of the most dangerous matches in this industry’s history.

VA: And finally, Azrael Goeren gets what’s coming to him for being a complete piece of human garbage, as Donovan King makes his in-ring debut and wipes out the MegaStar, once and for all!

MM: Before we head to the ring for our opening contest, let’s go backstage to Allison Haines, who’s standing by with our new Combat Champion. Allison?

VA: I’m gonna vomit…

(As the scene cuts to the back, Allison Haines is standing in wait with a microphone in hand.)

Allison Haines: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEW EWA Combat Champion … the always lovely Sahara!

(As the camera zooms out, Sahara comes into frame, the Combat championship proudly draped over her shoulder, glinting in the lights. She’s still dressed in her ring attire — despite not having a match — and her hair is still braided up like a Viking warrior.)

Allison Haines: How’s it feel, after all this time, to finally recapture the title that’s come to define you here in the EWA?

(There’s a smile etched into her face that seems almost permanent. A few bad bruises and cuts to her face are present, but it doesn’t seem to affect her mood. She leans in over the microphone…)

Sahara: It was the greatest night of my life, Allison. It felt like freedom to finally take this title away from Grace and cut ties to the Fallout once and for all…

(Looking at the camera, she pats the golden faceplate of the Combat championship before lifting two fingers to her lips, she gives them a kiss and points them at the camera.)

Sahara: I wanna thank–(her voice cracks with emotion)–I wanna thank Sinnocence–

(The mere mention of the name pops the crowd.)

Sahara: I know I can be the biggest pain in the ass, but without you I never coulda’ done this…

(She takes a deep breath and continues…)

Sahara: I wanna thank Maggie. Again, I know I can be a pain in the ass with my mood swings–

(As she mentions her mood swings, Allison nods, lifting her eyebrows in agreement…)

Sahara: Yeah, I know Allison. I know. I’m just–this is the greatest time of my life–goddamn I feel invincible! Whoooooo!

(The live crowd responds with a whooo of their own as she hops in place, brimming with excitement.)

Sahara: And I wanna thank Michael. Baby, I love you so much–(she pats the title)–this is for you–no. This is for US…for all three–

(Allison suddenly takes a step back as a slow clapping sound interrupts the new Combat champion.

Entering the scene is none other than Duane Gates himself to rousing boo’s from the crowd.)

Gates: Oh, don’t worry honey, I got a press pass…I belong.

(Showing off the pass tied around his neck, Sahara’s excited demeanor immediately fades as she takes a menacing step forward toward Duane, who holds his hands up and takes a step back.)

Gates: Woah. Not looking for trouble, blondie. I know you’d dismantle me. Just wanted to congratulate you, sincerely–

(Holding a hand out toward Sahara, she looks down at his hand for a few moments before looking back up. Duane acknowledges she has no intention of shaking his hand.)

Gates: No? Didn’t think so. Sorry to break up your rousing little awards speech but I–

Sahara: Ya know what, Duane…stop right there. You ain’t raining on my parade. Not today. Not ever. A little over a year ago when I first came into the EWA with a dream in my head and a sparkle in my eyes, you threw me into the deep end of the pool with the sharks…this was before you reluctantly caved to Grace’s demands to let me into the Fallout…

You remember that?! Because I do. You expected this place to eat me up like chum. You wanted to see blood in the water…and you know what? You did!

(The Combat Champion took a step forward again, Duane merely leaning back.)

Sahara: Only thing is, it wasn’t my blood you got to see. It was yours. Cuz this little guppie grew up and became one of those great whites…and the only person that got ate up around here was YOU! And what a smorgasbord you were, fat man!

(Taking a step back with a smirk on her face, Sahara patted the Combat Championship once again, purposely showing it off in front of Duane.)

Sahara: So take yer phony little congratulations and shove it up your ass–cuz Salt Bae OUT!

(The crowd pops as Sahara turns on a heel and storms off leaving Duane with Allison, who raises her eyebrows at Duane with a bit of a smirk on her face.)

Gates: Laugh it up, Allison…it won’t be long before she gets hers. Let’s just say… I’ve got some BIG surprises in store for that little whore.

(As Duane walks off with a confident smile, Allison shakes her head and looks back into the camera.)

Allison Haines: Vincent, Michael, back to you…


Nikki Rogers: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from right here in Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 147 pounds…NIKKI CALDWELL!

A scream followed immediately by machine-gun percussion of Skylar Grey’s “Wreak Havoc” shocks the arena, gold gerb-mine pyro erupting from the stage in punctuation as the fans rise to their feet in excitement. Nikki Caldwell walks onto the stage under a burst of green and red lights.


Her face is streaked with black warpaint, the large scale-armor of Sinnocence’s heirloom black-and-red Doom Jacket juts from her shoulders. She pauses at the top of the ramp with her feet braced and her arms slightly spread at her sides, eyes flickering over the crowd and then focusing intensely on the ring.


Nikki runs down the ring and three quarters of the way around it, sliding into the ring and rolling to her feet in one motion. She steps up on the bottom and center ropes, raising one fist and yelling out a warcry. The fans answer her back with a cheer of their own, and after letting them have their due, she steps down and sheds her jacket to prepare for the fight.

MM: Nikki Caldwell’s struggled to gain some momentum here thus far in the EWA, and is looking for a big win here tonight. She’s a hell of a talent though, that much is for sure, and she just needs to get her feet planted.

VA: What she needs is to stay away from those losers she hangs out with, Josh Kaine.and Mojave! She’ll never succeed at anything as long as their failure is rubbing off on her!

MM: Those “losers” you speak of are the EWA World Tag Team Champions.

VA: Not after tonight, Malone.

The house lights drop to darkness, and a white spotlight in the shape of a horned skull hits the entrance. The fuzzy bassline of Motorhead’s “You Better Run” pumps through the Staples Center, and the white light slowly fades into blood red, the house lights coming back on and bathing the arena in the same. Stepping through the curtain, a black robed figure enters, holding a bouquet of white roses. As the guitar comes in, Santa Muerte raises her head, her face painted in a Dia De Los Muertos motif, red blood over white bone with black filigree. She slowly starts her march toward the ring as Hueso steps onto the ramp behind her.

NR: And her opponent, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at 198 lbs, accompanied by Hueso, SANTA MUERTE!

MM: The Vice Squad have had a rough go as of late, but through all of it, it’s seemed like Santa Muerte has been gunning for Nikki Caldwell, Vince.

VA: What do you expect, Malone?! She’s attacked an injured man twice, and we’re talking about Santa Muerte’s husband! It’s a callous disregard for his injuries!

MM: Wh– he interfered in two different matches! Both times, she was either defending herself or the Tag Team Champions from his attacks!

VA: I’m telling you, Malone, she should’ve let them sort it out. He’s a crippled old man. He walks with a cane, for Christ’s sake!

MM: And he’s a former three-time SHOOT Project Tag Team Champion! Even with a bum leg, he can handle himself pretty well!

VA: So it’s official: Mike Malone thinks it’s OK to beat on crippled people.

MM: I did not say that!

VA: You totally did.

Hueso doesn’t stop to talk to the crowd, or really interact with anyone at all, as Santa Muerte walks up the ring steps. She steps into the ring, the black hooded robe flowing behind her. She faces Caldwell at center ring, pulling a single white rose out of the bouquet. She brings it to her lips with her skeleton-hand gloves, giving it a little kiss, before dropping it at Nikki’s feet. She walks to her corner, tossing the bouquet and her robe to Hueso, her hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

MM: This should prove to be an interesting match, Vince. Santa Muerte’s got wrestling in her blood and hometown star Nikki Caldwell has just been getting better and better!

VA: Uh huh. Well, at least Nikki didn’t come out in some getup that hides all her goods.

MM: And this matchup is underway as the referee calls for the bell!

Rick Iley backs up as the two women take a moment to appraise each other before Santa Muerte storms out of her corner, but stops about the middle of the ring, changing up the speed of her walk dramatically. Caldwell takes a more defensive stance at first, but seeing her opponent not charging in, she goes on the aggressive, attempting to catch Nikki off guard.

Santa Muerte swats the smaller woman to the side and turns to quickly drill a hard forearm shot to the back of the head. Nikki falls to her knees and palms immediately but as Santa Muerte comes towards her she kicks her one foot back, catching the older woman in the gut. Marisol stumbles back and Nikki pushes off her hands, turning with a slight jump… only for Santa Muerte to CLOTHESLINE HER out of mid-air!

MM: What an incredible move, planting Caldwell onto the mat!

VA: Not gonna lie, I’d let her do that to me. It’d be pretty hot.

MM: You’d get about what you get from any encounter with a woman. A sore jaw.

VA: That’s tru–hey!

Nikki writhes on the mat, cradling her head between her arms and Santa Muerte closes the distance to grab Caldwell by the right arm and violently yanks her up to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Nikki comes bouncing back and Marisol lunges to the side, plants her left foot and the swings her right foot up with a VICIOUS side toe kick right into the Amazon’s face! She goes down hard!

VA: Holy hell!

MM: Did you hear the impact?!

The fans roar in reaction to the impact of the kick and referee Rick Iley starts to count. Outside the ring, Hueso cheers on Santa Muerte!




















Caldwell rolls over on her stomach, clutching at her face, but still isn’t up to her feet.








MM: Nikki needs to dig down deep here and get back to her feet, or this one’s over!

VA: Yeah, Nikki, get back up! I wanna see you be Santa Muerte’s punching bag for a bit longer!





The Amazon gets up to one knee and she pulls her hand away from her face… no blood. She lets out a slight sigh before standing all the way up, but Santa Muerte is right there! Marisol spins her around just as Iley motions for the match to continue. Again Nikki is whipped into the ropes, but rebounds with a sudden explosive burst! Santa Muerte turns just as Caldwell slams into her, planting her elbow in Marisol’s face and they both fall! The fans cheer loudly as the Amazon pushes herself to her feet with a defiant roar, and her opponent shakes out the cobwebs on the ground! Nikki bends and pulls Marisol back to her feet and sends the taller woman flying against the ropes!

MM: And now Nikki Caldwell is on fire!

VA: It’s because Mojave and Kaine are nowhere to be found, Malone! She’s far better off without them!

MM: They haven’t been out here the entire match!

Nikki springs against the ropes as Marisol rebounds, but Santa Muerte regains herself quickly and hooks Nikki in a front facelock and suddenly snaps under Cade with an elevated swinging neckbreaker!

VA: BOOM! Good night!

MM: What a manuever!

Nikki rolls around, clutching her neck in agony, as Marisol scrambles after her. Santa Muerte finally catches up to her again and pulls the smaller woman backward and hooks a leg!













The Amazon kicks her legs hard, and rolls her shoulders off the canvas breaking the count! Santa Muerte quickly pulls Nikki up to her feet by her wrist and sends her into the ropes! Caldwell rebounds and Marisol moves to strike, but Caldwell hits first and smacks into her opponent with a hard elbow to the chin, and Santa Muerte collapses to the canvas!

MM: What a great back-and-forth match this is!

VA: You just gave me a great visual, Malone. Me, with either of those two, back and for–

MM: Can we PLEASE cut his mic?

Nikki instantly recognizes the opportunity that lies before her and scrambles for the cover!

Rick Iley drops again for the count!












MM: Santa Muerte’s got the shoulder up!

Nikki roars out, this time hooking one of her opponent’s legs as the referee begins the count again!














MM: Unbelievable! These two have such heart!

Caldwell rolls off of her opponent and goes to get her up by the hair, but Marisol surprises Nikki and pulls her legs out from under her, putting the younger woman on her back. She pounces on the Amazon and mounts her, landing lefts and rights like crazy before Nikki is able to roll over on her side and isolate one of Santa Muerte’s arms. There’s a standoff for just a bit before Santa Muerte makes a move to get out of the position and both are back on their feet again to the tune of the fans cheering.

MM: What a great opening contest here, and this crowd is showing their appreciation!

Nikki lunges forward at Marisol but gets caught with a roundhouse kick that sends her staggering. Santa Muerte pauses before she runs at her opponent, her head lowered for a spear, but Nikki’s playing a game of possum! She kicks Marisol in the gut and hits her with a hard DDT.

MM: Santa Muerte could have a concussion after this!

VA: Somehow I doubt even that would keep her down, Malone!

MM: That’s…actually a great point.

Caldwell gets Santa Muerte up to her feet but Santa Muerte fights her off by shoving her away, hitting the ropes, ducking under Caldwell’s arm, and nailing a flying elbow smash on the rebound! In an attempt to put an exclamation mark on all of that, Santa Muerte jogs over and springboards off the ropes, looking for a moonsault. Nikki rolls out of the way but Santa Muerte lands on her feet, stumbling but catching herself from doing something stupid. Ever the opportunist Caldwell rolls Santa Muerte up from behind though, and Referee Rick Iley drops for the count.









There isn’t even any hesitation as Santa Muerte rolls back up to her feet, the Amazon doing the same. With the crowd cheering in the background the two women meet each other with rights and lefts, Caldwell getting the better exchange AGAIN. She keeps punching and punching at Santa until she backs her into a corner, then she kicks her in the gut, making Santa Muerte slump to the ground. Nikki starts stomping at Santa Muerte viciously, eager to make this into a brawl more than anything else, until she tops it off by placing her foot against Santa Muerte’s neck and choking her. Rick Iley interjects and Caldwell happily lets go, making her way to the other corner.

VA: This is turning violent here! Nikki Caldwell has snapped!

MM: She…she broke the hold when Iley told her to, I’d hardly call that snapping.

VA: Let’s get her over here to choke you and see what you call it.

As the older woman gathers herself up in the corner and steps away from the ropes, Iley moves back. Caldwell rushes forward, banking on Santa Muerte’s brains still being rattled, but Marisol is vigilant as ever!

She delivers a swift and deadly accurate buzzsaw kick right to Nikki’s jaw with such force, sending the rookie sprawling to the ground!

MM: That’s the Naja de Sangre!

VA: The what now? Speak English!

MM: Santa Muerte’s deadly buzzsaw kick!

VA: Why didn’t you say that in the first place?

Santa Muerte drops for the cover!














The crowd erupts as Rick Iley holds up Marisol’s arm in victory! Santa Muerte soon pulls her wrist from his grip, going to pick up the discarded rose and places it gently on her prone opponent’s form. Nikki is slow to recover her bearings as the older woman takes a deep breath and moves to join her husband Hueso on the outside of the ring, slowly making their way back behind the curtain.

NR: Here is your winner….SANTA MUERTE!


(We cut backstage in the Staples Center as the camera slowly pans up to reveal a very annoyed Shawna Jackson prowling the backstage hallways. After having Grace Goeren lose her Combat Championship the night prior, the pissed off attitude she’s projecting is not surprising at all. Behind her is a veritable army of EWA security members who sternly follow her every move. She stops at a particular door backstage and gives it a loud rap with her knuckles.)

Shawna Jackson: Open up. I know you’re in there.

(After a few seconds of inactivity, Shawna steps aside. She is seemingly in no mood to wait for whoever is on the other side of this door.)

Shawna Jackson: Break it down and make sure he didn’t swallow his own tongue.

(As a security member steps forward to lay a few shoulders into the wooden frame, the door swings open and Azrael Goeren stands in the doorway, his wrestling gear already on in preparation for his grudge match against Donovan King later tonight. The only addition to Azrael’s normal gear is a silk handkerchief wrapped around his neck and a gold “Shawt N’ Nasty” necklace dangling haphazardly about his chest. He stares down Shawna without a word before the Head of Public Relations sniffs the air inside his dressing room and looks him over with suspicion.)

Shawna Jackson: And how are WE doing this evening, Mr. Goeren?

(Azrael shrugs and throws an arm up on the wall to lean on.)

Azrael Goeren: Oh just splendiferously. And how are you doing, Frau Jackson? Have you kicked your quota of puppies and burned down your fair share of orphanages tonight?

Shawna jots something down on her legal pad and annoyingly looks back at Azrael.

Shawna Jackson: I’m fine, thank you for asking. I’ll tell you what would make me feel absolutely fantastic though…

Azrael Goeren: …having an orgasm without needing to break out the ol’ Hulk hands? Gotta be really distracting to hear “HULK SMASH” each time you ram your cooter…

Shawna Jackson: Oh you’re just a delight as always, Mr. Goeren. No, what would really make me happy is knowing that one of my “stars”…and I use that term extremely loosely…

Azrael Goeren: Loose just like your…

(Shawna cuts him off before he can continue his insult.)

Shawna Jackson: Knowing that one of my stars isn’t shooting up backstage like a fuckin’ junkie before a highly anticipated match. We’ve got a lot of paying customers out there who just can’t wait to see your coked out brains get curb-stomped into the mat and I don’t want to have to start issuing refunds because you’re too much of a chicken shit addict coward to go out and fight like a real man. So…

(Shawna smiles the most artificial, plastic smile that any executive is capable of.)

Shawna Jackson: How are we really feeling tonight? Am I going to have to cancel another one of your matches?

(Azrael says nothing, he simply takes a step back into his dressing room and stares back at Shawna for a few seconds. The tension backstage is thick as the security start to tighten up, only to have Azrael finally speak.)

Azrael Goeren: You’ll get your match. God help you, the EWA and Donovan King…you’ll all get your match.

(The door SLAMS shut behind the Megastar as Shawna gives a quick nod and a smile. She jots something down on her legal pad before she motions for the security to follow her as we slowly fade back to ringside.)

MM: Alright, looks like Azrael is clean and ready to take on Donovan King! About damn time! Maybe things are starting to turn around for him.

VA: Yeah or maybe he’s about to pop a Quaalude smoothie and not feel a damn thing after King rips him apart. Keep your fingers crossed, Malone…if King plays his cards right this might be the last time we ever have to see Azrael Goeren in EWA. That would almost make the travesty that happened yesterday to Grace worth it.

MM: Still hung up on that, huh?

VA: Shut up, Malone. Just shut up.

MM: Folks, right now…it’s time for one of the most dangerous matches in the history of our industry…as the cage is lowered from above, it’s time for the Human Torch match.



The cell starts to descend as the last members of the ring crew leave. Tables are stacked, three high, covering the canvas all the way to the ring ropes. Juan Cardillo is standing by, watching as the cage comes down, and another crew is pushing a large, wheeled metal ramp toward the structure. The cage still has a panel missing from the side, where Grady Smith and Martin Robertson tore through it the night before.

MM: Folks, in the lead-up to this match, we’ve heard a lot about how this is going to look, but seeing it all come together is… wow.

VA: This doesn’t happen often, Malone, but I don’t really have anything to say. It’s just… it’s extremely imposing, and I can’t understand why anyone would willingly put themselves through this.

MM: Wow, Vince, that’s surprisingly respe–

VA: But I can’t wait to see it happen. They’re gonna get fucked up.

MM: Never mind.

The cage is locked in place by the ring crew, and the ramp is pushed against the structure. A crew of people in firefighting gear with fire extinguishers are standing by. Santa Muerte walks through the entrance, no music or video playing, in her robe and with her bouquet of white roses. She quickly glides down the ramp, ending up next to the announce table.

MM: Would you like to sit down?

Santa Muerte: No.

She remains standing, next to the announce table, looking at the structure, as Cardillo shrugs.

NR: The following contest is a Human Torch match! The match will begin on top of the cell structure. After five minutes, the tables inside will be lit on fire! The only way to win is to force your opponent through the top of the cell!

As “Behind Blue Eyes” starts to play, the crowd immediately falls into a chorus of boos. The house lights drop, and a single red spotlight hits the stage. Sean Boden stands on the entrance ramp in a pair of leather pants and boots, head down.


He raises his head to look at the structure as the spot turns white, and the house lights go up. His smirk is gone, replaced with cold determination.


NR: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, NV, weighing in at 230 lbs, SEAN BODEN!

He starts to walk down to the ring, never once taking his eyes off the cell.

MM: Sean Boden is the only man who’s ever been in two Human Torch matches, Vince, and now he faces a third. What do you think is on his mind right now?

VA: He’s a dead man walking, Malone. No doubt about it. In all honesty, even if he wins, I don’t think he’ll be in any shape to compete when this is over.

MM: Add in the fact that he’s facing a man who could possibly be called his best friend and you’ve gotta figure his mind is tumultuous right now.

VA: I don’t know what that means, but yeah, that kind of thing would screw someone up, for sure.

He walks around the ring, looking up at the top of the cage, and stops in front of Santa Muerte. They lock eyes, her face a painted vision of rage, his cold and emotionless. She pulls a single white rose out of the bouquet, presenting it to Boden. As he reaches for it, she drops it to the floor.

Santa Muerte: Resquiescat in pace.

Boden steps on the rose as he walks away, walking back around the ring to where the ramp is set up. He walks up to the top, 16 feet above the floor. He walks around the surface, testing the cell, looking for weak points, as the house lights start to strobe, looking like lightning. The stage, ramp, and ringside area start to spout fog, as Amon Amarth’s “Prediction of Warfare” starts to thump through the Staples Center. Boden stops what he’s doing, and stares at the stage.

NR: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, NV, weighing in at 319 lbs, RYAN CUDDIHY!

Ryan steps onto the stage, in black cargo pants and black leather gloves, his eyes whited out, his face painted blue from his forehead to his beard, and his hair braided behind his head. He stands at the top of the ramp, staring dead ahead, and as the guitar melody changes, he lets out a berserker roar, throwing his arms to his sides, as flames from the sides of the stage! He pounds his way down the ramp to the ring!

MM: And another man who looks absolutely determined to cause some carnage here tonight.

VA: Can you blame him, Malone? Boden has done nothing but cause trouble for him and his friends since he came back. And he… well, there’s a reason Santa Muerte’s standing out here right now.

MM: I’m in no way saying he isn’t justified, Vince. Just… how much of this is for his friends, and how much is for him?

VA: It’s for both. Yeah, this is for his friends and his family, but it’s definitely 100% personal, too.

Ryan storms down to the ring, looking up at Boden, before walking over to Juan Cardillo!

Ryan Cuddihy: Go watch from the back. It’s not safe for you out here. You can call it just fine from a monitor.

Cardillo starts to argue, but he shakes his head, and leaves the ringside area! Ryan takes a look at the hole in the cage, shaking the side. Satisfied with the structural integrity, he walks back around to the ramp, stepping up to the top of the cell. He stares at Boden from the other side, as the bell rings.

5:00 until ignition

Ryan and Boden step up to each other on the center of the cell, and the pair start to share words, clearly getting heated, but unable to understand. Boden slaps Ryan across the face! Ryan looks back down at him, and pie-faces him to his back! Boden hits the cell roof with a clang, and looks up with shock! He scrambles to his feet, and he charges forward, dodging to the side at the last second to get Ryan off-balance, kicking the back of his knee! Ryan drops to a knee, and Boden drives a pair of roundhouses to Ryan’s face, finally swinging a spinning back kick– caught by Ryan! He pushes his foot away, driving him back to the roof with a solid clothesline to the back of the head! Boden flops forward again, and Ryan stomps on his back!

MM: Ryan capitalizing on that old injury to help him out here!

VA: The big man dominating this match so far. Not much Boden can do on the top of that cage to bring him down, it seems.

MM: Bad footing, hard to balance… it definitely does seem more suited for Ryan’s skill set.

VA: Good! I just hope he waits until the flames start before he ends this.

Boden rolls over onto his back, and Ryan grabs him by the head, pulling him up– kick to the groin from Boden! Ryan drops to his knees again, and Boden SLAMS him with a trio of headbutts that puts the big man on his back!

3:00 until ignition

Boden drives a knee into Ryan’s face, before grabbing him by his beard and driving a set of forearms into his face! His hand comes back with hair in it, and he throws it to the side, before putting his forearm across Ryan’s throat! Ryan fights it, but finally throws a HUGE punch to the side of Boden’s head! Boden falls onto his back as Ryan gets to his feet!

Boden gets to a knee, but Ryan hoists him up, driving him to the roof of the cell with a spinebuster! The cage mesh bends, but doesn’t break!

VA: Not yet, man! Jeez!

Boden rolls over, and hits ANOTHER low blow as Ryan approaches! Cuddihy doubles over, and Boden grabs his face, bringing him to the roof with a facebuster! Once again, the cage strains, but stays attached!

Boden grabs a hold of Ryan’s face, scraping it across the steel! Ryan screams in pain, and Boden slams his face back down again! Blood starts to drip into the cell, Ryan’s face already busted open! Boden grabs him by the braid– legsweep from the big man! He grabs Boden by the head, slamming his face into the crossbar on the top of the cage! Boden flops over, holding his nose, and Ryan gets up to his feet!

1:00 until ignition

Santa Muerte looks to the timekeeper, and she’s given a lighter! As she walks to where the hole in the cage is, Ryan puts a boot to Boden’s face, blood dripping down into his beard! Boden rolls over onto his hands and knees, but Ryan grabs him, driving a knee into his face that sends him flying onto his back! Boden’s nose starts to leak blood, as Ryan hooks his legs, and wraps his arms under Boden’s shoulders, bringing him up for a powerbomb!

Boden boxes Ryan’s ears, and Ryan lets go, with Boden rolling down Ryan’s body to land on his feet! Boden hits a dropkick to Ryan’s chest, and the big man topples to the roof of the cell!

:15 until ignition

Santa Muerte lights the bouquet of white roses on fire, the flames spreading across the petals! She smiles into the flames! The crowd chants along with the clock!






She tosses the flaming bouquet through the hole in the cell, and the accelerant-soaked tables catch! The flames spread as the crowd cheers, and Boden grabs Ryan’s legs!

VA: You could say things are… HEATING UP, Malone!

MM: You’re awful.

VA: Out of everything I’ve said tonight, that’s your hill to die on?

Boden drives a kick to the back of Ryan’s knee, first on the left, then the right! He holds on to his right leg, driving another kick to the back of his knee, then another! Ryan howls, and as the flames start to leap to the top tier of tables, Boden pushes Ryan’s face against the wire mesh, yelling in his ear!


Boden lets go, pulling Ryan to his knees– cross chop to the throat by Cuddihy! Ryan whips Boden to the other side of the cage, and Boden is barely able to stop before he falls over the side! Boden catches his balance, turning around as Ryan grabs him by the throat! Boden’s eyes go wide, but before Ryan can lift him up, Boden thumbs him in the eye! Ryan breaks the choke, grabbing his eye, and Boden kicks him in the gut! Ryan doubles over, and Boden grabs him by the head, running him in a half circle around himself before sending him SAILING off the edge of the cell!


VA: HOLY SH–zzzt

The body of Ryan Cuddihy crashes through the announce table, splintering it!


The announce team tries to get the dead air fixed, with Boden looking down at the mess from the top! Ryan doesn’t move! Boden slowly starts to smile, as Ryan rolls over on his back!

MM: We’re back folks, and it looks like–

VA: Oh my god, he’s gonna do it, Malone, that psycho’s gonna JUMP!

As he says it, Boden flies off the top of the cage with a 16-foot high frogsplash onto Cuddihy! Both men are crumpled on the floor, both holding their chests in the pile of broken wood and metal that used to be the announce table! Boden rolls onto his chest, holding his torso and kicking his feet, while Ryan can barely move! Boden painfully gets to his hands and knees, wincing, blood now flowing steadily from his nose! He shakes his head, trying to get the cobwebs out enough to get to his feet! Ryan is stirring, but barely, rolling over onto the floor next to the rubble!

Boden lifts his torso up, still clutching his chest, looking over at where Ryan is splayed out, then back at the top of the inferno! He slowly gets to his feet, walking over to the timekeeper, and grabbing a chair! He tosses it up on top!

MM: Well, that’ll even out this match up there!

VA: Assuming either of them has the power to get themselves up there in the first place!

Boden walks back to where Ryan’s laid out– DING! Santa Muerte slams him on the back of the head with the ringside bell! Boden falls to the floor, and Santa Muerte drops the bell next to him! She pulls him up, hooking his arms behind him, and letting out a blood-curdling roar!


MM: Sombrabomb! Right onto the bell, Vince!

VA: Death comes for whom the bell tolls, Malone!

MM: Normally, I’d say you were exaggerating, but I don’t think you are this time!

Boden sits up, arching his back, and Santa Muerte grabs him by the head, pressing his face to the side of the cage! He flails and screams as the hot metal burns his face! She lets him go, and he drops to the ground, holding his head! Ryan is starting to get to his hands and knees, as she raises the ring bell back up in the air! The crowd is egging her on!

DING! She slams it back down on his back! Ryan stands up, wobbly but conscious, and steps over to where Boden’s laid out! DING! Santa Muerte lands another hit, and Boden howls in pain, rolling onto his back! She tosses the ring bell away as Ryan pulls Boden to his feet, scooping him up into a military press! He tosses him hard into the cell, right against the crossbar! Boden hits with a clang and drops back to the floor, flopping like a fish while holding his torso! The wire mesh of the cage has left a clear red mark on his face and back, even through the tattoos! Santa Muerte stares down Ryan for a second, and she nods at him, as he picks Boden to his feet!

Boden is barely able resist as Ryan puts him down on his knees, and Santa Muerte lands a VICIOUS Naja de Sangre to his head! Blood flies from his nose once more, and Boden collapses to the floor!

MM: Good God, this is savage!

VA: It’s not even half of what he deserves, Malone!

Ryan lifts Boden to his feet, almost holding him up by his head and runs him like a battering ram into the ring steps! Boden hits the steel with a clang, knocking the top half to the ground! Ryan scoops him up with a scoop slam across the bottom half of the steps! Boden lands on his abdomen, clutching his back, barely conscious!

Cuddihy grabs a handful of Boden’s hair, dragging him to the ramp! He takes a couple of steps up, but he loses his grip, with Boden dropping face first onto the ramp! Ryan hoists him onto his shoulders, carrying him up the ramp, and dropping him back down on top of the cell with a shoulderbreaker! Boden lands on his back, the flames and hot metal immediately getting him back on his feet, screaming!

Ryan gets closer, grabbing him by the head, and driving a massive elbow into Boden’s head! Boden takes it, but doesn’t fall, staggering backward and bending over, trying to shake it off! Ryan gets closer, the soles of his boots starting to stick to the cell! He stands over Boden, with a double-axe handle– Boden jams the chair into Ryan’s gut! Ryan doubles over, and Boden slams the chair across his back! Ryan drops to the roof, immediately hopping back up to his feet, a criss-cross mark across his chest! Boden slams the chair across his face! Ryan stumbles backward, trying to catch his balance before he falls again! Boden slams the chair again, but Ryan puts his hands up, catching the brunt against his forearms! He still stumbles backward, and Boden swings for the fences– Ryan hits a shockingly fast superkick! Boden falls backward, tossing the chair, but rolls back up immediately off the hot cell!

MM: The flames are heating the cage so hot, it’s melting the soles of their boots, Vince!

VA: This can’t go on too much longer! They’ve both lost a good bit of blood, and the longer they stay up there, the worse they’re gonna get burned, just by the cage!

Boden and Ryan stare each other down, breathing deep, trying to block out the pain! Boden wipes his broken nose, flinging blood into the cell, as Ryan smooths out his beard, and Boden charges as fast as he can! Ryan tries to grab him, but Boden ducks, driving a knee into his gut! Ryan doubles over, and Boden grabs his head, driving knees into his face! Boden hooks his waist, screaming loudly, trying to pull him up into a sitting piledriver!

He pulls up, but Ryan doesn’t budge! Boden puts another knee to his face, and we can see his arms straining as he tries once again!

Ryan reverses it into a back body drop! Boden rotates in the air, landing on his feet, and barely catching himself from falling over the side! He turns around to a boot in the gut from Cuddihy! Ryan pushes Boden’s head down, pulling him up into a Canadian backbreaker! Ryan drops to his knee, and Boden yelps! He stands back up, dropping to his knee again! And a third time! Boden falls to the cell roof, trying to get back to his feet, but he can’t seem to get back up! His legs are weak, and every time he tries to stand he falls back on his face! He rolls around, trying to avoid the pain!

Ryan pulls him up, wrapping both hands around his neck!

VA: I think we’re about to witness the end of a career, Malone!

MM: It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, Vince.

VA: Holy sh– was that sarcasm? That’s MY job, Malone!

Ryan pulls Boden up into the air! Boden’s kicking his feet, trying his hardest to escape, but Ryan just absorbs the blows! He walks Boden to the panel they weakened earlier in the match! Boden shakes his head, his face turning red! Ryan gives an exaggerated nod, and he throws Boden down with the Mjolnir! The panel finally gives way, and Boden crashes down into the inferno below!

MM: Good lord! This one’s over, but someone needs to put that fire out!

VA: No! Fuck that! Barbecue that douchebag!

MM: We’ve already seen a career end, we don’t need to make it a life, too!

The crew with fire extinguishers starts to move, but the two in front suddenly stop, turning around! They pull off their fire helmets–


Sure enough, with CJ and Jared standing in their way, the firefighters can’t get to the ring! Jared shakes his finger at them, CJ just standing in their way with his arms crossed! As the rest of the team tries to get past them, they move to stop them! Immediately, EWA Security rushes down, pulling them out of the ringside area and letting the firefighting crew go!

VA: Yeah! This is what happens when you fuck this many people over! Let him cook in there!

MM: Do you realize what you’re celebrating right now, Ashe?!

VA: Hell yes, I do!

The crew extinguish the flames, shooting the extinguishers over the collapsed structure of now-splintered tables, and the cage is unlocked and starts to ascend! The firefighters start to pull the wreckage out of the ring, so the medical crew can get into the ring!

NR: Your winner, RYAN CUDDIHY!

Santa Muerte is at the bottom of the ramp, where Ryan barely catches himself, and she wraps him up in a hug, keeping him on his feet as they walk toward the back!

Medical staff puts the unconscious body of Sean Boden onto a stretcher, as the firefighting crew puts out any reflashes that come up! Cynthia Marx steps out, helping Santa Muerte keep Ryan on his feet!

The medical staff rushes by the trio, who stop and watch somberly as they go. Their faces are a mix of satisfaction and sadness. They stop on the ramp for a second, before continuing their way back out of the ringside area.

MM: I don’t really know what to say about this, Ashe. This was a beating, this was brutal, but it’s hard not to think that this was exactly what Sean Boden deserved.

VA: It wasn’t enough, Malone. It was a nice start, but that man deserves to suffer for the rest of eternity for the things he’s done.

MM: We’ll have an update on his condition when we receive it, ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, Ryan Cuddihy, Cynthia Marx, and DSI can finally put this behind them and maybe get some closure.

VA: Yeah, tell that to Santa Muerte, or more accurately, Marisol Cortez Walsh, Malone.

MM: Well, coming up later tonight, her partners Minxy Jones and Lágrima will take on MoJo for the EWA World Tag Team Championship. And we have three more grudge matches lined up, as the Stranger, Indrid Calder takes on the new Mrs. Michael Draven and his former lover, Maggie McIntyre; Donovan King takes on Azrael Goeren to settle their old grudges that have crossed into the EWA from SHOOT Project; and of course Alexander Haven defends his EWA World Heavyweight Championship against former best friend “The Incomparable” Chris Kage in a no-disqualification showdown. But first, let’s go backstage.


(The NEW EWA Combat Champion, Sahara, walks with a purpose down the hallway to the locker room; she knows the other woman in her polyamorous trio is quietly preparing for her biggest match yet. She hasn’t gotten a chance to talk to Maggie since Friday, the Banshee citing the need for space to get her head in order for her match with Indrid Calder later tonight.

But the news is out.

She stops at the doorway, taking a deep breath and straightening the belt around her waist.

She’s the Combat Champion once again.

The belt is home, where it belongs.

Sahara knocks on the doorframe, drawing the Banshee’s attention. Maggie looks up immediately, dressed in her ring gear already. She pushes her sable locks out of her eyes and gets to her feet.)

Sahara: Look, I wanted–

(Sahara doesn’t get a chance to finish before Maggie rushes to her and hugs her tightly, the gold Combat Championship belt between them.)

Maggie McIntyre: I’m so happy for you! I’m so happy, Lauren!

Sahara: Oh yeah, but Mags–

(She is cut off again as Maggie gets to her tiptoes, pressing her lips to the blonde’s with a passion Sahara thought would never happen. The new EWA Combat Champion is rendered speechless when Maggie finally pulls back.)

Maggie McIntyre: Look, I know there’s a lot to talk about, but let’s do it after my match, okay?

(The blonde just halfway nods.)

Maggie McIntyre: Awesome! I love you. (her smile grows.) I love you a lot. This is gonna work for all of us, Lauren. You, me, and Mike together. I know what Indrid said to you yesterday, but I promise…soon as this match is over, we’re gonna talk. All of us.

(Maggie looks at the clock on the wall.)

Maggie McIntyre: Shit, I gotta go get ready. I’ll see you after my match!

(Maggie kisses the blonde’s cheek and squeezes her one more time before darting out the door. Her match is up soon and she needs to be ready.

We cut back to ringside.)

MM: Alright folks, the carnage at ringside has been cleaned up, and now we are getting set up for MOJO vs Vice Squad for the EWA Tag Team Championship!

VA: Yeah, super excited for stupid team name vs dumb masked ladies. God, can we just fast forward to Alexander Haven destroying Chris Kage. I’m just glad our production crew brought us a new table!

(Indeed, as the cameras cut to Malone and Ashe at ringside, we can see that the rubble from the Human Torch match and Cuddihy’s fall through the broadcast position has been cleared, and a new table has been set up.)

MM: You do realize you’ve cursed us to have it broken again later, right?

VA: Oh, for the love of Grace, Malone! There’s no such thin–

(Suddenly, the lights dim.)


(The entryway begins to fill with green and purple fog. “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic at the Disco begins to play as a smiling theatre face laughs on the screens.)


(A platform shoots JESTER SMILES up as gold and silver sparks shoot out! Jester stands there a moment, looking at the crowd. He is dressed in green dress slacks and a green suit coat, but underneath the coat is a t-shirt that has an image of Jester Smiles standing in his ring gear, but he is decapitated and holding his head out in front of him. The image is black and white, but Jester’s severed head is bleeding gold. His eyes are open and he is sticking his tongue out. Jester is also wearing black and white converse, the right shoe having green laces and the left shoe with purple. He extends both his fists out and looks up at the sky!)


(Gold and silver sparks shoot out on both sides of Jester. Jester looks at the crowd, beaming brightly. The fans pop loudly, and Jester mouths thank you to them, his eyes getting a little watery. He then proceeds to run over to the guard rail, high-fiving, hugging, and even taking a selfie or two with the fans. As he makes his way to the ring, he tries to give as much time as possible to the fans in attendance.)

MM: Well, folks, we saw Jester Smiles, former SHOOT Project and LEGACY Pro star, make his presence known when he knocked Cal Rayner out cold with a spinning back kick after Cal Rayner continued his assault on William West at the end of their match. I’m uncertain of the history that West and Smiles have, but it did seem like the ensuing stare down made some kind of point.

VA: I don’t know why these fans are cheering so loudly. Jester Smiles, throughout his career, has been a false hero and an absolute, detestable human being. Did you know that his battle with alcoholism is something he speaks OPENLY about? Disgusting. What a terrible role model!

(Jester finally arrives to the ring, leaping up onto the apron with a single jump. He pauses for a moment, still looking at the cheering fans waving signs and shouting both accolades and insults. He smiles brightly about it all. He then steps over the top rope and enters the ring, asking for a microphone and politely shaking the hand of Nikki Rogers when she gives it to him. He raises the microphone as his music dies down, but the fans are still cheering happily. Jester nods, respectful of their applause and thankful for it. He finally speaks up.)

Jester Smiles: Wow. Just…just wow.

(The EWA crowd pops again. Jester lowers the microphone from his mouth, his eyes becoming watery.)

VA: See, he’s a sissy too. Crying in the middle of the ring; it’s disgraceful.

MM: Let the man have his moment, Ashe. From what I understand of Jester’s history, he’s had a long, hard road.

(Jester raises the microphone to his mouth, smiling, beaming brightly at the crowd. There is an energy about him, a certain glow that really seems to be connecting with the fans.)

Jester Smiles: Ladies and gentlemen of the EWA, are we having a killer Champion’s Summit or what?!

(The crowd pops in response.)

Jester Smiles: For those that are unfamiliar with who I am, I’m the guy who knocked Cal Rayner into next week with my foot!

(Another pop.)

Jester Smiles: My name is Eric, but my friends, and I do believe all of us in this stadium can be friends, call me…JESTER…SMILES!

(The crowd applauds. A noticeable “Welcome Back” chant starts up.)

Jester Smiles: Now, old Jester Smiles has been gone from professional wrestling for a couple of years now. Some of you may have heard on the dirt sheets that I was doing the Mixed Martial Arts thing, which I was, and some of you may have heard that I run a Rohkar Combat Authority, a very successful sports gear and merchandising business. I want to say I’ve seen some of my shirts in the audience. Thanks for your business!

(Jester throws a big, jokey thumbs up to the audience.)

Jester Smiles: Point is, I’ve been doing things, and I’ve been doing them pretty well. I’ve made a good bit of money, enough that I’ll definitely be able to retire once this ole body finally gives out. I’ve even found something to let out my aggression, fighting inside of cages and boxing rings, training to keep this very, very sexy body in shape. Ladies, he’s single.

(Jester winks at the crowd. There is a joking whistle from the crowd. Jester looks in the direction of the sound and sees the fan who whistled. It is a guy.)

Jester Smiles: Or fellas. Hey, whatever, it’s 2017, right? Let’s party!

(The audience laughs.)

Jester Smiles: So, sexual innuendo aside, if Jester is doing so good, then why is Jester here? Sorry, I’ll stop talking about myself in the third person. It’s super douchey and arrogant sounding, yeah?

VA: Yes. Thank god.

Jester Smiles: I am not here in the EWA because I need something. I am here in the EWA because you, the fans, and the guys in the back, they need something. You fans need things to…change. You need something different. You fans need…

(Jester pauses for dramatic effect.)

Jester Smiles: …competition.

MM: Hmmm…I’m unclear about what Jester means here. EWA has some of the best athletes in the world competing against one another right now.

Jester Smiles: Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that EWA has some of the best athletes in the world competing against one another right now.

MM: Can…can he hear me?

Jester Smiles: This is not a statement on the quality of the wrestlers. These are warriors, soldiers, FIGHTERS, and each and every one of them deserves the respect of being a true warrior. I’m not taking that away from them. But..this sport…this sport that EWA represents…

(Jester turns to the entrance way, looking at the EWA: Champion’s Summit III logo.)

Jester Smiles: …it is something vile. Something cancerous. Don’t get me wrong, this is not EWA’s fault. Outlaw Pro Wrestling, SHOOT Project, LEGACY, none of them were any better. Because, while everyone in the back is a true warrior, this sport has become about something else. It has become about something that isn’t combat.

It has become about the drama. The hatred.

If you go to the EWA website, it says that if you aren’t here to win the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, you are in the wrong line of work. So, as I look at this Champion’s Summit, I see a LOT of people who are in the wrong line of work.

HATE is trying to spread some ridiculous, cartoon supervillain ideology. Ray Willmott and Laura Seton are having a marital squabble in the ring. I mean, where are the #1 Contendership matches for any of the titles? Where are the matches to simply decide who is the best simply because we should all be striving to be the best?

Aside from the championship matches, all I see is grudge match, grudge match, grudge match. All these gimmick matches, guys setting themselves on fire, guys destroying each other all over the arena, and to prove what? That they are the toughest. Fuck no, it is simply to settle some childish drama instead of work shit out like adults.

I am so TIRED of childish drama being the motivating factor for these wrestlers, no, these WARRIORS to battle. I’m tired of the needless bloodshed. I’m tired of people’s lives being ruined and their families feeling threatened because we are incapable of acting like adults and keeping our petty shit inside the ring.

Willmott, Seton, HATE, Robertson, Grady, McIntyre, DSI, all of you…pull your heads out of your asses and stop wasting the skills you have. We didn’t train our bodies to ignore pain and deal it out in brutally efficient matters to THROW IT AWAY on blood feuds and drama. Your feuds, your vendettas are a disgrace to the EWA, a disgrace to the fans, and a disgrace to this ring, which in my mind, is hallowed ground.

(The crowd is silent. They are uncertain what to think about Jester’s speech.)

MM: Jester Smiles clearly using his soapbox to make statements about where are industry has gone, and I don’t know if I fully agree with everything he is saying, but I can say that he does make some compelling points.

VA: Stop preaching you part-time has-been.

Jester Smiles: This sport is my religion. This ring is my church. The competition is my god. I pray with my fists, with my feet, and with my muscles. I am here to bring back the purity of the sport. I am not here to settle scores or vendettas. If you harmed me in the past, water under the bridge as far as I am concerned. If I harmed you in the past, you let me know when you would like to settle that. I’ll give you one match and that is it.

Because my goal here isn’t to settle feuds or gain money. My goal is to save this sport. My goal is to bring back competition, pure competition. My goal is to make this ring a place of pure violence, but only this ring. I am here to make this a sport that elevates people and makes their lives more fulfilled, not leave them in a pit of misery and despair, living in constant fear that someone will come after them in their personal life.

I am here to save…you…all.

From yourselves.

And how do I do that?

(The crowd is hanging on Jester’s words.)

VA: Yeah, Mr. Hero God Complex, how are you going to do that?

MM: Doesn’t Grace have a God Complex?


Jester Smiles: I will save this place by setting an example. I will save this place by showing everyone how it is done. Sure, I’m old for this sport, my knees aren’t what they used to be, and who knows how much longer I have, but with what time I do have, I will be the role model that a lot of the ladies and gentlemen in the back need.

I will save this place by becoming the EWA Grand Slam Champion!

(The crowd pops!)

Jester Smiles: If you hold a title in this company, I am coming for you! Be ready to defend your belt, because whether you are the Network Champion, the Combat Champion, the Tag Team Champions, or the World Champion, I…want…your…belt.

Now, you don’t have to worry about outside of the ring. Yeah, I know, I jumped Cal Rayner, but that was too prove a point, and the dude was asking for it with his actions against Willy West anyway. But I have no desire to beat any of you outside of this ring.

This is my church. This is my sacred holy place. I will elevate these championships to something greater, something amazing, something PURE, by beating any of you clean in the middle of this ring.

Before my spark finally fades out and I ride off into the sunset to retire, I will hold every championship this company has to offer.

I am not here to be a part timer.

I am not here to settle a score.

Champions, listen up. I am coming for your belts.

I’m Jester Smiles, and I will be the champion that this company and these fans DESERVE!

(The crowd pops as “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic at the Disco erupts over the PA. Jester leaves the ring, again taking his time to exit as he high fives, hugs, and snaps selfies with any fans he didn’t interact with before.)

MM: Bold words by the new EWA signee, Jester Smiles. I know he has been a strong competitor and multiple champion in his past companies, but Grand Slam Champion is a big goal.

VA: Too big for a guy who calls himself “Jester”. I mean…a clown? Come on, he’s washed up, a joke, and every champion in this company is going to make him eat these words.

MM: We’ll see, Ashe. We’ll see. Up next is the tag team championship!



NR: This tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the EWA World Tag Team Championship!

MM: Just a reminder to the folks at home that the Vice Squad’s manager, Hueso, is barred from ringside for this match.

VA: It’s just absolutely atrocious what they’re doing to that poor, injured man. He can’t even be out here to watch his protege and kind-of-girlfriend beat the hell out of that domestic partnership that holds the belts.

MM: Wh– wow, Vince, that’s… there’s just so much there to try to answer that it’s near impossible.

VA: I’m good at my job, Malone. Get on my level.

A single white spot, in the shape of a horned skull hits the entrance ramp, before splitting into two, one purple, one pink. As “Heaven Knows” starts to pump through the Staples Center, we can see the silhouettes of Lágrima behind the pink spot, and Minxy Jones behind the purple, facing away from the audience. As the guitar riff hits, Minxy and Lágrima turn around, with Lágrima mock crying, and Minxy hitting a Sailor Moon pose, as pink and purple pyro explode all around them and down the ramp! Both are in their black mourning masks, and they start making their way to the ring, slapping hands with fans on the way down!

NR: Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 321 lbs, Lágrima and Minxy Jones, the VICE SQUAD!

MM: A victory here would give Lágrima her third EWA Tag Team Championship reign since From The Ashes, which has to be some sort of record in and of itself.

VA: What, winning the belts three times in under two years? That means she had to lose them twice, y’know.

MM: But both of those title reigns broke records for length, Vince, first more than doubling Public Enemy’s long-held record of 56 days, and then breaking her own record of 138 days with an astonishing 205-day title reign. So out of that almost two years, the EWA World Tag Team Championship has been around her waist for roughly half of it.

VA: Whatever, Malone, I still say it’s not that big a deal.

Lágrima gets a running start, vaulting over the top rope with a somersault! Minxy is right behind her, and she somersaults over the top rope, landing as Lágrima runs to the corner! Minxy also goes to the corner, and both hop to the top turnbuckle, with Lágrima blowing a kiss to the audience, and Minxy posing like an anime magical girl once again, before they both land backflips off the top, before Minxy slides to the center of the ring, with an HBK-style bicep flex, with Lágrima leaning over top of her, tracing the tearlines on her mask, before putting her hands on Minxy’s shoulders!

The houselights drop, and Fallout Boy’s “The Phoenix” starts to play. A red phoenix appears on the stage!

You are a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down
Strike a match and I’ll burn you to the ground
We are the jack-o-lanterns in July setting fire to the sky
Here, here comes this rising tide, so come on

NR: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 388 lbs, they are the EWA World Tag Team Champions, Josh Kaine and Mojave, MOJO!

Mojave and Kaine step out from the back, titles raised in the air as fire shoots out from the sides of the stage! The crowd roars their approval, as the pair make their way down to the ring!

MM: And despite walking into this match as champions, Vince, you have to figure that MoJo is the dark horse here.

VA: I don’t have to figure anything, Malone, it’s in my contract. But you have a point: the experience factor has to go to the Vice Squad just for the inclusion of Minxy Jones, and with Lágrima’s clear talent for tag team wrestling. But let’s not forget that both of these men come from wrestling families… of a sort.

MM: Yes, Maurice MacKay and Josh Kaine do have last names that carry a lot of weight here in the EWA. And they won those belts in their first match as a team, so you have to figure there’s a lot of natural chemistry there.

VA: Yeah, I’d guess there’s a lot more natural chemistry than on the Vice Squad side, if you know what I’m saying.

MM: You’re a jerk.

VA: Not that I wouldn’t love to see the Vice Squad’s natural chemistry, if you know what I’m saying.

MM: Please stop.

Both Josh and Mojave slide into the ring, each going to opposite corners, and raising the belts high once again, and as they drop to the mat, Danny Smith is there to take the belts, raising them high into the air. He hands them down to the timekeeper, and as Lágrima and the Heir step through the ropes, he calls for the bell! Minxy and Mojave circle each other, and the pair locks up, with Minxy immediately dropping into an armdrag that takes Mojave to the mat! Mo is quick to hop up, but so is Minxy, rolling it straight into a spinning wheel kick! Mojave gets staggered, falling back into the ropes! Minxy rolls to her feet, whipping him to the other side! Mojave comes back, ducking a leapfrog, and as soon as Minxy hits the ground, she dives forward with a handspring! Her legs hit the top rope, and she bounces back into a twisting cross body as Mojave comes back! She drops him to the mat, and bounces back to her feet, and before Mo can even react, she lands back on top of him with a somersault senton!

Minxy gets to her feet immediately, springing up to balance on the top rope, before flying off with a moonsault– nobody home! Mojave rolls out of the ring just in time to see Minxy land flat on her face on the canvas!

MM: Once she gets that momentum going, Minxy Jones is near unstoppable! If you don’t get out quick, that could be the end!

VA: Don’t talk to me about momentum and Minxy Jones, Malone, unless you want me to start with the innuendo again.

MM: NO, stopping now. But Mojave with the smart move to slow down the pace, and get this match back to his advantage.

Minxy gets to her hands and knees, and Mojave hops back on the apron, slinging himself over with a slingshot legdrop across Minxy’s neck! Minxy crashes back to the mat, and Mojave takes the fight to the ground, getting Minxy in a side facelock! He pulls back on her face and neck, and Minxy grimaces in pain! Minxy tries to slide herself out, but Mo bridges a little, putting more pressure on Minxy’s back! Suddenly, Minxy’s foot comes up, over her back, and catches Mo in the top of the head!

VA: Ha! Don’t try to out-stretch a gymnast, Malone!

Mo loosens the hold, and Minxy breaks free, rolling away, but it clearly took a lot out of her! Mojave gets back to his feet, pulling Minxy up, and driving a knee into her face, before putting her back on the mat with a swinging neckbreaker! Minxy sits up, holding the back of her head, and Mo pulls her back up to her feet, whipping her to his corner! Kaine puts a boot up– Minxy connects head first with the foot of the Heir!

Minxy drops to the mat, and Mojave tags in Kaine! Josh steps into the ring, as Mojave grabs Minxy’s feet, and Mo catapults Minxy right into a MASSIVE clothesline from Kaine! Minxy goes head over heels, landing on her face as Mojave exits the ring! Kaine lays a huge stomp into the back of Minxy’s head, and as soon as she rolls over to protect it, he leaps with a fist drop to her face! Kaine grabs Minxy’s arm, pulling her closer to center ring, and wraps his legs around her with a triangle hold! Smith drops to the mat, checking on Minxy!

Lágrima SAILS OFF THE TOP ROPE, landing a massive legdrop from halfway across the ring! Kaine breaks the hold! Minxy rolls over, holding her shoulder as Danny Smith commands Lágrima back out of the ring! Kaine rolls onto his hands and knees, looking at Lágrima in shock! Lágrima blows him a kiss!

MM: WOW! Lágrima with some AMAZING acrobatic ability, making the save!

VA: Looks like you’re not the only one who’s surprised, Malone!

Kaine gets to his feet, turning to Minxy– Jones catches him with a jawbreaker! Kaine stumbles, and Minxy catches him with a pair of kicks to the midsection, before catching him with a spinning roundhouse to the jaw! Kaine stiffens, dropping hard to the mat! Minxy shakes it out, running to the ropes and crashing down on Josh with a running shooting star press! She pops up, spinning around with her hands out! The crowd eats it up!

Minxy doesn’t waste time, though, pulling Kaine back to his feet, and sending him sailing into the Vice Squad corner! He hits the turnbuckle hard, but before he can process it, Lágrima kicks his leg out from under him! Kaine drops to his butt, and Minxy has him lined up… and comes flying from the other side of the ring with a bronco buster! She crashes against his face with her hips, before grabbing the top ropes, and pulling herself up into a handstand, swinging back down with a double knee to his face! Minxy tags in Lágrima, who pulls Kaine down, his head between the rope and the apron! Minxy slingshots out of the ring, crashing down on him with a legdrop! Josh doesn’t have a chance to do much else, as Lágrima catapults him hard into the bottom rope!

Lágrima pulls Josh back into the ring, scaling the corner, and leaping off with a rope-assisted corkscrew moonsault!

MM: Lágrimas de Dolores! Lágrima looking to put this one away!

She covers!















THR– Mojave with the save!

Mojave charges in, putting a solid boot to the side of the challenger’s head! Danny Smith doesn’t even have time to react before Mojave’s back out of the ring, but the damage has been done! Lágrima gets to her feet, grabbing Kaine’s head– Kaine drives a shoulder into her gut, and holds on, driving her HARD to the mat with a massive spinebuster!

VA: Only one word to describe that! DAMN!

Lágrima flops onto her abdomen, and Kaine stomps on her back for good measure! Lágrima puts a hand to her spine, howling in pain, and Kaine puts her in a seated position, coming off the ropes with a soccer kick right to her back once again! She arches her back hard, flopping face first to the mat! Kaine steps over Lágrima, looking at Minxy! He throws his arms out with a smile, grabbing Lágrima by the waist, and pulling her up into the Berserker Slam!

Minxy springboards onto the top rope, and Kaine drops Lágrima as Minxy SAILS to him with a dragonrana! NO! Kaine caught her! Minxy shakes her head, throwing punches into Kaine’s face!

MM: Another display of acrobatics from the challengers here, but it doesn’t look like this one’s going to pay off as well!

VA: It’s gonna pay off for someone, just not the Vice Squad!

Jane rolls over onto her back, and Kaine brings Minxy right to her, dropping her HARD on Lágrima with a powerbomb! Both Lágrima and Minxy flop to the mat, with Minxy rolling to the outside! Kaine covers!














THR– kickout from Lágrima!

Kaine looks at Danny Smith, holding up two fingers, and he can’t believe it! But he doesn’t take too much time to argue, grabbing Lágrima by the mask, and throwing her into the corner with Mojave! Lágrima hits the turnbuckle solidly, and before she can even bounce out, Kaine GORES her into the corner, rocking the ring! Jane crumples, as Kaine tags in Mojave! Mo slings over the top rope to the middle, crushing Jane to the mat with a moonsault! He pulls Lágrima to her feet, and both Kaine and Mo lock her up, dropping her to the mat with a double Russian leg sweep! Both men roll through, and Mojave drops a leg across Lágrima’s neck, while Kaine hits a standing frogsplash!

MM: INCREDIBLE teamwork from the champs, with a combination Quicksand and standing frog splash! Mojave with the cover!















THR– Minxy pulls Mojave out of the ring!

Mojave turns around, and Minxy ducks a punch, putting him down hard with an inverted atomic drop!

MM & VA: Ooooooh!

Mojave doubles over, falling to the floor as Danny Smith starts the count, and Minxy turns to find Kaine sailing off the top rope– superkick to the face! Kaine flops back onto the floor, and Minxy rolls Mojave back into the ring, where Lágrima is back on her feet! She picks Mojave up, tossing him to the ropes! Minxy slides into the ring, as Lágrima hits a drop toe-hold!

Lágrima holds on! DTF! Minxy grabs hold of Mojave’s other leg, and Lágrima transitions into a Muta lock! Minxy slaps on her own, Sieze the Means Of Production! The Vice Squad have Mojave in a double Muta lock, and Danny Smith is trying to get Minxy out of the ring!

VA: Look at them! Trying to cheat the tag champs out of their belts!

MM: Who’s side are you on, Vince?!

VA: I’m on my side, Malone!

Smith doesn’t even get the chance to start a five count, as Kaine comes speeding across the ring, driving a dropkick to Minxy’s side, and knocking both members of the Squad out of the hold! Kaine pulls Minxy up, and runs her straight through the ropes to the outside!

Lágrima gets to her hands and knees, while Mojave is trying his best to get up! She pulls him to his feet, in a standing rear facelock! No! Mojave wriggles out, driving a back kick to her midsection! Lágrima doubles over, and Mojave dives over her back with a sunset flip! She reverses it! Mojave kicks out, and Lágrima hops to her feet, running to the ropes! Mojave lays flat as Lágrima leaps over him, leapfrogs her on the way back again, and he runs to the other side! Springboard clothesline from Mojave!

MM: Sandstorm! Mojave covers!















THREE! Minxy slides in the ring a second too late!

NR: Your winners, and STILL EWA World Tag Team Champions, Mojave and Josh Kaine, MOJO!

Mojave and Kaine celebrate in the ring, as Danny Smith hands them the belts back! Minxy pulls Lágrima to her feet, consoling her!

MM: And a tough loss for the Vice Squad, but an amazing win for MoJo, who have just gained a great deal of credibility in the EWA tag team scene with this victory.

VA: They beat up a mom and a little girl, Malone!

MM: You really are on your side, Vince.

VA: Somebody’s gotta look out for number one, Malone, nobody else is.

Minxy puts a hand out to the retaining champions, a sign of respect. Mojave nods, and the pair shake hands in a show of sportsmanship, before Kaine and Mojave raise the belts into the air!


(We pan back to ringside where we see Vince Ashe and Mike Malone sat facing the camera with slightly somber looks on their faces.)

MM: We’re going to shift gears for a second and take you back to something that happened last night. We saw a lot of fantastic matches and one of those was between the EWA’s Power Couple, Laura Seton and ‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott.

VA: As you know, Laura walked away with the victory last night and that is an absolutely huge story as it has a huge impact on her ranking and World Championship possibilities, but it’s not the only story to come out of that match.

MM: Yeah, there was a particularly horrible spot in the match that seems to have had some long-term consequences. We’ll show you the replay right now…

(The camera flips back to a replay from the Laura v Willmott match where Laura is hung up on the top rope. Ray climbs up to meet her, grabs her around the waist and performs a huge exploder suplex off the top rope!)

VA: This was a huge point in the match, but you can see that when Willmott lands on his back he immediately clutches his shoulder.

MM: Yeah, we picked up on this at the time as there has been talk about rotator cuff problems, though Willmott’s camp refused to comment. But our suspicions were immediately averted as Willmott just seemed to shrug it off, then go on to execute a huge German Suplex.

VA: But you could see the impact on the shoulder after he did it and after the third consecutive suplex, we really started to see him fade away from the match.

MM: Well, we’ve got some exclusive footage post-match as well as some information that concludes Ray Willmott did indeed injure himself last night. And it may be more severe than we first thought.

(The camera switches to Willmott meeting with the backstage physicians last night. At first, they test his flexibility by moving the arm left and right. The physicians then check his mobility by lifting his arm up and down. Ray winces and shakes his head once the lead physician tries to lift his right arm above his chest. Laura Seton is stood to the side looking extremely concerned.)

VA: Obviously the footage here shows how much pain the former EWA World Heavyweight Champion is in. This was then followed by a statement from Willmott’s camp this morning which explains the situation even further. We hand it over to you, Allison.

(Allison Haines is stood backstage with a microphone in hand and a despondent look on her face.)

Allison Haines: Thanks guys. Champions Summit III Night One had a bit of everything and tonight has been nothing short of incredible, but we do have some sad news to bring you. It seems that Ray Willmott has suffered a shoulder injury which could, potentially, be career-threatening.

(There are some shocked and stunned gasps from the crowd. Allison remains composed, shuffles her feet, then continues.)

Allison Haines: Even now, Willmott’s camp are not giving us all the information but we do understand that he has suffered a Labral Tear, not a Rotator Cuff injury.

It is also understood that the injury was aggravated in the match against Laura Seton last night and according to Dr Furman, Ray Willmott actually competed against the doctor’s orders. Prior to the match, he had confidentially signed a document which protects the EWA from any comeback, but has been keeping his health extremely quiet for the last few weeks, only telling people on a need-to-know basis. Even Laura wasn’t aware of the injury.

MM: Wait, what?

VA: She didn’t know?!

(Allison nods.)

Allison Haines: Speaking to her earlier, she’s as shocked and surprised as all of us and has absolutely no knowledge of this document. She’s obviously disturbed and saddened by what’s happened here, worried about her own involvement in potentially ending the career of her lover and legend of the sport.

(Allison stands up right, her eyes welling up with sadness.)

Allison Haines: While details are sketchy, we do know that the outcome of today’s meetings with doctors is that Willmott is likely facing a worst-case scenario and he will require immediate surgery, going under the knife tomorrow morning.

Right now, it’s a waiting game. But if last night was the last match in Ray Willmott’s career, it was certainly one to remember and a contest we’ll never forget. Back to you guys at ringside.

(Allison drops the microphone down to her side and gives a knowing nod to direct the attention back to ringside.)



NR: The following grudge match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Albany, NY, she is the Banshee….Maggie McIntyre!

I got two letters from you
Last words of the runaway
Your love was written so true
And now I can’t speak your name

The heavy opening drum beats of AFI’s “I Hope You Suffer” reverberate throughout the arena and the lights flicker in time to the beat as the Banshee of HATE, Maggie McIntyre, appears at the top of the rampway. Dressed in a tight black top, buckled corset and fishnets tucked into knee high boots, she begins to stride down the ramp, never taking her eyes off the ring.

I faced destruction and you
Just killed me and walked away
I gave my heart to the cruel
Now, it will not beat again

She climbs into the ring, stepping through the ropes and raising a fist to the roar of the crowd before shedding the leather jacket to the outside. Her music slowly begins to die down as she stands on the opposite side of the ring awaiting her opponent, her former lover…her creator.

MM: Maggie’s looking towards the entrance with trepidation! Frankenstein has to come out and face his monster!

VA: Wait…I thought the monster was Frankenstein?

MM: He is…and he created a monster.

VA: So the big shambling green guy created himself?

MM: Nevermind. Folks, the rumors are flying that Maggie McIntyre is now “Mrs.”, allegedly marrying Michael Draven in a small ceremony last night in Boston.

VA: You know, Malone – actually, forget it. I’m not even going to go there. That situation is just…yeah. I hope she hires a good divorce lawyer, that’s all I’m saying!

MM: Can’t you, just for once, show a little dignity?

VA: Why don’t you ask Indrid Calder how he feels about this news, Malone? Because somehow I think he’s going to show us right here tonight.

NR: And her opponent, from Nothing, Arizona! He is the Spider King of HATE….INDRID CALDER!!!!

it seems strange that my life should end
in such a terrible place…

“Smoke & Mirrors” by Puscifer plays as the tron showcases a tattered gray shroud floating past multiple willow trees. Smoke seems to curl outward from the shroud as it passes multiple shattered mirrors. Suddenly the shroud darts forward with deceptive quickness, the head rising. All we see is a black hole beneath the hood with two shining knife-blue silver dollars for eyes. Indrid Calder appears on the ramp, pulling back his hood as he makes his way down.

You confessed one day to have been a snake and deceiver
But when your moment came, to shed that skin
You just slithered away
You just slithered away

The Stranger circles the ring, appraising the Banshee from all sides before ascending the stairs and stepping between the ropes. He takes his long jacket and cowl off, tossing them to the side before locking eyes with her.

MM: The moment has come for the wrecking ball known as The Banshee to square off with the last Pillar holding up the House of HATE!

VA: She’s going to get thrown around like a rag doll.

MM: I wouldn’t be so sure, Vince. She’s plowed through NOTHING, Rayner, and West already!

Rick Iley barely has time to call for the bell before Maggie is out of her corner like a rocket, nailing the Stranger into the ropes with a vicious spear! The air is knocked out of Calder as he falls back against the ropes. Maggie is clearly not letting anything stop her from getting what she wants. She pulls back, only to spear him again! Rick Iley grabs her shoulder, putting himself between the two of them to let Calder regain himself.

VA: She’s still going to get murdered tonight, no matter this start! Calder’s going to eat her soul or something. Right in the middle of the ring. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks.

MM: You don’t have a hundred dollars and you know it.

VA: Yeah, I don’t. I threw it all at your wife this morning!

MM: Well, that would certainly explain your black eye.


MM: They missed a bit.

VA: Shut up. And you know the only one on this roster who really gets plowed is Sahara!

Realizing that he won’t get anywhere by dawdling, Calder makes an effort, initiating a collar and elbow tie up. Maggie shoves him off, using his power advantage. Calder repels hard against the ropes, and then hits Maggie with a quick forearm shot. The Banshee’s minorly stunned, but not enough for Calder to capitalize. Calder throws a kick at Maggie’s calf, but she pulls it up to minimize the blow, and the damage.

MM: Not exactly the monstrous effort you might expect from the lone Pillar of HATE!

VA: He’s just warming up! Just watch, he’ll cut her open and eat her heart real soon!

The Stranger frowns, shoving his opponent hard to get her away from him. Maggie goes stumbling backwards to the ropes, a sneer on her face.

Maggie McIntyre: Don’t pussy out on me now, Indrid!

The camera at the ringside catches what she says. She charges him again, landing an elbow right in the stomach before Maggie is on her feet again, taking him down with a drop kick! Calder hits the mat hard, but his creation doesn’t give him time to breathe. Her arms wrap around him as he tries to get back up and she throws him with all her strength.

MM: Suplex! Maggie is certainly carrying out the grudge part of this match!


Calder hits hard again as Maggie rolls away, only to be have her feet swept out from underneath her. The Spider King is soon back on his feet!

Calder tries to work Maggie’s leg some more, but the Banshee is relatively quick. He shoves Calder back once more, but instead of rebounding and going for Maggie’s head with a forearm, he rebounds, ducks under Maggie’s clothesline, and turns around for an attempt at a drop toe-hold, which connects! Maggie falls, and Calder quickly moves to Maggie’s upper body, choosing now to drive a series of knees into the shoulders of the former Combat Champion. Maggie only allows four knee strikes to go through before using her strength to power her way up. Once up, she throws a MAJOR haymaker Calder’s way, with Calder not being quick enough to dodge, and thus taking a huge hit. Maggie follows it up by whipping Calder to the opposite rope, and just DOMINATING him with that same clothesline from before.

The Stranger crumples to the mat! Maggie goes for a cover, but can only manage a one and a half count, before Calder shoulders up.

MM: Here comes HATE’s Titan!

VA: Oh great, the glacial pace is really going to help Calder eat Maggie’s heart. Move faster! Pretend you’re Sahara after a big dick!


VA: Not anymore it’s not.

Cal Rayner doesn’t make it three quarters of the way down the ramp before a blonde streak wearing the EWA Combat Championship belt comes running down! Sahara manages to stop the great lumbering giant in his tracks, arguing with the masked face before she points to a corner outside the ring. The new Combat Champion obviously issuing a warning to the much larger man.

MM: Sahara came running to the Banshee’s aid!

VA: Oh great, maybe Calder will plow her AND eat Maggie’s heart!

The Titan gives the blonde an unexpected nod of understanding before going to stand outside the ring in Indrid’s corner and Sahara goes to the announcer’s table! The pair in the ring both break away from each other and start circling again. Suddenly Calder lunges forward and catches Maggie by her left ankle. He digs his own left foot behind Maggie’s planted right and pushes, toppling the Banshee over onto his back! Calder quickly drops and lunges for a side headlock on the canvas, holding her in place in the center of the ring, cranking on the neck!

Maggie cries out, struggling against the grip and trying to escape.

Calder’s face is completely blank as he tightens the hold, staring straight ahead with the Banshee caught in his grasp…struggling like a mouse in a trap.

MM: The Stranger has her!

Sahara: He won’t have her for long! C’mon, Mags!

VA: Oh…hi, Sahara. Nice to have you join us.

Sahara: Yeah, I bet. Nice shiner.


Maggie grabs Calder under his leg and throws all of her weight to roll back to the side, putting the Stranger on his shoulders!








Calder kicks hard and rocks back to the canvas, applying the pressure to Maggie’s neck again. Maggie rolls into Calder, forcing the Stranger to adjust to his knees to avoid breaking the hold, and with that Maggie pushes her former lover up to his feet, getting back to a standing position.

Sahara: See! You can’t keep the Banshee on her knees!

VA: Unlike you–

Sahara: What was that, Vincent?

VA: Nothing.

Sahara: Damn right, nothing.

MM: She’s broken free!

Maggie knocks Calder back with a standing dropkick, he staggers back as she hits the mat holding her neck. She winces in pain, rubbing at the skin to try and soothe the pain as Calder paces the ring. He walks back and forth, a lion stalking his prey…waiting for his creation to get back to her feet. Maggie reaches for the ropes, pulling herself up as the Spider King strikes, grabbing her arm and whips her to the other side of the ring. Maggie hits the ropes again, rebounding into a devastating clothesline that knocks her to the mat with a force that echoes through the arena!

Sahara: That was just lucky! That’s all he’s got here is luck.

VA: You mean like you?

MM: She’s getting back up!

The Banshee grimacing as she stands, glaring up at her former lover and refusing to stay down. She pushes the hair from her face and charges him. Maggie gets the advantage and begins to push Calder back. She locks Calder into an effective, but sloppy semi-Thai clinch and begins to launch knees at Calder’s midsection. After a couple of shots, Calder manages to pull himself out of the clinch, but not without taking some pretty damaging shots. Maggie remains incredibly aggressive and throws a right hand, but Calder manages to dodge and duck under. Calder manages to hook a waist lock! He rolls back and gets in a victory roll pinning predicament, and Rick Iley is there with the count!












KICKOUT! Calder however, waists no time. He stays on Maggie’s right side, and when she is on her hands and knees, he leaps over the Banshee’s back, hooks one arm over the shoulder, and one between the legs and performs an impressive school boy roll up! Referee Iley counts!

Sahara: Break the fuck out of that, Maggie!









Sahara: YES! That’s my girl!!

Maggie is out again, but when she rolls through into a seated position, Calder nails her in the chest with a seated dropkick! Calder clutches at his chest from the repeated hits from his opponent, but he fights through and again goes for the pin!









MM: Maggie’s been strong tonight, holding her own against a monster like Indrid Calder, but can she topple the last Pillar of HATE?

Sahara: Of course she can! She can bring down–

VA: Why don’t you go down–

Sahara: I will eat your goddamn liver if you finish that sentence, Vince.

MM: Can we not talk about eating internal organs anymore?

Maggie looks slightly frustrated, but she stays on the aggressive, grabbing Calder by the head and lifting him up. Maggie attempts a knee at Calder’s midsection, but he catches the leg! The Spider King stands up straight, holding Maggie in close to avoid being hit with a sudden kick, and SLAMS the Banshee in the face with a forearm shot, knocking Maggie down hard!

Calder reaches down to yank her to her feet and whips Maggie down to the canvas with a slingblade, and The Banshee struggles up to her hands and knees, shaking her head from side to side to drive out the cobwebs.

VA: Oh she’s in perfect position now!!! Stomp the little traitor’s brains into mush, Spider King!

Sahara: Maybe I should stomp your brains, smart ass.

MM: That’s one way to shut him up.

Indrid seems to be preparing himself for the leap and the curb stomp, but at the last possible second, he stops. That familiar conflicted expression dominates his face, and he does not make the leap and drop the boot. His hands lift to rub at his temples, almost like his mind is tortured at the thought of doing some kind of permanent damage to McIntyre. In his corner outside the ring, Rayner reaches up and pulls the mask off, anger and disbelief written all over his face. The Titan slams his open palm on the ring apron, urging his comrade on.

VA: What the hell?!? End her, Calder! Put her down for the count!

MM: I can’t believe I’m saying this, Ashe…but there seems to be genuine reluctance from Indrid to do that! There appears to be just a tiny SLIVER of humanity left within Calder, and it’s making him hesitate.

Maggie finally recovers and she wastes no time in CRUSHING a jumping forearm shot into Calder’s face that knocks him flat to the canvas.

VA: But here’s the problem, Malone…the turncoat Banshee has no hesitation when it comes to squashing a spider under her heel. This is do or die for Calder. He either dies on his shield…or he reclaims his true self. There’s no room for middle ground in this scenario.

Both competitors are weary from battle now, and Maggie McIntyre has rolled beneath the ring to retrieve her trademark baseball bat. She taps it against the ring steps several times and then rolls back into the ring just as Calder obtains a shaky vertical base.

Sahara: That’s the way, Mags! Fuckin’ kill him now!

VA: Look out Calder! The little minx is packing some weaponry now…

MM: And we both know what Maggie is capable of when she utilizes that bat.

Sahara: She’s a battering ram with that bat!

Maggie immediately just PISTONS the bat into Calder’s stomach multiple times, using the thick portion of the bat as a battering ram. Calder flies back into the ropes while clutching his stomach, and Maggie runs forward and just SMASHES the club end of the bat into Indrid’s face!!!

Calder drops INSTANTLY…his eye blackening and blood dripping down from both nostrils. He seems totally out of it after the shot, only halfway aware of where he is.

VA: HOLY SHIT!! She damn near caved Indrid’s face in with that shot! I don’t know if he can come back from that…

MM: That was a sickening hit. Calder seems unable to regain his feet…he’s just…crawling across the mat right now…

Sahara: She’s a beast. End it, Maggie! End it now!

The Spider King has been brought low, and he it seems the hit with the bat has sapped some of his energy and will. He digs his hands into the canvas and just weakly pulls himself across the mat.

Maggie McIntyre stands motionless in the center of the ring with the bat held at her side, watching his progress. He’s leaving bloody handprints with each bit of forward motion, his face leaking like a faucet now, a deep laceration above his brow becoming more apparent with each movement of his facial muscles.

He finally reaches The Banshee, the perfect monster that he created from HATEful beginnings. He remembers the good times. His mind flashes with moments of intimacy, companionship, and what The Stranger and Banshee used to be before everything fell to ruin.

Rayner told him he’d have to make a decision. Live as a monster…or die as a man. The moment has come for Indrid Calder. He looks to the raging beast of a Titan outside the ring one last time, almost as if giving a silent farewell.

His fingertips reach out to scrape against Maggie’s boots, and very carefully he pulls himself up to a pained crouch position. It takes great effort to lift his bleeding mess of a face up to look at her, and he only sees a blurry image of her painted in a crimson lens.

His left arm feels partially numb, but he still manages to reach out with one shaking hand, and he takes hold of the thick portion of the bat and carefully places it against his own temple. His knife-blue eyes return to Maggie one last time.

The implication is clear.

He wants her to finish this.

Sahara: YES! Finish him, Maggie! Mortal Kombat his ass!

VA: Are you kidding me?!?! Don’t do this, Calder!! You’re throwing away everything for her. You’re serving up your career on a silver platter. This isn’t the way the Spider King is supposed to go out!

MM: This is shocking to me. Indrid Calder is almost offering himself up as some sort of…sacrifice to Maggie? It’s almost like him saying this is your chance to finish this. Go forth and live your life free of my poison, and let this final chapter close. I’ve never seen anything like this before…

The Banshee lets out a staggered sob, extending her free hand to softly caress his cheek. Her fingers are quickly coated in his blood. Frankenstein’s monster stood before her creator, watching him bleed and silently plead with her to end his suffering. She kneels down for a moment, staring into those empty blue eyes. Searching those depths for something she can’t even name. Maggie leans in, pressing her lips to his forehead briefly. Saying a goodbye to her creator.

The visceral sigh of relief that rolls through the Spider King’s form is all too visible to the crowd.

She steps back, bringing the bat up and holding it there.

Stuck in that position. Contemplating her actions. Maggie sees the broken creature before her and feels an overwhelming swell of…pity…for him.

After a few emotional moments, Maggie firmly shakes her head from side to side. She won’t do it that way. She won’t sink to the same depths as she once did while acting as a Pillar of HATE…

Sahara: Mags…

VA: This damn match is like a rollercoaster ride! Now Maggie is REFUSING to put Calder down?? That was a golden opportunity! She could have smashed him to bits and moved on with her life, but now she’s shaking her head no?

MM: Maggie is proving to the world that she has RISEN above her HATE, Ashe. She’s not solely governed by malice and destructive tendencies anymore. That was the McIntyre of the past, and by showing mercy here and refusing to be the hand that deals the deathblow to Calder, she’s making it clear that her days of living with HATE in her heart have officially ended.

She steps back, still shaking her head.

Maggie McIntyre: I’m not gonna give you that luxury. If I have to live with this pain…so do you.

Something about Indrid Calder’s facial expression changes. It goes from content expectation of the void…to a slow brewing cauldron of black and stormy emotion. His teeth form into a blood-stained grimace. His blue eyes BLAZE with blood rubies clinging to the lashes. For Calder…this is yet another betrayal from Maggie McIntyre. The last betrayal.

Maggie drops the baseball bat and rears back, seeming to want to end this the clean way with a Banshee’s Wail superkick to the jaw…but Calder’s hand flicks out and catches the bat before it can hit the canvas.

The Spider King slowly rises with plasma dripping from features that have turned MURDEROUS…and he uses all of his strength to SMASH the bat into Maggie’s kneecap before she can complete the superkick.

McIntyre howls with pain and stumbles back, and Calder stalks her with that bat still in hand. He rears back and BLASTS her along the hip, and then the arm, and then he takes the club portion of the baseball bat in his hand and just CLIPS her right in the throat with it!!!

Maggie is gasping for air, and she drops to one knee in anguish…and a pallid hand reaches down to SCRAPE up her hair and pull her head back. Calder leers down into Maggie’s face, his own blood pattering down to stain her features.

Indrid Calder: You want this, Maggie? YOU WANT THIS?? YOU WANT THE SPIDER KING?!?!

Indrid’s voice has become a chilling ROAR, and something like a totally inhuman grin spreads his mouth open from ear to ear.

Indrid Calder: You got him.

VA: YESSSS!!!! He’s back, Malone!! I can hear it. I can smell it. I can SENSE it!! He has been awakened, and when this monster is at his worst, there’s no one better! THE SPIDER KING IS HERE!!

MM: This is bad. Maggie might wish that she had ended him when she had the chance…because it seems like Calder is taking it to a different level. This jackal-hearted bastard has SNAPPED.

Sahara screams, ripping off the headset and going to rush over to her…only to be stopped in her tracks by a titanic arm attached to the man formerly called Dredd. The giant picks her up easily as she struggles against him, before he tosses her…Sahara slams hard into the barricade, all the wind knocked out of her!


MM: No! No! Someone come down and stop this!

Calder has reached down and he is FORCING Maggie’s mouth open, pulling at her jaw with both hands and just grinning like the devil that he is. He manages to get Maggie’s jaw all the way open and he RAMS the handle portion of the bat into it, wedging it right under the roof of her mouth.

He then positions the thick portion of the bat against the canvas, Maggie’s mouth dripping with saliva as she’s suspended there with arms flailing.

Calder storms across the ring and snatches one of the cameras from a cameraman, pulling it as close to his face as possible.

His words drift out as frigid promises of horror on the horizon…

Indrid Calder: Watch her, Michael. Watch your beautiful bride. She’s so fucking PRETTY when she bleeds, isn’t she? I MADE the Banshee. Watch, Michael…

He draws the camera just a few inches closer before releasing it.

Indrid Calder: Watch me unmake her.

Indrid slowly backs up into one of the turnbuckles. He measures Maggie’s flailing form from across the ring, her mouth still locked around the handle of the bat with the thick portion wedged against the canvas. Sahara’s struggling to regain her senses on the outside as Rayner stands between them, his arms crossing his chest as a twisted and satisfied smirk appears on his face.

There is nothing merciful in Calder’s eyes now. Nothing human. Nothing left at all. Everything scraped clean…and washed in newfound HATE.

MM: Don’t do this. This young woman has her ENTIRE life to lead. Find that human part of yourself again, Calder! It isn’t too late!

VA: It is, Malone!!! Indrid tried to be human, and it got him nowhere! He’s the Spider King now and forever…now shut up and let me enjoy this!!! Where’s the popcorn??


There’s a heartrending CRUNCH sound that permeates the arena as the handle of the bat smashes up against the roof of Maggie’s mouth, and she collapses in a heap on her side, managing to spit out the bat with a glob of blood oozing from the corner of her lips.

VA: Hahaha! Sahara fellates a mic, Maggie takes a bat down the throat!!

Her frame immediately goes limp, unconsciousness overtaking her from the sheer VIOLENCE of the curb stomp.

Indrid Calder just lords over her after the deed is done, his hands clasped into red-stained fists at his sides.

MM: That sick son of a bitch…the Banshee could be concussed, and it looks like that stomp almost broke her jaw in half! At the very least it has to be dislocated…

VA: That was savage. That was heartless. That…was a thing of beauty, Malone! Welcome back, Spider King!

Blood continues to ooze from the Banshee’s mouth as Rick Iley horrified by Calder’s actions calls for the bell. Paramedics rush down the rampway, flooding the ring and crowding the newly recrowned Spider King out of the way. He moves with no resistance, turning to a beaming Cal Rayner and calmly steps out of the ring and walks down the steps to disappear into the back. Sahara, finally having regained her senses, rushes to Maggie’s side as the paramedics load her up on a stretcher and begin to wheel her to an awaiting ambulance.


MM: Folks…I can’t believe what we’ve just witnessed here. Maggie’s being taken to a local medical facility, and we certainly hope for the best.

VA: Hope for the best?! She deserved every minute of it, Malone! I hope her jaw was broken just like Michael Draven’s leg was!

MM: That’s just uncalled for, Vince! I mean, this…this monster claims to have loved McIntyre…and yet he did that? Say what you want about the things Michael Draven and Maggie McIntyre did to one another while they were estranged…but nothing was on that level, nothing.

VA: That’s what happens when you cross the Pillars of HATE, Malone – and I hope William West paid close attention tonight, because his treasons against the Hive will be addressed next, I’m sure of it!

MM: Let’s…let’s cut to a word from one of our sponsors. I hope Maggie’s alright…



MM: Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come. Donovan King is about to set foot in a professional wrestling ring for the first time in a company that isn’t his home.

VA: Malone, you make it sound like a sad fucking story. Let’s be real here. This is the story of Donovan King’s savage vendetta against the drug fueled sociopath that calls himself the MegaStar. It’s certainly a tragedy that King’s having to step out of his comfort zone, but heroes are made from trials such as this.

MM: And Donovan King is a hero?

VA: Is Azrael Goeren?

MM: That’s not for me to decide.

VA: Then allow me. Azrael Goeren is a pathetic excuse for a human being for everything he’s done to Donovan King and people around the world just like Donovan King.

The arena lights dim as the opening chords of “Sieben” by Subway to Sally blare over the arena’s loudspeakers. The fans jump to their feet amidst a chorus of boos as the video screens crackles to life with a revolving pair of gold letters: A.G.

MM: Listen to these fans, Vincent.

VA: See? They know. THEY know.

A massive red and gold pyro explosion goes off at the top of the ramp and rattles the arena as the curtain is pulled back and Azrael Goeren steps out to greet the EWA faithful. Goeren is dressed in a pair of disturbingly tight black leather pants along with his signature bright red ring boots. He appears taken aback by the fans as they boo him and seems legitimately saddened by what he’s hearing. He reaches out for a moment to the audience at ringside but pulls back, continuing on his way.

NR: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a GRUDGE MATCH! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, he is the MEGASTAR…AZRAEL…GOEREN!!

He slides underneath the bottom rope and climbs to the second turnbuckle, glaring out at the audience with before jumping down and reclining up against the ring ropes.

MM: Ladies and gentlemen, we have received word that due to this match being a grudge match, Referee Juan Cardillo has been instructed to let these men work out their issues.

VA: So, shoulda worn a poncho since King’s likely to shatter Goeren’s head like a Gallagher watermelon. Got it.

Goeren stares at the entrance, clearly nervous but oddly clear eyed. The arena gets bathed in darkness and a fog begins to emanate from the entrance. The fog is lit in an eerie gold giving way to purple.

VA: Testing, testing…one, two. Okay, good.

Take my hand through the flame
I’m a slave to your games

Out from the back emerges a man adorned in a trench coat, a loose fitting hood over his head. He stands in the fog, resting on a cane. The camera pans up his body to see Donovan King dressed to fight. He wears his new long black tights with matching Crown kneepads and black boots. In his hand he wields his black cane with a chrome Helmet on the head.


NR: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-two pounds…he hails from Charlotte, North Carolina…he is the Urban Legend…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIING!

“Sucker for Pain” by Imagine Dragons featuring Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, and X-Ambassadors plays in the PA system as the camera settles on the eyes of DONOVAN KING. He marches down the ramp, ignoring the fans and their response, a mixture of cheers and boos. The camera shows Goeren breathing heavily and nodding from his corner.

VA: It’s all come down to this moment for both these guys, Malone. I love it.

MM: So many questions are about to be answered once and for all, Vincent. Can King still go? Is Azrael fit to compete? Perhaps most importantly, which of these men are going to settle their issues tonight, once and for all?

King enters the ring and stares at Goeren. He says nothing, his face shows nothing. He lifts the cane above his head like a trophy, glaring dead ahead as his free hand removes his hood, revealing his freshly shaved head and his long black beard as a single spotlight falls upon him. He leans his cane against the turnbuckles and slowly removes his trenchcoat, giving the EWA fans the chance to see the scarring across his chest and his face. He lets the coat fall to his feet as he takes the cane in his hand and slowly raises his arms to his sides, the lights coming back up. “Sucker for Pain” dies down. Juan Cardillo calls both men to the center of the ring as Nikki Rogers holds the microphone to his mouth.

Juan Cardillo: Gentlemen, this is a grudge match and, as such, I’m going to look the other way a lot tonight. That doesn’t mean make bad decisions. This is still a sanctioned EWA match. Goeren, do you understand?

Azrael Goeren: He’s going to try to hit me with that verdammt cane, you know.

Juan Cardillo: King, do you understand?

Donovan King: Why use a weapon when my hands are right here?

Juan Cardillo: Alright, gentlemen, go to your corners and let’s do this!

Cardillo calls for the bell and immediately the fans are amping up! Goeren leans against the turnbuckle as King glares at him. King marches to the center of the ring and demands Goeren come and face him. Goeren rolls his eyes, bringing the ire of the fans upon him. King shakes his head as Goeren turns and starts talking to one of the jeering fans until finally, King SPLASHES into Goeren, throwing right hands into Goeren’s head!

VA: King might not need to worry about ring rust if he’s just going to punch his way to a win tonight!

Goeren crumples as Cardillo forces his way between King and Goeren, pushing the Urban Legend away from the MegaStar. Goeren, however, takes the time to quickly reach over Cardillo and poke King in the eye! King staggers back as Goeren pushes Cardillo out of the way and hooks King up for a side Russian leg sweep! King goes down to the mat and Goeren follows that up with a quick kneedrop, rolling away and back to his feet, his arms outstretched and a smirk on his face! He spins around quickly and nails King in the head with a leg drop.

MM: Wow, you have to admit that Azrael is clear headed enough to manage an early advantage, Vincent. Taking full advantage of King’s probable ring rust is a genius move by the depraved German.

VA: Horrible. Azrael is trying to make this a basic run of the mill style wrestling match and he KNOWS we want to see some bloody violence! If this were the opening bout people would have tuned out in boredom, Malone!

Goeren lifts King up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, catching the Urban Legend with an abdominal stretch, but King counters by rolling through and hitting Goeren with a hip toss! Goeren gets to his feet quickly and goes to lock up with King, but King is quick to duck under the attempted lock up and gets Goeren with a rear waist lock, but Goeren counters and spins King around into a rear waist lock of his own! He lifts King up, but King adjusts his weight and powers through, rolling Goeren up into a pinning predicament that he releases! King rolls to his feet, as does Goeren, and King FLATTENS Goeren with a Lariat! King wastes no time, sprawling over Goeren and attacking with hard rights to Goeren’s temple and forehead!

VA: THAT’S what I’m talking about right there!

MM: Donovan King seems to want to forgo any actual moves and go straight for the kill!

Goeren shimmies to the bottom rope and grabs it, waving his arm at Juan Cardillo to remove King. Cardillo steps in and pulls King off of Goeren, the cameras catching King getting in Cardillo’s face.

Donovan King: I don’t know who you think you are, but didn’t you say you were gonna look the other way?

Juan Cardillo: Let the man stand up and fight you and I’ll stay out of your way!

MM: Donovan King is getting visibly frustrated and in these opening moments, that sort of emotion is going to cost him valuable time he could be using against Goeren.

VA: Of course you’d point out a flaw in King’s strategy, Malone! Lord Goeren’s out there getting Cardillo involved, forcing King to stumble through these obstacles, and it’s just not fair to the man and you know it!

Goeren manages to pick himself up off of the mat as King shoves Cardillo out of the way to get to Goeren. Cardillo doesn’t see Goeren drop to his knees and NAIL King with a low blow! King doubles over in pain, allowing Goeren time to grab King by the head and hit a HARD DDT! Goeren rolls King over and goes for the count!









Goeren shakes his head as he picks King off of the mat. He hooks King up and hits a STIFF STO to the Urban Legend! King is flattened on the mat. Goeren measures King, bounces off the ring ropes, and hits a diving fist to King’s temple. He quickly sprawls over King and starts to WAIL on King’s unprotected head with rights and lefts!

MM: Goeren is now doing the exact thing he got Cardillo involved to stop!

VA: Mind games, Malone! Goeren doesn’t care about the cheers or the boos right now, he only cares about screwing King over once again!

Goeren stands up and bends down, picking King up off of the mat. He whips King to the ropes and levels King with a Roaring Elbow! Goeren nods his head to the crowd, proud of himself for being able to sustain an offensive against King thus far in the early goings of this match. Goeren drops to his knees and goes for another pinfall attempt!









Goeren grabs King and throws him through the middle rope to the outside, where King falls into a heap. King is breathing heavily as Goeren is clearly in control. Goeren slides under the bottom rope and picks King up, resting King against the side of the ring. He measures King’s scarred chest, and CHOPS him HARD. King doubles over, but Goeren quickly opens his chest up again and hits another chop! Goeren nods his head, his confidence building until King grabs him by his head and throws him against the side of the ring and unloads with RIGHT after RIGHT after RIGHT! Goeren is staggered and King lifts him up and drops him throat first onto the guard rail!

MM: King is getting back in this thing!

King picks Goeren up and whips him into the guard rail, but Goeren counters and slings King HARD into the guard rail, causing King to fly OVER the guard rail into the front row of fans! Goeren marches over, right into a King uppercut! Goeren staggers back, regains his senses, charges at King, and King hits a jawbreaker onto the guardrail! Goeren clutches his chin and throat, allowing King enough time to get back over the guard rail and back at ringside. King picks Goeren up and punches him across the face! Goeren flops against the ring apron, and King punches him again, this time directly on the eyebrow! Goeren clutches his face and the camera catches blood seeping through Goeren’s fingers.

VA: THERE we go! That’s what I’m talking about right there! King is saying fuck these wrestling moves, let me just put hands on this guy and you know what, Malone? It’s working.

MM: There’s no doubt King’s the first man to draw blood tonight, but the fact remains this match has to end in the ring. He can punch to his heart’s content outside the ring, but it doesn’t mean anything if Azrael Goeren stays outside the ring!

Goeren starts to fall over, but King is quick to grab him and punches him in the stomach. He then strikes him with an elbow to the side of the head. Goeren is rocked, but King doesn’t care. King POPS him with another uppercut, this time to the chin, splitting the skin directly on his chin. King punches him yet again in the stomach, Goeren doubles over, and King DRIVES his elbow into the back of Goeren’s neck and head, bringing the German to the ground. King picks Goeren up and rolls him into the ring. The camera catches Goeren’s face and things aren’t looking very good for him.

MM: Look at that. A cut on his chin and a split on his eyebrow and Goeren’s face is becoming a bloody mess!

King stomps on Goeren’s stomach, causing Goeren to fold up in agony. King starts to kick at Goeren’s head again and again and again and again, his face contorted in rage. Cardillo reaches over to grab King’s shoulder, but King brushes him off and continues to kick at Goeren’s face and head, causing the fans to begin to boo loudly as the match begins to deteriorate.

MM: King’s seemingly stopped actually wrestling, Vincent. He’s just…attacking Goeren now. Azrael is helpless!

VA: You know, part of me wants to tell you I think Goeren deserves what’s happening right now.

MM: And the other part?

VA: We’re good here, thanks.

King straddles Goeren and grabs him by the throat, using his free hand to punch at Goeren’s face and head. Goeren reaches up to try to get his hands in King’s face in an attempt to stop King’s onslaught, but to no avail. The camera focuses in on Goeren’s face and it has become a bloody mess. His cheek, eyebrow, and lips all begin to swell from the attack. King looks out at the fans who seem stunned into silence. He looks down at his fists and notices the blood dripping from them. He can’t be too sure whose it is. King leans against the ropes, pressing his forehead down against the top rope. He closes his eyes as if he is trying to get his head right.

MM: The effects of everything are weighing so heavily on Donovan King, Vincent. He’s not using his extensive background knowledge of professional wrestling holds and maneuvers, he’s not actually utilizing any sort of strategy against Azrael.

VA: I’d consider unstoppable rampage to be a worthy strategy, Malone.

MM: That’s just it, Vincent. From what we’ve known about Donovan King’s career, that’s not like him. Even when he has been at his most vile, just punching his way through a problem was never his style.

VA: Well, look at him now! He’s scarred up, he’s got a thousand yard stare when he looks at you, and his focus is tighter than it’s ever been! Donovan King is not here to have a classic bout and he’s not here to put on a clinic. He’s here to hurt Azrael Goeren, he’s here to finish Azrael Goeren, and nothing’s going to stop him not Jada Kaine, not Juan Cardillo, not the fans, not Haven, not the EWA, not SHOOT, I doubt if Jesus Christ threw on some kneepads that he could put a stop to Donovan King and his mission tonight!

King turns and looks at Goeren as Cardillo continues to check on him. Goeren is still responsive, shaking his head at Cardillo’s questioning. That’s all King needs. He quickly snaps out of his reflective moment and stomps his way over to Azrael, who rakes King’s eyes! King staggers back and Goeren grabs King by the head and hits him with a knee stop to the forehead! The fans actually POP as Goeren hits King with another knee strike to the head! King tries to rally, but Goeren drops down, dodging a wild haymaker from King and spins his leg around, sweeping King’s legs from underneath him and causing him to hit the mat! Goeren is quick to get on top of King and locks King in a headlock, trying to get his arm underneath King’s throat!

MM: Azrael is in desperation mode, Vincent! He can hardly see through the blood just pouring out of his eye, so he’s out to finish this as quickly as he can!

VA: If he can get King to sleep, he could effectively bring an end to this match! Oh man, after all his planning and all his anger, if he can’t get out of what is effectively a sleeper hold King’s never going to be able to live with himself!

Goeren manages to get King onto his stomach and he sprawls over King’s body, locking in the sleeper hold, effectively locking King up in a rear naked choke! Goeren screams out, trying to lock the hold in deeper and tighter, his blood dripping onto King’s head and his own arms. King reaches up, Goeren’s blood causing his grip to slip and slide on Azrael’s arms. The fans are on their feet, thinking this could actually be enough to stop this match and stop King!

MM: Look! Vincent, Azrael’s blood is everywhere and King’s starting to use that to his advantage!

King slowly gets his chin underneath Goeren’s forearm, using Azrael’s own blood as a sort of lubricant. Goeren can’t seem to keep his grip, either, as the rear naked choke becomes too difficult for him to keep on King so he releases it! King cradles his head as Goeren stands up, cursing and calling Cardillo over to him. Cardillo starts to ask him what he needs, but Goeren…hugs him? The fans start to laugh and cheer as Goeren…wipes his bloody face off on Cardillo’s shirt!

VA: Hey! Hey! Malone, what’s black and white and red all over!

Malone sighs.

MM: Juan Car—

VA: JUAN CARDILLO! Oh man…that’s a good one. I’m writing that down.

Goeren turns to King, who is slowly pulling himself up by using the ropes. Goeren glares at him, his rage building. The blood starts to pour from his eyebrow once again. Azrael marches over to King but he stops when he sees that King is getting to his knees. As if something snapped in his brain, Azrael immediately runs to the other side of the ring and starts to measure King!

MM: Could it be?! Could Goeren have what it takes to hit a Blitzkrieg on King and end this once and for all?!

Azrael nods to the cheering fans and points to King, who is in prime position! Azrael charges forward and KING FALLS TO THE SIDE, DODGING THE BLITZKRIEG! Goeren turns around and tries to hit it again, but King rolls away! King scrambles to get to his feet, getting only to his knees and finding himself in position yet again, and Azrael charges for a THIRD time BUT KING IS UP TO HIS FEET AND SNATCHES AZRAEL’S HEAD AND NAILS A KINGBREAKER! KINGBREAKER! KINGBREAKER!


King gets to his knees once again and he looks over to Goeren, who is…ACTUALLY starting to stir already! King stands up and picks Azrael up…KINGBREAKER! A SECOND Kingbreaker! King gets back to his knees and looks around the arena before looking over to Azrael and Azrael is…rolls onto his back and trying his BEST to stay conscious!

MM: I can’t believe it!

VA: I can’t believe it, either, Malone! Azrael Goeren is taking the Kingbreaker, he’s taken it TWICE, and he is STILL trying to get himself back up to fight!

MM: I’ve heard about people being able to kick out of finishing maneuvers before, I’ve seen it obviously but Azrael Goeren trying to just…will his way into consciousness after TWO Kingbreakers?!

King shakes his head, infuriated that the bloody mess that is Azrael Goeren is still maintaining consciousness. He picks Goeren up and throws Goeren onto his shoulders…and SNAPS him into a modified fireman’s carry into ANOTHER Kingbreaker! He wastes no time, picking Goeren up, hitting Goeren with a European uppercut and then ANOTHER Kingbreaker! FOUR Kingbreakers! Goeren is FLAT on the mat, but King doesn’t seem interested in wasting any more time. He picks Goeren up yet again and…Goeren falls to the mat.

VA: It may have taken four Kingbreakers, but I think King may have finally broken Azrael! HA!

MM I see what you did there. You’re on a roll tonight.

VA: Thank you, Malone.

MM: It wasn’t a compliment.

King looks over to Cardillo who is motioning for him to make a pinfall attempt, which would be his first in the match. King shakes his head no. He pulls Goeren’s limp arm out and grapevines his leg around it. Then, he sinks his arms around Goeren’s head and locks in the CAROLINA CROSSFACE. He locks his submission maneuver in and he locks it in DEEP.

MM: Azrael Goeren is OUT. The man has lost so much blood from the bleeding on his face and he MUST has a concussion from…just the assault King put on him. This looks like a foregone conclusion at this rate.

Cardillo drops to his knee and checks on Goeren, who is unresponsive. King is arching back HARD on Goeren’s head, the fans starting to boo. Cardillo checks again…nothing. King’s own grip starts slipping from Goeren’s still bleeding eyebrow wound, but it doesn’t matter. There is no fanfare in this moment. No overcoming of any odds. Cardillo checks Goeren once more, and there is nothing. Cardillo calls for the bell, bringing the carnage to a close.


NR: Ladies and gentlemen…your winner as a result of a referee stoppage…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!

King ignores Cardillo as the referee tries to pull King off of Azrael. EMTs are already rushing to the ring, a gurney in tow. The EMTs flood the ring, pulling and yanking at King to get him to release the hold. The cameras catch a glimpse of Goeren’s body, which has yet to move. King is finally removed from Goeren and he steps back, three EMTs taking it upon themselves to forcibly keep King in the corner as four others check on Azrael Goeren.

MM: Ladies and gentlemen, the bleeding and the swelling Azrael Goeren is suffering from his head and the way in which King worked on Goeren’s neck…this wasn’t really a match by any stretch.

VA: Well, there IS a stretcher, right? Right there, and they’re going to probably have to strap Goeren down onto it.

The EMTs get Goeren rolled over onto his back and suddenly…Azrael’s eyes are OPEN! He grimaces in pain, but he immediately starts to look around, the fans in attendance breaking out into a HUGE pop! King’s eyes grow wide in shock as he sees Goeren lock eyes with him! He shakes his head in disbelief and immediately shoves the EMTs aside and charges at Goeren, STOMPING on Azrael’s face! King continues his assault on Goeren, shoving EMTs and Cardillo away as he viciously kicks and stomps on Goeren’s head and face, which is completely unprotected. King looks around and sees the gurney the EMTs brought out in the event of its necessity and he rolls Goeren to the edge of the ring to prepare to put him on it.

MM: The fighting spirit in Azrael Goeren is real! He was trying with all of his might to get back into the fight but King just…couldn’t handle it.

VA: Handle it?

MM: King couldn’t handle that he may have won the match, but he definitely didn’t finish Azrael Goeren once and for all like he wanted to!

King rolls Goeren onto the gurney and haphazardly starts strapping him down onto it. After a while, he just gives up on the straps and begins to just tie them onto Azrael as if they were shoelaces. The EMTs try one final time to stop King but King won’t have it, pushing them away from him. Goeren’s head rocks from side to side as the MegaStar fights to regain consciousness. King pushes the stretcher to the top of the ramp, only to be face to face with perhaps the last person he thought he’d see…


Jester stands there between King and his exit. The two men stare at one another in silence, King’s hands on the bottom of the stretcher and Jester’s on the top. Jester looks down and checks on Azrael before he goes to King, grabbing King by his arms. King is frozen as Jester talks to him.

Jester Smiles: Donovan…stop, man. It’s over.

King stares at Jester in shock.

Jester Smiles: You won, man. You beat him. C’mon, man. Let me take you home.

King says nothing as Jester slowly removes King’s grip from the gurney.

Jester Smiles: Alright, man, that’s good. That’s good. Let’s get you home to Crysta and your kids.

King hears “Crysta and your kids” and he stops walking, his frozen expression turning very heated.

Donovan King: No.

Jester Smiles: Donovan? Donny? Come on, man.

King shoves Jester back.

Donovan King: NO.

Jester Smiles: It’s OVER, man. Let it go! For your kids, dude. For Crysta. LET IT GO.

King grabs Jester by his collar as tears start forming in his eyes.

Donovan King: I…CAN’T. Not yet. Not until I know for sure.

Jester breaks King’s hold on his collar.

Jester Smiles: You don’t want to do this!

King looks back at Azrael on the gurney and then to Jester. Then suddenly…a wicked grimace drags across his face.

Donovan King: Yes…I…do.

King FLATTENS Jester with a punch to the face! Jester falls to the ground on the stage, holding his jaw as King marches back over to the gurney. Donovan King looks down at Jester one final time.

Donovan King: Don’t follow me.

With that, Donovan King pushes Azrael into the back, leaving Jester Smiles sitting on the stage watching in shattered disappointment.

MM: Donovan King may have won the match, but I think he knew if he didn’t do something drastic, he wasn’t going to win the war tonight.

VA: Donovan King has Azrael Goeren in his possession right now, Malone, and I for one would love to be a fly on the wall on that car ride!

MM: I wouldn’t. You might laugh about this, you might joke about this, but what we just saw was two men with nothing left to lose out to do irreparable harm to one another in what was a ghastly display not of talent, but of hatred. Azrael Goeren came into this match to survive and King came into this match to maim. Neither man came into this to win because I don’t think either of these men thought of this as just a match. King never even went for a pinfall attempt. I…all I know is that I hope both of these men haven’t lost what makes them human.

VA: Malone, both these guys have people that give a damn what happens to them, but neither one of them seem to even care about that.

MM: I just don’t even know what else to say, Vincent.

The camera cuts back to Jester, sitting on the stage resting his forearms on his knees, shaking his head in disbelief. We cut to the back only to find an empty stretcher, the straps cut off hurriedly. We end here, for now. The scene is deathly still, no one in the background and no words to be spoken, as though the men have been long gone from this place.

Fade backstage.


(The camera cuts to the ringside announce table of Malone and Ashe.)

MM: As we get ready for our main event of Champions Summit 3, we want to take you back to a moment from last night’s card, where we saw, for the final time, the legendary Grady Smith perform in a professional wrestling ring.

VA: Christ, we have to go back and watch this again?

(The image fades into some of the still images from last night’s card…)

(An overhead shot of Martin Robertson, standing on the entrance ramp behind the pulpit, delivering his pre-match ‘eulogy’ of Grady Smith to the fans in attendance, with the image of the inside of a church behind him on the jumbotron…)

(The image of Janelle Smith, Grady’s wife, standing backstage at the curtains separating the arena, holding Grady’s black leather duster and black leather hat, the single tear running down the side of her cheek, with Grady’s hand extended out, right before he wiped the tear away with his right thumb…)

(The staredown between the two men: Grady standing stoic in the center of the ring looking at Martin, while Martin is in the corner, leaning forward, arms extended behind him holding onto the ropes, looking dead ahead at Grady)

Malone (voice over): You can feel the animosity between these two, father and son, who are about to go to war tonight!

(The still image of Grady just releasing Martin in mid air from the overhead German suplex)

Malone: What power by Grady here! He looks just as strong today as he did nearly twenty years ago!

(The still image of Martin, holding Grady by the side of his head, slamming Grady against the back of the cage, with the intensity burning through Martin’s face just as Grady’s head is making contact with the cage)

Ashe (voice over): Did you see how hard Grady hit that cage? I swear I saw it move three inches!

(Then, the turning point, in still images. First, the leaping spear through the ropes by Martin towards Grady. Then, an image of Martin, Grady and the cage, in mid air, just as the section of the steel cage comes unhinged and all three parts are flying towards the outside of the ring. Finally, the cage section lying on the ground, as Martin and Grady are against the ringside guardrail, motionless.)


(Then, another set of images. First, Martin looking down at his father, who has been motionless. Then, Martin pulling the hair away from the open wound on Grady’s head. Next, the look of pure intensity and hate on the face of Martin, just before the final image of Martin pounding away at the large gash on the forehead of Grady…)

Malone: What a vile, despicable thing by Martin Robertson to do! Grady’s a bloody mess here!

(The image of Grady Smith, steel chair in hand, using the weapon against the back of an unsuspecting Martin Robertson, who is distracted by talking to Malone at ringside)

(The next two images come in quick succession: A still image of Grady hitting a ura-nage slam on the outside of the ring onto the collapsed piece of steel cage, then another still image of Grady, in mid air, hitting his Dead Wrong maneuver on Martin, again landing on the collapsed steel cage section.)

Ashe: Old men can’t do that!

Malone: Well, Grady fucking Smith just did!

(Another set of images in quick succession: Grady, standing in the middle of the ring, looking at Martin who is out on his feet; Grady pulling Martin’s head into his shoulder; Grady hoisting Martin onto his shoulders for the Chokebuster; finally, Grady, kneeling next to Martin…)

Malone: He’s done it! Grady Smith has avenged his prior loss to Martin Robertson! The will and resolve of Grady Smith was not going to be denied here tonight!

(Another set of images: EMT’s attempting to help Martin backstage after the match, but Martin pushing them away; Grady sitting in the middle of the ring, unlacing his first boot; then finally, the image of the pair of wrestling boots, all alone, standing in the middle of the ring)

Malone: Grady Smith, is leaving his wrestling boots in the middle of the ring, ladies and gentlemen, in one of the most revered traditions in all of sports. Grady Smith has made it official, he is retiring tonight after nearly twenty years in this business.

(The next image is Grady, leather hat on his head and duster draped across his right forearm, standing at the top of the entrance ramp, looking out towards the arena, tipping his cap towards the capacity crowd…)

*clap, clap, clap clap clap*

(An unseen image of Grady, back where the night started for him, just outside of the curtain, greeted by his wife Janelle, embracing her husband, hat in Grady’s right hand, dried blood spots covering his face a crimson red, a single tear running down his face.)

*clap, clap, clap clap clap*

(An unseen, and unexpected image of Janelle to the left of Grady, her right arm wrapped around her husband. Grady, hat back on his head, right arm extended, shaking the hand of the CEO of EWA Entertainment, Alexander Haven, dressed in a dark grey suit, with the COO of EWA Entertainment, Alex’s wife, Alyssa Marie Haven, just to her husband’s left. The two legends, eyes locked on each other with the handshake square in the center of the ima…)

???: Now hold on just a damn minute here! Cut this crap off!

(A thumping sound is heard, but unsure where it came from)

MM: (back live) What the hell?

(The still images quickly cut to a live feed inside the arena, where we see “Perfection” Martin Robertson standing right next to the announcer’s table, looking down at both Mike Malone and Vincent Ashe. Martin has a microphone in his hand, and we can see where that thump from earlier probably came from, as we watch Malone adjust his headset back onto his head. Martin, wearing his black “Youth King: Unbreakable Perfection” t-shirt and a pair of jeans, is now sporting a bright white bandage wrapped around his head, stemming from the cut he sustained in the match against his father, Grady Smith, from the first night of Champions Summit 3)

Martin Robertson: Nobody needs to see that crap anymore! That self-serving son of a bitch…

(The crowd, now realizing what’s going on as the live feed is displayed up on the jumbotron, have started to heavily boo the second-generation superstar…)

Martin Robertson: Grady Smith, last night, did exactly what I told you all he was going to do, and he made the evening about himself! Rather than just rolling over and dying, he had to come out here and make the biggest spectacle he could! He made the show about Grady Smith, and damn to anyone else who happened to perform last night!

MM: (talking to the audience, not specifically Martin) No he didn’t! He had a match and put on a great performance, just like everyone else on the show!

VA: (to Martin) Malone doesn’t believe you, Martin!

Martin Robertson: I know Malone doesn’t believe me! He’s just as stupid as the rest of these idiots here in Los Angeles who bought into the Grady Smith show last night! In fact…

(That comment elicits even more jeers from the crowd…)

Martin Robertson: In fact, Malone…

(Martin reaches down, grabbing Malone by the suit jacket, spinning him around to that the two are nose to nose, with Martin leaning down into Malone)

Martin Robertson: … you’re part of the reason why I lost my match last night!

MM: Me? What the hell did I do?

Martin Robertson: You knew Grady was coming up behind me with that steel chair in hand, looking to permanently end my career! You knew I was about to get blasted from behind, yet you said nothing! No warning, no nothing…

MM: How is that my fault?

Martin Robertson: It’s your fault, god damnit!

(Martin begins to get a little more aggressive with Malone, until some of the EWA officials standing just off to the side in the timekeeper’s area come over and work to separate Martin and Malone…)

Martin Robertson: I watched the match! You said you were glad that Grady cracked my skull open, busting my head up, causing me to bleed!

MM: You’re damn right I was! You nearly ended the man’s career crashing through the cage!

(The officials finally get some space between the two, as Martin walks around towards the ring, so at least the announcer’s table is between the two of them.)

Martin Robertson: You want to see me bleed, huh?

(Robertson begins to pepper himself with fists from his left hand, squarely on the bandage covering the cut from last night. And, within a couple of punches, the bandage that had started off white has now started to turn a bright red, with a small trail of blood sneaking out from underneath the bandage and down the bridge of Martin’s nose.)

Martin Robertson: You like that? Huh? Do ya? Maybe I ought to do that to you, Malone!

(Robertson starts to make a move towards Malone again, who scurries as far away from Robertson as he can. EWA officials are quick to jump in, ushering Martin away from the announcer’s table and at least to somewhat of a confined area inside the ring…)

Martin Robertson: Is this what you all want, huh? You want to see me bleed?

(Robertson lands a few more punches on the wound, and now the single trail of blood has multiplied, covering his face a crimson red again. In a fit of rage, Robertson rips off his t-shirt, exposing his bruised chest. Martin takes his free hand, wiping the blood from off his face and wiping it across his chest.)

Martin Robertson: Last night, regardless of the outcome, you all got to see the end of the Grady Smith era of professional wrestling. But guess who’s still here? ME!

(Martin looks out towards the fans)

Martin Robertson: That’s right, ME! The Youth King of Perfection! The uncrowned champion of professional wrestling!

MM: I think he’s losing it, Ashe.

VA: Yeah, maybe…

Martin Robertson: And after tonight, now that the Grady Smith problem has been taken care of, whether I do this by myself, or with anyone else in the back…. I…. I am taking over!

(The chorus of boos continues to grow from the capacity crowd… none of which phases Robertson in the least)

Martin Robertson: Because fuck the Grady Smith era… Hell, fuck the EWA for all I care…

(The crowd lets out an audible “Ohhhh!”)

Martin Robertson: Hell, I’ll do you one better, Los Angeles… Fuck the Three Kings of Wrestling!

(This second “Ohhh!” from the crowd is quite louder than the first one!)

Martin Robertson: I’m the real fucking King around here!

(Martin points towards a specific person in the front row right in front of him)

Martin Robertson: Shut your fat fucking mouth, fat boy! This is real blood here, not some ketchup packet you stole from McDonalds, you fat fuck!

(The one crowd member Martin is yelling at, who, let’s be honest, is a little on the heavy side, is now yelling right back at Martin in the ring)

Martin Robertson: I’ll come down there and gut you like the fat pig you are! Pork belly is going for big money right now! Look, shut your fat fucking mouth, sit down and eat your popcorn and enjoy the show, unless you got something you want to do about it!

(The noise is nearly deafening in here now at the amount of heat Martin has built up in the arena)

Martin Robertson: Like I said, fuck the EWA, because Martin Championship Wrestling is taking over, and there’s not a fucking thing this place can d…

(Martin continues to talk in the ring, but there’s no noise coming from the microphone…)

MM: Thank god, I think someone finally cut Robertson’s microphone off.

VA: Why the hell would someone want to do that?

MM: I think he’s lost it after last night, Vince!

VA: He’s pissed. I get it. And now he’s coming out and staking his claim for the future.

MM: Yeah, but not like that, Vince. This was just uncalled for… he put his hands on me! You can’t put your hands on an announcer!

VA: Are you ok?

MM: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

VA: Damn…

(As Martin is ushered back towards the top of the entrance ramp by EWA officials, we can still hear him yelling out towards audience member and, well, anyone who will listen to him. He stops one last time, wiping his hand across his face and shaking it out towards the crowd before exiting through the curtain.)

MM: Well, I’m ready for the main event. Aren’t you?



MM: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been an incredible two days of action here in Los Angeles, but we’ve reached our Main Event of Champions Summit 3. A main event that, Vincent Ashe, I don’t think when these two men showed up in the EWA nearly two years ago, anyone would have thought we’d ever see!

VA: For once, Malone, you’re right! Nearly two years ago, Alexander Haven was blinded of the greed that his former best friend Chris Kage had. But now that he’s seen how ungrateful of a human being Chris Kage is for everything that King Alex the First had bestowed to him, we’ve reached the time for his final execution!

MM: Final execution?

VA: Yes, final execution.

MM: So… was he executed another time before this?

VA: What? No, he’s still alive.

MM: Oh, because final execution sounds like he was executed at least one other time before, and…



NR: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of Champions Summit 3, and it is for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship!

The lights in the arena go dark, save the jumbotron above the entrance ramp, which now emits a slightly lighter shade of black, making the screen look as if it is glowing in the arena. The picture on the screen starts with the flicker of an overhead amber light, slowly pulsating until it becomes a steady stream of light. As the image pans back, we see a second light, then a third… and so on until a row of lights has illuminated the space on the screen, showing an abandoned warehouse building. Graffiti of various colors lines the walls while scattered remains from what appears was an old gym lay on the floor. A random weight plate. A rusted bar. Padding torn from bench seats. Off in the distance, an old ring can be seen. As the camera continues to pan, we see the figure of a man standing in the middle of it all, looking off towards the ring in the distance, wearing a dark pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

Male Voice Over: What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Isn’t that how the old adage goes?

The voice is instantly recognizable as Chris Kage’s voice. The camera shifts down to the feet of the male figure, watching as he slowly takes small steps amongst the rubble on the floor, cautiously placing each step in a vacant spot on the floor…

Chris Kage (voice): Alexander Haven thought he could kill me off and keep all of the glory for himself. Leave me to lay amongst the rest of the destruction we left in our wake through all of our years as the Youth together.

A few more steps, the camera pans back up showing that the figure is moving closer towards the ring, which was on the far side of the building, is now within reach…

Chris Kage (voice): In order for his dream kingdom to exist, he needs to rid the world of Chris Kage.

The figure has now reached the ring. He extends out his right hand towards the middle rope, pulling himself up onto the ring apron. The figure stands facing the ring…

Chris Kage (voice): I only need Alexander Haven to do one thing…

Just as the figure turns towards the camera, the screen cuts to black and a MASSIVE pyrotechnic explosion takes place in the arena on the entrance ramp…


‘I Will Not Bow’ by Breaking Benjamin begins to blast throughout the arena as the lights come back up and, standing right in the middle of where the pyrotechnic explosion just took place, is Chris Kage and his lovely wife, Stacy Vandervort. The arena absolutely erupts at the sight of the challenger and his wife on the entrance ramp. The couple raise their joined hands in the air, posing for a moment before making their way down towards the ring.

NR: Introducing first, the challenger! Accompanied to the ring by his wife, Stacy Vandervort, he hails from Buffalo, New York and weighs in tonight at 235 pounds. This is… CHRIS… KAGE!

MM: What an entrance by the challenger!

VA: If there’s one thing I know, Malone, is that A, it is deafening in here right now, and B, Chris Kage will not be making Alexander Haven fall tonight!

MM: That’s two things.

VA: I gave you a freebie, Malone. Enjoy it!

Kage leaps up onto the ring apron ahead of his wife, posing for a moment as Stacy makes her way up the ring steps. Kage holds the ropes open for her before leaping through into the ring and up onto the near turnbuckle, looking out at the fans.

MM: Kage, looking to become a four-time World Heavyweight Champion here tonight, Vince!

VA: He can look all he wants, Malone, but what he’s going to see is Alexander Haven walk in with that World Heavyweight Title around his waist, and walk OUT with that World Heavyweight Title still around his waist!

MM: But as we’ve seen in the past, Vince, when Chris Kage has had that look of determination on his face as he does tonight, he usually accomplishes what he’s set out to do.

VA: No, that look tonight is constipation. He’s only ever accomplished anything because Alexander Haven has allowed it.

Kage’s entrance music dies down, as the crowd has already started to pick up chants of “LET’S GO KAGE!” in the arena…

MM: Speaking of Alexander Haven, I think we’re just about set for the arrival of the EWA World Heavyweight Champion!

The arena once again goes black save for the glowing image of the jumbotron. After a few seconds, the symbol of the skull king appears on the screen, the head and crown slowly rotating around counterclockwise. As the image continues to rotate, a soft, solitary spotlight shines down on the stage, highlighting a massive throne that has been placed on the stage. It doesn’t show us much detail, but just enough to see the object on the stage. Suddenly, trumpets begin to blare throughout the arena over the speakers before dying out after a few seconds.

MM: What the hell is this?

Female Voice Over: Long ago, in days untold, kingdoms were ruled by lords of greed.

The female voice over is also instantly recognizable as the COO of EWA Entertainment, Alyssa Marie Haven. She speaks slowly, but confident and forceful.

Alyssa Marie Haven (voice): Kings and queens and guillotines, taking lives denied.

As the voiceover continues, the throne on the stage slowly begins to rotate counterclockwise as well.

Alyssa Marie Haven (voice): Oh I know I lived this life before. Somehow I know now, truths I must be sure.

The throne has completed a 180-degree turn and stops, with the throne now facing towards the center of the ring. The figure in the chair sits motionless, the jewels of the crown sparkling amidst the dull light shining down.

Alyssa Marie Haven (voice): Living times of knights and mares, raising swords for maidens fare, sneer at death, fear only loss of pride. Living other centuries, deja vu or what you please, follows true to all who do or die.

The spotlight and the jumbotron both go off, draping the arena into darkness.

Alyssa Marie Haven (voice): Hail to the king.

Suddenly, we begin to hear music blasting through the arena’s speaker system, but… something seems off. “Anthem for the Year 2000” begins to play…


The entrance continues to blast in the arena as the lights come back up over the entrance ramp, and standing there in his wrestling gear, EWA World Heavyweight title around his waist wearing a golden crown and a long regal cape is the EWA World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Haven, laughing at the lyrics from the song. Standing next to him is his wife Alyssa Marie Haven, smirking at the lyrics as well as the actual vocals to the song kick in. However, this time, as the camera pans to the ring, we don’t see the same seething anger on the face of Chris Kage that we did the last time Haven played these lyrics. Instead, the look is stone cold, focused squarely towards the two people standing on the entrance ramp.

NR: And his opponent, first, he is accompanied to the ring by the ultra-vivacious COO of EWA Entertainment, Alyssa Marie Haven! Now, allow me to introduce a man that needs no introduction but has requested he receive one anyways.

VA: Did you hear that? How great of Nikki to do that!

NR: He hails from Buffalo, New York, where he is known as Buffalo’s Greatest Son. He weighs in tonight at the King’s Perfect Weight of 245 and one-quarter pounds. He is the reigning, defending, greatest World Heavyweight Champion to ever step foot in the squared circle, and the true and rightful King of the EWA. I present to you in all his gloriousness… ‘THE INCOMPARABLE’… ALEXANDER… HAVEN!

VA: What an entrance by the king!

MM: I think I’m going to be sick.

Alex has discarded the robe and the crown, leaving them on the throne. Alex taps the faceplate of the belt around his waist a few times and points up towards Chris Kage in the ring before he and his wife walk hand in hand towards the ring.

MM: Alexander Haven has been one of the great competitors this company has ever seen. But he’s probably also one of the most insecure, and will turn on anyone and everyone for his own mutual benefit.

VA: It’s called survival of the fittest, Malone! And what Alex continues to do is show that he’s able to adapt and survive. He got tired of having Chris Kage drag down his name into the drudges, reserved for those bottom dwellers like Joe Lemon and Sharknado movies. Alexander Haven should never be brought down to that level, yet you all hate on him because he does everything in his power to elevate himself.

MM: But Vi…

VA: … Maybe the problem isn’t Alexander Haven at all, but it’s with everyone else in this company!

MM: He turned on his best friend for no reason six months ago!

VA: I’m sure he had a reason. Maybe Kage smelled bad.

Alex and Alyssa climb up the ring steps together, where Alyssa climbs into the ring first from one side of the corner post as Alex climbs into the ring on the opposite side of the ring post. The power couple stand in the middle of the ring and pose for the fans, who are doing their best to drown the champion in a chorus of boos. Alyssa kisses her husband, and just as she turns away…

MM: Chris Kage isn’t even going to give Haven time to remove the championship, as he’s taking the fight directly to the EWA World Heavyweight Champion!

VA: He should be fired for this!

Alyssa dodges out of the way and heads out of the ring as Kage fires away with rights and lefts on Haven, backing him into the ropes, and shooting him across the ring with an irish whip. Kage leaps into the air, hitting a picture-perfect dropkick that sends Haven sprawling to the mat! The champion quickly rolls to the outside, staring up at Kage in disbelief and anger as he furiously unstraps the World Heavyweight Championship from around his waist, flinging it into the ring at senior referee Danny Smith! Danny holds the belt high in the air for the world to see, and then signals for the bell —

— and just as the bell rings, Kage LAUNCHES himself over the top rope, flying straight into Haven! The two go down in a heap, as the crowd begins a loud, boisterous chant…


MM: Incredible athleticism from the three-time champion!

VA: That may be true, Malone, but does he have the mental ability to outlast the Mastermind? Does he have what it takes deep down inside to defeat the one true king? I say no.

MM: If there’s one thing that Chris Kage has in spades, ladies and gentlemen, it’s heart, and we’re seeing that on display in the opening moments of this bout.

Kage springs to his feet, dragging Haven up before whipping him directly into the steel guardrail at ringside. The former co-leader of the Youth charges his best friend, but Haven ducks at the last moment, propelling Kage up and over the guardrail and into the front row!

VA: Kage nearly wiped out some of those fans in the front row, Malone! Yet another affront to the king!

Haven taps his forehead, smirking, and turns, just in time for Kage to pop up, grabbing the champion’s neck and dropping him throat first across the guardrail! Haven whiplashes backwards, but Kage reaches out, pulling him in and hooking him. The challenger lifts Haven up high into the air for a vertical suplex, dropping him directly in the aisleway in the crowd!

MM: These two have taken the fight to the crowd here at Staples Center! They’ve barely even been in the ring thus far!

Kage mounts Haven, raining down punches on him, before jumping off, and stomping on the EWA owner’s chest! Haven doubles over in pain on the bare concrete as the fans roar in approval at ringside, many trying to reach out and touch the former three time champion. Kage drags Haven to his feet, pulling him back toward the guardrail and hooking him once again for a vertical suplex…only this time Kage executes a front face suplex, dropping Haven abdomen-first onto the guardrail itself! Kage takes a few quick steps back, and nails Haven with a high running knee, sending him sprawling backwards over the guardrail to the ringside floor!

MM: This match has been all Chris Kage thus far!

VA: Haven’s barely gotten a moment to breathe! Come on Alex!

Kage leaps onto the guardrail, swinging his arms up and down to pump up the crowd, who respond in overwhelming support of the challenger. Kage hops down off the guardrail, and grabs Haven, rolling him into the ring – Kage looks out to the capacity crowd, and begins to climb to the top rope!

MM: He’s going for the Niagara Fall! This one may be over before it really even gets started!

VA: This can’t be happening!

Kage gets to the top rope…but almost instantly, Alyssa Marie climbs up, shoving him off the top! Kage crashes to the mat inside the ring, landing on the other side of Alexander Haven…

MM: Stacy Vandervort! Stacy Vandervort!

VA: Someone put a stop to this!

Stacy grabs Alyssa by the ankles, YANKING her off the ring apron and causing Alyssa’s head to bonk against the edge of the apron! Alyssa crumples to the floor on the outside, and appears to be out cold! And the crowd loves it!

MM: Finally, that evil woman gets what she deserves!

VA: I’ll have you know that “evil woman” is the Chief Operating Officer of this company, writes your checks, and is married to the one true king, owner, and EWA World Heavyweight Champion! I’d watch my mouth, Malone!

Meanwhile, inside the ring, Haven has started to come back around to take control of the match, stomping away at his former best friend. Haven grabs Kage, pulling him to his feet, and flings him over the top rope and to the floor below, buying him time to check on Alyssa – which sends Stacy scurrying away to a safe distance from the unpredictable champion. Alyssa slowly begins to come too, and Haven picks that moment to leave Alyssa’s side, only to collect a kick to the gut from Kage! Kage grabs Haven, whipping him toward the steel steps…but Haven reverses it at the last second, and Kage’s knee collides with the steps on the outside! A loud metallic clang echoes throughout Staples Center, and Haven is on the warpath, grabbing Kage by the back of his head and slamming him face-first into the steel steps!

VA: And this is the key to the match, Malone. Can Chris Kage’s “heart”, as you so stupidly put it earlier, withstand the tenacity and aggressiveness of our World Heavyweight Champion? I think not!

Haven drags Kage onto the steel steps, lifting him up into a powerbomb position…but instead of dropping him onto the ground or the steps, Haven flings Kage forward, releasing him at the point that his back crashes into the ringpost! Kage falls to the ground, clutching his back in pain!

MM: Oh my goodness!

VA: Alexander Haven, ladies and gentlemen. Hail to your king.

Haven reaches into the front row, retrieving a bottle of water from a nearby fan. He dumps part of it over his head, before turning to Kage, who remains on the ground. Haven smashes the plastic bottle bottom first onto Kage’s head, causing water to rocket out the top and into the air. The CEO and Champion drags his former best friend to his feet, and nails him square in the face with a hard elbow to the side of the forehead.

MM: And just like that Chris Kage is busted wide open folks!

VA: Jesus, what an elbow by Haven. This could be over before long if Haven keeps up this pace.

MM: This is quickly becoming less of a wrestling match and more of a fight.

Haven remains on the offensive however, yanking Kage to his feet once more and setting him up in a pile driver position…

MM: What’s he gonna do here, Ashe?


Indeed, Haven lifts Kage into the air, driving him down hard onto the edge of the ring. Kage’s lower back makes a sickening thud as it connects, and he crumbles to the ground.

MM: This is getting out of hand…someone get a medical professional down here for god’s sake!

Chris remains on the ground at ringside, and a small pool of blood has begun to form beneath his head.

VA: Well, you asked for a medical professional, but it looks like “Doc” Furman will have to do…

Indeed, Furman has appeared at ringside. Satisfied with his work, Haven steps back, letting the doctor attend to Kage as he smirks at the damage he’s caused. Kage sits up against the steel stairs, as Doctor Furman tends to the cut on his head.

MM: Folks, we can’t quite hear what Furman is saying, but he’s conversing with Chris Kage.

VA: Probably telling him it’s time to cut his losses and get out alive! Haven is destroying him!

Haven, who has now helped Alyssa Marie back to her feet, glances over at the two and quickly waves for Nikki Rogers to throw him a microphone. He catches it and storms over.

Haven: What’s it gonna be, Doc? Are we finished here? This isn’t an “I Quit” match officially, but if Chris here can’t take anymore…I’ll allow him to gracefully bow out. What’s it gonna be, Chris? Two little words, or do I have to finish the job?

Furman glares at Haven with a look of disgust and turns to Kage, who has ceased bleeding thanks to the doctor’s handywork. Kage rises to his feet slowly, struggling at first to get up. He leans on Doctor Furman, who supports him with an arm and motions for the mic. Haven laughs, handing the mic over.


The microphone squeals after a hard thud as Kage explodes forward, jabbing Haven in the eye with the microphone. Haven stumbles backwards into the entrance ramp, and Kage takes a few steps backwards, before rushing at Haven with a nasty spear that sends both men to the ground as Kage reigns blow after blow on Haven. Doctor Furman scurries past, heading backstage.

MM: Chris Kage has a lot more fight left in him! The so-called Mastermind didn’t see that coming!

VA: Trust the process, Malone.

MM: What the hell does that even mean?

VA: You’ll see. Come on, Alex!

Kage takes a moment to wipe the blood away from his brow, staining his wrist tape a shade of crimson, before yanking Haven to his feet and dragging him back toward the ring. The challenger rolls the battered champion underneath the ropes, following quickly behind. Kage flings Haven into the corner, and climbs to the second rope, raining even more punches down onto Haven as the crowd chants along!





















Kage leaps down from the second rope, quickly hooking Haven and lifting him onto the top turnbuckle, before climbing up after him.

MM: Chris Kage is looking for a high impact move here to put away his former best friend!

VA: It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than this to keep Alexander Haven down, Malone.

Kage hooks Haven’s arm over his shoulder as he leans toward the champion…and lifts him up and over for a thunderous superplex! And now Kage scrambles over as Danny Smith gets into position for the count…Kage hooks Haven’s leg, and nods his head along with the count!














And Haven kicks out!

VA: Like I said, Malone!

Kage pounds the mat in frustration, feeling that he had the victory locked in, but Danny Smith confirms that the count was only two, and that Haven kicked out in time. Nodding, the blood still drying on his face from the wound opened up by the sharp elbows of the EWA’s owner, Kage springs to his feet, pointing toward the top rope, and the crowd answers in kind, chanting the words of what they want to see.


MM: If these fans have their way, this match is about to be over, folks!

VA: Trust the process, Malone! Trust the process!

Kage positions Haven on the mat, then exits the ring. The challenger climbs to the top, measuring the champion up for size, and then leaps off the top rope, landing a picture-perfect shooting star press on Haven!

MM: He hit the Niagara Fall! This one’s as good as over!

VA: Trust…the…process?

Kage swiftly hooks the leg, and Danny Smith makes the count!
















MM: The champion got a foot on the bottom rope just in the nick of time!

VA: I told you! Trust the process!

MM: Unbelievable!

Kage slams a fist on the mat in frustration, and immediately drags Haven to the center of the ring – but as the challenger leans down to make another cover, Haven rolls him up out of nowhere into a small package!
















MM: Oh my goodness!

Kage quickly gets to his feet, stomping at his former friend before pulling Haven to his feet. Kage smirks, and with one fluid motion, lifts the owner and champion onto his shoulders!

VA: What’s he–oh, no way! You can’t do that!

MM: I think he’s going to give Alexander Haven a taste of his own medicine! He’s going for Haven’s Fall From Glory!

Kage lifts Haven into the move…but Haven floats over, landing on his feet! He immediately kicks the challenger in the stomach, and whips him into the ropes, picking Kage up and planting him hard on the mat with a spinning spinebuster!

MM: What an impact! Did you hear the sound as Chris Kage’s body was just driven into the mat there?!

VA: Like I said, Malone…trust…the…process.

Haven with a lateral press, and Danny Smith makes the count!


















MM: No real surprise there.

VA: Agreed, Malone. Kage is way, way too stupid to quit after that move. It’s going to take Haven beating the everloving piss out of him to put him down for good.

MM: That’s not what I…nevermind.

Haven shakes his head, disgusted with Kage’s refusal to stay down, and quickly exits the ring, grabbing an empty steel chair from the ringside area and sliding back in. Haven drops the chair in the center of the ring, and then picks up his former best friend and plants Kage’s head between his legs.

MM: Oh my god! That…that could end the man’s career! He’s going to piledrive Chris Kage right onto that chair!

VA: Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the most glorious moment of the weekend. Here lies Chris Kage’s career, may it forever rest in peace!

Haven lifts Kage up, but Kage plants his legs, catching Haven off guard and effectively blocking the piledriver. All at once, Kage sweeps Haven’s legs out from under him, planting him shoulders-first onto the steel chair! Kage grabs Haven’s legs and falls backwards, sling-shotting the champion head-first into the corner turnbuckle! Kage quickly leaps to his feet, hitting the ropes with impressive speed and taking the EWA owner down with a bulldog!

MM: And listen to this crowd! They can’t help but appreciate the never-give-up, never-die aura of the Incomparable, Chris Kage!

VA: HEY! That’s forbidden! You can’t call him that anymore!

Kage scurries over to the fallen Haven, and before the owner can even react, Kage quickly lifts his legs, stepping through and twisting them into a pretzel shape before turning Haven over onto his stomach…

MM: Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter! Chris Kage has a Sharpshooter on Alexander Haven!

VA: What the hell? I’ve never seen Kage do that move in my life! What the hell is this, Malone?!

Haven screams out in pain, grabbing his head in agony as he fights against the pain! Referee Danny Smith asks Haven if he’s ready to submit, and Haven’s screams, while clearly visible, can barely be heard over the frenetic crowd here inside the Staples Center! Scratching and clawing, Haven slowly begins to make his way toward the ropes, as Kage continues to try to cinch back on the submission hold!

MM: I don’t know how much longer Haven can hold on, folks!

VA: Fight it, Alex! FIGHT IT!

Haven inches closer…closer….he reaches out his hand, fighting not to tap out….






…AND HAVEN REACHES THE ROPES! Danny Smith orders Kage to let go of the hold, and Kage finally breaks it, slamming Haven’s legs down on the mat as he walks across the ring, taking a moment to catch his breath. Kage quickly is back on the attack though, as he lifts the champion up…







VA: Kage will be singing falsetto tomorrow! Hahaha!

MM: And of course, it’s completely legal in this no-disqualification contest, folks.

VA: Freaking DUH, Malone. How about you offer some insightful commentary for once?

MM: You’re an idiot. How’s that?

VA: I don’t like you.

Kage doubles over in pain, clutching his stomach, and Haven takes a moment to recuperate before grabbing his former best friend and lifting him up onto his shoulders…


MM: Damn him. Damn Alexander Haven!

Haven cackles with laughter, hooking the leg as Danny Smith makes the academic three count…




















VA: WHAT?!?!

MM: CHRIS KAGE KICKED OUT! UNBELIEVABLE!! And look at the shock on Alexander Haven’s face!

VA: I don’t know if there’s been anyone that’s ever kicked out of that? Michael Draven, maybe? Grady Smith? Incredible, Malone!

MM: What an unbelievable fight this has been!

VA: I have to admit, Malone, I didn’t think Chris Kage had it in him. I thought he was a defeated, washed-up shell of the champion he was last year, but I’ve been proven wrong!

MM: Rare humility here from Vincent Ashe, ladies and gen–

VA: Kick his ass, Alex!

MM: Annnnd it’s gone.

Haven gets to his feet first, dragging Kage slowly to a standing position. Snarling at the audience as Alyssa Marie slams her hands on the mat, Haven hooks Kage’s arm over his neck, lifting him high in the air for a stalling vertical suplex….but Kage manages to somehow float over, landing behind Haven on his feet, and…







VA: Kick out, Alex! KICK OUT!!

Kage hooks the leg, and Danny Smith makes the count!



















MM: I can’t believe it! Alexander Haven kicked out of the Crackdown!

VA: Of course he did, Malone! He’s the World Heavyweight Champion for a reason, and it’s a damn good one!

MM: And Chris Kage sits up with a look of absolute shock on his face. He doesn’t know what he has to do to dethrone his former best friend!

VA: The only thing left for Chris Kage to do is to tuck his tail between his legs and run like the coward that he is!

As Stacy claps at ringside, shouting words of encouragement, Kage’s expression changes from one of shock to one of determination. He rolls out of the ring, and immediately drops to his knees, scouring underneath the ring for something.

MM: This may spell bad news for the EWA World Heavyweight Champion here tonight!

VA: What are you talking about, Malone? This isn’t legal! He can’t do that!

MM: It’s a no-disqualification match! He can do whatever the hell he wants!

VA: This is ridiculous! Alexander Haven was blackmailed into signing this match! He shouldn’t even be here right now! He should be lying on a beach somewhere drinking a beer and staring at Alyssa Marie in a bikini! This is an absolute farcical outrage!

Kage produces a table, much to the delight of the Staples Center crowd, and slides it into the ring, rolling in after it. The former three time champion sets the table up in the corner of the ring, grabbing his former best friend and rolling Haven’s prone body onto it, before looking toward the turnbuckle.

VA: Oh no! Malone, he’s not gonna…

MM: I think he is, Vincent Ashe!

Kage exits the ring, slowly climbing to the top rope and looking down upon his former friend, who’s seemingly completely unconscious on the table. His brief look of remorse changes to one of fury, as he leaps into the air for the Niagara Fall….






AND HAVEN ROLLS OFF THE TABLE AT THE LAST MOMENT!! Kage lands awkwardly, crashing through the table directly on his hip!

VA: Hahahaha! Alexander Haven suckered Chris Kage once again! That’s why he’s the true king of professional wrestling, Malone! I love it!

MM: And now the match continues, and Chris Kage appears to have tweaked his hip on that hard impact through the table! And if you look at this replay here…Haven just barely rolled off in the nick of time! We were maybe a split second there from crowning a new EWA World Heavyweight Champion!

VA: Nonsense, Malone. Haven knew exactly what he was doing there.

And now Haven gets to his feet, laughing as he points to his head. Kage writhes in pain as he lies in the wreckage of the table, clutching his hip, which Haven promptly stomps. Sensing a weakness like a shark in the water, Haven stomps repeatedly at the hip area of Chris Kage, before finally dragging the man to his feet. Haven whips Kage to the opposite corner, but halfway across, Kage goes down in a heap.

MM: Chris Kage appears to have injured his hip during that last sequence!

VA: And understandably so, Malone! Did you hear the crash he made when he missed that Niagara Fall?

Haven stalks across the ring, dragging Kage back to his feet, and flinging him the rest of the way into the corner. The owner of the company grabs Kage by his hair, exiting the ring and slowly climbing to the top rope.

MM: Okay, Haven, he’s had enough, dammit! There’s no reason for this!

VA: Finish him, Alex! Put him out of his miserable existence!

Haven clearly begins to set Kage up for the Fall From Glory from the top rope, when suddenly, Alyssa Marie begins screaming at Haven on the outside, telling him to stop!

MM: Finally, a voice of reason, and not a moment too soon.

VA: What are you doing, Alyssa?

Haven looks down, incredulous at Alyssa’s interference, and Alyssa holds up her index finger before dropping to her knees, crawling underneath the ring.

VA: Don’t you dare make a perverse comment about the Queen Bitch right now, Malone. I know how your mind works.

MM: I–what?!

Alyssa slowly pulls out another table from underneath the ring, and amazingly begins setting it up on the outside! The Staples Center crowd roars in dismay, booing loudly as Alyssa begins screaming up at Alexander Haven, pointing at the table below.

MM: That’s too much. That’s…that’s going too far! He could kill the man from that height!


Stacy Vandervort, meanwhile, is storming over to intervene! She begins to scream at Alyssa, pointing and yelling…but the Chief Operating Officer of the EWA takes a step forward, pistoning out her arm and catching Stacy with a hard punch straight to the jaw! The former Executive Assistant drops to the ground in a heap, and Alyssa immediately yells back up at Haven, imploring him to do it!

VA: I don’t think he wants to do it, Malone! What a coward!

Indeed, Haven is appearing to hesitate to actually go through with Alyssa Marie’s demands, as he looks out at the crowd. Finally, the World Heavyweight Champion takes a deep breath, nodding down at Alyssa and hoisting his former friend onto his shoulders!

MM: Dammit, Haven! Don’t do this! DON’T DO THIS GOOD GOD NO!!






Haven, in one motion, leaps off the top rope, Kage on his shoulders, and uses his momentum to flip Kage forward as the two men crash through the table on the outside! Kage lands first awkwardly on one leg, taking the brunt of the impact as the table shatters under the weight of both men on the outside!


VA: Unbelievable, Malone!!!

MM: I can’t believe what we’ve just witnessed! Alexander Haven just hit a thunderous Fall From Glory from the top rope through the table on the outside, and now neither man is moving! What a war this has been between these two former friends, fighting each other tonight for more than just the World Heavyweight Championship, but as part of a personal vendetta, ladies and gentlemen!

VA: I’m not sure either of them are going to be able to finish it after that!

Chris Kage is first to come to, shoving pieces of splintered wood away from him as he drags himself to the commentator’s table. Kage reaches up, grabbing the edge of the table to pull himself slowly to his feet, staring down at Haven, who hasn’t yet moved.

MM: And what does it say about the impact of that maneuver that Chris Kage is actually the first man to his feet?

VA: It says that Alexander Haven is willing to put his own body completely on the line in order to rid the world of this idiot once and for all. We should all be thanking Haven for this. Go to hell, Chris Kage!

Kage ignores Ashe completely as he takes a step forward…and promptly collapses to the ground, screaming in agony as he holds his hip.

VA: Oh my god!

MM: Folks, this…this doesn’t look good. Chris Kage appears to be hurt…and hurt badly.

Dr. Mark Furman, for the second time this match, races down the entrance ramp, rounding the corner and immediately crouching down to check on Kage. Kage attempts to slap the hands of Furman away, yelling at the doctor that he’s fine, and pulls himself up to his knees. Kage slowly gets to his feet again, but the moment he puts pressure on the right leg, he falls once again, screaming once more…and meanwhile, Alexander Haven has finally begun to pull himself from the wreckage of the table.

VA: I think Dr. Furman has to order senior referee Danny Smith to stop this match, right?

MM: I can guarantee you one thing, Vince. If Dr. Furman stops this match, Chris Kage might kill him.

VA: So he’ll be arrested…no longer here in the EWA…we’ll never have to look at Furman again…I don’t see the problem here?

MM: (sighs)

Dr. Furman continues to talk to Kage, who furiously shakes his head as he pulls himself up by the bottom ropes of the ring, literally dragging himself into the ring. Furman sighs, taking a seat at ringside next to ring announcer Nikki Rogers as he watches on, arms folded. Inside the ring, Kage again tries to pull himself to his feet by grabbing the ring ropes, but it’s clear he’s having severe difficulty putting pressure on the hip. On the outside, Alyssa Marie is practically screaming at Haven to get to his feet, and Stacy Vandervort, having recovered from Alyssa’s punch to the jaw, climbs into the ring to check on Kage!

VA: Disqualify her, Danny! She shouldn’t be in there! Throw her out of the arena!

Stacy pleads with Kage to stop, but Kage shakes his head, taking a step forward…and promptly collapsing in pain once again.

MM: He simply can’t put any pressure on the hip, ladies and gentlemen…I don’t see how this can continue.

And at that moment, Haven rolls back into the ring, staring ahead with evil intentions in his eyes at the fallen Chris Kage. Stacy, now on her knees, tries to position herself in front of Kage, pleading with Haven to stop, pleading with him not to injure her husband any further. Haven takes a step forward, and then stops, looking down at Kage, who’s no longer trying to get to his feet. The Incomparable One is clearly in agony, clutching at his hip. Stacy continues to plead with Haven, and a moment later, Alyssa Marie climbs onto the ring apron, and begins screaming at the top of her lungs at her husband!


Haven looks toward Alyssa, and then back down at Kage, and then into Stacy’s eyes, taking a step forward. Stacy practically throws herself on top of Kage, continuing to beg Haven to stop this madness.

MM: I…I think he’s hesitant about doing this, and I can’t blame him! All of the things those two men have been through together, and Chris Kage is clearly in a great deal of pain, and is possibly badly injured here tonight!

VA: Oh for god’s sake, Alex, grow a set and finish it! Listen to your wife!

Haven is mere feet away now from the pleading Vandervort, and looks back toward Alyssa, who points and screams once again.


Haven turns, looking down at Kage once more…and then wraps his arms around Stacy Vandervort’s waist, lifting her off her feet! Stacy kicks and claws at the champion wildly, but to no avail, as he gently places her over the top rope and onto the ring apron. Stacy drops down with a frustrated shriek, as Alyssa applauds on the other side, pointing and shouting a string of expletives at the former Executive Assistant.

Haven turns back toward his former best friend, looking down at Kage with a look that appears to be almost remorseful. The champion drops to a knee, gently placing a hand on his old friend’s shoulder, saying something indistinguishable that our cameras don’t pick up. The owner of the EWA nods to himself, taking a deep breath and pulling himself to his feet…before quickly reaching down and grabbing Kage forcefully by the hair, pulling him up to a standing position as Kage desperately tries to keep his weight off his injured hip.

MM: Oh come on! Don’t do this, Alex! You’re better than this!

VA: Na na na na… Na na na na… Hey Chris Kage… Gooooood-bye!

Haven grabs a fistful of Kage’s hair, forcing him to look his former best friend directly in the eyes, so that Kage clearly sees and hears the words that Haven utters – words that, this time, our camera picks up clearly.





Alexander Haven: I’m sorry.

And with that, Haven leans forward to lift Kage up for the Fall From Glory….






























NR: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest, and….NEWWWW….EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…THE INCOMPARABLE…CHRIS….KAGE!!

VA: He’s not the Incomparable! I HOPE YOU’RE FIRED FOR THIS NIKKI ROGERS!!!

MM: This place is electric!!

The crowd ROARS in approval as ‘I Will Not Bow’ cues up again, and Kage is, for the fourth time in his career, handed the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. Kage tries to pull himself to his feet, but to no avail – meanwhile, Alexander Haven sits, head buried in his hands in absolute shock at the manner in which he’s just lost the title. On the outside, Alyssa Marie is having an absolute meltdown, screaming and swinging her fists wildly at the ring apron and everything around her. Stacy crawls into the ring once again, checking on Chris Kage as he holds the belt, tears swimming in his eyes.

MM: What an incredible moment! Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, Chris Kage has done it! He is the four time EWA World Heavyweight Champion!

As Stacy Vandervort crouches down, embracing her husband, a shadow looms over her, and the music cuts off abruptly. She looks up to stare into the face of Alexander Haven, the former champion and owner of the EWA, and the man who’s made their lives hell ever since turning on his best friend back at Champions Summit II. Haven looks down, expressionless, as Stacy stands up, trying to put some space between the owner and her husband. Haven shakes his head, moving around her and extending his hand down to the new champion!

VA: Oh for god’s sake, Alex, what the hell is this?

Alyssa Marie screams in the direction of her husband from ringside, but Haven ignores her, holding his hand out for the hesitant Chris Kage. Kage grabs the championship belt with his left hand…and slowly extends his right hand to Haven, who yanks the man up to his feet. Gingerly bracing himself on his good leg, Kage stares into the eyes of his former best friend, as Haven begins to speak to him. Our cameras zoom in, but we’re unable to make out exactly what he’s saying.

VA: I bet he’s reading him his last rites, Malone. We’re about to witness an execution! Get the king’s sword ready!

MM: Do you ever just shut up?

VA: What?

A few moments pass, with Kage nodding a couple of times in response to Haven’s words, and retorting with his own, before Haven’s face contorts…

…and the owner of the EWA pulls Chris Kage in for a hug! The crowd explodes with cheers, and a clearly disgusted Alyssa Marie Haven throws her hands up at ringside, marching up the ramp and to the back!

MM: Alyssa Marie doesn’t like this one bit!

VA: Neither do I, Malone! Chris Kage tried to steal Alexander Haven’s spotlight! Why in the hell is he kowtowing to this loser?

MM: Perhaps Alexander Haven became a man today! Perhaps he realized what he’s done to this man, his former best friend, is just wrong! Perhaps friendship trumps everything else in this equation after all!

VA: Perhaps I’m going to go backstage and vomit my Five Guys junior cheeseburger into a trashcan!

MM: Oh yeah, like you only had the junior…


‘I Will Not Bow’ cues one more time as the former leaders of the Youth embrace. Haven breaks the hug, grabbing Kage’s left arm – championship in hand – to raise it, but Kage shakes his head, and visibly tells Haven no. The music cuts off once more, and the look of confusion on Haven’s face is clear, as Kage takes a moment to look down at the championship belt, cradling it in both arms….








….before dropping it in the center of the ring.

VA: What the hell is this?

MM: I…I don’t understand…what is Chris Kage doing?!

Kage looks back at Haven, who simply nods, moving to Kage’s side to help him walk. Stacy Vandervort quickly moves to Kage’s other side, as the two help him toward the ropes – Kage gently lowers himself to the ground, rolling to the outside of the ring. Haven and Stacy quickly follow, grabbing Kage to support him once more, and the trio slowly make their way up the ramp.

MM: I….

VA: What did we just see, Malone? Did we see…I mean…does that mean…

MM: I don’t know what it means, ladies and gentlemen.

The camera follows the trio as they – never looking back – exit through the curtain, and then cuts ringside to our illustrious commentating duo.

MM: I’m speechless. Chris Kage just left the EWA World Heavyweight Championship in the ring, and I don’t know what the meaning of this is, but…

VA: I…I don’t know what to say, Malone.

MM: I do, and unfortunately, I have to say that we’re out of time. We thank you all for joining us for Champions Summit III. We’ll be back in three weeks, live from Portland, Oregon, and hopefully by then we’ll have some answers as to what the hell just happened. In the meantime, for Allison Haines and Vincent Ashe, I’m Mike Malone, saying goodnight!

The camera cuts to the pristine, shining gold faceplate of the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, lying in the ring, an eerie silence filling the arena as the crowd stares on in disbelief.

Fade to black.


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