EWA Suspends Operations

BOSTON – EWA Entertainment today announced the suspension of all operational activities, effective immediately. EWA Owner Alexander Haven appeared at the front door of EWA HQ to speak with a group of reporters, telling them that his estranged wife, Alyssa Marie Haven, had been successful in gaining another injunction suspending all operations of the company while attorneys review the financial aspects of the EWA, as part of her divorce proceedings against the owner of the company.

Haven was more forthcoming than he’d been in months, acknowledging the frustration over his personal life spilling into his business, and expressing deep regret and remorse over this affecting the many employees of the EWA. The CEO issued a public apology to all EWA employees and fans worldwide, and pleaded for patience and understanding.

Haven acknowledged that this injunction was, without getting into legal speak, “more complicated” than the previous one that shuttered the company for six days previously, and could last significantly longer, due to being tied up in the courts. As part of the shuttering, Haven announced that all EWA championships would be considered vacant, and “if and or when” the company resumed operations, said championships would be returned to their previous holders.

Haven was able to reach an 11th hour deal with the court to allow Combat TV to remain operational with a skeleton production crew. The EWA’s network will show a looped replay of prior EWA and SHOOT Project events, along with allowing for talent to continue to film promos and air them, “in the event they’d like to keep their exposure out there to the audience”. Haven also stated that during the shutdown, Combat TV’s price would be reduced to just $1.99 a month for all current and prospective subscribers.