Statement from Interim Chief Operating Officer to EWA Entertainment, Incorporated Cameron Black on Federal Court Ruling Granting Preliminary Injunction of EWA Entertainment Operations

BOSTON, MA – Yesterday, a federal judge granted Alyssa Marie Haven’s motion for a preliminary injunction for EWA Entertainment, Incorporated (“EWA”) to cease and desist all operations. The court heard arguments on Alyssa Marie Haven’s motion for the preliminary injunction on February 27th 2018.

Interim Chief Operating Officer Cameron Black issued the following statement:

“Today’s federal court ruling to temporarily suspend all operations of EWA Entertainment is a blow to the professional sports world. We are disappointed by the court’s position that the continued operations of our organization cause irreparable damage to Ms. Haven as part of her divorce proceedings from EWA Owner Alexander Haven. At this time, the injunction has forced us to shutter all operations pending another hearing scheduled in April (April 9th, 2018).

I can assure the great fans of EWA Entertainment that I am currently working with the rest of the EWA legal team, and we are utilizing all available resources to file another motion within the next couple of days looking to reverse the District Court’s ruling. The decision by the court not only affects the parties listed in the motion, but also the many staff and talent that pour their heart and soul into this great sport each and every day as well as the millions of fans worldwide that follow EWA Entertainment each and every week at our live events, on social media, and through the EWA Network.

We look forward to returning to the courtroom as soon as possible to bring back the high quality entertainment that EWA Entertainment has provided over the past three years.”