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BOSTON – EWA COO Alyssa Marie Haven was pleased to announced that a sponsorship agreement with EWA Entertainment and popular software company Lupotech was finalized on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017. Company President Rowan Bhatt founded Lupotech in 2009 and it is now one of the leading developers of corporate software in North America. Further details will be made available as they come.


Allison Haines here. I haven’t written an editorial since journalism school, since my focus is primarily on video journalism, but with the fallout (see what I did there?) from the second EWA event in Mexico City, I assumed this was the best time to do so. I’m going to give my thoughts below on two of the biggest stories coming out of Mexico, and look ahead to April 11 as the EWA crosses the pond for the first time, presenting Live From London to the Combat TV viewers across the world. We’ve gone global, and it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Love him or hate him, you have to credit the leadership of EWA owner Alexander Haven, as well as Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven. Their vision for EWA Entertainment has catapulted this company into a worldwide phenomenon.

But Alex and Alyssa may not be in the best of moods after what happened down in Mexico City, as none other than Chris Kage made his shocking EWA return, costing Alex his chance at the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. While I’ve been unable thus far to reach Chris or his girlfriend, former EWA Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort, I have it on good authority that Kage’s contract was never terminated. I’m going to continue to attempt to reach Chris, but you have to assume that he’ll be in the house for Battlelines 28, live from Louisville at the KFC Yum! Center.

Speaking of yum, how about that Josh Kaine fellow? So dreamy.

But I digress. That’s not very professional of me. Moving on…

The other major story out of the Asylum was the legendary Grady Smith emerging victorious, and laying claim to his incredible record 11th World Heavyweight Championship victory. Grady, at 43 years old, was not considered one of the favorites to win the Asylum match, having only been on the active EWA roster for the past year – and not having wrestled for about 13 years prior to that. Nonetheless, after an epic encounter with Ray Willmott at the end, Grady was able to hit the Chokebuster and score the victory. And now the question is…will he be able to do that once again at Live From London?

That’s right, folks. In an exclusive scoop, I’ve discovered that the main event for Live From London is none other than, for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship –


– in what’s sure to be a showstealer of a match. You have to wonder if Ray, wrestling for the biggest prize of all in front of his hometown crowd, will be able to pull off the upset – and how having a crowd that may very well be against him could affect Grady inside the ring. How will Laura Seton potentially factor into things? Standing there during their confrontation in Mexico was extremely awkward, that’s for sure.

Many of us here at the EWA were surprised by this announcement. I, for one, expected Alexander Haven to name himself as the #1 contender to the title, after what happened with Chris Kage, and my belief was further reinforced by what I witnessed after Battlelines – Alyssa Marie Haven, behind closed doors, throwing the mother of all temper tantrums. I heard screaming, things breaking, and all sorts of things coming from within Haven’s office. Needless to say, she wasn’t too thrilled about Kage costing her husband the championship – which is all the more reason why I was surprised to find out the next match signed for Live From London:


Indrid Calder made it clear in the leadup to Asylum that his #1 target was Haven, blaming him for Michael Draven’s disgusting assault on Maggie McIntyre, and Calder certainly went after Haven with full force inside the steel structure. The two men provided one of the most jaw-dropping sequences I’ve ever seen as a professional wrestling fan, with Haven somehow countering Calder’s For The Horseman curb stomp into the Fall From Glory. These two are sure to tear the house down in London, with Haven apparently all too willing to indulge Calder in his quest for vengeance.

Another match that we’ve heard rumored for awhile, but has now been officially confirmed:


These two men have had a heated, vicious rivalry for months, in what many believe has cost Prudence Collins some of his sanity. I’ve never personally seen a dog collar match, but when you have two men that hate each other as much as these two do, add in the Network Championship (providing Jacob Mephisto can get past Elizabeth Gaunt at Battlelines 28), and chain the two together? That’s a recipe for violence.


This one has been boiling for awhile now – Sahara initially offered Natalie Burrows a spot in the Fallout, which the Southern Belle declined, and Sahara has been after her ever since. With the shocking ousting of Duane Gates by The Fallout, Sahara seems to have been accepted back into the “God Queen’s” good graces (oops, I did it again!)…which spells certain trouble for Ms. Burrows.


Dan Stein has been virtually silent since Elizabeth Gaunt revealed herself as the person who attacked Stein’s wife, Molly. With this match now official, you have to ask the question – is Stein ready to exact revenge on Gaunt?


Kharrion issued an open challenge to defend their titles at Live From London. The EWA tag team scene has been viewed as light in the past, but this announcement created quite the stir. I’m hearing rumblings of current tag teams, past tag teams, and even wrestlers who aren’t part of tag teams scrambling at the opportunity to answer the call. I, for one, cannot wait to see who takes the bait.


This match hasn’t yet been confirmed, but after Tanya Black returned at Asylum (strangely engaging in some sort of Lady Marmalade-esque dance number with our lovely ring announcer, Nikki Rogers) and challenged Hank to a rematch, it’s hard to imagine the sadist declining. For Tanya’s sake, I hope it goes better for her than their encounter at Champions Summit II did.


My final scoop today. This match is now confirmed. Both of these two are wrong and right in their actions over the past few months, but Michael Draven’s belt attack made me.uncomfortable as a professional, as a viewer, and as a woman. There’s a tremendous amount of animosity between these two, but I can’t help but long for the days of these two being the most beloved couple in the industry. It saddens me to see where this has ended up, and this is not going to be a pleasant one to watch. I just hope HATE and the rest of 3K can restrain themselves from getting involved.

Live From London is already shaping up to be a great show, and we’re still four weeks away, with more matches certain to be added. Stay tuned as I promise to bring you more information as I uncover it. 


BOSTON – A series of announcements has been released today from EWA Entertainment, headquartered out of Boston, MA.


A new stipulation for a tag team match at Battlelines 27 was added today, via announcement from EWA Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven. Alyssa Marie released the following statement.

“After much deliberation, we’ve decided that should 3K member Michael Draven, along with Sahara, emerge victorious over Margaret McIntyre and Natalie Burrows in their contest in Mexico City, then at Battlelines 28, Sahara will receive a rematch for the EWA Combat Championship that she lost to McIntyre at Champions Summit II. While Sahara would argue that the title was ‘stolen out from under her’ – ironic since, from what I’ve heard, Sahara prefers to be underneath everyone – we here at EWA Entertainment cannot deny that she is a draw, and feel that a victory in this match would cement her status as the #1 Contender for the Combat Championship.”


Alyssa Marie also announced that the EWA would be fining 3K member Michael Draven $10,000 for his controversial – and some would say excessive – belt-whipping of his former girlfriend, Maggie McIntyre, at Battlelines 27.

“As much as I enjoyed hearing the EWA’s ‘Banshee’ wail in pain and misery, we here at EWA Entertainment acknowledge that Michael may have stepped over the line. Therefore, we have no choice but to fine Michael and stress to him that this sort of barbaric behavior will not be allowed going forward. Michael has expressed regret for his actions and assured us that further belt lashings will not be necessary.”, said Alyssa.


And incredibly, in today’s final piece of news, EWA owner and Chief Executive OFficer Alexander Haven announced that Michael Draven would also be receiving a $20,000 roster bonus, for “services rendered”. When asked, Haven emphasized that this “bonus” had “absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with McIntyre’s attack. Any apparent correlation between the two are” – Haven stopped speaking at this point to stifle a laugh – “purely coincidental.”


BOSTON – EWA Owner and Chief Operating Officer Alexander Haven announced today that he, along with Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven and 3K members Martin Robertson and Michael Draven, will be conducting a series of “performance reviews” at the Combat Zone this Friday, February 17, during Battlelines 26.

“There are certain employees of this company who are in clear need of an evaluation, to determine whether or not they’re adequately fulfilling the duties required of them as an employee of EWA Entertainment”, Haven said in a press release. “We’ll be doing a thorough vetting of these individuals in meetings held backstage at Combat TV, and we’re pleased to announce those reviews will be broadcast on Combat TV as part of Battlelines 26. We look forwarding to embarrassing evaluating those individuals.”

No word yet on who exactly will be evaluated. Tune into Battlelines 26 on Combat TV this Friday!


BOSTON – Today, EWA Owner and Chief Executive Officer Alexander Haven announced the lifting of the indefinite suspension of former EWA Combat Champion Sahara, canceling out the punishment dealt to the Fallout member by EWA Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort.

Haven released the following statement: “As the CEO of EWA Entertainment, it is my duty to review all talent disciplinary action that is put to the various EWA Warriors. While I’m sure Ms. Vandervort had the best interests of the EWA in mind, the relentless pounding of Sahara as of late has been detrimental to the career advancement of the former Combat Champion, and an unprofessional act on the part of the EWA’s Executive Assistant. Although I’m certain that being suspended for Night #2 of Champions Summit was a tough pill to swallow for Sahara, we here at the EWA feel that she’s ready to get back on the saddle again and ride her way to greater successes here in the EWA.”

Sahara will be present at Battlelines 25, sources say. Stacy Vandervort was unable to be reached for comment.


The full round of qualifying matches for the Asylum de los Muertos match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Battlelines 27 in Mexico City have officially been announced. We’ve also received notice that Alexander Haven has granted himself an automatic bye into the match, and thus is officially the first entrant into the massive steel structure. The rest of the matches are listed below.

Michael Draven v Joe Lemon
Sean Boden v Hank
Issac Entragian v NOTHING

Martin Robertson* v Dan Stein
Ray Willmott* v Elizabeth Gaunt
Azrael Goeren* v Indrid Calder*

* – The winner of the Fatal Fourway match at Battlelines 25 will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against their opponent at Battlelines 26, serving as a qualifier for the Asylum match.

Sex & Violence Out of CS2

Our exclusive sources within the EWA have learned that Dr. Mark Furman has refused to medically clear Sex & Violence member Jaime Alejandro for further action, after tests revealed what’s being called an “abnormality” related to the Iron Saint’s previous neurological condition that had taken him out of action during his days of competing for the SHOOT Project.

As a result of Alejandro not receiving medical clearance, the Full Tilt Boogie II match at Champions Summit II for the EWA Tag Team Championship, originally scheduled as a Triple Threat encounter between reigning champions The Vice Squad, Sex & Violence, and Kharrion, has been modified, with Kharrion and the team of Jane Doe & Lou now meeting under the Full Tilt Boogie rules.

Sources say that Johnny Napalm was furious at the news, and unleashed an expletive-riddled tirade at EWA HQ in Boston before being escorted out by security. It’s said to be extremely unlikely that the duo of Alejandro and Napalm return to active competition in the near future as a result of these events.

Stay tuned to Combat TV for any further updates we may have for you.

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