EWA Suspends Operations

BOSTON – EWA Entertainment today announced the suspension of all operational activities, effective immediately. EWA Owner Alexander Haven appeared at the front door of EWA HQ to speak with a group of reporters, telling them that his estranged wife, Alyssa Marie Haven, had been successful in gaining another injunction suspending all operations of the company while attorneys review the financial aspects of the EWA, as part of her divorce proceedings against the owner of the company.

Haven was more forthcoming than he’d been in months, acknowledging the frustration over his personal life spilling into his business, and expressing deep regret and remorse over this affecting the many employees of the EWA. The CEO issued a public apology to all EWA employees and fans worldwide, and pleaded for patience and understanding.

Haven acknowledged that this injunction was, without getting into legal speak, “more complicated” than the previous one that shuttered the company for six days previously, and could last significantly longer, due to being tied up in the courts. As part of the shuttering, Haven announced that all EWA championships would be considered vacant, and “if and or when” the company resumed operations, said championships would be returned to their previous holders.

Haven was able to reach an 11th hour deal with the court to allow Combat TV to remain operational with a skeleton production crew. The EWA’s network will show a looped replay of prior EWA and SHOOT Project events, along with allowing for talent to continue to film promos and air them, “in the event they’d like to keep their exposure out there to the audience”. Haven also stated that during the shutdown, Combat TV’s price would be reduced to just $1.99 a month for all current and prospective subscribers.


Statement from Alyssa Marie Haven on Federal Court Ruling Granting Preliminary Injunction of EWA Entertainment Operations

“Today, my motion to temporarily suspend all operations of EWA Entertainment was granted by a District Court Judge in Boston. It is unfortunate that a personal matter between myself and my estranged soon-to-be ex-husband has reached this level. However, Alexander Haven’s refusal to appear as part of our personal divorce hearings have left me no option but to pursue this course of action against him.

During the course of our divorce proceedings, he has failed to appear in a courtroom as required by multiple judges within the great state of Massachusetts. His failure to comply with multiple court orders have hindered our ability to move forward with those proceedings, which in turn have hindered my ability to recoup material damages as part of the legal filings. The District Court sided with my argument that the extended absence of Mr. Haven continues to provide unfair harm to me as it prevents me from requesting adequate compensation in the divorce proceedings, all the while he is allowed to greedily line his pockets as the Owner of EWA Entertainment.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Mr. Haven has only thought about one person – himself. He continues to disregard his responsibilities as the owner of a company, as a defendant in a pending court hearing, and as a dutiful husband. I am disappointed that our personal matter has reached this point. However, hopefully this will force Mr. Haven to recognize his duties in this process, allowing us to move forward in a manner that is acceptable to all parties involved.”


Statement from Interim Chief Operating Officer to EWA Entertainment, Incorporated Cameron Black on Federal Court Ruling Granting Preliminary Injunction of EWA Entertainment Operations

BOSTON, MA – Yesterday, a federal judge granted Alyssa Marie Haven’s motion for a preliminary injunction for EWA Entertainment, Incorporated (“EWA”) to cease and desist all operations. The court heard arguments on Alyssa Marie Haven’s motion for the preliminary injunction on February 27th 2018.

Interim Chief Operating Officer Cameron Black issued the following statement:

“Today’s federal court ruling to temporarily suspend all operations of EWA Entertainment is a blow to the professional sports world. We are disappointed by the court’s position that the continued operations of our organization cause irreparable damage to Ms. Haven as part of her divorce proceedings from EWA Owner Alexander Haven. At this time, the injunction has forced us to shutter all operations pending another hearing scheduled in April (April 9th, 2018).

I can assure the great fans of EWA Entertainment that I am currently working with the rest of the EWA legal team, and we are utilizing all available resources to file another motion within the next couple of days looking to reverse the District Court’s ruling. The decision by the court not only affects the parties listed in the motion, but also the many staff and talent that pour their heart and soul into this great sport each and every day as well as the millions of fans worldwide that follow EWA Entertainment each and every week at our live events, on social media, and through the EWA Network.

We look forward to returning to the courtroom as soon as possible to bring back the high quality entertainment that EWA Entertainment has provided over the past three years.”



BOSTON – In a momumental announcement today, EWA Entertainment, the parent company of the mammoth Eastern Wrestling Alliance, announced that for the first time ever, one of its events will be held in an outdoor stadium, as EWA Champions Summit IV will emanate from the home of the NFL’s New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, MA.

“We here at the EWA are honored that the Patriots have chosen to open their doors to us for Champions Summit IV,” acting Chief Operating Officer Cameron Black said in a prepared statement. “There’s no action quite like the EWA, and with this two-night event taking place in the home of the most prestigious sports franchise of the last quarter century, the EWA continues to show why it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest tickets in sports today.”

The EWA, a professional wrestling company formed in the mid-90s that went defunct in 2001, was revitalized over two and a half years ago by Erik and Michael Draven. Since that time, the company has grown exponentially at an incredibly rapid rate, and subscription numbers for the EWA’s streaming network, Combat TV, are said to be climbing daily.

EWA Champions Summit IV will take place over two nights on June 20-21 under the bright lights of Gillette Stadium.

Exclusive News Update

BOSTON – In an exclusive report from EWA journalist Allison Haines, we’ve learned today that former EWA Chief Operating Officer ALYSSA MARIE HAVEN has officially filed for divorce from her husband of nearly 16 years, EWA owner and former World Heavyweight Champion ALEXANDER HAVEN.

In exclusive documents obtained by Ms. Haines, we’ve been able to discover that court proceedings have been bogged down by Haven’s mysterious disappearance after the events in Sydney, Australia this past September; Haven’s attorney, acting EWA COO CAMERON BLACK, has filed all motions and responses on Mr. Haven’s behalf.

Perhaps the most telling news of all to come from the documents obtained by Ms. Haines is that Alyssa Marie has not only requested a sizable alimony payment, but she’s asking for complete ownership of the EWA to be transferred to her as part of the divorce. Citing the reasons for their divorce as “irreconcilible differences”, Ms. Haven alleged “years of emotional abuse and alienation of affection”, along with a lengthy court filing detailing the work she’s done with the EWA since Mr. Haven acquired first a stake, followed by the entire company, in August 2016.

We attempted to reach out to Mr. Black for comment, but as of press time our calls had gone unanswered. In addition, we too have been unable to reach Mr. Haven at this time.

More on this story as it develops.


BOSTON – In yet another surprising announcement from the EWA’s corporate headquarters, we’ve just learned from EWA Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort where Battlelines 35 – the show following the first ever trip to Australia for EWA Live From Sydney – will be taking place.

As you’ll recall, in January, the EWA shocked the wrestling world by holding its signature event, Champions Summit II, at the fabled SHOOT Project Epicenter in Las Vegas. The EWA continues this tradition of honoring the past and prestige of former wrestling companies at Battlelines 35 on Thursday, October 12, when for the first time in over 14 years, a televised wrestling event eminates from the legendary NYSWF Arena in beautiful downtown Albany, New York.

Albany, of course, is the hometown of EWA Network Champion Maggie McIntyre, as well as the hometown of one of the #1 contenders for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, NOTHING. As many wrestling historians know, NOTHING’s brother, Corey Collins, turned THE NYSWF from a regional promotion into a worldwide sensation before its demise in 2003.

Vandervort declined to answer any questions about how this deal came about, nor did she give any insight on the whereabouts of EWA CEO/owner Alexander Haven or COO Alyssa Marie Haven.

Could two of Albany’s natives be carrying the bulk of EWA gold heading into what’s sure to be a historic night at the NYSWF Arena? Find out in just 10 days at EWA Live From Sydney!


BOSTON – Today, EWA Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven announced an exciting new initiative for the EWA’s tag team division, which has been criticized in the past for not having enough of a variety of teams competing within it.

Going forward, the EWA will now allow any trio of wrestlers who band together to compete for the EWA Tag Team Championship using any combination of the trio’s members. Most notably, this affects the trio of Josh Kaine, Mojave, and Nikki Caldwell, collectively known as “MoCaJo“. Ms. Haven specifically pointed out this trio as an example, stating that Nikki Caldwell would be essentially considered part of the EWA Tag Team Champions at this point, and subsequently be allowed to defend the championship in any EWA sanctioned title match, so long as her partner consists of either Mojave or Josh Kaine.

This ruling would seemingly also have a potential effect for The Vice Squad, one of the EWA’s all-time legendary tag teams. The team, widely regarded as the greatest tag team in EWA history, rebranded itself last year, forming under the guise of a trio of Lagrima (the former Jane Doe), Minxy Jones (Ainsley Lake), and Santa Muerte (Marisol Cortez). This ruling would now allow the Vice Squad, should they regain the Tag Team Championship once again at some point, to defend the belts as a trio as well.

One keen journalist, EWA reporter Allison Haines, questioned Alyssa Marie on whether or not this ruling was in response to a recent promo aired on Combat TV, where Josh Kaine essentially declared Nikki Caldwell one of the champions on his own. Alyssa, however, denied this flatly, stating that this idea “was 100% mine, with no outside input whatsoever”.

Further questions about the status of the EWA World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Kage, as well as the lack of word from former champion and EWA owner Alexander Haven since the events of Champions Summit III, were all ignored, with Alyssa refusing to provide any insight, and becoming visibly irritated with the line of questioning before ending the press briefing entirely.

CS3 FALLOUT – by Allison Haines

Hey everyone, Allison Haines here with an exclusive report on the fallout from Champions Summit III. There’s an absolute plethora of news coming out of this historic event here in Los Angeles; so much, in fact, that I legitimately don’t know where to begin, and so for the sake of making this easier to manage, I’m just going to go down the roster as listed on the EWA’s website, and tell you what I’ve discovered. Expect a lot of injury reports, because…wow. This show was savage.

Alexander Haven, the owner and CEO of the EWA, lost the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to his former (?) best friend, Chris Kage. I can tell you that while Haven was banged up, and received stitches from Dr. Mark Furman backstage, Chris Kage was in much, much worse shape. Haven continued to help Kage backstage, and ended up taking him to an ambulance, where he was transported to a local hospital for evaulation. I can personally attest to the notion that Kage was unable to put any weight on his injured leg. Neither Kage nor Haven would comment as to why the new champion left the EWA World Heavyweight Title in the ring, nor was I able to get an update on Kage’s medical condition. I can tell you that Alyssa Marie Haven, COO of the company and, of course, Alex’s wife, had already left the arena by the time Haven and Kage had returned to the back. No word on that situation, either.

Azrael Goeren was, for lack of a better term, kidnapped after his brutal loss to the debuting Donovan King. King commandeered the stretcher Goeren was being taken out on after a brief scuffle with the newly debuted Jester Smiles, and King left the arena, presumably with Goeren, immediately afterward. EWA management has not heard from either man, and as such, neither are expected to compete at Battlelines 33 in Honolulu on August 4.

The status of HATE is currently unknown, after the Titan of HATE, Cal Rayner, was defeated by HATE‘s Masochist, William West. HATE is believed to be fractured from within, with West’s apparent abandonment of the Hive, along with Indrid Calder‘s absence (more on that in a moment). The Titan was seen backstage with NOTHING at Night #2 of Champions Summit III, but West was nowhere to be found.

Both Elizabeth Gaunt and Grace Goeren have been unreachable since Night #1 of Champions Summit III. Grace is believed to have been taken to a local hospital after her devastating “fall from grace” through a thumbtack-laden table from the top of a ladder, while Gaunt, who came just inches away from winning the Combat Championship, seems to have vanished. We’ll continue to check our sources for the whereabouts of the former Fallout members.

Indrid Calder, too, seems to have vanished without a trace, after his sickening, savage maneuver onto Maggie McIntyre. It’s believed EWA management was furious over Calder’s latest atrocity, as he’s now seriously injured both Michael Draven and Maggie McIntyre over the past three months. Maggie, incredibly, seems to have dodged a bullet, as our sources reveal that her jaw miraculously was not broken – however, it’s believed dental surgery is in the Banshee’s future. She’s expected to compete at Battlelines 33 in three weeks against the new EWA Network Champion Cronos Diamante, amazingly…but the bigger question is Indrid Calder’s whereabouts, and his cryptic, forceful message to the injured Draven immediately before his savage attack on the newly wed McIntyre.

New EWA Combat Champion Sahara escorted McIntyre to the hospital after her assault from the Stranger. Sahara was said to be on Cloud 9 in the hospital despite her concern for Maggie, and would beam with pride whenever recognized and congratulated on her victory.

Jester Smiles made a huge impact on the weekend’s events, first debuting by helping William West from a savage attack after his match with Cal Rayner. Jester would go on to cut a promo on Night #2 announcing his intention to “bring prestige to the EWA’s championships”, and would then attempt to dissuade Donovan King from kidnapping Azrael Goeren, albeit to no avail. Jester’s clearly looking to make an impact here in the EWA, and he’s off on the right track thus far.

The Vice Squad suffered a tough loss to MoJo, who retained their Tag Team Championship, but were in surprisingly good spirits backstage. Both Minxy Jones and Lagrima felt that they were a move or two away from becoming three-time Tag Team Champions, and plan to petition for a rematch in the near future.

Laura Seton and Ray Willmott reunited after their match on Night #1, getting a happy ending to their story…or so they thought. It was revealed the next night that Willmott is battling a severe shoulder injury, and is going under the knife on Monday morning. Willmott’s expected to be out of action for an undetermined period of time, and there’s been whispers of his career being in jeopardy. I certainly hope not, as Willmott’s one of the few “shining beacons of humanity” in this company.

The legendary Grady Smith has retired from the squared circle, after a tremendous war with his son, Martin Robertson. Sources say an outpouring of support was shown backstage after Night #1, with everyone from Jester Smiles to Alexander Haven to Mojave and Sinnocence congratulating the legendary former eleven-time champion on a tremendous career. Grady flew home to New York afterward, and the question now is – where does Martin Robertson, clearly still fuming over his loss to his father, go from here?

NOTHING has finally vanquished his personal demon, defeating Jacob Mephisto in two straight falls to put an end once and for all to Pariah and their feud. We’re told that after the match, Haven was waiting on Mephisto backstage, and promptly fired him on the spot for “failure to live up to contractual obligations”.

And finally, we’re being told that Sean Boden is severely, severely injured after his shocking Human Torch match with Ryan Cuddihy. While our sources were unable to obtain specific information regarding Mr. Boden’s injuries, when I inquired with a source close to the situation when Boden was expected to be able to return to the ring, I was met with a gale of laughter.

Thanks everyone, and we’ll see you in beautiful Honolulu for Battlelines 33! I can’t wait to relax on the beach, work on my tan, and hopefully avoid Terry Bull as much as possible.