Statement from Alyssa Marie Haven on Federal Court Ruling Granting Preliminary Injunction of EWA Entertainment Operations

“Today, my motion to temporarily suspend all operations of EWA Entertainment was granted by a District Court Judge in Boston. It is unfortunate that a personal matter between myself and my estranged soon-to-be ex-husband has reached this level. However, Alexander Haven’s refusal to appear as part of our personal divorce hearings have left me no option but to pursue this course of action against him.

During the course of our divorce proceedings, he has failed to appear in a courtroom as required by multiple judges within the great state of Massachusetts. His failure to comply with multiple court orders have hindered our ability to move forward with those proceedings, which in turn have hindered my ability to recoup material damages as part of the legal filings. The District Court sided with my argument that the extended absence of Mr. Haven continues to provide unfair harm to me as it prevents me from requesting adequate compensation in the divorce proceedings, all the while he is allowed to greedily line his pockets as the Owner of EWA Entertainment.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Mr. Haven has only thought about one person – himself. He continues to disregard his responsibilities as the owner of a company, as a defendant in a pending court hearing, and as a dutiful husband. I am disappointed that our personal matter has reached this point. However, hopefully this will force Mr. Haven to recognize his duties in this process, allowing us to move forward in a manner that is acceptable to all parties involved.”