BOSTON – Today, EWA Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven announced an exciting new initiative for the EWA’s tag team division, which has been criticized in the past for not having enough of a variety of teams competing within it.

Going forward, the EWA will now allow any trio of wrestlers who band together to compete for the EWA Tag Team Championship using any combination of the trio’s members. Most notably, this affects the trio of Josh Kaine, Mojave, and Nikki Caldwell, collectively known as “MoCaJo“. Ms. Haven specifically pointed out this trio as an example, stating that Nikki Caldwell would be essentially considered part of the EWA Tag Team Champions at this point, and subsequently be allowed to defend the championship in any EWA sanctioned title match, so long as her partner consists of either Mojave or Josh Kaine.

This ruling would seemingly also have a potential effect for The Vice Squad, one of the EWA’s all-time legendary tag teams. The team, widely regarded as the greatest tag team in EWA history, rebranded itself last year, forming under the guise of a trio of Lagrima (the former Jane Doe), Minxy Jones (Ainsley Lake), and Santa Muerte (Marisol Cortez). This ruling would now allow the Vice Squad, should they regain the Tag Team Championship once again at some point, to defend the belts as a trio as well.

One keen journalist, EWA reporter Allison Haines, questioned Alyssa Marie on whether or not this ruling was in response to a recent promo aired on Combat TV, where Josh Kaine essentially declared Nikki Caldwell one of the champions on his own. Alyssa, however, denied this flatly, stating that this idea “was 100% mine, with no outside input whatsoever”.

Further questions about the status of the EWA World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Kage, as well as the lack of word from former champion and EWA owner Alexander Haven since the events of Champions Summit III, were all ignored, with Alyssa refusing to provide any insight, and becoming visibly irritated with the line of questioning before ending the press briefing entirely.

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